Saturday, December 30, 2006


Saturday, December's not every Year i memorialise too soon. But i'm getting used to late departures such as those of the Godfather of Soul, the great Republican who fell into the shadow of Richard Nixon AND the Butcher of Baghdad. [his^ was the most precipitous of ends.]  G bless 'em and preserve them, wherever they are bound. They seal up the Age...  Meanwhile, the engineer and i are Tearing up the Town, again. {such brothers shouldn't be let loose as often as we get out} Actually, we are closing out the Affairs of And6 to the best of our natural abilities. Clearing the boards as it were for the coming Miracles of AndSeven.

So~HNY Glowers! Onward & Outward...


Friday, December 22, 2006


Thursday, December 21st, And6 C.E.>

Herod the Great was none so good; in fact, he was quite the treacherous Villain.  Herod the Lesser was nix besser, that Herod the Small was no good at all. Ya don't hear of many chi'dren nowadays named Herod.  Such is the price of despotic Infamy.

Joseph was descended of a King, but was himself a simple carpenter. Yet--Joseph was an established man who fell in love with Mary, a maiden Immaculately conceived...that is, the very young Mary was blesst by G to be as incorruptible as Eve before she partook of the forbidden fruit. These^ are well=establisht Mysteries. The names of these two Nazareans have travelled well thru the history of the werld. Thank goodness.

It was not an especially good Year in Judea, under the Roman occupation...but there were Angels of G And the Spirit of G on High moving throughout the land. One angel told Mary to submit to the Spirit; another advised Joseph not to set the perfect maiden aside.  And, as fate, history and the census of a certain Cæsar would have it, the betrothed & expectant couple found themselves Rooming togethre in an out=building reserved for beasts of burden on the outskirts of Joseph's home=town.  (It could have been a haus of his own relatifs, but there was no place to keep all the persons who had come to Register with the Empire.)  More=over, and most Surprising--the entire story of events came to fulfill everything wrote from Genesis thru the Prophets. Amazing!

We recount this^ epic to children because YESHUA was a child. We put a star on the tree 'cos there was a star in the sky. We give a gift to those we love AND even to those we do not know Acause we have received a great gift from the Giver of all gifts. We light candles and lights because this one Light comes to us, altho we are sometimes schtill in darkness and misery. And~whosoever we are & whatsoever we Believe, it's a story of enduring Love.

Happy holy=day 2 all below


Monday, December 18, 2006


And othre beautiful things which i cannot yet fully's just a Thing. Glow on.

Sunday, December 17, 2006...One (1) of the wonderful things which i could not imagine has happened! BabyMae has retourned to Glow=Land after a well deserved vacance.  And she tells US that our best beloved, cyber=dancing MUMSY is schtill in this frail and faulty werld. Blessings on them both as they proceed forward; i, personally, am ecstatic of the News. Comfort & Joy!{many haiku will be written of This^}

Monday, December 18th...thank the Baby J for milk=crates! We, who are in transition, make the good use of them. CAT was kind to take me on a recycle run yesterday.  With finer weathre we could not have askt for. I even had a big black bag of coloured paper, which is unusual acause i hardly ever get junk=mail & circulars! BLADE was a good helper as well, altho not as dresst up as his Mother. {we suspect that there might be one more transfer run around the Holydays, on account of there always is} Lighten!  CAPSIZER sent a coupla fotoes of Emma^  woofing down some chocolate cake. I've placed one in the GALLERY abof^, along with an ancient snap of me eating same.  Some=times you get frosting, some=times you don't. C'est la vie. *snarfle*

Blessings on all! WE are each & everyone "Living Assistedly". ~elfenslac~

Babaloo hey

*slac* hey

Babaloo how's everything?

*slac* pretty good

Babaloo but not great huh?

*slac* fantastic--nice weathre

Babaloo short days are bad

Babaloo is today the shortest of the year?

*slac* not yet

Babaloo when?

*slac* 20th?

*slac* don't have the Almanac

Babaloo 21st just looked it up via [service]

*slac* thereyago

Babaloo damn today is short enough


*slac* but fair

*slac* could be much Colder!

Babaloo yes that would be worser

*slac* lovely little baby, recently

Babaloo yup yup

*slac*1 anothre [astrological sign]

Babaloo I guess...

Babaloo looked like a girl to me

*slac* all girl--Wyatt almost bit off his own hand

Babaloo hee hee

Babaloo ok we be off to get ojos examined

*slac* lata--send cousin Maisy all good info

Babaloo ok that confusded me....what do you mean?

*slac* COUSIN MAISY is getting married in May...

GROPER in Septembre---they're asking for info^

Babaloo no request came this way for that

*slac* i'll pass it along...

Babaloo pass what along?

Babaloo our info?

*slac* you'll hear soon

*slac* it's just anothre event

Babaloo ok bye

*slac* ta

*IMP edited* [Astronomical addenda: SOLSTICE

translates as 'sun=gap' and occurs in both

winter & summer; EQUINOX translates as 'equal=night'

and is both Autumnal & Vernal.]

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Babaloo Ho Ho HO!!!

**slac** merry xmas!

Babaloo back to ya

**slac** happy hanukkah

Babaloo that too

Babaloo feliz navidad

Babaloo see you [date]

**slac** joyeux noel--looking forward to it^

Babaloo Do you remember the name of the

Irish Pub I ate at last year?

**slac** hesch no

Babaloo /smiley/

**slac** 5 oh wait---something irish

Babaloo 5 yup yup

**slac** 5 hannigan's/flannigans on [intersection]

Babaloo likely so...thanks

**slac** i could look it up old=style

Babaloo heading out now for dinner and bifocals

for your seester

**slac** and a hearing aid^^

Babaloo I'll tell her you said so

**slac** she won't hear it...

Babaloo hee hee see ya

Babaloo bye

**slac** lata

^IMPs edited for nomenclature & Time^


Thursday, December 14, 2006


Thursday, December 14th, And6...

in memoriam: we have put down a good many people, this Year...maybe too many.  From Ed Bradley to Billy Styron and the great numbre of departers from the wide field of music [jazz, blues, classical, opera], they are only asleep for a time. Those are the famous ones. We are consoled for the victims of Crime or War that they will never again see the horrors which demised them.  And we pray to learn something from the surprised ones who were overtaken by Nature and her accidents...not to trade safety & preparedness for rash action.  But for those who took the laws of Life into their own hands [terrorists, school killers, politicle despots], there will be a Reckoning after this brief darkness.

Especially now, as Light is coming once again into the werld of men. Truly.


i am nearly caught=the=up of all my e=mail.  Which means~i could stand to have more of the bettre as i also Try to read the Glows!  Then, again, i've always been a bump & run sort of Person. {sometimes~i check a Glow and am schtruck speech=less; it happens}  i'll make a resolution for And7 to make more and better commentary. That^ and to grow a full beard that ain't scratchy! Less=the=never, i suspect that this Year will be a really good one for GLOWERS. More content, more controversy And othre beautiful things which i cannot yet fully's just a Thing. Glow on.


Happy Holy=Days! Amorro will be brighter and closer to collectif incarnated redemption if WE but believe it. Be good.  ~adventalSlac~

Thursday, December 7, 2006


On or about Five (5) P.M. Cape=Time Monday, Decembre 4th, another infant girl came into the Werld...making maisy a quadruple grandmother. [It boggles me]  Wyatt has a sister! Twenty-two (22) inches high [altho not standing herself yet] and all of Eight (8) pounds, three (3) ounces, i will bet she is a byoooteeefull child. Expecially if she takes after her own mother...

Thursday, December 7th, And6--the 65th anniversary of the Attack on PEARL HARBOUR.  {the current WAR of Ideals was launched by a similiar sneak attack in September And1} In about eighteen (18) days, one third of the Globe will commemorate the birth of YESHUA, the promised Salvation of His nation. The rest of the werld will observe: A Festival of Lights, the end of Ramadan, Kwanzaa, and other Winter celebrations. But, take note: it's summer in AUSTRALIA! Or nearly so...

There=fore~the great Uncle slack Proclaims a fine holyday...Of birth above death, of Light against darkness, of Sense & Surety to dispel foolishness & doubt. It's not so much a politicle/religious statement as a Hope for humanity in a troubled & troubling Epoch.

Plus+, i want both my grand=nieces to see a more beautiful Garden than i squirmed into! Pass it On with Peace...

Tuesday, December 5, 2006


Monday, December 04, 2006...

Two (2) of Every=Thing, Free and Clear.

The europeans have come and gone.

They brot me many gifts, most notably a

real computre desk that i can Compose

upon like an up=right civilised Simian.

HalleluJah! I was getting weary of writing

entries on my Austere haunches or bent

legged as a filosofical pretzel. *Crackle*

KAY & the WILD=MAN also brang me a

mid=size schtereo system which resides

in the ante-room with my Big schtereo.

i have decided to stop counting how many

radio/media Players i own; it's good enuf to

know i can program them as Multiple alarm

clox! [turn=table doesn't play 78s...TEAC

will thread any size "magnetic tape=reel"]

My VHS tape=recorder is schtill boxt, 'tho

KAY also gifted me a CARLOS SANTANA

david. I am behind my own time, always.

"That slack...He ignores the adverts even more on

SUNDAY, if that's possible." ~heard=over on Web~

Tuesday, December Fi'th, And6...

