Sunday, December 30, 2007


G bless 'em and preserve them, wherever they are bound. They seal up the Age...  So~HNY Glowers! Onward & Outward...

Sunday, December 30th, end7...what is it about pakistani politix that causes such Horribleness?Which do the Cowardly AssAssins hate more--a woman who Loves her country OR democratic Freedom all=to?! And why did that dillweed have to murder my Beloved BENAZIR? Shame, shame.  On this Page & in the Walley, i am behind of much. it must be years'end. Shortly after i might Deck the Halls~i favour a clearing of the Decks. {or least=the=at, a cleansing of the old calendar in Favour of a bright new one} CAT and the kids were nice enuf to have me for supper on J's commeratif birf=dé---schtanding Beef, made=home masht potatoes, green beans almondine, purple cabeej & antipasto was more Goodness to consume than i deserve! Cake & coffee.  [i'm also werking on the Ham i glazed from KAY; it matches my eyes] OH! the Turtle and i also had a confluence with his class=mate, GENIE, at a local bookery on the Afternoon afore Christmass; that was Especial nice. [she and i have been Communicating via e=mail since the Departure of our piano mentressThe schnow is coming down again fluffily, and i must Fix my Soul toward grander coming things...TwasEverThus, santaSoliscicle&joyfullyJanuarian ~slac~

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


That wasn't much of a schtorm, hereabouts...more crusty and iffy than schnowy and miserable. But i'll showre my seasonal Blessings on those more Northwise than me. Sunday, December 16th, and7^ Tuesday, Decembre 18th, and7... Curtains & Care® packages! my sisters are pouring their Love upon me in card=board boxes. It's a good thing. {i was a infant when they were graders, so they've Always lookt after me} Aday, i saw four (4) gulls flying over the car dealership. i take it as a sign that EITHER i'm gonna take an ocean=cruise OR there ain't no orts in Jersey. Probly the latter^

mean=while, on the twenty=first of Decembre:

unkaboo yes?

neph#1 hmm?

neph#1 how are you sir?

unkaboo i am good sir

unkaboo and y'all--

neph#1 we are surviving

neph#1 children are and dad are tired

unkaboo glad of chidren--babaloo sent me^

neph#1 good

unkaboo are all=togethre?

neph#1 yes

unkaboo go, dine

neph#1 well

unkaboo merry xmas on all--ta

neph#1 and the same to you!

neph#1 signed off at [time]

^IMP edited for bounce & brevity^


Monday, December 10, 2007


Monday, December 10th, and7... Yesterdé, over breakfast at Our nearest favourite diner [Maisy had eggs over easy and i had eggs over Good], we discusst a Visit the Matriarch made to a crowded steakhaus that she [Hane] called a fire hazard..."just like the blank in NYC..."  My dear sister tried to fill in the blank with COTTON CLUB, then COPACABANA, but i fired off my last synapse of the actual name, momentarily... i said,"it was the COCOANUT GROVE, and if Hane had gone there that night~none of us would be here to Remembre it." {my Fambly is recklessly adept at avoiding Spectacular disastres!} Table=talk. Âvèc ouèves. 

[my French accents are rusty^] In any case, the CONNECTICUTIANS [?] were far too kind to visit me and mine on their way to a concurrent event in the Walley.  And, i might could get some drapery out of it.{"it's Curtains for you, unkabooey!"}Weathre permitting...shine=lovin'slac

Cat Hey.

*slak* hey babe;

Cat What's happening?

*slak* lizard called & turtle called ...

IMPs edited for content & to run in the time allotted^

Saturday, December 8, 2007


Saturday, December Eighth, New Epoch7..."I'll meet you anytime you want, in our Italian restaurant..." --billy joel, '75 MAISY treated five (5) of us to dinner last night in just such a venue. And BABALOO tippt the expecial good guitar=singer as we left. Then, we told crasy fambly schtories to each othre far into the night at my digs.  {is 10:30 post meridian far into the Night?}  Aday~my wonderful sister aided me on a long behind recycle run and chauffered me well past all of the old Schtomping grounds and hovels. WE do such things out of muscle memory, not over=wrought Sentimentality.  We had the casual late=lunch at anothre of our fine Walley fambly=owned cafés...  BABALOO took us to the Car=Warsh!  Such a good one to have around when he's only in the Walley for a campers' reunion...  He is patient with our conjoined insanity.  Amorro is casual/schleepy Sun=day ~slac

Monday, December 3, 2007


Monday, December Third, and-Seven...i don't know if my dear departed Jewish second mother will forgif me, but i am putting up a ham=hock soop for Hannukah.  {more importanly, will yhwh forgif me?}  Less=the=never, i will celebrate the Days and Nights of Light in the company of my tribe.  Which pretty much includes evybody^

As the werk at the Parish Yard concluded & the bishop of Smyrna rode coldly on his bucket=truck, my good friend PETER came to celebrate And fetcht me home=wise. He didn't bring his wife nor his dog, but i have met almost Pete's entire fambly. It is a mere Holyday Blessing to share friendship with the people you serve on a customary basis.

Now~the wind has come to blow off the remaindre of the leaves & i saw a hawk percht high upon a utility's gonna be a Brisk wintre in the Walley, but nay so much a Schnowy one. {it's what i believe of the portents i've seen}Brightness! on your Season! but do not light candles unnecessarily.  OR othre dangerous fires for that matter^


Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Tuesday, November 27th, mm7... Yes, Flowre=Sun, the HAMFAM serves a full meal on Thanxgiving Thersday.  i know, acause me and the turtle went there this Year. [and may go again next year~no prep, no clean=up, scant over lefts!] With punkin pie yet...Saterday, i attended anothre high skool reunion. Downtown. Not a shot was fired all that night. Of a class which contains nearly three hundred (300)persons, about seventy=seven (77) showed up. And all of them have grown into their faces. Collectifly, we drank more than we ate---but the food we did consume was Xcellent! Be true to the skool, even if you've only been out of it a coupla Years.  Happy happy Joy joy to the lizard, the Day after amorro...she's just a kitten. ~cool&appreciatifSlac~

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Sunday, November 18th, 2oo7...

TITLE: Thank the dé if not the whole week

MOOD: blustery mit schnay yet

MUSIK: wait--i'm untangling my idposh ear=buds...and there's like four (4) media players on my 'Putre...maybe later i'll schpin some 45s on my fonograf.

WIDEO: between [my name is] EARL and er, i watched the democratik debate from LAS VEGAS. it was mildly entertaining. {now that MAURA TIERNEY is walking the picket won't be long Afore America finds any such thing engrossing.} OH! and i saw HAYDEN PANETTIERE on a repeat of Malcolm in the Middle; it was schtartling to see her with glasses & frizzy haer.  id est, she was not playing a cheer=leader?!

TEXT: i hope the devil=dogs forgif me for schkipping over the USMC birf=dé on the Tenth; i was catching up on the elexion results. Tuesday, November 20...i am behind of much! And with the Holydays coming yet. Maisy just flew in from ROMA and presently is flying to see the CAPSIZER fambly. The TURTLE is also flying--from RENO to the Walley. [he misses his karaoke buddies] And i haven't even laid in pressed turkey. {these are the conditions which prevail}Maybe, just may=be, i will catch myself up over the Gratitude weekend...Appreciata! For all the schmall favours G grants us in loving=kindness ~slac~

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Armistice dé, two=thousand Seven...we celebrate the End of the War to 'End all Wars'. Which was a prelude to the Great War. {is there irony in nomenclature?} Which was folloed by a Cold War! it schtaggers the mere mind of a son of a Navy Veteran...i'm the unfortunate batard who somehow didn't even have to go to the POST OFFICE and sign up for selective service. Yet, i am grateful to live in a relatifly free Nation which is currently under its own 'limited' state of emergency.  Wire=Tap me not! Drown me not! My peace is partial...

Tuesday, November 13th, and7...BENAZIR BHUTTO is under house detainment again. {she is one of my all=time favourite political women} So much for going home.  Gen'l MUSHARAFF has promised to hold the elexions to schedule; cross fingres.  More bad news outta RED CHINA...there's gamma hydroxy butylate in those AquaDots. If i had a conspiratorial bent, i'd think something was up. As it is, i simply believe our favoured trade partners are just really, really Sloppy.  In othre international news: Why didn't some=one tell me that GISELE BUNDCHEN had a twin sister?! [GISELE is the super=model who wants her next endorsement contracts paid out in Euros] i suspect PATRICIA is easy on the eyes.

My corn=chowdre is not at all bad for the first Attempt.  My winter beard is coming in all right, considering how slow it always grows. The Turtle is thriving in NEVADA; Maisy is visiting the Pope, mayhaps. KAY and her partner are probly unpacking boxes on the Beltway, i mean in the Beltway. Life is efficacious; more as more occurs...  ~finallyTheLeavesareFalling~slac


Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Tuesday, November Sixth, election dé

i enjoy Voting for the County Coroner; he's a class=mate of mine, usually runs uncontested and knows where the bodies are buried. Truly {which speaks to the fact that there are way too many gangland murdres in this Principality} Quincy!

i enjoy Voting in municiple elections 'cos there are so many people running for small yet important offices. Plus+, i need to keep up my twenty year cover as an informed Super=Voter. Young yet.

GEORGE WASHINGTON~JOHN ADAMS...GEORGE WALKER~JOHN EDWARDS...notice the synchronicity. ya just cain't follo an empirical ranch=hand with a citified RUDOLF or a HILL&BILLY. The caucuses are not far off...Registre.

