Monday, July 9, 2007



reposit as date=up...July And7...[bombing plot foiled; defendants claim a 'mock' demonstration...]  Their tactics are the weakest form of political bullying. And they don't score any theological points either.  [Hippocrates told them to First, do no harm. Terrorists cannot be doctors and vice versa.] The price of Freedom is eternal Vigilance.

Local News: Speaking of "politrix", ~the Pennsy legislature could not pass the budget on Time, yet thirty-two Representatifs have not returned their unvouchered expenses. And who suffers from these malfeasances? The ordinary tax=payers of this CommonWeal. [the casinoes are schtill operating; like we're ever gonna see that^ cabbeej. HA!]

Yep, it looks like we're gonna haf to keep defending our own Liberties at the ballot box. And~Americans are going to have to continue asking the Twenty candidates for the Highest Office in the land,"What, exactly, are You going to do about the real problems plaguing this country?"  Bounce the faer bounce~slac  *end of reposit/date=up*

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