Saturday, August 30, 2003


The summer is not over until Hane gets her peaches; so there i was zooming into the Hinterland looking for the farm where she wants them [the peaches] from.  I stoppt at a garage and asked for directions and the man asked me."Don't I know you from somewhere?"  I get that a lot especially when asking for directions.  by=the=by i got the dang Peaches.  Then over the Mountain roads again into my own general neighborhood for a larger grocery=run. 

     [This is the point of the moment in the story where i tell every=one that the green car decided to be balky and strand me.]  Which it did.  Thank god for the H=bus.  I rescued the ghost the very next day, after it cooled down from all the Peach=hunting.

     'These peaches are bittre', Hane could merely add.  And on Friday afternoon i went ape=crasy on the side yard...i'll be tearing shtuff out right up until my werk=place doesn't take no more.  Somebody remind me to get an earlier start next year with borrowed tools.  Also, never live in a haus near a cherch; the Bells of the carillon will surely make one mad.  (or is it

'the bells will surely make you mad?')  2 many parentheses.

     It's one step down from where i currently werk to Faer=carny, and then only one more step down to cosmic Homelessness [it's a good].

     must Meditate, cogitate and other=wise Vegetate...

---the toddling great white peach=hunter, slaz-a-mac slac

Wednesday, August 27, 2003


all=right.  Form ever follows function... Cat needed a ride from having her own Sedan trouble so i obliged.  It was early enuf in the morning that i missed 1 episode of Dark Shadows.  Quel domage!  Ten more rides and we'll be even.  Ha=gurgle=ha.

     Oh no!  It's those damned cherch=bells again.  I wish they would play a song i knew.  Or at least an aleatoric/atonic Theme related to some of my own music---i should drop a cassette in their mail=box and deal with the consequences.  Can one say,"rambling blog entry?"  I find these days that i am so busy updating that i forget to create new 'pictures' for the Header.  Art 4 Art's sake, i always say.  [all=right, i never say that; it's the sign of a weak intellect.]    "To the Lumber=yard!", as Kenneth Mars opined so eloquently in

Young Frankenstein.  More and better later i assure; Read and post, think and act---check those machine=fluids often

     Ever=mindful yet simple


Saturday, August 23, 2003

james and the small peaches

Things couldn't be better.  [there's a broad statement.]  jimmy came up from Texas and entertained us largely--that's what Engineers do.  I for myself am simply Amazed at my own ability to sometimes stay awake.  [insert joke here]

     Hane is on her summer diet of peaches and decaf coke.  And hey!  Why is that classic decaf cola so hard to find?

Wait--here she is herself [hane] watching a repeat of this morning's Mass on television; whose idea was that?  Certainly not the people who attended catholic skool for 20 years and ever since have Assiduosly avoided Cherch there=after!  I'm going nowhere with this...                          Otherwise, the summer is beautiful now, if ending a little too early.

     Hey gang! Hey fans!  I sense the end of this particular entry---send comments freely and other stuff discreetly.  And if you're just lurking...  Go someplace else!

This is a really really clean site.         slack

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

brief update

These are the dog=days of summer...congrats to Lizard for having

a new job and somehow managing to visit

the Northern Collins contingent!

     filosofical riddle: What do you call a Man who drifes his grand=mother's car to werk and takes the bus home?  A: Loser!

     but-seriously-folx...This recycling thing is going to catch on for sure; just as soon as i can figger out how to kill the Styro=foam alltogether at my place of business!  Mean=while, otherwise and for all intents and purposes---this is the Blog to be at Becos the Author is honestly insane yet not Pretentious...    forwardslac...the text is enough for Now

Monday, August 18, 2003

loose ends

Hey gang!  Don't these dogs look cool on a steamy summer day?  [rhetorical]

Apologies all round--       Kay: you had no

way of knowing that your surprise party would put out the lights in Toronto.

     Mary: read and comment often--i was really just being snippy.                         Rocky: 'Epistemology' is the theory and science of knowledge, especially regarding its limits and validity.

     Every=body else:  come as you's only a jernal.  Yet, feedback is welcome.   Feel free.

     Mea culpa, mea Newbius culpa.     More content later----               Slack

Saturday, August 16, 2003

so many grand=mothers

Mary, Mary (or should I call you Maisie?) should know by now that even if you're a grand=mama, you will always be our floody-mary.  [and farfel is just a dog?!]   As for myself, i am far too busy taking care of Gloria's girls [cats] to compose a complete reply to the mono=syllabic "huh?"   And to every=one

that reads this journal as well as close little generals...  Mine is a fine madness unmitigated by truth and beauty.  Even by

electronical means in the midst of a near

blackout.   Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da        

                      extra=cousin  Slack

Friday, August 15, 2003

pop goes...evything

What can be said of Catherine Blake?  She was the nearly perfect wife of William Blake, the famous poet/painter/filosofer.

