Thursday, September 20, 2007


Thursday, September 20th, andSeven...notæ post nuptialæ: The homeless ones in San Diego are as numerous as the palm trees.  i had forgotten about that in my sixteen (16) year absence from the Left Coast. By the same token, at least they have good weathre for it.

Appreciata to the five (5) Cabbies who took such good care of me and mine.  Lamar, Ali, the one who carted us to the cherch, second Ali and Mike.  Not a TRAVIS BICKEL among them.  I'm not forgetting Matt who drove us to the Recepxn, but he's a nephew so we didn't pay him! Someday.

Cousine MAIZY is quite excited to be 'in a fambly way'. She is not alone as we hear cousine Shannon is also in bloom in her native state. Process!  [baby SHAUNA is visiting grandma SUE downstairs from me...she's a delightful child] Suffer the litluns<

Manners...yes, it's the bread plate which goes on the upper right in Service. i only know this acause i scanned the EMILY POST book once [for the turtle wedding].  And yes, Colonel, there is such a thing as a salad knife. Of gourse, i switched hands quite a bit on the poultry dish; i can never decide if i am European or American! Best of all, when i came off the dance floor for my schpot of wedding cake, i pickt up the cake fork and wiped it on my upper sleeve while asking CeCe,"is it clean?" To which she promptly replied,"It is now!"  A big Appreciata to serving girls DAWN and ALICIA--they treated us Barbarians quite nicely!  {only one glass was broken during hôrs d'oeuvres...that is a sign of Future good Fortune. Really}

Cat Thanks Boo. Nice chatting/typing with you.

~slac amorro, sweet one

Cat Bye

~slac luv

Cat smooch

Who's gonna send me fotoes? Amembre~i have a natural tendency not to Publish the embarrassing ones.  over=the=lag=jet~slac~


louf48 said...

What If There Were No Hypothetical Questions?

slacbacmac said...

Then: ipso facto, there would be None.  {i could esplain why Hypo=Thesis is
LESS than a thesis, but you probly wouldn't get it.}  one might bettre ask Why a
rhetorical question requires NO answer.  Thereyago  ~author~

louf48 said...

If You Ate Both Pasta And Antipasto, Would You Still Be Hungry?

slacbacmac said...

one eats antipasto annihilates Previous 'pasto'?  Why am the only one in this fambly who likes anchovies?


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