Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Celebrity Editorial? like i pay attention...i am so disappointed with one of the famous LINDSAYs; i just want to schpank her...and not in a good way. When i was twenty (20) years old [not very long ago], i did not have a mercedes=benz to go cruising over curbs in the wee hours of the morning. And isn't the National Drinking Age twenty=one? Who served this person? Who didn't call her a taxi when it was clear she was trasht? Why do the left=coast constables considre her escapade simply a MISDEMEANOUR when she was also found with a 'usable amount of Cocaine'? For that matter^, what constitutes an unusable amount of same??  UNCLE Walt [Disney] must be twirling his atoms.

i was gonna say sumpin' about the cat=fight on the VIEW, but i thot bettre of it considering i don't watch & more=over, i don't care. Just anothre conflagration that passes for entertainment...

Local News and Editorial: the two (2) Presidents CLINTON visited the coal=country for a Baptism. Which is a good thing for the baby acause it might get preserved in the long run! Like my Parents used to tell me,"You can pick your friends but You can't pick your relatifs." Blessings on 'em^  Yet more Local wisdom: «Where there's a Will, there's a Way; where there are two (2) wills, the feds are gonna confiscate your hard=drive.»  A lawyer oughta know better--Just saying.

Tuesday, May 29th, and7...Appreciata to my sister KAY for sending the Syd Romb of my wedding fotoes all the way from GERMANY! They will be currently publisht as soon as i figger out how to up=back my storage=personal AND deal with my new shoebox of images. Such fun~Amembre when all one had to do was drife into the FOTOMAT®? *old=skool*


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