Saturday, August 11, 2007


Saterday, August Eleventh, And7...SHORN!  the heat=wave broke yesterday just in time for me to get my wings clippt [i have wavy hair].  In keeping with a recent Resolution not to write about the horrible things in the News, and there were too many, i'll talk about my pleasant Day at the Parish Yard. The cat=lady and i boarded the j=bus with one of my favourite drivers...i bot a punchpass from him to save Cabbeej. [he had suggested it last month.] As i was walking to the Yard, i met a fine young lady with brown hair & headfones walking her rabbit. I mean to say, her fluffy twelve pound black & white bunny was in a pet schtroller contraption which i'd never seen Afore. Naturally, i exchanged pleasantries with her about her pet riding in such grand schtyle. MORRIE was running his riding mower when i came upon him, and we waved at each othre.  Werk at the Yard was easy and breezy, altho a coupla Gentlemen in a pick=up almost made off with my fork & shovel. No Contraband...  i was also Fortunate to be visited by a classmate who gave me a ride back into town at six o'clock.  In a brief schtop at Paddock restaurant, my former Neighbour, WALT, came up to say hello.  [he's always lived about a block from the Hovel]  i told him i would try to Visit him during the week of the Faer. All=in=all, a very nice day!More=so when you considre that the werld is careening towards chaos in a cat-box. i wondre if Amorro could possibly be brighter...hmm.  Perhaps~the haercut did it? ~slac~


louf48 said...

Did you hear about the guy whose whole left side
     was cut off?   He's all right now.                                          

slacbacmac said...

And~the Doctor told the Janitor,"Clean this up--what's left is Left."


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