MUSIC: Bruce Hornsby cds from Kat and

one of my mini=cds on my Sister's schtereo

MOOD: Light as a free lamp from the curb

PUXXLE: haven't seen it @ all this week

WEATHRE: it's cold, dang cold & breezy

NATIONAL NEWS: editorial~i refuse to follo

the declaraxns of potential And8 candidates.

It's way too fleecing early...Please be Quiet^

INTERNATIONAL NEWS: editorial~people

are schtill mixing=in where they ought NOT.

[you know who you are^] Take a deep

breath, fix the problems in your own Town

and leaf the door=next Nation well enuf alone.

SCHPORTS: Go Gators! And othre schtuff.

TEXT: Holy crud! I've run out of things to

Say! Never mind~it's just a gap=stop until

i catch=the=up with my fellow glowers and

surreptitious adherents. Onward...


Friday, December 1, 2006


Title: AERATION  Friday, Decembre First, And*6...  Music: blues/reggae/NPR + whatever's on my Prod  Mood: warily inclusif & hopelessly optimistic    Mumsy Alert Status: nominal                                 Menu: pressed Turkey with Grits & Gravy       Weather: wild & weird...not my doing, really       Wideo Secrets: i know why FRED WARD is schtalking MAURA TIERNEY on er; i also know why the Japanese teleporter on HEROES is having difficulties...but i won't ruin the surprises 4 every=one else. Tivo! 

Words of Wisdom: "The first step in getting out of a deep hole is to put down the shovel and Stop digging." Spurious IMP/edited:

babaloo> hi

Slack~ hey bud

babaloo> how's the new computer desk?

Slack~ not yet...

babaloo> [Europeans] still there?

Slack~ [Europeans] in VA---see on [Day]

babaloo> ahhh....thought they were gonna be there yesterday

Slack~ me too--i mixt up the days from their e=mail

babaloo> oooooooo

Slack~ schpoke to them last night

Slack~ welcome state=side

babaloo> you wondered where they were!

Slack~ a small mistake

babaloo> yup

babaloo> so what else is new?

Slack~ getting along...

babaloo> getting ready to snuggle in for the long winter...

lay in a supply of [sundries] and curl up under a blanket?

Slack~ not nearly---much to do this hibernation

babaloo> and what would that be?

Slack~ anything & evrything

babaloo> sounds good

babaloo> well, see ya!

Slack~ 9 smooch maisy, tata

Politicle Observatum: "i've heard Tom Ridge speak, but i've actually met Ed Rendell." ~slac

Local News: Padded Pennsy lame=duck Pensioners sign off on FREE, UNLIMITED drinks for incoming Casino gamblers. {this way^, when you bet & lose the fambly farm, you also won't notice that you Never, ever got any property tax relief} Thieves in DUNMORE make off with PENNDOT licence-making machines and Driver records. {could this^ be a partial solution to the Federal Immigration problem?Foto=Licences are a key component in Employment & Housing} sine die...

Content---reposited:  Michael Liedtke of the Associated Press wrote:  ...Search engine analyst Danny Sullivan said,"We don't need to be creating more content on the Internet. We just need to filter the existing content a little better."  Allison Linn (AP) wrote in her article of...Microsoft pushes new blogging program: ...According to a February report from the Pew Internet and American Life Project, only 2 percent of Americans have created blogs, while 11 percent have read those of others.

Up=the=shot: Encouragement!  Six million Americans are writing GLOWS [Grandeloquent Logs On the Web] AND thirty-three million lurkers, surfers & bouncers are reading the schtuff that we post. Sufferance.  Proviso: Amorro, mayhaps, i will publish the National and International News as well as the Science & Religious Reports...i am behind the much, and i do not Post on the SUNDAY.  Thereyago & thus=it=is. ~slack~

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Novembre 29th or there=abouts.[reposited material...salient]  Happy happy Joy joy 2 the name=sake, Lizzer Hane! ['Beth`hani?]  Twould be indelicate of me to indicate her natural age--it might be between consent & concern.  {She is better than me @ many things...} Arching Beauty!  Emma is two & there ain't nobody coursing in the opposite direxn.  Birfday smooches on my girls.

Secret: the Matriarch was born & died a Capricorn, but one could rarely 'get her goat'. Astrology~feh. 

Content? Here i've spent countless minutes editing out the brand=names on this Glow and my Hosts throw up these banner ads on top of my page. If they had asked me what products i might like to advertise, that woulda been a differently coloured Horse. Truly.  But to put one of my four=letter Titles on it: CASH  --$$$$--Blessings beget blessings like Horrors beget horrors. It's up to US to choose the nobler Path. Just Saying.

Thursday, November 23, 2006


Giving=the=Thanx, 2000 and Six...PROLOGUE: Maizy is on the Cape with WYATT and his progenitors.  {there is anothre impending grand=child} Blessings!  Kay is coming state=side & gall=less unto my Ramparts with residual furniture, most notably a Pooter=Desk so i no longer have to write entries on my Austere haunches... The Left-Coasters are probably chowing down on hummus.  The Engineer is schtill on assignment in Mississipi but he will be dining with friends in GEORGIA. G bless us all!  [the hovel has forty=one new Windows & a Price to match] 

CAT's dad is tolerating his physical Therapy well @ the nursery which MACK schtayed at so long ago...WE will cook a Turkey for the entire CAT=CLAN as methods Improve.  {The year of changes is Yet proceeding, Apace^} 

TITLE: Make a Good Wish...

MOOD: gratefully humble & humbly grateful

MUSIK: the schwisch of the Dish=Warsher?

WIDEO: catching up with EUREKA, perhaps

THOT: "black friday? You won't catch me camping out in the cool=wind @ the mall for a Video*console; there is more Good in life than to die for technology!"

TEXT: it is possible that this is the petit ThanksGiving as there is, in some Years, a petit Xmas. And that's a good thing. It is in no=place written that Gigantic feasts are preferable to simple gatherings. Last year, i cookt a chicken with all the fixings & had just as much wonderful soop to hold me over.  [the PILGRIMS probly dined on wild duck.] And~as i have learned in my many confluences, it's not so much the COOKING as the Company! WE are also blesst of that. (FLO, KAT, VINCE and myriad Othres^^) So, have your=self a simple and grateful Holiday Season all=to; it is pleasing to Our great benefactor. OH! And don't shop too hard, either. It's only money, and...things. 

Happy Holidays~that*bird=saving*slac~

Friday, November 17, 2006


Tuesday, November 15, 2005...Pre=cursif & Prologous Political schtatement:  OH! They're scrambling now. I think that Elexn thing put some fear into their unctious adiposes.  I'm speaking collectively, of gourse, nation=wide.  {Democracy is like Sex; it's only dirty if you're doing it right.} Rest Not! Constituents are now obligated to keep the entrenchants off=balance until the next cycle of Rebellion/Revolution. Both parties should continue to be largely nervous...---------^instigatorium^---------

November 20, 2005....epipause...AND speaking of BIRDS, i am too bright currently to acquire an eleven (11) pound Gobbler for a singular person!  Perhaps--i will schtuff a chicken instead. And mourn the absence of Maternal kvetching. 

Thursday, November 16th, And6...there^ is your politicle reposit for the week. Circumflectif.  Which is why i was surprised by the President's press conference in which he took an 'aw shucks' Attitude about the recent 'thumping'. It was in the wind for almost a Year! Never mind~the party of NANCY & HILLARY is front and centre for the moment...they should concentrate on the centre=part. Verily. [i.e.: No gloating]  Friday, November 17th...No, i have not seen ugly betty yet. And that is because i'm schtill watching the telenovella upon which it is based, La Fea màs Bella. [the Spanish serials are far more interesting than their English versions.]  When i watch the horrible box @ all^^  Meanwhile~my Various media players are fighting it out over which One has priority over my piddling=middling Liberry of Music! Such a problem to have when the werld is raving crasy And i'd rather listen to vinyl and tapes than answer a Load of programming questions. There should be an 'Open with Every=Thing' button. Really.

OR werds to that effect... ~slac~


Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Tuesday, November 14th, And6...the ham soop is almost all.  I visited CAT's dad & mom at the local nursery. He is doing rehabilitation for his spindly legs.  But he looks real good all=to.  CAT's mom told me a few secrets but i've already forgotten them.  {this^is why people trust me so much; even children & animals can schpeak freely with me}Earlier, i travelled to the schtore for bogos and the muzak was entirely Songs i could sing!  ["car wash"..."helen wheels"] The othre customers must have thot me quite mad. I sing the good. Now~i am warshing Whites & thinking of watching gilmore girls. Hey, it's a jernal and i can write what i want. Amorro!peripatetic with parapets,   ~slac~

Wednesday, November 8, 2006


Up=Follow...Middling Election 2006...i must have that kind of Face. This is what i brot to my new precinct: My VOTING identification card. [it followed me from the hovel to the APT.] My driver's license.  [it's not that ugly but it does not have my scraggly beard on it.] A utility bill. [which proves that i get my Inter=Web inches from my current Ramparts.] My passport.  {this is the most Valuable document i own; the engineer Wanted me to have it and he's already talking about more travel.} My angelic face and my Electoral demeanour.  The Poll=werkers didn't nearly need any of those^ things! And they found myimprimatur almost Immediately. It was that easy. Let the electronicle chads fall where they may. DIEBOLD? i'd rather Live Large in the AMERICAN land=scape. And i'll bet that DOOGIE HOWSER didn't Vote a straight ticket either...Wednesday, November 8th...Wow! That was a potent election. Enuf to make the President accept the Resign of the Secretary of Defence. Personally, i always lookt forward to MR. Rumsfeld's press conferences; they had bite. I wish him the best. Elsewhere, the senate is schtill in Play altho here in PENNSY we sent a clear message to Honorable RICK SANTORUM that we want a Senator who's a little left of Reactionary politix. Again, i think Rick is a very nice guy...just not as good as ARLEN.  We'll have to really hold BOB CASEY's feet to the fire, day after tomorro. Enuf of enuf, i'm schtill anal=yzing the results. What? BRITNEY is thinking of breaking up with the KEVIN?! Who's gonna feed those two (2) babies? It boggles me much.  My new umbrella served me well, today.  Thereyago^ """slac"""

Monday, November 6, 2006


November 05, 2006...Random Electional Thots:

VOTE if you're Registered & Register if you want to VOTE the next time. There is absolutely no good Xcuse for not participating in this amazing Xercise. It takes about twelve minutes to Register & less than five minutes to VOTE, if you do it correctly. In fact, it's easier to VOTE to=day in AMERICA than it's ever been. HAVA! If i went to cherch as often as i've Voted in the last ten or twelve Years, i, too would be on track for Saint=hood. [pay no Attention^, that's an establishment clause joke]  Assuming you are an informed voter, as i some=times am...You might take a gram of salt Advice from how i approach the machine. Just remembre, the slac has cast more ballots for losers than he cares to count, re=count.