      It can be said independently on this day that anothre certain Kcatheireine blew out her birfday candles and Ottowa went dark!  Oh, how we will Remember this birthday even more than Elvis' funeral...

To say nothing of Floody=Mary and Hurricane=Brian.    [incomplete sentence]

     At least Hane has not lost any O2O2:

it's a Star=Wars reference.   Magnanimous love and outstretched kindness to all the people who pass thru this trial undaunted---it's only Electricity.

[more later, comment often] Bright=slack

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Quick note

here's the thing: it's hot and greasy in my home=town but the pictures i get from the people i love more than make up for it.  Imagine a place where you actually see such things, instead of down=loading them thru the pop-ups.  Utopia? probly not.  The computre is only a tool...Life is what happens when you're not checking the oil on your Hummer.  I'm sorry I cannot speak more on the subject but the Air=Conditioning is affecting my Brain.  Pull the weeds, salve the Poison & go to werk to rescue the green=ghost.

      These are my objectifs

in a complicated werld.

    party on, wayne.  party

on, Garth.            end

Monday, August 11, 2003

Will it ever Stop Raining?

and the it comes. what the heck is this?    if i didn't know better, i'd

say there was a conspiracy to keep me on this 'putre!  Well, never=mind.  The car vroomed in the morning and took me to werk, which wasn't hard becos the Rain came down in buckets around three.

   The green=ghost got a good warshing but she balked at the prospect of taking me home--what a

Woman!  So i took my Gilligan=hat and waited for the double-you [it's a bus that sounds like a Warren Zevon song] in the drizzle.  Tomorro or the next day i will haf to rescue the ghost for more driving.  She's lovely to go when she vrooms up and a pain when she balks--at least the mirror is attached!

     Oh yeh!  Secrets of the known universe, as promised.  Always use Fels=Naphtha soap after yard=werk even 'tho you still get the Poison=Ivy.  When in doubt, choose the colour Blue: it goes with everything.   Also--use Mathematics and the English language sparingly...apparently no=one in the third or second werld trusts anyone who can talk about fractions in a condescending Saxon accent.  There's more, but i have to save something for my TV show.

[billions and billions of galaxies...and we are made of star=stuff           -Carl Sagan]

        Quod Erat Demonstrandum

a damp yet hopeful slacker signs off


Saturday, August 9, 2003

Eight Hawks at werk

all=right...  i did haf a picture here but i blanked it out somehow.  No matter.  There will be other opportunities.  Hey! Where's the dang spell=check on this page??

Never=mind... sometimes it helps to have your inside rearview mirror fall onto the seat, overnight.  Hard

to believe it's held up there by two drops of accelerated glue!  Meanwhile, Rewind and forget that the Rockster didn't go to the sunscreen required. But to=day i was just standing around with the trux and trailers And lo and behold (who says that?)...three hawks came into view, then four, then five or six...all circling lazily in the sky about 20 metres up.  None

of my cuddies noticed becos they were busy unloading their stuff--but

i am the Great Obserfator and counted eight of the magnificent creatures before they dispersed on the grey and drizzly thermals.  Man!

i wish i could float and fly like that!

"Torn, tied and twisted, just an earth=bound misfit, I"   -pink floyd

     Hane is watching the base=ball; i just don't get it.  Grown men with stirrup pants running after a little white ball...   i won't go there.

    Every=where and Inconsequentially:  the log is long and moderately visited.  Also only more than a slight bit BORING! (i vaguely hear the counter=commentary of objection.)

     What is the sound of one voice groaning?        [rhetorical question]

      Later this week: secrets of the known Universe, slack=style     lata

Friday, August 8, 2003

Summer=time blues

It was the muggiest day of the year--well OK it

wasn't all that bad.  Just nice enough to cut the

widow's grass; i should check my Cucumbres and pull more Poison.  Still, yesterday i did manage to make four big bags of yard=crud...