Recent Congressional idea which passed unanimously & anonymously: Move up the daylight time=change so the Voters get an extra Hour of schleep just afore the local Election; that way, *we* get to keep our politicle operatifs in Place for the primaries AND the general. zzzz  Table vote: 535 to Nuffin. Ask around.

Super=Secret: i did un=retain that big Judge who dissented on the Legality of the PAY=GRAB, then pocketed the Cash.  Actions schpeak louder than werds.

Now, excuse me while i finish creating my CORN=SOOP from Maíz democracy, it's an Experiment. ~slac~

~Cat~ 161z Hey Boo.

Slak> 161z hey babe

~Cat~ 161z What's happenin?

Slak> 1614 same old same old

~Cat~ 1614 Same here.

Slak> 1614 wearing the woolies

~Cat~ 1615 It is cold. Brrrr.

Slak> 1616 imagine amorro--i'll be a icicle iffen/when you pick me up^

Slak> 1616 *in the dark*

Slak> 1619 i know--taking a fone=call from a client or boy=friend^

~Cat~ 1620 I should be good tomorrow. I have an [appointment] in [place] from [time] Should be able to get to [parish] by [time] - in the dark!

~Cat~ 1620 No phone call. Checking my schedule.

Slak> 1620 Xcellent.

~Cat~ 1621 Yeah, way cool.

Slak> 1621 brrr* how's evybody?

~Cat~ 1622 Blade is sick. He has a sore throat and ear infection.

Started antibiotics today. He's been sleeping since we got home at noon.

~Cat~ 1622 Rocky is still working at [company].

Slak> 162z i'll pray his Perfect health & the grrl comes by it natural

~Cat~ 162z I'm juggling all my admirers.

Slak> 1624 *i've noticed* i should pay attention 2 my pages as=the=much

~Cat~ 1624 Most of the people are bizarre in one way or another.

Slak> 1624 secret i like to schtart from Zero

~Cat~ 1625 I see! /smiley/

Slak> 1625 retarded girls on the bus fall in Love with me!

~Cat~ 162g Nice for you!

~Cat~ 162g /smiley/

[edited porxn...]

Slak> 16zz ooops---how's by Kendra?

~Cat~ 16zz I just went to with Toni, Kendra and Mom. Lots of fun!

Slak> 16z4 wow! i almost coulda been there iffen i didn't go Yesterday

Slak> 16z4 *samples 4 lunch

~Cat~ 16z5 True. We had a lot of samples. I bought some great hvarti cheese.

Slak> 16z5 delish, yummo as Rachel Ray says

~Cat~ 16zg She has a daytime talk show now.

Slak> 16z7 i'm growing my [Colonel] goatee...and we Will catch=the=up amorro

~Cat~ 16z7 ok

Slak> 16z8 simply schtroke the fevered brow of Blade until then

~Cat~ 16z8 I'll try.

Slak> 16z8 i loooves you all

~Cat~ 16z8 I won't do anything if he's asleep!

~Cat~ 16z9 Force fluids when he gets up.

Slak> 16z9 water mostly

~Cat~ 16z9 We luv you too.

~Cat~ 16z9 water is best

Slak> 1640 call me @ the 'office' if thangs change^

~Cat~ 1640 OK will do.

Slak> 1640 *smooch*, booey

~Cat~ 1641 ta

IMP edited for nomenclature & content^

Cat> Hey boo.

Cat> Talking to Maisy.

Slak~ my seester?

Cat> Yes.

Slak~ back from the Pope!

Cat> recently returned from Europe.

Cat> yes


Cat> She just signed off.

Slak~ xcellent~seeya amorro?

Cat> I should be ok. I have an [appointment] in [city] until [time].

Slak~ coool, well very 'cool'

Cat> Rocky works on [day] now from [time] to [time].

Cat> cold

Slak~ mit schnay!

Cat> Yes, I saw that white stuff today!!

Slak~ the [persons] were amazed

Slak~ *flurrific*

Cat> totally

Cat> I'm going to see the [name of band] tonight.

Cat> They're a band.

Slak~ great

Cat> ...over in [township].

Cat> I'll let you know tomorrow.

Slak~ no prob--only a few desperate days left!

Cat> True enough.

Slak~ then~fantastical up=rising of good things

Cat> I see.

Slak~ the buddha will help...

Cat> Really?

Slak~ could happen

Cat> maybe

Slak~ i taught/teach him evything he knows[?]

Cat> i see

Slak~ look bright 4 coldness

Cat> ok

Slak~ smooch my kids & i'll seeya Amorro^

Slak~ haf a good time @ concert

Cat> Ok. Ta

Slak~ ta

IMP edited for nomenclature^

goof hi

Slac~ hey

goof what's new?

Slac~ Xcept 4 Cali=fires?

goof ok

Slac~ sending rain from here to Left Coast

goof no needed here

Slac~ yeah--droughty

goof very

Slac~ smooch the Pope next week; i might miss him too

goof ring?

Slac~ yes--try not to let Maisy schteal the ring^

goof /smiley/

Slac~ i'll get to that fountain my=own=self...

goof oh?

Slac~ abso--with penny in pocket

goof playing the lottery?

Slac~ nah--we got sluts now

goof oh yeah

Slac~ 44 how's Cap=sizer and them?

goof 44 just fine

Slac~ 44 [girl] talx?

goof non-stop

Slac~ don't tease her--she's a beauty

goof /smiley/

Slac~ send me a post=card from the Vatican

goof maisy's job

Slac~ right

goof left

Slac~ in the middle

Slac~ chekmeAmorro...

goof ok

Slac~ ta



Tuesday, October 30, 2007


{here's the twist: Imagine the Sox pull this thing off under the total darkness of Diana---a sweep would be a fantastic prediction of Mine, at this late date.  And afterthen, i would have to follow the ball=base evermore.} SWAK!  My colours are bleeding! One line to the next...On the nearly next Tuesday Every=one will have to do something special. Climb out of our complacent beds & VOTE. [reiteratus: if you don't go to the polls, you can't kvetch.]  AND there won't be anothre lunar eclipse until *gasp* Hillary and Colin face off against the Libertarians. Do not mark my werds~i have a time=machine. Plus+, i reside in a swing state but i don't Swing. moon me over as i try to catch up 2 the unlimited possibilities^   ^reposited from And5^ Sunday, October 28, 2oo7..slac don't write on Sun=Day. Bosox clean clox of Rox afore the real chronometre change...  Tuesdayish~i have heard from the Colonel and kin; they are safe if somewhat Smoky. i hope they catch the knuckleheads who set those fires AND i hope they give 'em the full water=boarding. The Turtle also rang me up to get filled in on the News. He now knows nearly as much as me. The BaBa chili is halfway gone; i'll have to freeze a pint or so and concoct something else.   ~slac~

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Tuesday, October 23rd, and7, New epoch...  That RUPERT MURDOCH is a clever fellow! While the Red Sox were pre=empting the SIMPSONS and FAMILY GUY, his 'news' channel was covering yet anothre Republican debate. {i'll give you three guesses about which of these drew the larger rating}  i wish the mantle conservatifs would stop using the names of RONALD REAGAN and HILLARY BLAINE in the same soliloquy--it's nearly sacriligeous! And, yes, the Beantown Boys pulled a pennant outta their chapeaus. Such miracles can occur, randomly.

My EUROPEAN relatifs have retourned safely to the beltway environs; they are settling in and waiting on their container. i sure hope it all fits in their opulent squirl=cage! More as more presides...

The Pennsy Legislature is schtill behaving badly.  They killed a proposal for a constitutional confab, tabled a bill to shrink their size and budget AND submitted a less=than=stellar Open Records law. Some of these remaining cronies are just putting more staples in their catafalque.  {i'd be more angry if i weren't so deeply Disappointed and Ashamed} Well, Keystoners vote again soon!

Cat Hi Boo.

Slak* hey

Cat What are you up to?

Slak* not the much

Cat Not too much happening here.

Slak* getting ready to start a chili

Cat Sounds good.

Slak* after my walk

Cat It's chilly today.

Slak* many layers!

Cat Good.

Slak* fires abating in california

Cat Good.

Cat Got the email from Groper.

Slak* chekya a lil lata

Cat 7 ok

^imp Edited for nomenclature^

While i'm praying for MALIBU and PAKISTAN, i believe i'll schtart a bigAce badAce'll schpook my neighbours as the Night of Souls comes to the Walley. ~hotlyHaunted slac~

Saturday, October 13, 2007


Friday, October 12th, and7, New Epoch.  Schports: the Filadelfia Athletyx were so astounded by the early fold of the New York Metropolitans...that they did the same t'ing!  The othre NY team was eliminated as well, sad to say. Beantown is represented & i have many relatifs who partake of the Cod.  Never mind~i don't even know the Leagues.  MARION JONES has opted to retourn her Gold Medals. And retire from Track & Field.  These^ are also sad occurences; i wish her well. Too high a Price is paid when Glory is gained thru chemical enhancement. It's nearly time to ban steroids across the sportwerld.  At least Professional Wrestling is schtill Pure and realistic. [i hardly watch it.]

International news: If nobelist JAMES CARTER comes to your Village, ya betta let him pass!  This guy is serious about Democracy all over the place! i'm glad to see my friend [i met him once] schtanding up to bullies in his middling Age.  He mighta had as much vinegar when he ran the whole country (US '76), but i won't complain of it.