>Vote in the Primaries. Try that even if you normally vote 3rd, 4th or 5th Party candidates. Eventually, the judges of Election will ask their party Bosses why there isn't an initiatif/referendum allowing Independents to make their voices heard in the off=seasons.

>Vote the Ballot Questions. More often than not, this is your only chance to speak outside the actual Election.  It forms the politicle discourse to know what actual constituents believe about certain topics. Over=more, it frightens the Politicians that their constituents are actually paying Attention to proposals.

>Vote against bad incumbents. Follow the 80%/20%rule in this regard. Four out of Five elected officials are no longer doing what you originally wanted them to.  Don't worry, they have other jobs lined up anyway.

>Vote in favour of Women. Only one (1) in five (5) women will be bad representatifs. [see that 80/20 rule?] My mother was a woman and i would have resoundingly Elected her to any Position on the ticket. They run the werld regardless & deserve their true Power.

>Vote your own Will, your best conscience. There are no reliable guides within the Soul, except its own fair schtriving. WE only get the Representation we Truly crave because we want it so desperately. And there is no greater satisfaction than to know that your honest Voice has made its mark on the fallible body=politick. VOTE.

My name is slac and i was thinking of endorsing this message, until i realised it was half=way a load of crud.  Never mind~Commentors can Advise me That they voted, just don't tell me how... electoralSmooches^^

Monday, October 30, 2006


Monday, 30 October, 2006...i meant to say five (5) games. CARDINALS. Happy Hallowe'en! There's no haus like a Haunted haus, expecially when there are cats and older people schtill living inside it. I happened to tune in to TCM the othre night as they were showing the 1975 documentary, GREY GARDENS. [it's a BROADWAY show now with Christine Ebersole.]  I was transfixt by what i saw. A Bouvier mansion fallen into disrepair with only two (2) tenants...elderly EDITH BEALE & her dafter, little EDIE.  A dozen cats & raccoons to feed as well! Genuinely Scary. {Hane's hovel was not quite that bad, altho WE did have the occasional bird/bat/squirl in "KAY's bed=room."} The upsetting thing was--these people had Money!  No matter~they have gone to better hauses in Heaven & the mansions are rehabitable. Eventual.  i really misst entertaining the costumed ones this year. HECK~i didn't even haf to buy candy at all! I'm sure my good neighbours took up the slac, so to speak.  Now, all WE haf to do on Novembre 7th is dis=elect the monsters in G'b'rment.  No goodies for bad pirates^^ lata

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

rutting & cunning

Tuesday, October 24th, and6...

What a wonderful month to be a romanist! [perhaps i left the bosom of the cathedral too soon.]  BENEDICT has made a couple bold moves of his own, from a turn that prohibits limbo to Allowing the Mass to be said ex vernacular, ad Latinum.  And, four (4) new saints for good measure.  MADONDA, meanwhile, has adopted an African orfan & that's a Xian thing to do. {i cannot judge her actions on account of i'm an orfan and She hasn't met me yet.} Even the Senate of the United States is favouring the cherch in strange ways. The priest who knew MARK FOLEY has come forth to correct the record: it was only nude scwhimming & naked massages. Not quite enuf to turn an acolyte into a salacious IMPer, for sure. [IMPs are instant message posts...] BOB CASEY and RICK SANTORUM are trying to out=pro=life each othre---"I love the fetus more than you." "DO Not!" "Do Tooo!"  (i kid^, i editorialise^, i take Liberty)  [NB: limbo was never a tenet of the cherch]  Too many hypothetical parentheticals^^

Your long=awaited beis=ball schports Prediction: a team from the MIDWEST will win the werld series in six (6) OR seven (7) games; it'll NOT be a schweep acause of all the advertising revenues to be had.  Amembre~You RED it here first...

~Cardinal Tigre=slac~

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Tuesday, October 17th, And6...when the engineer breaks something, he asks,"Who werkt this up to the point of catastrofic failure?" So it was Today when i traded my red umbrella for a black umbrella. The red one had reached the Point of Catastrophe...And~schpeaking of inclemency, where has my old weathre=girl gone to? I like the brown eyed blonde who has taken over, but i miss the young woman who saw me thru all the changes. I hope she hasn't left the Walley for good & all...[spurious ellipses!] i was watching boston legal last night [it sometimes happens] and i was amazed to see no less than four (4) STAR TREK actors on the program! Granted, TREK has been a long=lived franchise & the odds were in their favour that they would eventually be on the same show--but four at once. I'm surprised DAVID KELLEY didn't werk a space=joke into the script. Happenstance?

Other=wise & else--things are Good, what with the beard growing in scraggedly again And my latest home=made chicken soop almost gone. Keep those cards and lettres coming & don't mess with my habeus corpus... lata

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Tuesday, October 10th, And6...

a politicle reposit: it might spook the Party bosses if we succeed in terminating certain Toadies on this go-around. Vote often & early.  The anagram for Karl Rove is 'Lark Over'.  But, of course, he knows That. Puxxle! [condensed from entry 10/11/&5^]  Yesterday's post was unusual.  On account of, the feast of Columbus! [why doesn't AMERIGO VESPUCCI have a Day of his own? It pondres me.]  I live, near again, to the knights of the Genoan Explorer. I hope they don't ask me to join; i am already behind of my dues to agnus dei & the Templars!  Plus+, i have good friends in both the limbus infantium and the limbus patrum.  It's a mitzvah that i keep up with such remarkable Possibilities... To=Day, i helped a Lady across the Schtreet. Truly~it happened just so.  More & Much, it will occur Again.  ~slac~


Monday, October 9, 2006


Sunday, October 8th, and6...these are the dog=days of Octobre; that is, i have seen more canines in just a few days than my entire life.  But it always makes me thankful that someone else owns these pretty puppies & takes care of them. [one day i will own a Fish, perhaps]

And, speaking of hounds and mongrels...themid=term election is heating up. As always, there are some good dogs on the track AND there are some curs. I trust the respectif constituents of the various contests to make the right choices.  {i'm an optimist that way} The keystone is very much in play this Novembre...and the People have not forgotten recent legislatif debacles. There is much up=cleaning to still do. Register, VOTE!

(i suspect the sitting governor and the sitting junior senator would be flabbergasted to be turned out; yet i favour the electorate to adhere to a collectif conscience.) *WOOF~SNARL*

I was better put to use this morning Attending mass; a sister in the Pew afore me offered up a Prayer for the Amish, who have suffered too much recently. {They^ sometimes pray better for the peace of the Werld than we take notice of} Our affirmation rode swiftly to the Throne to reflect on their Plain & Forgiving community. Amen.

The books of All are clear on this: SUICIDE is the most grievous of sins. The thot & the act of it come directly from the Fallen Angel, Lucifer, who seeks @ all costs to undermine G's sovereignty. There is no salvation in it; there is no honour in self=imposed Martyrdom. It stains the universe.

Is there religion in realty? OR just the opposite?  After i took Lunch @ the kosher delicatessen...Corned Beef on Rye with Russian dressing and slaw served by my neighbour...i wandered through two Open Houses offered up for sale. [a boy can dreme]  Is there anothre way to celebrate the blessings of J & G than to consider their Mansions offered up in this Kingdom? {rhetorical^ the Lord wishes me not to be rich, but to be happy} Never mind~Saint JOSEPH is looking after all the Properties...

Monday, October 9th, and6...nothing is kosher in KOREA, altho their bomb was not that big. More to do, internationally, to re=unite the peninsula up to the current Age.  But, hey--GERMANY seems to be doing alright. Amorro, i'll catch up on more mundane matters...

Saturday, September 30, 2006


Saturday, June 3rd And 6...

Nautical ponderances, part one (1):

First & foremost, i am NOT a Sailor. Not by any stretch of the imagination. But~i swim like an eel and dive like a Swan, especially when turned over in a Boat. I have an equal and abiding Respect for Water, both fresh & salinated...i prefer Launches to sailing craft on account of motorised Boats are more like automobiles & masted skiffs are horribly akin to bicycles. [^reposit^]

Friday, September 29th And 6...