     Moreover and alltogether, it's the life of a

gutless toady and pretty(?) easy at that for someone not named Reilly----what the heck does that mean??  I'm just waiting to put the

rear=view mirror back on Grandma's Green

Ghost[it's a car].  No, seriously, has anybody else noticed how many white butterflies/moths

are floating around on the East Coast?  It's an

omen of something i believe.  {Commentators please Advise!}  Note to self:"Self, update and upgrade Everything on the dell before Steve Jobs and Willy Gates drop by yourself   to show

one=self How."  Like i would even be at home and not asleep/ or is it that i would be awake in

some other location?  Ponder this only briefly becos it leads to an Existential paradox.

     Must eat more of my BABA billy=chili, and then go downstairs for to listen to real musik...

Hey! Rocky!  good to haf you bak---i didn't mean to cut you off the other day but i was maximising and minimising too many Winders;

put Lotion immediately on that sun=bern.

                     luvall & forever

"you look Marvelous---and you know who you are Dahh=lings..."  --Billy Crystal as Fernando


Tuesday, August 5, 2003

what's so easy about easy designer?

All=right i say again...  Maybe I'm too old to set up my own

Web=page.  Still, Awol and windows don't make it as easy

as they'd like you to believe.

A prophet is never accepted in

his own Neighborhood.  My car, my cassette players, my

basement television=set--they

all have less 'moving parts'.

     Be that as it may and less-than-zero, one can only hope that such problems Shall be

resolved over time...

     Another wise=man said of

myself: "He'd be lost without his Mother/Father/other fambly

member[parafrase]."  My personal reply to such a pointed observation was,"Hey!

I'm already lost!"

Monday, August 4, 2003

another grey Monday...

A wise man once said, 'the fish doesn't know he's in water.'   That is true until you haul him

up on deck with a hook in his mouth and then

release him.  After that and forever he will tell

all his fishy friends about this transcendendant

experience he had.  Is that how you spell tran-scendendent??  Please advise.

     Moreover and ipso facto: this beta=blog is

pretty cool; i wish i had designed it.    Naaaah

I'm just a fish who's had a weird experience.

This is a short entry for a reason---there's cable

cellar tee=vee to watch!  And seeing as i just got off werk, even fishy filosofers deserve their

downtime.         Rock=on/Later=on    slac

     {Beware spurious usage of equal=signs}

Sunday, August 3, 2003

Meanwhile, Back at the yard...

The unexamined life is not worth...a plug nickel.

Hogan's Heroes,"Who Is This Maaaan??"

You should see me when I'm climbing all over

these monster Dumpsters (brand=name). And

you should see the kind of Stuff people attempt

to put in them!      And they said i wouldn't amount to anything.  Too much thinking for a

lazy Sunday...         uh-oh: there's a storm coming and i haf to wrap this up---wouldn't want to test my surge protection all that much.

Nature can be such a cruel Mistress...but i like

her myself.  Keep those cards and lettres coming...                     slaclogster primo

Saturday, August 2, 2003

self-portrait recently

it's vicarious, isn't it?  Imagine a great artist

(if there is one) stooping to create a fantastic

werk of art on Windows Paint...  i guess it happens more often than i thought.

     Hey----if you're out there, and by some crasy accident you've stumbled onto this mess:

feel free to send a brief and critical comment,

even if you like the journal so far.

     Ooops--gotta climb into my cellar and watch

Clarissa Darling/Sabrina the teen=age Witch get hitched  and without any Snarling, there must be a Poem in there Somewhere.

      Hart of my Heart; and best wishes

[slacbac signs off for now; luv the luv y'all]

Friday, August 1, 2003

onward and upward, briefly

These are the times which sigh mensch trolls...

whatever that means.  I ran around town like

the proverbial chicken with a classic car.  Many

needed groceries were bot.  And other boring

stuff (incomplete sentence).  Now, back at home i can reflect on the day...hmmmmm.

Reflection over.  I understand that many many

people use these 'blobs' to create an artificial yet personally realistic template of life.  But

since i am just beginning, i don't know exactly

how to reconcile the autonymic nature of such

a malleable discourse.  Is it soliloquy or Revelation?  And if the latter: relavent or

revalatory?  More importantly perhaps, does

the composition of this type journal interfere in

any way the natural 'voice' most writers cultivate on paper pages (to an undescribed

audience)?   Deep questions worthy of exploration, oneself thinks.  The answers to

which might also get the Author into deep sludge. [strap on boots]   Fortunately, as a

practising filosofer (intentional misspelling) and

sometimes Writer, i possess all the correct tools

for discerning teleologic principles when in use.

HuH?  Never's not that important.

Kwai Chang: "Old Man, how is it that you hear

such things?"

Master Po:  "Young Man, How is it that you do

not?"                                later


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