That ALFRED NOBEL committee will give their peace prise to almost any=one! They just handed one to OSCAR winner Saint Albert Gore (Junior).  Holy Crud! When do i get mine? No matter...AL deserves the accolades, presently. It's quite possible that losing the Millennial Elexn at the REHNQUIST Court was the best thing that ever happened to him. {editorial rhetoric^^} And without his lovely bride, TIPPER, we wouldn't know which record albums to buy... Peace!

Saturday--the Customers did not whelm me over, but i missed my ride by mere Moments.  {he who walx too early, walx at length...}  Wish me luck on the puxxle; i have slipped one lettre in each of the last three (3)?!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Tuesday, October 10th, And6...a politicle reposit: it might spook the Party bosses if we succeed in terminating certain Toadies on this go-around. Vote early & often.

October 9th, and7, new=epoch...there are three (3) Elexions in the present cycle, here=abouts. In just under a month, Keystoners should Vote in a state municipal one which may OR mayn't send a modern message to the legislature & judiciary about recent shenanigans concerning Slots, Tolls, un=transparent Gub'ment and othre local issues. Come the Schpring, we Pennsyites will have a short window to slam down on certain Presidential Anointees. {it'll be a dirty dog=race by then, but i'll Vote anyway} Registre!

i remembre hundreds of college kids turning up for the '04 National Elexion[which is last & worst]...i pray they come out again, with friends. Young Voices^  ^that's enuf Liberty for now^

Mass transit musings: Monday, i was sitting on the cherch schteps waiting for the W out=bound when another fellow sat down nearby. But he didn't catch the bus?! That was weird. Later, waiting on the side of highway for the in=bound, a lady in a mini=van smiled at me. Then, she smiled more i gave her a little wave. i sometimes get that^  {i look like a holy man when i sit at that stop} Such is the riding Life...

Saturday, October 6, 2007


"At the end of the day, it will depend upon conditions on the ground..."   If  i never hear these two (2) frases ever again, it'll be too fleegle soon.

SOCRATES said,"the Life which is unexamined is not worth living." My corollary states,"the Examined Life is not a great deal bettre!" Thereyago.

There's a sign on the link=chain fence of the athletik fields which goes:


it confounds me much! one can either chip und putt Without a bike riding puppy or let your poodle pedal as long as you don't have any irons.  less=the=never, mayhaps none of the abof?  i'm sure the skool district knows Xactly what it means. i fathom not...Perhaps as useful as an aer=freshener in a convertible... slac has seen dat.  Saturday, October Sixth, AndSeven...the weathre has been too nice, as evidenced by all the trux & trailers which inundated me at werk Today!  [some may think i haf COLUMBUS dé off, but i don't] CAT & BLADE were good enuf to give me a ride around the town; it was hoppin' for some reason. i am putting up my autumnal chicken=soop, but it feels too much like Summer to do so!? Amorro, i go aventuring... solemn Sun=Day  ~slac~

Septembre twenty=two

~Cat Hey, long time no see.

*slak* thanx

~Cat You're welcome.

~Cat 15 OK. Ta.

*slak* 15 luvya/tanx



Monday, October 1, 2007


Gotta love the single Life! i go where i please and my Time is my own. There's a lightness to it, such as going to the grox schtore and buying: milk by the Quart, buttre in the two=schtick pack, sugar in the one=pound box.  i used to buy potatoes in five pound bags AND now i just count them out; one cooking/flavouring onion will last me a week or more. i have to freeze half a loaf of bread when i buy a whole loaf~it lasts that long!  Yes, there is much to recommend living part of one's Life alone.  OH! And the reason i am so friendly towards my neighbours' cats & dogs is: i don't have to take care of them [the pets, that is].  There's othre schtuff, too AND i'll think of them when i care to. Xcelsior!

Monday, October First...i got off the bus in the old neighborhood and glanced at the Progress on the hovel.  The new fambly is laying schtones in the back=yard.  It's down to the dirt & the retaining wall is Exposed with all its faults [acause the English Ivy is all gone].  One of the othre neighbours was dragging out his trash and said,"Come back for a Visit?"   i replied, in truth,"Just checking on the progress." Half a block away, i saw GLORIA coming Home in her mini=van.  She was  glad to see me and filled me in. [WAYNE & PAULA have also moved outta the 'hood] Then i meandered home.

What?! It's Octobre already?? ~slac~

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


This, could also occur...

Novembre Fifth, 2and8: KEYES and PAUL handily defeat OBAMA and BIDEN.  First black US President vows to unify the country.  BARACK congratulates 'brother' on historic win.  Administration promises new brand of Libertarian Conservatism. Trial of bin Laden planned in UZBEKISTAN.

Reset: current times...RATHER to take on REDSTONE.  This^ is gonna be interesting.  i'm rooting for DAN 'cos i love him like a news anchor.  More on this as it develops.

Wednesday, September 26th, 2and7...i'm back in the swing of things. OR some semblance of that. Which also means i'm three (3) days behind the rest of the werld!  Oh, well~i'll think of something better to post amorro after i make my chicken gravy. ~autumnalSlac~

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Thursday, September 20th, andSeven...notæ post nuptialæ: The homeless ones in San Diego are as numerous as the palm trees.  i had forgotten about that in my sixteen (16) year absence from the Left Coast. By the same token, at least they have good weathre for it.

Appreciata to the five (5) Cabbies who took such good care of me and mine.  Lamar, Ali, the one who carted us to the cherch, second Ali and Mike.  Not a TRAVIS BICKEL among them.  I'm not forgetting Matt who drove us to the Recepxn, but he's a nephew so we didn't pay him! Someday.

Cousine MAIZY is quite excited to be 'in a fambly way'. She is not alone as we hear cousine Shannon is also in bloom in her native state. Process!  [baby SHAUNA is visiting grandma SUE downstairs from me...she's a delightful child] Suffer the litluns<

Manners...yes, it's the bread plate which goes on the upper right in Service. i only know this acause i scanned the EMILY POST book once [for the turtle wedding].  And yes, Colonel, there is such a thing as a salad knife. Of gourse, i switched hands quite a bit on the poultry dish; i can never decide if i am European or American! Best of all, when i came off the dance floor for my schpot of wedding cake, i pickt up the cake fork and wiped it on my upper sleeve while asking CeCe,"is it clean?" To which she promptly replied,"It is now!"  A big Appreciata to serving girls DAWN and ALICIA--they treated us Barbarians quite nicely!  {only one glass was broken during hôrs d'oeuvres...that is a sign of Future good Fortune. Really}

Cat Thanks Boo. Nice chatting/typing with you.

~slac amorro, sweet one

Cat Bye

~slac luv

Cat smooch

Who's gonna send me fotoes? Amembre~i have a natural tendency not to Publish the embarrassing ones.  over=the=lag=jet~slac~

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Tuesday, September 18th, And7...  

Correxn: JUSTINE HENIN won the ladies' final

Memorial: BRETT SOMERS was a funny lady

What a week=end it was! Just acause the engineer moves to NEVADA doesn't mean it can become the centre of the universe. Considre this: STEVE FOSSETT is schtill missing...BRIT pulled off a very bad ASHLEE impression at the MTV awards AND Orenthal went bat=guano crasy on a former friend who is selling schports memorabilia. Let's just say it was an interesting coupla days in & around SIN CITY. Thank G i was only flying over that great state...

Friday, i took a two=prop puddle jumper to Filthydelfia in the dark of the Walley. Then i flew non=schtop to LINDBERGH field [speaking of disgraced or missing Aviators!] i coulda woulda shoulda hookt up with the engineer and Kay, but i took a TAXI instead. Good thing too Acause i got to hug CHUCK & KATHY, JIM & SHARON in the lobby. Marianne [the gorgeous desk=wench] told me i couldn't check into my room yet, so i took my first lunch @ the Quizno's®. As soon as i got back to the SOFIA, i was checking in with KAY & HARRY and the engineer. {he and i shared a room, again}  Second lunch was a tuna=san @ the ST. TROPEZ.  We [a whole bunch of us] ate dinner @ LA FIESTA.  It was apostlic--i had chimichanga & cerveza

Early Saterday, i met cousin MAISY on the lanai...i was schmoking & she needed coffee. Three (3) of us took a TAXI to the cherch [maisy, me and the engineer]. The stained glass circle over the altar depicted the Last Supper with only eight (8) of the Disciples. Turtle told me it was the Reader's Digest® condensed version. OH! the ceremony was Stellar. CHELLY was the vision of Beauty & GROPER lookt good in his dress uniform. They passed under the bower of swords outside...

Partay! MATT & ANNIE=BANANIE [my delicate flounder] were kind enuf to give us a lift to the Recepxn @ the Ulysses S. Grant Hotel. What a fantastic place to hold such a wild party! i sat at table one (1) with ROSE & the colonel, Aunt THERESE, CeCe [Celia] & PAT, Aunt EVA and Uncle DANIEL, Aunt RoseMary & Uncle TERRY.  i knew i was in the *MAC* section on account of all the beef that was consumed; i had chicken.  Naturally, i drank two (2) fingres of chardonnay with my meal. There were four (4) champagne Toasts...Best Man Jay=Jay & the Father of the Bride were espexially good/sentimental. The Maid of Honour actually wept during her speech.

