Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Wednesday, June 27th, and7...Who's been waiting for a date=up to the slacPage? Any=body? Evybody? it's an open question. The mooshy is gone; i shaved it Monday night. A year of clipping & trimming is enuf for awhile. In honour of Bloomsday, which i totally misst, i'm gonna write randomly for a little while and hope it shakes out to be something akin to literature.

LIZARD & JAY=JAY popped in for a visit yesterday and saw five (5) of us, eventually. CAT & the kids after me and the Turtle...we walkt to the italian ristorante.  GUISEPPE was our Waiter; LIZ and i schplit a Pie.  i had the plain iced tea. What's up with all the sweet tea suddenly? i thot it was a Southern thang! Even a huge national franchise is offering it as an item.  {Secret: i only drink cold tea when i travel; i don't keep any kinda loose leaves where i live} Take it for what it's not werth^; the only coffee i 'brew' is Instant.  Speaking of beverages, a customer brang me a sport drink the othre week And i finally got around to reading the ingredient list. One item is GLYCEROL ESTER OF WOOD ROSIN [also known as 'sap'] and anothre is BROMINATED VEGETABLE OIL ["this teaspoon of oil is Good but it needs more bromine", i always say].  No wonder i drink more water than the average person.

Hi, I like your responses to my E-mails. They're always different.

CAT and BLADE came over about [time] last night and we went outside and watched the fireworks about [time] from the [location] Fair, just down the road. We took my kitchen chairs and sat out on the sidewalk. It was very pleasant.

CAT gave BLADE a choice of staying at the fair or coming up to the house. He wanted to see my cat, [name], because it was shaved last weekend and is no longer a long-haired gray but a short-hair fray with longer fur on his head, tail, and halfway up his legs. Quite a different look.

Hope to see you sometime soon,

Love, wolfgal

>original message>

Date: Saterday, June 30th

Appreciata, wolfgal! TONI's girl is getting to be quite big. Thank goodness there is a Puppy to tickle her feet when she rarely tips=the=over!

All=the=Love & happy Independence Day,

seeyasoon, slac

^e=mail edited for Nomenclature^

The local weathre=girl is nearsighted. One day last week she wore her spectacles instead of her contact lenses. It drove me wild, altho i schtill have a thing for the gal she replaced who vanisht suddenly from the Local scene. Feminine weather readers are cool...

CAT Hi slak.

~slak hey gal

CAT What's up?

~slak checking my's bayou?

CAT Ok. Checking e-mails and [site].

~slak thanks for being my agent

~slak i schtill owe you lots

CAT You're welcome.

CAT You don't owe me anything.

~slak plus+, it wasn't my idear that things would go topsy!^

CAT That's true.

~slak somehow~it's coming to good.

CAT I guess. I'll let you know.

CAT Anything new with you?

CAT ....your siblings?

~slak not=so=much--TURTLE helpt me much Yester

CAT Oh. That's good.

~slak and i cooled him down of the [subject] thang

~slak *coulda been werse*

CAT That's good. He was really worked up. Hope he didn't beat up our [subject] man today. Didn't hear anything on the news.

~slak yeah--he'll recovre of it. i don't worry so much when i get behind my own Adipose

CAT Worry is not good.

~slak i don't even have a worry=bag!??^

CAT That's good.

~slak wood be nice to have a pile of Cash *dreme*

CAT That would help me out a lot.

~slak we'll get there--soon

CAT tomorrow????

~slak evyday i hope the same!

CAT Keep wishing.

~slak meanwhile: smooch them kids, kiss yer mom, and Pray fer werld Peace

~slak thanx 4 evything^^

CAT ok

CAT you're welcome...again

~slak seeyasoon--on [street]. slak

CAT bye

~slak ta

^IMP edited for Content & Nomenclature--recipient^

The fifty=four (54) million dollar pants are not worth that^ much. i am relieved...some of my pantalones have been burned by Thrift Shop owners! Patches!

There are two (2) very interesting schtories in the main media which have surfaced regarding young and intelligent Alternatif life=stylers. One was a blacked=out yearbook pixture of osculating males. i'm inclined to let that one drop out of the werld alltogethre, 'cos they have the negs and can publish their fotoes to their own Pages. The other 'story' describes a pair of adolescent girls who were thrown off a bus [at an undesignated schtop] acause the Driver caught them 'making out' on the People=Mover.  Twice. With passengers noticing as well. I'm inclined to take the bus=driver's part on this one. i ride the bus. There are SIGNS on the conveyance usually which prohibit upsetting OR controversial Behaviour. The girls disturbed their fellow passengers And action was taken. Over=more~why don't petite flowers like that ever travel on the Lines i ride???!