Nautical ponderances, part two (2):

Babaloo, on the other hand, is a Fisher=Man and Boater non-pareil. OR so he believes. I have overturnt a Sun=Fish with him @ least once on Plimoth Bay [actually, the smaller inlet of that]. He has also taken me seaward in smaller motorised Vessels at high speed, trying in vain to make me puke.  {i only heave Aland}

There=For: i was more than glad to ride on his pleasure craft during the recent Reunion festivities! We were a crew of seven (7), much like the SS Minnow---Babaloo being the Skipper of gourse. Cap=Sizer brot Noah [and they napped below deck on open water!], while Lizard, Alan & i provided 'ballast on the chops'. My turn @ the wheel came after Alan's...and i did quite well coming off a buoy with a sailing vessel bow aport, Breezing away & a lone launch chugging afore the Starboard cut. The Skipper said,"Schplit the difference."  I favoured the mild stern=wake of the Sailor so as to avoid schwamping the low-boat. Lizard had schpray on her 'team=jacket' by the time She came forward.

One Time [about 1988, when Maisy & Loo still had the sun=fish and the yellow Pacer], MACK took that small sail=boat in the morning Out upon GRACE's Bay. My sister & i came late to the party, but All the neighbours Regaled us with Dad's nautical prowess. Children that WE were--we believed that Ensign MACK might repeat such a Feat for his absent progeny. Which he did, right up until that fearful moment when the old man capsized, bent the boom, tore the singular sail & had to be towed in by Timmy's launch. As the elderly mariner recovered breathless upon a beach=towel, MAISY observed,"a 67 year-old man should NOT do such things!" Yet~we ourselves had put the dare in him. And that^, among other things is why i prefer to have Water farther away from me than Deep & Underfoot. Sorry 4 the sun=fish.

Final Long Island & Lyme luau Notes:

>the ENGINEER's Cabin/Cottage was not as Wild as one might think...i only went there once, myself

>KAY had such a good time, she bruised her gall=bladder; it's out now, and Harold is Attending her fully

>my team=jacket is kinda big, but i Love it

>pixtures are coming...right after all the Relatifs recover

>thereyago & thus-it-is ~slacWhoRarelySails~



Saturday, September 23, 2006


Friday, September 22nd, And6...the reason i had such a good time @ the Beach was that i've been camping since CADAVRE DAY! Life is all open format to me, currently. Truly. KAY was kind enuf 2 bring me an iJOBs randomiser when she abducted me. [she also fixt my shunky.]  I coulda loaded five=hundred and twelve (512) megs of my personal music for the trip, but i figgered she brot enuf tunes for the party all=to. [she did.]  WE did dance to her selexions, upon the Night...i had a grand time the one day playing frisbee with my Nephews [they who are Fathers, now]. It put me in mind of all the disc=throwing we did when DAD was the duomo of his Mother's shore=place. Overhand, Underhand & even southpaw, i made a good show of flinging the plastic pie=plate without schtriking the pregnant girl. [J's mother of WYATT and all the more boo'ful acause of her bounteous beach=side belly!]  The 'quiet cottage' had many Game Nights, with cards and trivia, but i declined & hung with my Kidnappers.  {i am too sharp of such things to be any=thing but a despoiler; it was my youthful Assignment to make the next generation fierce & fervent games=persons}  PLUS+, on the Dawn of Day, i served short breakfast under my barrista HARRY. He can make fantastic coffee all the day long & i can fry eggs 2 any ordre!  Our small cabin was renowned for pleasant service right up to the plans for lunch. Utility & Attention.

Saturday, September was ROCKY who pickt me up from werk and took me on a belated transfer run. Such a good girl & such a good driver! And she lives just down the hill from me, up two flights of stairs. [irony]

Onward, Upward & Outward...until amorro. ~slac~

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Tuesday, September 19, 2006...

i am nearly recovered of it all. Some=one pointed out that it was good to get togethre in the absence of a Wedding OR a Funeral. Overmore, it was way longer than the usual hit & run visits of past holidays. The weather was perfect for the shore=line Ritual and the meal that folloed. It was poignant to receive the eucharist from Liz and Aunt Therese. {who says there are no women in Priesthood?!}

The co=joined Birfday party was also very special. It was decided to do a bracketed celebraxn of all those persons having their remembrances from August thru October. Nephew ALAN was lucky enuf to hit the exact time, and the most efficient Average (22). There were about a dozen names on that chocolate frosted chocolate cake & it took almost fifteen (15) minutes to take all the pixtures around it! Pavlovian!

We decided to blame the sea=change on's her beach. It was windy for the Young Persons' cook=out, and it blew in the direction of the Party.[Cook Cap=Sizer ran out of bratwursts early on.]There was drizzle the next day, but most of the girls went SHOPPING & there were no "clouds" on their credit cards! The weather held out for the Train and Boat excursion; i had subliminally suggested we should all get on the very first run. And thanks to Cousin Jim's pancakes, we made it all in before a cloud=burst. On crab=cake night, it rained steadily BUT we were all in the Colonel's cabin. HE fried all the crab=cakes and i served under him, baking scallop with bacon appetizers and schteaming cob=corn. [WE ate schucked corn at least four times all week but mine were the best.] ALAN was the salad=chef/utility man. As compliments were passing thru the air, i noted aloud,"Just leave it to the Professionals!" To be fair, the girls from the 'quiet cottage' made excellent tabouleh and babaganoush. Yum.

It was super-perfect beach weather when i went inland with HARRY, KAY and ALAN. Thanx, Rookie. We assume that my nephew made his flight back to CAROLINA. [note to self: mapquest sux] Hugs, hugs, hugs...i hope to do it all again in anothre thirty=five (35) years. Truly.


Saturday, September 16, 2006


Friday, September 08, 2006...

Dearest Cat: will we be able to make a

transfer run in time for the Abduction?

Will you check my box-mail on Tuesday

or Wednesday & Friday as i am beachbound

among my peoples? Will it rain?

KT, Harry & i will schtop by to see you &

yours @ home around threeish Amorro;

that's my plan, and i am not Rude. Has that

fried oreo hit you yet? Smooch my kids

until WE see them,


Saturday, September 16th...

What a splendid vacation--enuf to make one feel the need of anothre!

Brief high=lights: i drove a motorboat...i boarded a nuclear submarine...i rode on a train & a riverboat. OH! and we had that wonderful

vow renewal service on the beach, a co=joined birthday party AND many othre fine fambly moments...

Life is good; i need a nap.

Pix 2 follo ellipses & more to come,

the abductable slac

Tuesday, September 5, 2006


Tuesday, September 5th, And6...

i am well advised by AYN and others that Vince [my buddy] is recuperating just South of these environs. ALL the more reason to send him a card or a letter as He finds his feet. {It could be the largest snail=mail/inter=web consolation ever's hoping} WE love you, Vince~hang in there!

The windows are all in @ the hovel and the Widow Mary has a black beetle scampering about her place. The acorns are falling furiously upon my parapet and all the chi'dren are gwan back to schkool. Amembre those three (3) hot days a month ago? That^was summer. In the Walley. Now's the time, here & elsewhere, to meandre down to the County Seat...register to VOTE & carry through. It's gonna be a very, very interesting electoral season. Veritas

The werld is my oyster and i am going to a clam=bake. OR so i am lead to believe. I'll miss the crocodile hunter on his well as these othres who have lately passes out of my faer ken: BRUNO KIRBY, MIKE DOUGLAS, the man who invented the neutrino beam, MAYNARD FERGUSON...these^and many othre unrenowned angels of bright conflict are Attending our scant actions to some good End. Plus+, my beloved Aunt Rose=Mary has her newly birfed KALEB to dote upon! New miracles constantly occur.

fisher 2 gonne see ya next [Day]!

Traveller 3 thereyago

fisher 3 /spurious SMILEY/

Traveller 4 unless i see you first

fisher 4 hahaha

Traveller 4 ta-ha

fisher 4 what time do we expect to see you?

fisher 4 ?

Traveller 4 no ideer

fisher 5 you working?

Traveller 5 all depends

fisher 5 on?

Traveller 5 when ride comes^^duh

fisher 6 /spurious SMILEY/

Traveller 7 and schleep close to the tide...

fisher 8 yup

Traveller 8 until such a time

fisher 9 k

Traveller 9 thanx & ta

^IMP edited 4 brevity...the Fisher is slightly

averse 2 large parties But the Traveller goes

where=ever he is wanted. ~recipient~^


Monday, August 28, 2006


Never mind~i have anothre schtove on which to make my chicken soop.


And he walks for the sake of walking. i made a point of visiting CAT at her new location. [Yes, anothre move.] Her schtove & her fridge are setting on the Porch of her home=row. And she has plenty more boxes than i ever got rid of! 'Cos it was Sun=Day, and nought sunny @ all, i decided to pull an uncular inspexion of the premises. Mostly, i wanted to be sure that all the animals made the transition well & fully...three geckos, the cats, two full=growed chi'dren And her=self. Best of best, they did move well & now, they are permanent campers like me. These are the condixions which prevail & i am glad to have them in a place where i can observe them from my ramparts. Henceforward, i shall act as a prince to them as surely as my land=lord is a royal personage to me. It's a fair thing that  they were my first Visiteurs, and i was theirs. Perfect progress...

August 27th^---slac don't post sunday.