Dancing? i shagged so much on that parquet floor, i thot my knees were gonna crack. The dafters of Cousin KEVIN could scarcely believe an old man could move so well. {so they said} DAN was good enuf to take a foto of the fierce five afore some of us retourned to the othre hotel.  The young ones partied for who knows how much longer?! i was glad to be invited & delighted that sister Kay provided the sponsorship [she's one of my favourite seesters]. The engineer made every event, near as i can tell. He's good like dat...

"On a Sunday morning side=walk..." i'm wishing Lord that i didn't haf to catch anothre TAXI to the aerport, but thereyago & thus=it=is. i flew from the land of palm trees to CHARLOTTE/DOUGLAS and ate yet anothre hogie from Quizno's® with Coca-Cola®. {at these prices, i shouldn't advertise}  Losing the sun i had so recently gained, the DORNEY ferris=wheel lookt positifly daxxling to me. Or, as HANE used to say,"I love to travel, but it sure feels Good to get back Home." i shared a TAXI minivan to the WAWA® with a couple who live near Dad's cherch. [i needed^ milk for my mocha] And just about then, at my apartment, i collapst.

ZZZZZ  How was your week=end? ~slac~


Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Tuesday, September 11th, and7...wasn't i just @ a shore=side Wedding?  Wait! That was the renewal Service.  Now i've got to attend a Western one.  {the sun rises & sets in totally different places, here to there; it's very confusing}  Yet~i fully expect some=one to Thrust anothre camera into my hand to record the Nuptials. It's 'cause i have the 'eye'.  And i will have to dance like an utter fool 'cause i have the 'feet'. Utility!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Tuesday, September Fourth, And 7...  Holy Crud! They shuttered the 19th Avenue postal sub=station?! And just when i was gonna send some=body a chapbook and cds.  It was the nicest little card shop where one could get schtamps and send large chex to far=off relatifs...a place to send Library of Congress applications for copyright of music and potery...a quiet room to acquire Register and Certify mail for posting to lawyers or such people. Gosh! i musta schpent eight hours or more there over the course of thirty odd years [secret: even my even Years are odd]. More ironically--there's supposed to be a Renaissance of bidness along that very corridor, in spite of the loss of two amazing restaurants. What epistlic sadness!

Schports report: naturally, i'm only paying attention to the ladies playing the hardcourt in FLUSHING MEADOWS. Some of them grunt while they play; some of them don't.  But a considerable number of the girls have unpronouncable last names...which is Okay acause they come from foreign Republix!  It might happen again that VENUS & SERENA face each othre in the top tier--it is the US Open. {as long as it distrax me from the end of BALLBASE and the schtart of BALLFOOT}

Pennsy politryx: Anyone? Well, there is at least one (1) judge who won't seek retention on account of 'defrauding an Insurance firm'.  WE just haf to keep our eyes on the Othres^  No guns for four (4) days? Where will the gangbangsters get their pistolas? For my part, i'm schtill seeking a Global moratorium on bullets & Xplosifs. Maybe next year... while i'm waiting for fast EDDIE to return the taxpayer cash he so graciously gave to the Furloughed werkers. [it shoulda come outta the pols' pay!] Undocumented aliens? How about that undocumented three hundred and sixty million dollars schpread over the four current caucuses? That's our money, too.  Open Records! Legislatif Reform! Even a constitutional convention would be nice.  Let's keep they feet to the fire^ *rant*

Oh, never mind~it's just a thing. ~slac~

Saturday, September 1, 2007


Saturday, September First, and7, the New Epoch...

CAT called me this morning as i was getting ready for werk and suggested i could drife her 'extra' car.  Naturally, i concurred with her infallible logic!  {the vehicle would get use, i'd get its use AND she wouldn't haf to fetch me...} Not to mention that the parking is bettre where i reside than around the big FAER. Plus+, it's good for my clutch=foot.  Smoother than greased owl=droppings^  More on the holiday, perhaps~it's about labour, amembre.

Cat hey

Slak* thanx!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Wednesday, August 29th, and7, New Epoch...A Harvest BONANZA! One of my customers brot me an Orange and a Peach...and three diet sodas.  [i save the diet sodas for the Turtle and his crew]  Anothre brot me Turkey with masht potatoes?!  That's a hot home=made meal, just for being a nice guy.  OR something like that.  Made my bindles heavy to carry the fruit and tonics into Town...  But, Wait! As i was climbing the hill home, i saw my friend, BRENDA, from the bingo days. We had a lot of catching=the=up to do AND she gave me a Cucumbre from her sister's garden when she droppt me at the Apt. i might haf to give up grox shopping all=togethre!? At least for the fresh.  What will happen for good Amorro? What=ever it is, i probly don't deserve it. Yet~i like occasional and efficacious surprises. They^ cling to me.

Cat~ hey there

Slak* tanx for evything, ta

Monday, August 27, 2007


Monday, August 27th, 2007....the Turtle is some=where in RENO [like JANET].  i've been confused about his destinatus almost since the Day he left. Having never, ever been to NEVADA my=own=self, i don't yet appreciate the difference. Never mind~he travels so fast & furiously that it pondres me that the werld schtill turns under him! He's a good egg in the long run, iffen you like long runny eggs. At least he's found karaoke...

Meanwhile, why is evybody so Anxious to retourn to TEXAS? Karl? Alberto? maybe it's acause the Old Man/favoured Son is soon his=self gonna take a needed vacation on the CRAWFORD ranch. Somebody's gotta lick the envelopes for the upcoming Wedding!  Of gourse, i'm not paying that much attention to the desertions. Not while i have to fret over the sentences of Nicole, Lindsay & Michael...among othres^. TEXAS is flat; i've been.

Novembre Fifth, two thousand and eight:  THOMPSON/GIULIANI edge out CLINTON and OBAMA. First lady promises to call for a recount after disputed CONVENTIONS and wild Primary leap-frogging. HILLY squanders chance to become first woman President.  House and Senate consider convening first constitutional convention this Century...  {slac is not well known for political prognoses; does not follo schports that closely, either}it's an interim entry^

babaloo raining?

*slac not currently

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Sunday, August 19th, favourite feature of my i-Job is how i can turn the Power off in the middle of a song; my least favourite feature of the shuffle is the headset cord. i spend roughly half my listening Time untangling the darn thing! Thereyago & thus-it-is... Farm Report: Cukes! Fresh tomatoes! i no longer have my own garden, but my customers have been kind enuf to bring me some of their Bounty.  Also, some=one threw a perfectly good zucchini into one of the roll=offs...i didn't retrieve it.  Bug Report: flies & butterflies are abundant as well as an ugly green cicada-like Creature. Gnats are also ubiquitous this year [no-see-ums which fly into any orifice for no good reason at all].  the TURTLE report: the Engineer is werking and living in ELVIS' second home, Las Vegas. Viva!  What's that thing people say about missing a person terribly when they're gone YET wishing Desperately that they would leave after they've hung around for seventy (70) or eighty (80) days?  i laff, i kid, i Love^ The Turtle is an invaluable resource whenever he is close=ta=hand. Tanx^  Weather Report: good jazz=fusion groop. Who knew that Walleyites would be breaking out light jackets in the middle of August? Today is cool, drixxly and dreary [my othre lawyers]. Things are much more distressing in remote locales...i Pray for balance while i calibrate my Time=Machine. AL! HILLY! Schtop warming the Globe already once!  WE get the democratik/environmental thing^  Laundry Report: a load of darks, presently Drying.  Soop Report: Chicken! it's fully brothed now and i shall soon be sautéing Celery, white onion & Garlic for the next fase. {Yes, i bot two cloves of the bulb for just this Purpose--i'll go light on it tho} *simmer*  Forgifness! TURTLE and i some=how missed Cousine DOLLY's kick=adipose nuptials in Ol' KENTUCKY. Really~WE coulda woulda shoulda ought've made it and there is no excuse for us to to miss a Party...we'll haf to make it up to Her and BRY immediately, if not sooner. Young & Beautiful~i wish i was!^ ~slac~

NB: i'm publishing on a SUN=DAY acause i don't haf a puxxle in hand...Plus+, i misst two (2) lettres on the last one.