Never mind, young people~smooch who you want; there are fone=cameras EVERYWHERE. But please, please Pull your trousers up^^[boys] and don't make me read what's printed on your Adipose [girls]. The root of privacy is privy...a place where normal humans do their personal Junk.

i'll write better crud amorro, mayhaps. ~slac~

>message from a pen=pal> Juneish AndSeven...

[OK, enuf trivia.]  What does the Slac do for work? I've only read a few bits of your journal, but I picture you as a poet living in semi-garret conditions driving a huge old american car with a v8 engine that must be constantly adjusted. Perhaps you do some kind of technical writing/editing...Of course, your job probably has little to do with who you are...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


the Queen of England must be scanning my Glow. After a week of fish references, she knighted Mister RUSHDIE. alright~may=be i had nothing to do with it. But it schtrikes me odd. Like most things.  Sunday, June 17th, diemus patriarchus &7

Tuesday, Juneteenth, andSeven...the Turtle and i did not get up to much mischief aday, but we made our Impressions on the werld=at=large. A little too hot for it.  And othre things... Amorro!

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Thursday, June 14, 2007..."Born a poor Young country boy, Mother Nature's son..." The turtle and i like to walk in the PARK, when we grab the occasion to. Which is quite often, come to think on it. On such days when they happen, He is the observateur and i some=times play the fotografer. {would that i had my own digi=cam!}  Yet~here are the animals i have seen recently when i did not have a Recording Device: rabbits and chipmunks [a good year for them], ferrets owned by schmall girls in the City [?], a Doe & her three (3) fawns just on my way to the bus after werk. And all the berds & squirls who fancy me a fine Morsel.  i am not so much caught=the=up in Nature as i am the Attender of her beauty. Ask any=body^

Meanwhile~my Job=shiffle is playing the WHITE ALBUM in reverse ordre. Quite disterbing, considering that the vinyl record was meant to be listened to back=wards NOT back=wise. Does anyone schtill twist their reel=tapes like MobiĆ¼s ribbons for arcane informaxn? It pondres me much. Lop ris, Oleh.

Lettuce see if my borroed fotoes up=load to the top of the page^^ And then from there... *slac*

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


>>previously, on the Log<< a reposit:

Saturday, June 2005...  Happy Fathers' Day!  I've got enuf cards and cravats & funny Briefs my=self... Smooch the grizzled old geezer when he least expects it. Paris, Paris & Paris!   More on that lata.  ^end of reposit^

Tuesday, June hundred and thirty days later...i think it was HUMPHREY BOGART who said [in a movie],"We'll always have Paris." As for me~i've had enuf Paris for quite some time. i'm gonna drop it.

Afore my downstairs neighbour celebrates his newfound Fatherhood, WE have to go thru Flag Day. On Thersday, the fourteenth. Read the pledge with me, won'tcha? "I pledge Allegiance to my flag [of the United States of America] and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation indivisible with Liberty and Justice for all."  The mention of the pledge and the Flag are not found in the dimly lit Archives which preserve the three documents that define the American experiment.[the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.] i know, acause i read them in January. Regardless of that^, i love the Flag and the Pledge, just as i honour those who serve under them...they who also Affirm to uphold the Texts i mentioned. Collectively, WE are Blessed of that.  All the rest, i get from FRANCIS SCOTT KEY and GEORGE COHAN. Oh! And iffen you're gonna fly the GLORY on Thersday, make sure it is clean and bright and untattered. Boy Scout rules.

~appendable|amendable slac~




Friday, June 8, 2007


Thursday, June Seventh, only seems to be News. PARIS HILTON too pretty for county up=lock! CALIFORNIA constabulary to allow her to wear official anklet. [she's no MARTHA STEWART...] Meanwhile~JACK KEVORKIAN serves full eight years for assisted suicide. I'm not gonna say that DOCTOR DEATH is any less pretty than Ms. Hilton but he does tend to resemble his eponym. Alas!  i love them bof & wish them well, 'cos i was too good looking for Jail as well. Degrees of Celebrity...

JEWEL y YANNI nearly schtruck by Lightning during debatable response on electif contraceptif perspectif. MORMON & VIET VET back away from podia. The POPE could not have had much to do with this one, but i'm willing to suspend judgment until Judgment.  HILLARY & BARACK only wish They were such forces of Nature. [the late JOHNNY COCHRANE might have observed,"You just ain't electable if you are too easily electricable."]  Too many Candidates, too little Time.