28 August, 2006...the pointcare conjecture is solved. But if that Russian gentleman really  doesn't want the money, i'll take it. And buy actual doughnuts instead of theoretical ones. [It's a topology joke.] And i am so glad the pluto question has been settled...toward the minimus. Eight (8) planets are enuf for us to worry about in one solar system. But i'll always have a spexial place in my heart for Xena [the Princess, not the ice=ball.] That^ is an astronomy joke. Science! Math! Reclusif geniuses. TATCWP       ~the-naturalistic-slac~

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006...well, it was two thirds of a confluence. I'm not sure if two (2) glowers getting togethre makes a confluence, but Flower=Sun and i had a delightful lunch @ the diner. It woulda been even more especial if Queen Flo had made it, but thereyago & thus it is. And not a nicer day for it could there have been...there will eventually be fotoes of me on my parapet, after Flower=Sun fixes them en poste. Amazement!

Happy ANNIVERSARY>>>belated, to my coparcenary Maisy & her beau AND to the progenitors of Wyatt, the grand=nephew. I'm always late with these werds of sentiment Acause it falls five (5) days after the Memorialisation/dead hero worship of Elvis Presley. {it's easier to remembre Kay's b'day on account of it's the FEAST of the ASSUMPTION. Incorruptibles^^} Strangely enuf, i'm not a huge Elvis fan, altho i have been to GRACELAND on @ least one occasion. It was cool.

So, any=way~i rode the W to the storage facility and palavered with JOE, the Manager. As we did our bidness, i mentioned that i was schtill werking on the very final details of Hane's estate as Executeur; then, he said he was just about to do the same thing for his Father. What i did not know, as i entered into this fair converse, was that JOE is also in charge of carrying out the fine points of his rail=road Engineer Pop's LIVING WILL.  JOE said something to the effect that,"Yeah, we're gonna turn off these machines come September 1st." HOLY FLEEGLE CRUD in a gunny=sack! Here i am, renting a garage for some China & some Tetrahedrons, term=short, and the Man i'm talking with has an obligation to pull the electric off his own old man! {i will never, ever Complain of doing anything, Again} All i could say, when i left the storing=man to his werk, was,"I hope your Dad goes directly to Heaven." Schtride me to werk please...[it's a nice party i'll have When i don't wake up for my Big Day.] COMMENT only on the Confluency part^; the Page is noted 4 its celebratory tone.


Monday, August 21, 2006


One day, in March, we were going

thru Hane's schtuff & i pocketed or

sequestered a medal, icon, rosary

or Crucifix AND Maisy queried,"Why

do you want that? You're unreligious

aren't you??" To which i quietly replied,

"You may call me irreligious, but you

cannot say that i am Unreligious...

Could i have done any of this without

Faith?" She retourned to her sorting

of other crud. I love her much.


August 20th, AndSix...meanwhile, in

filadelfia, EILEEN M. DIFRANCO has

celebrated her second or third Mass,

after being ordained on a pittsburgh

river=boat. She has increased the

flock. I am reminded of the Verse in

which the disciples came to J and

said,"Rebbe! There are people in some

towns who are casting out Demons

without your knowing; what are we

to do about them?" And the Teacher

said,"Those who are not against me

are certainly for me; if their Good comes

from doing my work, let them be."


Meanwhile, in rome, the pop=singer

MADONDA [not mis=spellt] plans to

schtage a mock crucifixn near the

seat of the Vatican. I hope she relents.

Yet~she has always been an equal

opportunity offender. And seeing as

she has converted to K*B*L*H, she has

no natural fear of being ex-communed

from her born faith! Never mind--the

material girl may come to Truth.


Allah and his Prophet abhor the blood

of innocent Pilgrims, spilled for Nothing.

All mosques will be rebuilt from ashes,

to the Glory of the Word; they will rise

up like testament for all the readers of

the Books. The Quran is truth & Islam

is Peace ever=lasting; pray on that Peace,

oh brothers & sisters AND lay off your

arms which offend the Kingdom!


[puxxle, 100%]

Monday, August 21st...the hovel report:

As i was collecting my cat=money from

BRUCE, i noticed the former gardens of

the manse had been denuded of All but

the Lilac, the Larch & the creeping Ivy.

No more Yews, no more Mimosa, no

Rose of Sharon. Looks bare but nice...

ED & MARYANN askt me about the

kitchen cabinets littering the front lawn

and i described their abject nature.

Never mind~i have anothre schtove on

which to make my chicken soop.


Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I haf to warsh some darks now...but Flower=Sun

and i are collectively on Top of the next best

confluence for the Ages. With Floralilia, of gourse.

It's gwana be sumptin...gwarunteeed. ~slac~

Tuesday, 15th of August, 2006...i haf the Proof of a Live birth of a certain seester of mine...borned in coal country, she was. Afore my own Time.

TITLE: Gas the Reliant! Throw off the ballast!EMOTIONS: quiet Gratitude mixt with mild confusion

NOISES: weed=whackers, tree=frogs, athletes And the occasional borroed folk=music

VIDEO: i watched something yesterday...hmmm.

TIME TUNNEL was on Sunday~i watched that

THOT: "Just because i change slightly for the better, doesn't mean You have to schpin so fast." TEXT: How else would you know that it's Text? [use/mention^] The cats are more themselves than when i last left them. Being cats, i suppose they don't care very much WHO looks after them. Hane & Mac were both like that in later life---Own to their own, yet tacitly appreciatif of familial attentions. DAD was the compulsif dialer; he loved to call people and find out every manner of News. MOM was the gracious invalid; she would rather laugh in presented company than lay out her litany of complaints. Good kids, good cats~i hope they haunt the hovel for a fair Spell. They come to me yet in dremes. Avatars!

Wednesday, August 16th...the cat-sitting, she is done. But the reminiscing carries forward. Internally. MACROECONOMICS:

(1) buy low, sell high

(2) never touch principal, live off interest

(3) sell all shares before announcing a ground offensif

(4) rarely, if ever, be an Executor

As for my recent experience in real estate & as a furtif addendum: it's Never a Buyers' market NOR a Sellers' market; it's Always an investors' market!

MAIZY 830 hi!

slac 830 hey maisy

MAIZY 830 How are you doing?

slac 830 great & you?

MAIZY 831 Coming to the Beach Bash? I'm good.

MAIZY 831 We talked to Engineer tonight. He sounds good.

slac 831 type the much?

slac 832 edge=wise?

MAIZY 832 He says, though, that the people in the restaurants

move very slowly.

MAIZY 832 huh??

slac 833 i kid

MAIZY 833 okay

slac 833 Engineer is good & all the rest of us

MAIZY 834 Are you coming to Beach Bash?

I thought that you were getting a windbreaker.

slac 834 more than probable

slac 835 i'll come by boat

MAIZY 835 Good!!!!! We are going to have a blast.

Have you seen Cat lately?

slac 835 natch--just monday

MAIZY 836 Good!! Okay I need to sign-off and do Real Estate.

I have 3 possible sales in the works! xxxx0000

slac 837 cool---do that & call me lata, i Love you

MAIZY 838 I love you, too. But I can't call tonight.

How's tomorrow night? I need to be on phone with clients tonight.

slac 838 amorro fine

slac 839 i'm easy

MAIZY 839 Yes, good night. xxxoooo

slac 839 ta babe

^IMP edited for nomenclature~Author/Recipient^

{live out of your car; there's no point in Owning more} NB: the filosofy is equally furtif...hmmm. ---it's a turvy=topsy werld, this one---slac

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Which means, perhaps, that i can catch up

[like evybody else] on what's happening in

GLOW=LAND. I said,"perhaps." Zing.

Did some=one say,"Confluence?"

[this is a reposit...partly]

Maisy has as many CATS as that; it pondres

me much how she finds the time to Schwim!

Such profound mysteries in the middle of

August! Happy happy Joy joy to Fidel Castro

and my Sister, Kay on their respectif

birfdays (Fidel, 80 & Kay something over 20+)

- - - -VivianhasmybestTorch- - - - -

It's their haus and i am just the hired help.

Or perhaps, an unwanted Interloper!

I will be enjoying my Neighbors' better

air=conditioning and their Superior cable

Television set=up. I am told that Nutmeg has

the kitty Alzheimer's; i should watch the grand

old girl carefully. {Thus it always is...}

New material: Thursday, August 10th, And6...

i drofe myself 2 the transfer station and the Grox

schtore on such a pleasant Day. Which means,

i took out an =equal= passel of Things which i

eventually brot back. Same size, same weight.

[Matter & Energy are neither created nor destroyed.]

Conservation is my milieu. And minimalism.

I haf to warsh some darks now...but me & the

Sun=Flower are collectively on Top of the next best

confluence for the Ages. With Floralilia, of gourse.

It's gonna be sumpin...gwarinteeed. ~slac~



Monday, August 7, 2006


August 6th, 2006...or there=abouts>

i misst the mass this morning; even a time=travelling secret agent has to schleep in, once in a great while. 

I, also, did not take in any open hauses a=day. {those who own would look 2 sell; those who Rent may look to own} Yet~i did manage to Pull two (2) hours werth of weeds. And finely paid for it, i was...

+ + + + + + + justify + + + + + +

To=day, i saw a goldfinch. They must be rare around here; i cannot remembre the last time i might've seen one. Even the birds & bugs are moving globally! Mayhaps to Avoid human crasiness^

It's a Theory.