Saturday, August 11, 2007


Saterday, August Eleventh, And7...SHORN!  the heat=wave broke yesterday just in time for me to get my wings clippt [i have wavy hair].  In keeping with a recent Resolution not to write about the horrible things in the News, and there were too many, i'll talk about my pleasant Day at the Parish Yard. The cat=lady and i boarded the j=bus with one of my favourite drivers...i bot a punchpass from him to save Cabbeej. [he had suggested it last month.] As i was walking to the Yard, i met a fine young lady with brown hair & headfones walking her rabbit. I mean to say, her fluffy twelve pound black & white bunny was in a pet schtroller contraption which i'd never seen Afore. Naturally, i exchanged pleasantries with her about her pet riding in such grand schtyle. MORRIE was running his riding mower when i came upon him, and we waved at each othre.  Werk at the Yard was easy and breezy, altho a coupla Gentlemen in a pick=up almost made off with my fork & shovel. No Contraband...  i was also Fortunate to be visited by a classmate who gave me a ride back into town at six o'clock.  In a brief schtop at Paddock restaurant, my former Neighbour, WALT, came up to say hello.  [he's always lived about a block from the Hovel]  i told him i would try to Visit him during the week of the Faer. All=in=all, a very nice day!More=so when you considre that the werld is careening towards chaos in a cat-box. i wondre if Amorro could possibly be brighter...hmm.  Perhaps~the haercut did it? ~slac~

Thursday, August 2, 2007


Thursday, August Second, and7...Hotter than the hasps on the hinges of heck! OZONE Dé!  The bus=rides were free and i took advantage of them. i took the a=line to CITY HALL for a visit to the Credit Union; i took the a=line all the wé NorthWest to check my Pressure at the Grox schtore. [104/72p72] Then, i took the j bus back to the Apt. Three rides in two hours and it didn't cost me a Dime. {which is nice acause i didn't have the schtarting fare anyway}  Iffen it happens again amorro, i might use more than two bus=lines! And, yes~it's hot enuf.  Yesterday, around closing, friend GARY brang me a hot=plate of Meat=Loaf mit noodles and vegs.  Baby peas & shoe=peg corn^ if you must know.  GARY is entirely too kind to me alltogethre. i shall haf to schtart retourning equal Xian favours presently. The little brown hare was waiting for me when i opened the South Gate; it must know my Routine. Of the Hovel i can only say that the third floor now has an AER=CONDITIONER in the North window. I never had the need of one in all the Years i schpent there AND i schlept on a foam mattress!?! The place loox good, out=wise.  ROCKY is probly gonna haf to learn this bus thing soon her=self...she is currently, intermittently, sans licence. And her Patronic progenitour is somewhere in the middle of the Nation, driving.  Much will happen for Good to this, my Fambly, in the CAULDRON of anothre Year of Changes...  ~theWild-Rider~slac~

Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Yes--it's been a very busy Time for Lady Jurisprudence.  ALBERTO is schtill having difficulty answering questions from a former Filly prosecutor...Chief Roberts took a spill and had a seizure, which may or may not be an Affidavit of epilepsy. Lotsa people have been served with all sorts of indictments & citations, high and low.  And the hits just keep on comin'. Must be the Summer of law. The grim reaper hasn't been on Vacation, either.  He's collected up TAMMY FAYE, TOM SNYDER [ i used to schtay up late to watch his show when i was an Embryo] and INGMAR BERGMAN. Plus+ a whole lotta other good folx, renowned & unrenowned. He don't frighten me.  But i surely hate him for taking some souls violentlyThe Turtle is wending his way west=wise for werk. Wit wanderlust. Good=speed intrepid one! He schtayed just long enuf to participate in TONI's birfdé bash this past Saterday [i could not attend 'cos i was on the YARD with my hares & sparrows]. HAPPY HAPPY, Toni! belated... Mean=while~where did JULY go?! It was just here. ~anAffableSlac~Tuesday, July 31st, Seventh of epoch.

Friday, July 27, 2007


Friday, July 27th, and7...what an absolutely horrible week for Schports figgers, lawyers, young female celebrities & other animals.  The epic tragedies are so massif, convoluted and bizarre that i cannot write about them.  So~i'll write about something else! There i was, setting in my Parish boof, monitoring the coming and going of my customers, when i felt tiny feet on my left shouldre. i reached inside my polo=shirt and brusht against a bug. It made a shreiking noise...You have never seen a person throw off a tunic so quickly! Turned it inside out and a big beetle hit the deck. She was about two inches (2") long with even longer antennae. For a schplit=second i thot of the BUDDHA afore i schtompt her with my foot.  {i have the very sensitif skin and am quite Averse to having miniscule creatures crawl upon me; Hescha! i can hardly stand the laundry tag} i only hope i'll be forgiven some=day for extinguishing this exoskeletal life=form...  That's^ a Bug report.  The Turtle is gathering his belongings & preparing to head west=wise.  NEVADA is calling. An engineer without a Project is like a Wide Knight without filosofy.  OR sumpin' like dat^.  The black beauty is sure to carry him far & well...Twas=ever=Thus.

No, really--the beetle shreiked. ~slac~

Monday, July 23, 2007


Sunday, July 22nd...correction!  DOW & JONES were real names, like PASS & STOW. mea culpa  The bird report: Yesterday, on the Yard i saw a yellow finch.  No camera yet. The gallavanters: Turtle went to some kind of hippy festival yesterday, while CAT took in the Broadway show, Gray Gardens. [it's about two eccentric BOUVIER women who live in a hovel.]  Any=way~G bless 'em for travelling in opposite direxions; my wanderlust is currently in remission. {i walk the good}  The all-cowardly report: two (2) items schtruck me from the Martial News...On more than one occasion, radical male Islamists have tried to schlip through security dragnets by donning burqas or chadors, with heels yet! These characters should try being a Moselem woman for real one time. Might change their incendiary minds. Also, the chief of media for the terrawrists in IRAQ is either an actor OR imaginary. i don't think ordinary Baghdad citizens were fooled. Although~ it had some of our people pondering... "he's dead! he's captured! he's just betend!"  These^ are the lengths they'll go to.  Monday, July 23rd, and7...More gallavanting: i neglected to mention that the Colonel and his bride are in the old country--namely, IRELAND. Lots of my relatifs have been to the UK, but i haven't gone yet on account i'm afraid they'll crown me a native son or somesuch in one of their nations. [if i could prove to be WELSH they might even put me in a spy movie..."the name's mac~slacbac, mac"] Travel!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Wednesday, July 18th, Seventh year of the new Epoch.  So~i was reading the classifieds, like i always do and i found this really interesting item under Personal Services: Lawyer Needed for Large misallocated Estate worth over $1 Billion. Just up my alley!  Well, there's not an Esquire after my lengthy nomenclature...but, Hey, i've worked on two estates already sans misallocation & there's only a difference of five or more decimal places. [Plus+, i'd like to see how badly the previous 'officer of the court' screwed things up.] Speaking of misapproriation, as i was walking back to the Apt, i noticed a group of four (4) bicyclists Riding [toting] five (5) two=wheelers. Shortly after they zoomed past me, a car over=took them, nearly ran them all down & recovered the singularly riderless Conveyance.  Frontier Justice! Every=body involved moved almost as fast as those two (2) creatures i saw last April who robbed one of Dad's banks. {at times like these, i turn into a Statue} Maybe it'll be in tomorro's paper, maybe it won't. Business News? The WALL STREET JOURNAL is in play [and shouldn't be].  RUPERT MURDOCH is the foxy suitor, so to schpeak. *Editorial*: as such things schtrikes me funny. Hasn't Mister Murdoch overtaken more than enuf media outlets? With questionable results? Never Mind~perhaps he won't change this newspaper all that much. Good on 'im! The DOW JONES [not a real person] only swang a thousand points this week...totally unrelated.  Of gourse, i'm not following such machinations closely; i've got my own financial Empire to look after. OR something similiar^ ~slac4now~

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Random remaining political thots:  There finally is a budget in these parts.  So, it's a week late & late for the sixth time. All the new people we VOTE in might could possibly get it done for real next year. Place your bets.  BILLY BLAINE said something the othre day about his wife being,"the most qualified non=incumbent" in the Democratic field.  i believe that statement was too broadly made. Altho HILLY has never served in the office she seeks, she is an incumbent member of the Senate & and an incumbent First Lady.  It begs the question of what one means by 'incumbency'. OR lame=duckness, even.

i finally figgered out the cause of global warming. It's AL GORE, Junior. WE didn't have an inter=web afore he invented it AND we didn't really have a climate crisis until AL pointed it out to us in his movie! i'm all about the kidding on that^.  He has to take care of his way=ward son who somehow got a hybrid auto up to 100 mph on the highway.  The multiple concerts were mildly entertaining.

Tech News: Just in time for can purchase your next id=fone from MISTER JOBS for half=price iffen you can live without the touchable screen. Talk about your penalty for late Adopters! How are you going to esplain to your friends that,"Yeah~i have the it=fone...i just gave up the fingerable faceplate." *blush*

SOOP: chicken noodle [from wings & thighs]

TITLE: watch for the trick ending...

MOOD: happily expectant yet quietly doldrumic

MUSIK: BOZ SCAGGS, dirty low=down @ grox

WIDEO: NOVA ScienceNow [last night]

THOT: "Harry Potter's got to save the werld cause

the Pope's on vacation." or something similiar.

~slac~Wednesday, July 11th~

Monday, July 9, 2007



reposit as date=up...July And7...[bombing plot foiled; defendants claim a 'mock' demonstration...]  Their tactics are the weakest form of political bullying. And they don't score any theological points either.  [Hippocrates told them to First, do no harm. Terrorists cannot be doctors and vice versa.] The price of Freedom is eternal Vigilance.

Local News: Speaking of "politrix", ~the Pennsy legislature could not pass the budget on Time, yet thirty-two Representatifs have not returned their unvouchered expenses. And who suffers from these malfeasances? The ordinary tax=payers of this CommonWeal. [the casinoes are schtill operating; like we're ever gonna see that^ cabbeej. HA!]

