Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Wednesday, July 18th, Seventh year of the new Epoch.  So~i was reading the classifieds, like i always do and i found this really interesting item under Personal Services: Lawyer Needed for Large misallocated Estate worth over $1 Billion. Just up my alley!  Well, there's not an Esquire after my lengthy nomenclature...but, Hey, i've worked on two estates already sans misallocation & there's only a difference of five or more decimal places. [Plus+, i'd like to see how badly the previous 'officer of the court' screwed things up.] Speaking of misapproriation, as i was walking back to the Apt, i noticed a group of four (4) bicyclists Riding [toting] five (5) two=wheelers. Shortly after they zoomed past me, a car over=took them, nearly ran them all down & recovered the singularly riderless Conveyance.  Frontier Justice! Every=body involved moved almost as fast as those two (2) creatures i saw last April who robbed one of Dad's banks. {at times like these, i turn into a Statue} Maybe it'll be in tomorro's paper, maybe it won't. Business News? The WALL STREET JOURNAL is in play [and shouldn't be].  RUPERT MURDOCH is the foxy suitor, so to schpeak. *Editorial*: as such things schtrikes me funny. Hasn't Mister Murdoch overtaken more than enuf media outlets? With questionable results? Never Mind~perhaps he won't change this newspaper all that much. Good on 'im! The DOW JONES [not a real person] only swang a thousand points this week...totally unrelated.  Of gourse, i'm not following such machinations closely; i've got my own financial Empire to look after. OR something similiar^ ~slac4now~

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~Author~Yes, i bot a can of chili=sauce Botulism..but i caught it Afore my lips
got big from a chili-kraut-dawg.  Angels prevent my Demise...


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