Meanwhile & else: i am preparing for both a fambly party and a confluence. The meeting (and enjoyment) of line=on Like Minds only takes some Pressing precedence. It is the Connectedness WE crave as life travels forth. [werds 2 that effect^^] Wrong=me=not=get: i love my fambly as if they were blood-related. Naturally. Monday, August 7th, 2006...pretty busy for a Monday, i'll tell you. The parishioners came with trux & trailers of storm damaged branches and whatnot. It was almost like a Saterday. [the heat wave threw off the schedule.] I am nearly caught up with what passes for computerising; advise me of the advise, as i have 'heard' of a great many changes in Glow=land & the InterWeb...


Tuesday, August 1, 2006


Monday, July 31, 2006...

TITLE: up=the=catching

MOOD: circumspect

NOISE: tree=frogs, lovin' the Heat

So, i'm walking past the old Hovel ['cos sometimes i let

the bus=driver person leaf me off there] and what do i

see? The rehabilitateur has rippt out my forsythia!

(alright-it was only 20% mine & kinda messy...)

Never mind~i haf left Him more than enuf werk both

inside & out to madden even the most resolute contractor within the Remaining year. G Bless him for taking it off my scant hands. Onward & Outward...

Tuesday, August 01, 2006...regardless of that^ and who askt me, i am Attending to matters both great & small in my best natural manner. 'Twas it not Ever Thus? Less=the=never, i am behind myself of the InterWeb things. [my Excuse is that the ding=dang dell was packt away for nearly two weeks!] So~to all my line=on friends: CHIDE me from afar! I deserve as much as that in this, The Year of Changes. OR werds to that effect. Visit & Comment freely, it's an Open Page schtill, if slightly delimited by the beast. ~chekyasoon~slac

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Who put the mess in messuage?

And why won't my appurtenances

get along with my heriditaments?

[rhetoric^] Tuesday, 25 July, 2006...

i've never had a parapet before, but

i do now. Comes in handy,too. The

Reddy Kilowatt hard=hat is out there,

getting a good airing. Electrify!

My newest cherch is Lutheran...if it

was good enuf for UnkaDonald &

AuntBelle, it's good enuf for me. Plus+,

it is walkable and they serve the

sacrament in both species. Yet~i detect

noticeable differences in the doxology.

{the ENGINEER has the Dictionary; i

already know most of the werds}

I missed @ least two (2) lettres on the

Sun=Day NYT crosswerd puxxle; but i

made up for it by meeting WILL SHORTZ

in person that very same day. He and

LIANE HANSEN of NPR were in Town

to preview "Wordplay", the movie about

crosswerd puxxles. GO see it! It's very

funny & entertaining. And you don't have

to be a verbivore to enjoy it. Editorial!

Mean=while & all=togethre--i am schtill

unpacking parts of my TimeMachine from

various boxes; i hope Nobody noticed that

things were screwed up in the werld on

account of it. SHE should be entirely

recalibrated by August the First. *hush*

^thereyago&thusitis^ ~slac~

Friday, July 21, 2006


Friday, 21 July, 2006...i believe they put a Man

on the Moon...maybe even more than one.

Sports Predictions Summer And Six:

A French girl will win WIMBLEDON.

Italy will go all the way in Soccer. The Answer

[Allen Iverson] will hold out for better offers

from any=where in NORTH AMERICA.

Barbaro [the Horse] will have iffy days.

And othre things...

Local News: A Filadelfia purveyor of hot

sandwiches insisted that his customers use

the King's/Queen's English when visiting his

establishment, causing the Following ancillary

political actions: A slew of English=Only laws,

a revisit by the US SENATE of an amendment

to curtail immolations of Old Glory AND the

proposal by a PENNSY Mayor to check the

immigration status of every resident of his

City. [Takes your mind off the War and other

pressing matters, don't it?] And all i wanted

was a "grinder" widout schpray=on=cheese.

The Bug Report: good year for schtinging

insects & junebugs...i was even bitten by a

biting fly just the other day & i don't live any

where near the Beach! Also, many big moths.

The Bird Report: more and more egrets and

sea=gulls are flying inland; i don't know the

reason for this, but i suspect it has something

to do with food & floods.

I would make werds on the global news but

it's just such a Fleegle mess, i wouldn't know

where to schtart. So~i'll just send out my usual

cautionary message to the troublemakers:

HEY! Cut the Crud!


That'll catch=me=up for the Time being^

Appreciata for hangin' in the flux...


Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Pardon me while i reconfigger...

From box to box & all=to.

There are no days off in estate

werk! ~anon~

The IMPster hey stranger

MotionMac hey bud

The IMPster 2 never see you online any more

MotionMac 2 somewhat busy

The IMPster 3 I guess.....find an apartmnt yet?

MotionMac 3 youbetcha

The IMPster 3 way cool! do tell!

MotionMac come visit after (Month)

The IMPster address?

MotionMac (Place), near skool

The IMPster 5 street?

MotionMac 5 yeah

MotionMac 5 it's on a schtreet

The IMPster 5 what street?

MotionMac 6 near (numbre)

The IMPster 6 Maizy wants to know what street?

MotionMac 7 how's Maizy?

The IMPster 7 ok, but curious about the name of

the street you will be living on!!!

MotionMac 7 natch

The IMPster []

MotionMac evything in play

The IMPster ok

The IMPster 9 (Street) or (Street)?

MotionMac 9 (Street)

The IMPster 9 cool

MotionMac 20 gif a call, by her=self

The IMPster 20 now?

MotionMac 20 i'm bouncing off

The IMPster 20 ok

^IMP edited for nomenclature^

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

IMPster 6 hey stranger!!!!

MotionMac 7 hey bud

MotionMac 7 thundering here...

IMPster 8 how's the new digs,

and the new life?

MotionMac 8 coooool

IMPster /smiley/

MotionMac thanks

IMPster need anything?

MotionMac not really

IMPster 0 lamps? tables? nic-nacs?

MotionMac 0 nawthing,

as the dutch say

IMPster 0 ok

MotionMac kiss maisy 4 me

IMPster will do

MotionMac date=up the glow soon

IMPster gooood

MotionMac lata dude

IMPster byeeee

MotionMac ta

IMPster 3 /smiley/

^IMP edited for proddling^



Monday, June 26, 2006


Monday, June 26, 2006...

Apparently, i schpoke too soon. That pair

of low pressure Systems decided to hang

around up in these parts for the coming

week. [i know people else=where have it a

lot worse...Empathy!] My usual warning:

schtay away from the Deep Water.

The ENGINEER was kind enuf to drop by

in the black beauty yesterday on the Service

of taking me and CAT to see her Pop at the

big hospital. What a city=state! With even

more ongoing construction than when i last

was there with MACK in the early 90's...

CAT's Dad seems to have a minor Problem,

altho @ his Age, maybe there ain't no such

animal. We'll pray for continued good results

as the Professionals treat him well. {they

always do} Advise of the Advise...i'll get back

to reading your Glow soon ~sunnyslac~

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Monday, June 19th, 2006...

The weathre report: How can it rain

Hail=schtones on one side of the Street

and shine Perfect brightness on t'other?

And why does the T=storm not bring relief

from the humility? Why are not the Winds

of change consistent nor conciliatory

toward themselves & each other? It is

a wonderful atmosferic ponderance,

akin to nauticism. *pelt*

A belated Happy Dad's Day to one (1) and

all! My own progenitor is gladly schwimming

some=where between the INDIAN OCEAN

and the NORTHWEST PASSAGE. Yet, in the

impending summer...MACK schtill has hands

to capsize wayward Sailors. *jibe!*

Tuesday, June 20th, 2006...

And congratz 2 all the graduates out there

from baby=skool to double doctorals...WE

collectively enjoyed BLADE's High School

ceremony on Friday last. [the MOM & POP,

the GRANDMOM, the SISTER & boy=friend

and me.] I could tell it was a publik skool

graduation on account of no=body mentioned

G or J even once. Never Mind~even the Buddha

comes unbeckoned to such places!

You'll pardon me if i don't tarry too long on the

Page; i have Places 2 see & People 2 be.


Monday, June 12, 2006


Title: Assignations

[reposit of 6/8/And4:]

Mood: scholarly, right


Music: vinyl records,

cassettes & ATRAC 8 tracks

or just television theme

music running through my



These are the conditions

which prevail. There are

so many good and werthy

Assignments out there and

i am the lazy student.

But, i am not Concerned!

MY Glow is about me and

the life i lead~~Not how

well & how fast i respond to

various intellectual challenges.

{Alright, it's partly about that}

Irregardless of my short

comings in the testing field,

I hope to edify my fan=base

with the Following>>

Five [5] Things i know

about myself:


1) I am political. I have

seen Richard [candidate]

Nixon & Ronald [President]

Reagan speak live. I have

shaken hands with Jimmy

[candidate] Carter AND Joan

Mondale who,'liked my music.'


2) I am a musician. I have

seen the RAMONES perform.

[all of them^] I played piano

for a sound=check at a George

Jones concert. I was once asked

to be the driver for the POINTER

SISTERS [Bonnie, Ruth, June &

Anita]. My music has been

played on the radio in Norway.

And Schnecksville.


3) I am an Artist. I was

witness to the restoration of


I attended a Marc Chagall

retospective while Chagall

was still alive. I have met a

descendant of Val Bertoia.

Some of my pictures/paintings

have been reprinted on the

Werld Wide Web.


4) I am a writer. I have

been published as a poet in

(a)my high school lit mag

(b)my college lit magazine

(c)my local news=paper

(d)as a journalist in a short

run arts magazine. IF i keep

getting publisht, i will have

to become a Novelist.