Yep, it looks like we're gonna haf to keep defending our own Liberties at the ballot box. And~Americans are going to have to continue asking the Twenty candidates for the Highest Office in the land,"What, exactly, are You going to do about the real problems plaguing this country?"  Bounce the faer bounce~slac  *end of reposit/date=up*

^IMP edited^

Monday, July 2, 2007


Monday, July Second, And7...and there should be anothre CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION on the State and Federal level. Long past due.  Animals @ large, a continuing report: This morn as i was walking out the door, the schmall berds were making an awful racket. Which is because they were molesting a much bigger berd which settled on the power=pole across from the APT building. It was a Hawk. Now, i've seen crows going after a Hawk in their territory en masse, but these were sparrows or catbirds that were giving the big one a hard Time. Avian bravery! The Hawk didn't pay 'em no mind. {the intrepid hunter...}  One of the deer i've been seeing recently crosst the Avenue at werk into a corn=field as my friend [and customer], PETE was off=loading his Yardwaste.  PETE's wife and their little dog TRIXIE just missed the event because they were on walkies on the South end of the Parish. Never mind~i spect they'll get anothre chance to see this deer fambly; i've seen them thrice in ten (10) days! Bambi looks both ways... Naturally, i am a solitary witness to these fauna AND the new breed of insects in the Region. Hmm---maybe i should win a digi=cam or an id=fone so i can take fotoes of these creatures. [Audobon ate his models.] It's almost more interesting than human activity. Amorro [Tuesday, the Third], marks my independence day. It's the first Anniversary of the big move from HANE's Hovel to my current confines. And what a great Year it's been! i wouldn't trade a Moment of it for a winning lottery ticket [not quite true]. Over=more, no grand pianoes have yet fallen on this faer head. So, i'm gonna watch the Fire=werks from the Athletik fields on Wednesday and pray thereafter to my own fierce G that i continue to thrive on the parapet of my choice.  i know the meaning of Liberty; all those would=be terrawrists should taste it once and CUT THE CRUD!   ~thatWalkingconstitutionalist~slac

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Wednesday, June 27th, and7...Who's been waiting for a date=up to the slacPage? Any=body? Evybody? it's an open question. The mooshy is gone; i shaved it Monday night. A year of clipping & trimming is enuf for awhile. In honour of Bloomsday, which i totally misst, i'm gonna write randomly for a little while and hope it shakes out to be something akin to literature.

LIZARD & JAY=JAY popped in for a visit yesterday and saw five (5) of us, eventually. CAT & the kids after me and the Turtle...we walkt to the italian ristorante.  GUISEPPE was our Waiter; LIZ and i schplit a Pie.  i had the plain iced tea. What's up with all the sweet tea suddenly? i thot it was a Southern thang! Even a huge national franchise is offering it as an item.  {Secret: i only drink cold tea when i travel; i don't keep any kinda loose leaves where i live} Take it for what it's not werth^; the only coffee i 'brew' is Instant.  Speaking of beverages, a customer brang me a sport drink the othre week And i finally got around to reading the ingredient list. One item is GLYCEROL ESTER OF WOOD ROSIN [also known as 'sap'] and anothre is BROMINATED VEGETABLE OIL ["this teaspoon of oil is Good but it needs more bromine", i always say].  No wonder i drink more water than the average person.

Hi, I like your responses to my E-mails. They're always different.

CAT and BLADE came over about [time] last night and we went outside and watched the fireworks about [time] from the [location] Fair, just down the road. We took my kitchen chairs and sat out on the sidewalk. It was very pleasant.

CAT gave BLADE a choice of staying at the fair or coming up to the house. He wanted to see my cat, [name], because it was shaved last weekend and is no longer a long-haired gray but a short-hair fray with longer fur on his head, tail, and halfway up his legs. Quite a different look.

Hope to see you sometime soon,

Love, wolfgal

>original message>

Date: Saterday, June 30th

Appreciata, wolfgal! TONI's girl is getting to be quite big. Thank goodness there is a Puppy to tickle her feet when she rarely tips=the=over!

All=the=Love & happy Independence Day,

seeyasoon, slac

^e=mail edited for Nomenclature^

The local weathre=girl is nearsighted. One day last week she wore her spectacles instead of her contact lenses. It drove me wild, altho i schtill have a thing for the gal she replaced who vanisht suddenly from the Local scene. Feminine weather readers are cool...

CAT Hi slak.

~slak hey gal

CAT What's up?

~slak checking my's bayou?

CAT Ok. Checking e-mails and [site].

~slak thanks for being my agent

~slak i schtill owe you lots

CAT You're welcome.

CAT You don't owe me anything.

~slak plus+, it wasn't my idear that things would go topsy!^

CAT That's true.

~slak somehow~it's coming to good.

CAT I guess. I'll let you know.

CAT Anything new with you?

CAT ....your siblings?

~slak not=so=much--TURTLE helpt me much Yester

CAT Oh. That's good.

~slak and i cooled him down of the [subject] thang

~slak *coulda been werse*

CAT That's good. He was really worked up. Hope he didn't beat up our [subject] man today. Didn't hear anything on the news.

~slak yeah--he'll recovre of it. i don't worry so much when i get behind my own Adipose

CAT Worry is not good.

~slak i don't even have a worry=bag!??^

CAT That's good.

~slak wood be nice to have a pile of Cash *dreme*

CAT That would help me out a lot.

~slak we'll get there--soon

CAT tomorrow????

~slak evyday i hope the same!

CAT Keep wishing.

~slak meanwhile: smooch them kids, kiss yer mom, and Pray fer werld Peace

~slak thanx 4 evything^^

CAT ok

CAT you're welcome...again

~slak seeyasoon--on [street]. slak

CAT bye

~slak ta

^IMP edited for Content & Nomenclature--recipient^

The fifty=four (54) million dollar pants are not worth that^ much. i am relieved...some of my pantalones have been burned by Thrift Shop owners! Patches!

There are two (2) very interesting schtories in the main media which have surfaced regarding young and intelligent Alternatif life=stylers. One was a blacked=out yearbook pixture of osculating males. i'm inclined to let that one drop out of the werld alltogethre, 'cos they have the negs and can publish their fotoes to their own Pages. The other 'story' describes a pair of adolescent girls who were thrown off a bus [at an undesignated schtop] acause the Driver caught them 'making out' on the People=Mover.  Twice. With passengers noticing as well. I'm inclined to take the bus=driver's part on this one. i ride the bus. There are SIGNS on the conveyance usually which prohibit upsetting OR controversial Behaviour. The girls disturbed their fellow passengers And action was taken. Over=more~why don't petite flowers like that ever travel on the Lines i ride???!

Never mind, young people~smooch who you want; there are fone=cameras EVERYWHERE. But please, please Pull your trousers up^^[boys] and don't make me read what's printed on your Adipose [girls]. The root of privacy is privy...a place where normal humans do their personal Junk.

i'll write better crud amorro, mayhaps. ~slac~

>message from a pen=pal> Juneish AndSeven...

[OK, enuf trivia.]  What does the Slac do for work? I've only read a few bits of your journal, but I picture you as a poet living in semi-garret conditions driving a huge old american car with a v8 engine that must be constantly adjusted. Perhaps you do some kind of technical writing/editing...Of course, your job probably has little to do with who you are...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


the Queen of England must be scanning my Glow. After a week of fish references, she knighted Mister RUSHDIE. alright~may=be i had nothing to do with it. But it schtrikes me odd. Like most things.  Sunday, June 17th, diemus patriarchus &7

Tuesday, Juneteenth, andSeven...the Turtle and i did not get up to much mischief aday, but we made our Impressions on the werld=at=large. A little too hot for it.  And othre things... Amorro!

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Thursday, June 14, 2007..."Born a poor Young country boy, Mother Nature's son..." The turtle and i like to walk in the PARK, when we grab the occasion to. Which is quite often, come to think on it. On such days when they happen, He is the observateur and i some=times play the fotografer. {would that i had my own digi=cam!}  Yet~here are the animals i have seen recently when i did not have a Recording Device: rabbits and chipmunks [a good year for them], ferrets owned by schmall girls in the City [?], a Doe & her three (3) fawns just on my way to the bus after werk. And all the berds & squirls who fancy me a fine Morsel.  i am not so much caught=the=up in Nature as i am the Attender of her beauty. Ask any=body^

Meanwhile~my Job=shiffle is playing the WHITE ALBUM in reverse ordre. Quite disterbing, considering that the vinyl record was meant to be listened to back=wards NOT back=wise. Does anyone schtill twist their reel=tapes like Mobiüs ribbons for arcane informaxn? It pondres me much. Lop ris, Oleh.

Lettuce see if my borroed fotoes up=load to the top of the page^^ And then from there... *slac*

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


>>previously, on the Log<< a reposit:

Saturday, June 2005...  Happy Fathers' Day!  I've got enuf cards and cravats & funny Briefs my=self... Smooch the grizzled old geezer when he least expects it. Paris, Paris & Paris!   More on that lata.  ^end of reposit^

Tuesday, June hundred and thirty days later...i think it was HUMPHREY BOGART who said [in a movie],"We'll always have Paris." As for me~i've had enuf Paris for quite some time. i'm gonna drop it.

Afore my downstairs neighbour celebrates his newfound Fatherhood, WE have to go thru Flag Day. On Thersday, the fourteenth. Read the pledge with me, won'tcha? "I pledge Allegiance to my flag [of the United States of America] and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation indivisible with Liberty and Justice for all."  The mention of the pledge and the Flag are not found in the dimly lit Archives which preserve the three documents that define the American experiment.[the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.] i know, acause i read them in January. Regardless of that^, i love the Flag and the Pledge, just as i honour those who serve under them...they who also Affirm to uphold the Texts i mentioned. Collectively, WE are Blessed of that.  All the rest, i get from FRANCIS SCOTT KEY and GEORGE COHAN. Oh! And iffen you're gonna fly the GLORY on Thersday, make sure it is clean and bright and untattered. Boy Scout rules.