CINDY SHEEHAN quits peace movement. This was a real person putting a real face on a Questionable series of Actions. In a nearly perfect werld, everyone would stand up against War...every time it is thot of.  As it is--i can only console her on her greatest Loss, her son, CASEY. We'll Pray that soon, many less sons and daughters will be lost; but remembre they are the heroes of this Age whom we owe a Great Debt.

WILD CHILD assassinates DOMESTICATED PORCINE.  Twelve Year old boy shoots ½ ton Wild Boar and claims record. Wait! That pig was a pet, says former Owner.  i heard it on the radio, then i caught the foto in the News.  There are too many absurd Questions. [twaseverthus]  Who purchases an animal only to torture it into the Hunt?  What father gives a pre=teen a rifle and points to such a creature as realistic game? What are the lessons of American Sportsmanship being taught here? One could go on and on...yet the answers might be more Disturbing than the Questions. Schtay tuned; this is America.

Friday, June Eighth...i just figgered out a good anagram for the Name of the current Schpelling champion, and it fits with the Judicial/Penal theme atop^  "no=one very DA" [there are others] ~slac~

Monday, June 4, 2007


Nautical ponderances [part deux]: news flash!  MAISY has not been in the Ocean yet...and BLADE's happy day has come and gone! Even for an aspiring oceanografer & bath=tub diver [she flooded the haus on Broad street with her wet=suit], that's Quite a pathetic circumstance.  Never mind~she floats her grands for Memory.

ANNIE told the good joke at the post=Wedding party in KAY's cabin: There was this Pirate who went to the doctor, and the Pirate had a Captain's wheel attached to his testicles. The Doctor took the Pirate aside and told him blankly,"You, sir, are in perfect health except for the fact that you seem to have a Schteering wheel firmly attached to your scrotum..." To which the Pirate replied,"YAR! Doc, and it's driving me Nuts!"

As one knows, i recently did all my Wading in the Atlantic during January [the road=trip].  Seems like only six (6) months ago...the PENSACOLA surf was the best ankle=drowning of all, folloed by a toe=warshing @ the Southernmost point of the contiguous United States. CAROLINA is always a nice place to schplash one's feet. But the hot tub & pool in GEORGIA was the most welcome soak & schwim, soak & schwim after fifteen days on the move. {i'll have to thank the Turtle yet again for taking me along} Schpeaking of the Turtle, the whole Fambly tried to submerge him at every opportunity---from CEDAR CRICK to the MOUNT LAUREL baby pool [it was dry when he slid into it one birfday~ouch!] and every othrebody of water on the Eastern Sea=Board...that boy is simply undrownable! Even the US NAVY couldn't fill him with H²O and they had a nuke sub to do it with. We'll have to think of anothre way to dispose of him. 'cos he's a sea=horse.

Monday, June Fourth, and7^ As i recall, we all schwam in the middling Tide immediately after schpreading the old man's ashes; i'd like to see what KEITH RICHARDS thinx of that.  OH! and happy fortieth (40th) to that BEATLES concept album, SPLHCB. it's on my job=pod.     ~admirally, not admirably~slac

Friday, June 1, 2007


A lawyer oughta know bettre--Just Saying. 5/29/07 OR: my big fat Greek wedding where i had tuberculosis [of the bad kind] and didn't tell no=body. What was that^ guy thinking?? That he could circumnavigate the globe with a highly infectious disease and the POWERS that be wouldn't come after him?! Where is the sense of personal responsibility; where is the scant idea of not endangering International Health? i would wish a pox on him, but he already has anti=biotic Resistant pulmonary problems. Plus+, he had to get Married...  GREECE! ROME! ATLANTA! DENVER! get well, Andy.  And, please, never do any=thing this schtupid agin.

PRESIDENTIAL prognostication: it's way too soon to say, and you can quote me on that^, but i believe our next free=werld Leader might be a "-son". That is: his OR her last name will end in S-O-N, not T-O-N. FREDDY THOMPSON [the television actor] has decided to quit his day=job [on television] and might possibly run up against TOMMY THOMPSON and othres. Yet~in the manner of hedging my bets & not appearing too eager to call a race which is eighteen (18) months off...even Jesse JackSON would prevail over Al SharpTON, should they choose to enter the Contest. Come to think on it again^, it really is way too early to Predict.

Thursday, May 31st, And7, NEW EPOCH... Oh, forget all that~it's only the Schpring Heat and the rising humidity which is affecting my risible mind.



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