5) I am a filosofer~~

OH! Wait! It cannot be

proved in this venue^

{filosofers have trouble

counting greater than four}

Holy Crud!?! The fifth

premise is an open question.

I hate when that happens!

Carpe Diem, quam minimus

credula prospero. [Cicero]

[end^ of reposit]


It is the Year of the wind...

G blows his breath on Everything.

And things naturally Change.

Last year was the Year of departing.

This year is the Year of changes &

breezy movement. The birds know

this for sure, acause their Wings

are presently fully formed. The

wind is a whispre to those who can

hear it, and a buffet/buffer to them

whose Faces are annoyed by minor

Dust and whirlish happenstance.

Yet~it is only the Perfect change in

weathre which comes to all when

their time has Arrived. I have seen

white=caps on the ocean & heard

trees fall down from such forces of

nature...but i never Fear the wind

which brings Rain & Snow & Change.

She is my good companion, even

when i walk against her.


Monday, June 5, 2006


Saturday, June 3rd And 6...

Nautical ponderances, part one (1):

First & foremost, i am NOT a Sailor. Not by any

stretch of the imagination. But~i swim like an

eel and dive like a Swan, especially when turned

over in a Boat. I have an equal and abiding Respect

for Water, both fresh & salinated...i prefer Launches

to sailing craft on account of motorised Boats are

more like automobiles & masted skiffs are horribly

akin to bicycles. I have flipped over in a Canoe,

and i have wearied myself rowing in a Dory on a

Lake. [with my brother at Camp---ask him.] Give me

a Diving board & i will show you the Running back

Flip. Of a Thousand different ways i might Depart

this werld in the coming fifty (50) years, i can assure

you that DROWNING will not be one of them. There's

too much Cat in me for that! *Dryness!*

Shortly after i scattered MAC's ashes in the Bay,

a group of persons went for a sail near COUSIN JAC's

cottage. They cap=sized on the return and i watched

it [with binoculars] from the cottage Deck. Such a

thing for a powderised ghost to visit his favourite

relatifs! Thank G nobody came to harm so near to

shore...shallow water & hard werk, fine Masted.

Amazing as it may seem, i can't recall ever Seeing

a sun=rise on the Atlantic NOR a sun=set out on

the Pacific. Not right on the Oceans, any=way...

Plenty of both on Lakes & Rivers & Mountains but

Never the real thing on a sandy, salty Beach.

Hane used to tell everyone the Story of how she brot

a friend to the fambly vacation Lake/Island and her

girl=friend did not help @ all when they Rode around

the Island. Inevitably, someone would ask why such

a person could possibly cause a problem with Riding

around by Car or Bicycle on a damnable Island. Hane

would rise up in her chair And correct the story thus:

"NO! We didn't ride, R-I-D-E, around the island! I Rowed,

R-O-W-E-D, around it!" It was always the Perfect New

England accent those hearers had not Accounted for.

[the second part of this story Always includes Hane's

FATHER, Cap'n Jack, visiting the Girls on the Excursion

saying to his Daughter: "You know, Jane Loretta, that

you girls would travel far better if you first untied this

Dory from the Dock."] *pause 4 lafter*

Monday, June 05, 2006...And because i am so Cautious

around Water, i have no child=hood stories of being

pusht in the Crick or thrown into large bodies of the

wet schtuff without my express consent of WANTING to

be tossed into said bodies. OH! And even though i gave

away my inherited figure-skates, i believe i could still

glide across Ice as good as any Middler. Self=Taught.

ThereYaGo & Thus It Is. ^end of part one (1)^

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Sunday, May 28, And 6...

I'm rooting for Danica to take the checkered

flag, but i'd be just as happy if one of the

Andretti boys pulled out in front. I also feel

terrible for Barbaro shattering the leg in the

second appearance; why do We breed fine

animals for brief entertainment? That is, i

hope the horse comes to a good Middle on

account of i know what it's like to Run in

Circles & only come to a cloth bag full of

Oats @ the end. Analogy! Life & schports are

comprised of such things. OR so i hear...


I pray that your soldiers are Home for the

Celebraxn...but if they aren't, I heartedly

wish for their next best return. BUT~if

you have laid them Down from the sacrifice

they made, I console you from the depths

of my being. You will see them again one

day in Perfect Brightness, Love & Peace.

~remindable-slac, who paces & places~

Tuesday, May 30, 2006...So much for my

belated schports report^. Life is so much

more interesting Now=a=days, even if one

doesn't have the Luxury of Time to GLOW

about it. Twas it not Ever Thus?

Saturday, May 20, 2006


Post=Primary Posit...

Twenty-Two Thousand Republicans fail to

endorse Rick Santorum as their Senator. Or so

the headline stated in a Newspaper i didn't buy.

Such things also happen in year=off Elexions.

In a one-party system, it is called a VOTE of

NO CONFIDENCE. id est---the selected voter

admires the Slate but will not fully endorse this

one Representatif. It happens more often than

you might imagine; it even happens in the

general election! The up=shot of this particular

result is that Slick Rick will have to werk harder

in the Keystone than his millions dollar war-chest.

And that's a good thing, considering the message

that was just sent to the Local party Pirates.

Without revealing how my Vote figgered into

this anomaly, if at all...There is a profoundly

meaningful place in Democracy still for the

VOTE of NO CONFIDENCE. It keeps the

entrenchants on their toes. AND it slightly opens

the door in many Elexions for 3rd, 4th & 5th

party Candidates! Registre NOW as a Green,

Reform, Socialist, Independent or Whatever---

then use your selection as a Yea or Nay for the

persons who actually represent Your point of view.

Plus+, you can change affiliations within the year

or between Election Cycles! Early & Often^

Happy Armed Forces Day to all the brave young

men and women currently serving Inside and

Outside this country. I fervently wish for a day

when you won't have to carry rifles & rations

to any Border, anywhere. Alas--that day is still

far off. Thanks for Serving; remember the Fallen.

And speaking of taxes--i just received the last of

my small refunds. I won't be able to deposit the

Dimes until Monday & the gubment has been

using the interest for G knows what! Isn't it about

time WE called for a CONSTITUTIONAL

CONVENTION to repeal the amendment which

institutionalised war=time schpending? We'd be

far less Apt as a nation to jump into these wild

foreign Adventures if the PEOPLE spent their

Own money AND the Politicians had to come

asking for it. I'm just spit=balling, of gourse,

between my own measured actions...


Thursday, May 18, 2006


Thursday, May 18, 2006...SWEEP!

I'm not following the endeavours of

BARRY BONDS, but i can ascertain that

the Pennsy Legislature had that feeling

of being Brushed Back pre=season! And

altho turn=out disappointed me---i want

to congratulate the VOTERS who did send

a strong message to the Capital. OH! i

especially enjoyed the screen=touch

machine; it was fun & easy. Now, there's

no excuse not to JOIN the PARTY. It's

as simple as going to the ATM. [where

they keep your othre money.]

Random Notes:

>it's difficult but not impossible to find

a good ristorante after 9:30 PM on Tuesday,

espexially while entertaining EUROPEANS.

>there are some pieces of furniture that

even the CHARITIES won't put on the truck

for their beknighted clients. Kindling!

>what's up with the New Cars that think for

themselves? Is it the intention of DETROIT

for already schtupid drivers to become even

more lazy behind the Wheel? Give me a

roll=down window, a key=to=open Trunk &

lights that i can operate my own self.

>Eavesdropping is a bad thing. It's bad for

Dictatorships & it's bad for Democracies.

Heck--listening in on conversations which

don't concern you is an INHERENT EVIL no

matter where or when it is practised. I think

it also breaks that Commandment against

bearing [holding] false Witness! MYOB.

>or something much like that^ it's just a

Page & openly formatted for Comment.

Avoid the advertiseurs^^ ~slac~

Saturday, May 13, 2006


~diemus matriarchus MMVI~

If you're a Mother, and almost 50%

of you are...Amembre that you are

adored unto even the seventh (7th)

Generation. Which reminds me:

i'll haf to make Time in my busy Day

to brush off the mown grass from

Hane's rosy=stoned brow. It's been

awhile & She was always asking me

to tell her where i was headed. It

comforts me to know that all my

girls & all my Sisters ask that same

self thing of their little ones!

OH! And don't forget 2 VOTE this

Tuesday; even little old ladies with

walkers & oxygen tanks do that^

much for this DEMOCRACY.


Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Title: The Gorgeous Day, all=to

*[Deep Re=Posit...May, And6]>

Humility is my strong suit and i

Love to brag about it.

Eloquence, in me, is secondary and

accidental. OR maybe it's a gift.

Altho' this Glow has brot out some

of my simpler talents...

{Nature of the Beast?}

Regardless, i encourage all my gal

pals to dry they eyes & pull up they

schtockings~~there is so much

Glowing to do in this Merry Merry

month. Ask any=body.


Speaking of which, i was the grand

progeny yesterday, cooking scrambled

Eggs with ketchup for my Mater

familiaris in the morning And helping

Hane with such matters which struck

her mind during the day. WE had a

fair number of well=wish calls from all

our blood-relatives. But Hane was not

exactly receiving at her best. [She was

sleepy & slightly 'under the Weathre']

AS take=carer, i gave equal points to

all the Visitories. Cat & the kids did

especially drop by with chocolates...

Yet the grand=mere was mostly unconscious

and sucking up the Oxygen. {I trust she

is saving her Energies for the upcoming

Wedding} never mind~~we are so much

ahead of our Plans, that we are nearly

Collectively standing behind ourselves.