~appendable|amendable slac~




Friday, June 8, 2007


Thursday, June Seventh, only seems to be News. PARIS HILTON too pretty for county up=lock! CALIFORNIA constabulary to allow her to wear official anklet. [she's no MARTHA STEWART...] Meanwhile~JACK KEVORKIAN serves full eight years for assisted suicide. I'm not gonna say that DOCTOR DEATH is any less pretty than Ms. Hilton but he does tend to resemble his eponym. Alas!  i love them bof & wish them well, 'cos i was too good looking for Jail as well. Degrees of Celebrity...

JEWEL y YANNI nearly schtruck by Lightning during debatable response on electif contraceptif perspectif. MORMON & VIET VET back away from podia. The POPE could not have had much to do with this one, but i'm willing to suspend judgment until Judgment.  HILLARY & BARACK only wish They were such forces of Nature. [the late JOHNNY COCHRANE might have observed,"You just ain't electable if you are too easily electricable."]  Too many Candidates, too little Time.

CINDY SHEEHAN quits peace movement. This was a real person putting a real face on a Questionable series of Actions. In a nearly perfect werld, everyone would stand up against War...every time it is thot of.  As it is--i can only console her on her greatest Loss, her son, CASEY. We'll Pray that soon, many less sons and daughters will be lost; but remembre they are the heroes of this Age whom we owe a Great Debt.

WILD CHILD assassinates DOMESTICATED PORCINE.  Twelve Year old boy shoots ½ ton Wild Boar and claims record. Wait! That pig was a pet, says former Owner.  i heard it on the radio, then i caught the foto in the News.  There are too many absurd Questions. [twaseverthus]  Who purchases an animal only to torture it into the Hunt?  What father gives a pre=teen a rifle and points to such a creature as realistic game? What are the lessons of American Sportsmanship being taught here? One could go on and on...yet the answers might be more Disturbing than the Questions. Schtay tuned; this is America.

Friday, June Eighth...i just figgered out a good anagram for the Name of the current Schpelling champion, and it fits with the Judicial/Penal theme atop^  "no=one very DA" [there are others] ~slac~

Monday, June 4, 2007


Nautical ponderances [part deux]: news flash!  MAISY has not been in the Ocean yet...and BLADE's happy day has come and gone! Even for an aspiring oceanografer & bath=tub diver [she flooded the haus on Broad street with her wet=suit], that's Quite a pathetic circumstance.  Never mind~she floats her grands for Memory.

ANNIE told the good joke at the post=Wedding party in KAY's cabin: There was this Pirate who went to the doctor, and the Pirate had a Captain's wheel attached to his testicles. The Doctor took the Pirate aside and told him blankly,"You, sir, are in perfect health except for the fact that you seem to have a Schteering wheel firmly attached to your scrotum..." To which the Pirate replied,"YAR! Doc, and it's driving me Nuts!"

As one knows, i recently did all my Wading in the Atlantic during January [the road=trip].  Seems like only six (6) months ago...the PENSACOLA surf was the best ankle=drowning of all, folloed by a toe=warshing @ the Southernmost point of the contiguous United States. CAROLINA is always a nice place to schplash one's feet. But the hot tub & pool in GEORGIA was the most welcome soak & schwim, soak & schwim after fifteen days on the move. {i'll have to thank the Turtle yet again for taking me along} Schpeaking of the Turtle, the whole Fambly tried to submerge him at every opportunity---from CEDAR CRICK to the MOUNT LAUREL baby pool [it was dry when he slid into it one birfday~ouch!] and every othrebody of water on the Eastern Sea=Board...that boy is simply undrownable! Even the US NAVY couldn't fill him with H²O and they had a nuke sub to do it with. We'll have to think of anothre way to dispose of him. 'cos he's a sea=horse.

Monday, June Fourth, and7^ As i recall, we all schwam in the middling Tide immediately after schpreading the old man's ashes; i'd like to see what KEITH RICHARDS thinx of that.  OH! and happy fortieth (40th) to that BEATLES concept album, SPLHCB. it's on my job=pod.     ~admirally, not admirably~slac

Friday, June 1, 2007


A lawyer oughta know bettre--Just Saying. 5/29/07 OR: my big fat Greek wedding where i had tuberculosis [of the bad kind] and didn't tell no=body. What was that^ guy thinking?? That he could circumnavigate the globe with a highly infectious disease and the POWERS that be wouldn't come after him?! Where is the sense of personal responsibility; where is the scant idea of not endangering International Health? i would wish a pox on him, but he already has anti=biotic Resistant pulmonary problems. Plus+, he had to get Married...  GREECE! ROME! ATLANTA! DENVER! get well, Andy.  And, please, never do any=thing this schtupid agin.

PRESIDENTIAL prognostication: it's way too soon to say, and you can quote me on that^, but i believe our next free=werld Leader might be a "-son". That is: his OR her last name will end in S-O-N, not T-O-N. FREDDY THOMPSON [the television actor] has decided to quit his day=job [on television] and might possibly run up against TOMMY THOMPSON and othres. Yet~in the manner of hedging my bets & not appearing too eager to call a race which is eighteen (18) months off...even Jesse JackSON would prevail over Al SharpTON, should they choose to enter the Contest. Come to think on it again^, it really is way too early to Predict.

Thursday, May 31st, And7, NEW EPOCH... Oh, forget all that~it's only the Schpring Heat and the rising humidity which is affecting my risible mind.


Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Celebrity Editorial? like i pay attention...i am so disappointed with one of the famous LINDSAYs; i just want to schpank her...and not in a good way. When i was twenty (20) years old [not very long ago], i did not have a mercedes=benz to go cruising over curbs in the wee hours of the morning. And isn't the National Drinking Age twenty=one? Who served this person? Who didn't call her a taxi when it was clear she was trasht? Why do the left=coast constables considre her escapade simply a MISDEMEANOUR when she was also found with a 'usable amount of Cocaine'? For that matter^, what constitutes an unusable amount of same??  UNCLE Walt [Disney] must be twirling his atoms.

i was gonna say sumpin' about the cat=fight on the VIEW, but i thot bettre of it considering i don't watch & more=over, i don't care. Just anothre conflagration that passes for entertainment...

Local News and Editorial: the two (2) Presidents CLINTON visited the coal=country for a Baptism. Which is a good thing for the baby acause it might get preserved in the long run! Like my Parents used to tell me,"You can pick your friends but You can't pick your relatifs." Blessings on 'em^  Yet more Local wisdom: «Where there's a Will, there's a Way; where there are two (2) wills, the feds are gonna confiscate your hard=drive.»  A lawyer oughta know better--Just saying.

Tuesday, May 29th, and7...Appreciata to my sister KAY for sending the Syd Romb of my wedding fotoes all the way from GERMANY! They will be currently publisht as soon as i figger out how to up=back my storage=personal AND deal with my new shoebox of images. Such fun~Amembre when all one had to do was drife into the FOTOMAT®? *old=skool*


Friday, May 25, 2007


Thersday, or thereabouts...i just remembered that i'm land=lockt!  All the 'kids' who had that early party on the beach have lived their whole lives on or near the Water. Most were born with sand between their toes!  Small wondre they believe the ocean to be a cathedral. No worries...yet me and my KENTUCKY cousins get to see more horses, generally.  It's a trade=off. Somewhat drier.

Fridé: My summer paradox...«Why does a man who doesn't own a Yard have to use an electrik mower and a whack=weeder?» Pondre dat^

Speaking of my youngers--HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY! More than a handful of them are schtill serving in the military. And we've been very lucky not to lose any=one; which makes it all the more important to honour the ones who gave full service.  {i was nearly drummed out of the boy scouts...i regularly commend the Veterans i meet & know} It's more than a schtart to your Vacation--it's the dear price of Freedom! Salute.  ~slac~

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


May 22nd, 2007...the bird report...

On my way to the drugstore [where i got carded], i saw a most unusual creature.  It looked like a plover, kind of, with two black rings around its neck. One of the used car salesmen informed me that she was a killdeer and that she was dancing to keep me away from her nestlings. Which is pretty much how all the girls keep me away from their chi'dren. Anyway~it's the first bird of that species i've seen and i'm an observant birder!

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2'n'7...i don't know what the Turtle did to=day, but he had to get up at four (4) o'clock antemeridian to do it. The up=shot of it was that i rode alone with my bus=driver on the retourn; she said she would be my 'chauffeur'.   And such a bootiful dé for collecting yard waste! it chaufferess OR chauferrette?  Some=one should schpell me on the bird as well... --theRiderlySlac--

Monday, May 21, 2007


severely edited imp:

"maisy" [8:30]: post this one!

thereyago^ May 20th, 2and7...

it was a gorgeous day on the Parish yard.  With well=behaved regulars and evything.  Each day should go so smooth & pleasant.  My ham soop is all up; i had two bols of it for breakfast. And i had a nice chat with caretaker BILL of the cherch where i wait for the people=mover. A very good day.

Friday, May 18, 2007


Friday, 18 May, New Epoch & Seven... «iffen ya cain't bring slacbac to the Karaoke, i reckon we'll just bring the Karaoke to slac.»  --source unknown   And, that's pretty much how it happened. With college girls yet.  i schtayed just long enuf to hear the Turtle sing two (2) songs and to meet his crooning crew. Delightful people, both vocally and personally. And seeing that the local bowling alley is within hollering distance of my porch, i was obliged to check it out. Nice night.