OR something like that^


Meanwhile, my Monday @ werk was

gorgeous and fruitful even if i say so

myself. Bright sun, fair winds & the

filling of five roll=offs eventual...

And there is no more greater Purveyor

of yard=waste than Captain Wide, when

he eschews Humility on the cause of

its Becoming.


...It is now the Tuesday and as usual

it is with the much running around.

Oxygen! Bread! Gasoline!

The widow Mary's lawn to cut!

Incomplete exclamatory sentences!

Any=way, the weather is now

summerlike. 'Bout time. I'll be cool

if i keep remembering to slather on

the sunscreen. More on the 'morro

perhaps~~slac & humble too

[end of Re=Posit^ Read=the=Deep]


/previously un=publisht material:/

Final reposit of Same^ [5/8/6 or Nearly:]


Monday, January 03, 2005

0915: arise...moka, bagle

1015: shower, RM calls,"come quick."

11ish: nurses trying 2 insert pick=line

Doctor T discusses resuscitation.

RM helps me to make an

informed decision regarding a central

line, paddles or open heart massage.

Meanwhile, the pick=line doesn't take.

Nurse JM makes MOM

comfortable. WE watch EWTN,

Columbo...Bim is there as well.

1530: Green=ghost 2 [store] 4 coffee, grits

Home briefly. Walk back 2 Hospital

1740: Cat, Bim & i eat @ [diner]

Cat drops us at Hospital; MOM rests

Walk home about 1945.

Wash dishes, put out garbage.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

May 08, 2006...just when i need a

RUKEYSER or a GALBRAITH or even the

widow FARNSWORTH, they depart me on

their own terms. Well, there must be a

need in the Beyond for economists,

tele=visories & even golf Patriarchs...

It's not a plan i get 2 call into question!




Saturday, May 6, 2006


Happy Cinquo de Mayo! OR, as we call it in

the etados unitos, Bueño Fifth of May! As the

great grand=child of European immigrants,

i surely admire the arduous efforts of people

afore me who shipped over and plowed thru

the Process of becoming American Citizens.

Even if the clerks @ Ellis did de=capitalise our

fourth (4th) initial. What a Country...

OF the current National trends, i try not to be

so much a Person of Interest when i travel But

more just an Interesting Person. Also, when i

am only Residing in this, my home country,

i am rarely considered a minute-man...more

often a Seventy=Five (75) minute Man. Go ahead,

ask my girls. They should oughta know.

Flowers on the Virgin! Is it MOTHERs' Day already

in these climes?? My seester Maisy is gonna have a

Time of it from Saterday 2 Sunday for Sure and All

the passages she, her=self, will pass through from the

Day of her own to the Next fair grand=child! Such a

busy girl to have florid wreaths laid upon the Brow

which unbelieves Yet was delivered to the werld on

that Seventh (7th) Day when SINS were suspended

to wreak a Perfect vessel. I am only surprised that

my nearest Advocate of that persuasion did not take

up the horticulture instead of the marine sciences.

Altho~to be fair, a woman=child who survives the

dousing in the Font reservedly, Ought be Allowed

to cultivate blooms & schwim where=ever she wants!

As else, it's already in the Name. *gurgle* Plant.

Locally: Come the Sixteenth (16th), iffen you Ain't

on a boat, you'd better well VOTE. The pay=jacker

pirates deserve to hear from the PEOPLE^


Monday, May 1, 2006


Furniture of the Disappeared...

Here's a bed=frame & a double bureau

and a cedar hope=chest, a blond bar &

book=case---moving as they did from

2035 and 229 to their honoured Places in

the Hovel which Hane & Mack left behind

for me to resolve and dissolve. The good

people of Good Shepherd gathered up

Them^ to their next Adventures in Thrift

Shop land...i pray their perfect service to

persons i have not met but who are probly

very much like me---scraping together a

Fair life in a harsh werld as Events un=fold.

BLESSINGS on mere objex which console

by having only Drawers & Shelves & hidden

memories! They also live by travelling well

from haus to haus with Usefulness. Truly.

As for the Books which have a had a much

longer life of Adventure, passing from old

hands to young hands, from boxes made of

wood to boxes made of card=board...My

antiquarian told me i could continue carting

them to the 'lending library' undre the bridge

OR let the Auctionists offer them for Pennies

on the Pound. {Amembre this when you are

your=self confronted with this Effort: FIND

and GATHER all the cruddy tomes together so

the book=man can see them all=ta=once!}

Early on, he made the prescient & precious

statement: "The books are Usually the Last

to go." mirabile dictu per diem! Twas ever

Thus. The mattresses go first. ~slac~

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


The riddle answered...

What does an expired amphibian read

@ the Top of its to=do list? *CROAK*


Anothre favourite Question...

«Do you werk here?» Altho it contains

only four (4) evenly emphasised werds,

i usually reply,"esso uomo." That is,

«i am the man.» It satisfies most people

when i say this...acause they are not

overly concerned whethre Essence

proceeds from Existenz OR vice versa.

What troubles my filosofy is when my

customers refer 2 me in the plural with

an up=follow query. Such as: «Are you guys

gonna be here Monday?» What is the

proper response? "esso d'uno uomo."?

OR, the more naturalistic,"If Monday comes,

We will be here." (you & me, all of us...?)

Hegel, Heidegger & Heisenberg! The

Monday is it=self already come! *QED*

^^^the Proof is Flawed^^^ ~fslac~

04/24/06: Satisfaction Piece?! What the

devil is that? Never Mind~it only means

that Uncle Jake is looking after me. [he

was a banker afore i was a banker.]

So i'm riding the W in=bound with two

girls in the back talking on cells. Then,

the driver pickt up her cell & schtarted

a conversation! What is it about these

portable fones & buses??! They must get

the fantastic reception 2 be so useful on

people=movers. {OR, maybe i'm just old

school...when i ride with others i try to

sit quietly & let them drive.} *Media!*

NB: i didn't forget earthday; i live it.

Saturday, April 22, 2006


Essential Gleanings:

Suggestion: clean up the hovel, and you won't

need a garage to sleep in.


Tell Hane and the girls that I appreciated

the watch=over.


Have a wonder=filled holiday, a long drawn

breath of spring air,

and Enjoy the unexpected delights - which are

sure to visit.

*smooches* GF#1

[edited^ from Flo's e=mail]


/previously un=publisht material:/

Sunday, January 02, 2005


0300: ga--watch a Monk episode

0440: back to bed

0915: rega--moka, hamchee bagle

1000: Three Stooges, start puxxle

1040: shave & zoom

1130: Hospital...MOM off the Vent since 9

writing many notes to RM, very alert

RM goes to Mass, MOM watches mass.

1150: Doc G cheks MOM

...MOM remains Intubated, but very

uncomfortable; she is slightly frustrated

with writing & "signing" but her mental

alertness is exceptional. Some pain.

1400: Bim spells us as RM and i go to

1410/1420~buy gas & hoagies

Toni & Todd arrive and visit for a

little while--a very good visit.

Doctor B [group] checks on

MOM. Gives a full report to me and

RM and Bim AND MOM^

{1300~back on 37% ventilaxn}

Minimal restraints...MOM gets tired

and naps watching EWTN but RM

continues 2 minister to the patient.

1600: Nurse T treats MOM very well

...gets acetaminophen for MOM.

3 of us swapping stories.

1720: i walk 2 [convenience store]

make this report~


April 20, 2006: And that^ seems like it happened

about a million years ago. By my reckoning.

I kid people that Hane now has the best hausing;

she has a two-room flat at the bone=yard which

the Bishop has to mow. As her secondary and the

glorified haus=boi, i find consolation that she is

enjoying the humour of it. {secret: i knew @ each

turn that i was Appointed to such matters...from

Trust to Estate, i am not heavily laden.} Now, if

only i could find as good a deal as i move Resolute

out=through the crasy Werld! Schtep upon schtep.

mixer~ hi

>MOVER> hey bud

mixer~ whaTS UP?

mixer~ OOPs

>MOVER> many things

mixer~ hit me with five of 'em

>MOVER> storage/moving/auction

>MOVER> junkman/charity/hunting

mixer~ hmmmm......

>MOVER> werk/bookseller

>MOVER> many things

mixer~ I'm impressed

>MOVER> it's the schpring!

mixer~ /smiley/

>MOVER> good chicken 4 Easter?

mixer~ yup yup

>MOVER> small crowd?

mixer~ 2

>MOVER> too small^

mixer~ just right

>MOVER> G bless---little Easter this year

mixer~ huh?

>MOVER> BIG Easter next year

mixer~ why?

>MOVER> cycle

mixer~ xplain please

>MOVER> small Xmas/large Xmas,

>MOVER> small Easter/large Easter

mixer~ ooooook

>MOVER> thanks 4 popping by

mixer~ ooook

>MOVER> chek my e=mail, then be busy yet again

mixer~ ok

>MOVER> kiss maisy

mixer~ ok

>MOVER> lata bud

[IMP edited 4 nomenclature ONLY^ >MOVER>=slack]

Apologia all=to! i am not allowed to do such

things without Assents, Apprisals and/or

Dis=Claimers. I am schtill so fresh on the

Inter=Web; it pondres me how i am not more

faulty OR faltering when i posit By & By.

Never Mind~there are schtill also the SCHMELLY

advertisements abof my Page...

Stray Thot: "it's Raining out=side, yet not within

my Soul." Sumpin like Dat... posited fresh from

the slackshack^




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