A scoche of NATIONAL News: WOLFOWITZ! GONZALES! ROVE? There are people stepping down OR being politely askt to schtep down in the current climate. One of the unmistakable marks of a declining Administration is the attrition of Loyalists hoping for Pardon...  [it's easier to seek forgiveness than to ask for permission] Never mind~there's lots more to come. Mistakes were made. *opinion*

Meanwhile, just off my rampart, a green sedan and an F150 had an unforunate meeting. The car had the worse of it, altho the pick=up came to rest on the grass behind the back=stop. The responders are checking it out presently...  the sedan was towed & the elderly couple in the Truck drove off under their natural Power.  Drive safely! ~thePerchableSlac~


Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Erratum! Apologia! PRINCE HARRY is not going in=country. The QUEEN's Grand=son would be too bright a target for the baddies in BAGHDAD. At'll teach me to get my facts straight afore i write items to the Glow. Let's hope i don't get a visit from the chaps in MI5.  [i hear they are very thorough] Apologia!

Wednesday, May 16th, and7...meanwhile, in the keystone colony, that convoluted TAX REFERENDUM related to the more infamous 'property tax relief' crasht & burned resoundingly. Perhaps~the legislature will presently, seriously, considre revamping the whole mess. [i'm taping wings to my hogs] Congratz to all the VOTERS who have been paying attention since the last Revolt. Well begun is half=way done. Let's keep the pressure on the new & old Guard alike.

IN MEMORIAM: my favourite Jerry Falwell moment was when he plunged down the water=slide at HERITAGE in his suit and tie. I just hope G & J have a theme=park in Paradise where the Reverend can do it again and again. He may have been a polarising figure on the National stage, but he deserves the same Mercies as the rest of us.

Until i rant again...slac

Monday, May 14, 2007


Monday, May 14th, and7...  The engineer had a bright idea yesterday. [one of many] He brang me the papre and offered to transport me to HANE's restarium. It was MOTHER's DAY, after all! The weeds are growing up good around her, so much that i joked,«You were a mess in life, and you're schtill a mess after it.»  Of gourse, we brusht off the stone and made small filial Blessings...good boys.

Then we walkt around the LAKE and i took pixtures with his new digicam.  {my new filosofy of fotografy is: Take snaps you'll never see, ask for pixtures no=one will send And preserve fotoes you can't identify.} Sculpture! Dux!

To=Day, we came 'home' to a field full of ball=base games; it is the grand irony of my Life. Perhaps, when i am old and decrepit~i, too, will insist on watching the American Game in living colour. 'At's a long way off...

Don't forget to VOTE tomorro! Every election is important. Just nagging^


Friday, May 11, 2007


Notes in Passing...Thursday, May 10th, And7  There was a horse=race which STREETWISE won.  But~the KENTUCKY contingent was with us at the Wedding Party! [Groper, Matt & Jay=Jay elected to wear Western schtraw hats.] Whither go the withers? There will be other races to be sure...

The QUEEN OF ENGLAND visited WASHINGTON, DC but i zoomed past her on the belt=way. Or nearly so--just anothre missed opportunity to rub with royals. Twice BETTY's grand=son is serving in IRAQ, and i wish him well; it's a fleegle mess Over There.

The POPE is visiting SOUTH AMERICA; that's a scoche farther South than me and the Turtle/Engineer care to go. Not saying we won't eventually get a benedictus from BENEDICTUS xvi...just not this Year. It schtartles me that We made it to KEY WEST & the HEMINGWAY abode!

My heart=felt prayers go to the victims of Nature, tornado survivors, fighters of Fire in GEORGIA and CALIFORNIA, those flooded out or otherwise displaced by random occurences and deliberate Evils... {Note to a=holes who have shut down skools with delusions of copying ignoble tragedy: CUT THE CRAP!  People are trying to graduate. This class^ is gonna kick your ass.} G & J prefer goodness & kindness.  ~the up=catching slac~ Fridayish: the Turtle tells me that TODD was briefly in the hospital with stomach pain. The docs found some fluid around the ticker, yet not enuf to get alarmed about. Sympathy! He's been thru too much already in this epoch. We'll pray that he approaches 100% in the coming days. And TONI should do as good as well! Forgetting not that baby=girl of theirs...All should arise in fine fettle like fortified frog's haer. Evybody, Evywhere. HMD

Monday, May 7, 2007


Seester Maizy's birfday, and Seven (she wanted to schwim but didn't)  Now: that was a party! And even tho' we were on a military site, we tore that place up! They'll not soon forget us on the Cape Fear peninsula. As per recent Times, the travelling weathre was nicer than the Event weathre. Good thing 90% of the partying took place in=of=doors. Kinda. There were round tables set out for all of us wherever we went, but they were often simply rolled into schtorage on account of We like to move and dance when we get it the week=end of the rolling tables. I hesitate to fathom the quantities of beer, wine & liquor which were consumed. [i can't count that High]Yet~except for a certain three A. M. beach foray & a reported wrestling=match (?), no permanent injuries were Admitted.  G & J like a good party too, sometimes.  The Turtle and i did schwim, at the STONY CREEK truk=schtop. Believe it 'cos it happened. {Apparently, BLADE forgot to bring his togs} The prenuptial barbecue was perfectly Attended, as was the brunch for the lay=a=beds. [insert your story here.]  The ceremony was conducted on the fifth floor of a commercial building in the bidness district--that is, the Vows were exchanged in a tony theatre just off the Open bar.  Which means the bar was open to the rain when it came, sporadically. We danced like religious fanatics regardless and had more Fun than 'bachelours on a road=trip'. True.  Fotoes? Sister KAY thrust a camera in my hand early on and i used it well. Dancing?  Aunt ROSE=MARY and i schtarted some of the mayhem with a funky rendition of MINNIE THE MOOCHER. One of my girl=cousins also prodded me to dance=the=slow to NORAH JONES. Let's just say our feet were almost as achy as our brains come SunDay morning.  Driving? Turtle did the bulk of it on the way down and from Venue to venue; i crosst all the borders on the way back to the Walley...NC/VA, VA/MD/PA. Without encouraging people to break the speed=limits, he and i barrel=assed from WILMINGTON to the WALLEY in twelve (12) hours. [one hour meal break.]   DO NOT follo our example! We have black beauty and a near=perfect driver exchange System.  BLADE was only mildly astonisht. Careful.

Blessings on the Couple from all of us! We are fambly now and aptly celebrated. Love and Beauty come naturally to us...


Wednesday, May 2, 2007


«it must be May if we mean to Motor...»  May=Day, two thousand and seven, new Epoch. Mary: it's the name which begins with mu...  A nomenclature that makes me want to hum, and to make a Yummy sound. The syllable satisfies.  Such beauties have carried the noise Forward!  My grand=Mothre, my seester matriarchal, my magnificent cousin who is eminently marriagable, AND the widow whose lawn i mow, meandering.  The lettre even ends my own natural Calling=Out!  mmm~that is enuf of mere momentum~mmm  ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^

May Second, New Epoch...presently, and soon, BLADE, the turtle and i shall travel South, again. On a happy occasion to be sure, the nuptials of our COUSIN MAISY---and it's gonna be a grand Party in the schtyle of my Mother's side of the Fambly. {we're building up to it...} There'll be more to tell after it happens. Motoring into the Mid=land. Hey~HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY. It'll take about that much Time to recovre of it. A Blessed Event, soon.   ~anticipatorialSlac~

Baba=Loo packed and ready to go?

Slak youbetcha

Baba=Loo any idea what the dress code is?

Slak cherch/theatre

Baba=Loo tie?

Slak what's a tie?

Baba=Loo noose

Slak ha! dress 4 nice

Baba=Loo ook

Slak and be ready to party [fambly] schtyle

Baba=Loo ahhh need a nap

Baba=Loo good thing we have a house to ourselves

Baba=Loo see you there

Baba=Loo drive carefully

Baba=Loo /smiley/

Slak we'll drag you to the good schtuff

Baba=Loo k

Slak yes-always the drive careful amorroish


Baba=Loo k bye

Slak ta

^IMP edited for Smileys... :)^

Saturday, April 28, 2007


Note from a former executor:  «Hescha! When i finisht this thing, i didn't mean for evybody to move!» -tatcwp-  Friday, April 27, 2007...drixxly & cool

LOCAL NEWS: Yesterday, outside my very parapet, the school=children Cheered as the gang from our Armory passed by in buses on their deployment. I wish they didn't have to go But i wish them bettre to have a good Term.  Meanwhile, the property tax relief is not at all coming this Year from the CASINOES, some of which are already open for business. So, where is the money going?? Just a query^  Fortunately, there is anothre primary election coming up on May 15th. It's mostly municipal but even independents can VOTE on certain ballot questions. Remembre~change comes from having a purple fingre, not from the mouths of Politicos. Think, Act, Vote.

NATIONAL NEWS: STEPHEN HAWKING can float! The fysicist who ably & disably sits in the chair of SIR ISAAC NEWTON took a ride on the zero=g plane and experienced fully a suspension of one of the smallest, strongest Forces in the universe. Good news for NASA!  [go to him^ for an Explanation of gravity]{There is othre National News, but i like the bright schtuff.} Think, Act, Float. Nix Besser.  Of the rest of life, i have Places to see And People to be... Amorro, slac


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