Tuesday, September 28, 2004


Are we wet enuf yet?

Apparently not...


Hane is rising like bad

water on a rainy day.

BUT~she has all her meds

thanks 2 the Advocate.


And still it rains.

Man, this new coil is doing

all the good on dragging

me from place 2 place.

Such a little thing to

Intersect with cross purposes!

[my cukes are 2 wet 2 harvest]

Read me not closely~it is

filled with sub=text AND my

advisements are muddy at

best. {^weather report^}

Raining just as hard now.


Which reminds me of yet

anothre small thing: When

i was an urchin on the streets

of a certain town, i could not

Imagine growing so far and so

fast 2 the place i now occupy.

Feh~i'm here now and t'ain't

no going back=wise.

What the Marin Bensen was

that all about?


Never=the=less & irregardless,

my especial webgals are moving

forward from a near still=stand.

{slackwings are nothing if not

Broad & encouraging} And...

ADVERSITY?! i tend not to

support it in sidereal Venues.

WE Glow the good & that is

more than transparent, simple.

WHO askt that question^?

- - - - - - - - - -

If not as wet as well, then How

much longer? Hane would prefer

that disasters continue non=stop.

WHICH is not my filosfy!

Advise me much, i am soaked

thru & ruddy, like an infant.




Sunday, September 26, 2004

the lazy entry

Sunday, September 26, 2004


i only report when i do

the puxxle perfect...


apparently, there are

still meteorologists who

can't stay away from

gusting winds and pelting

rains. Hane is in her

element~following jeanne

and the philly sports.

nice day for a short ride,

though. sunny, fair...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

wow! There's a lot of editorials

about the CBS news...I hope it

shakes out for the good.

[proviso: i haven't gotten my

news from evening television in

a long time; i suffer the paroxysm

of reading a daily news=paper.]

I have an opinion about Richard

Thornburgh but i'll keep that to

myself for the moment.


Video Tangents!

Amber Tamblyn has changed

her hair---yet the story of Joan

of Arcadia hasn't suffered. Well,

that's because Mary Steenburgen

is pulling her weight especial in

the over=all melodrama. That

show should play for 20 years.

+Alexis Bledel is travelling to

Europe with her Grandma.

This development & twist may

save or sink the ever wonderful

Gilmore Girls. I'm hoping the

writers keep up the tension and

that Lauren Graham also stays

on the air for a quarter Century.

{Lauren is my secret television

girl=friend, without stalking.}

Who follows the night=time

opera=soaps? Me~intermittently.

[i miss wonderfalls...]


Who said filosofy had to be deep

all the time? Not the wide knighted

Cloud of peripheral intagibles.

More=over, it's only Sunday and

the slack is running out of big



avoid the high water!

Thursday, September 23, 2004


de gustibus non disputandum


listening to: 'corporate Rock'

on a sunny day in the Walley,

where the mood is autumnal,

scholarly...and 4 some of us,

reversedly jocular.


the bounce report:

dancer has cat pictures! And

forensic lethargy...

floralilia has deep & important

informaxn about voter

registration---if you don't sign

up soon, you'll miss the next

chance 2 kvetch about the


sunflower has a prescient

entry about that schmell in

your base=ment if you have

the flood damage from Ivan.

the train=man is waging a

quixotic battle against the

beast of 'blog~awards'

{i like his new & refreshing

presence...Plus+ i have a

habit of taking bronze in all

categories.} the fence=man

is @ large in another venue,

but we'll read his next set of

Animal Adventures around

Turkey Day...

then, read evybody else,

my bounce was brief.

[i like 2 lurk] Autumn!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Title: deconstructing the 70s


i am so sick of the Viet Nam

War---i had to watch all the

jungle fire=fights in black &

white on a 19 inch television

when i was a baby. I can't

believe all the yuppy politicos

attempting 2 make points for

what they did or did not do

thirty years ago~~they should

do some bong=hits with the

men & women who came out

of Southeast Asia crippled and

confused. Let it go, guys, and

tell us what you want to do

in THIS CENTURY! [posited

with love & respect for all

Veterans, living & lost]


ON that same topic^

which speaks 2 my foggy and

squandered childhood:

When did Cat Stevens and

Bobby Fischer become the

greatest threats to American

Freedom that they're being

made out to be? Was it

about the same day that

Led Zeppelin decided to

endorse Cadillac OR the

Who sold Happy Jack to

the Hummer people?

Mysitifies me much. Ralph

Nader can't get on the

ballot...but, we wouldn't

have seat=belts or airbags

without him. [more people

still die on the highway than

in ordinary Wars or acts of

Nature^] Ah! The seventies

you say~what a simple and

innocuous decade.

au contraire---everybody

stood up for something in

those days, rightly or wrongly.

And the struggle continues.

Ask anybody who lived then

and there. [insert Hendrix

experience here^] Advise me

much~i was just a baby.

{NB: the arabic werd for

struggle is jihad; radical

extremists have co=opted true

progress ON the name of

their Prophet.} i have boxed

the soap enuf~~soon, we will

all come to our senses.

And stop schpilling blood for

misguided reasons. It is to

be Hoped.


Tuesday, September 21, 2004




music: my own

mood: sunny & mild

weathre: ^see above

THOT: "the receptionist had

not expected me so early...

it was because i had my

wheels again and was free

to come and go as i pleased."


[then, again, she sits behind

bulletproof plastic and has to

answer the fone for 5 hours.]


Just your average Tuesday...

September 21, 2004 and i am

the Runner i refer to. First,

i had to slake the thirst of the

green=ghost to the tune of

20 dollars {How dare those

people live on top of our oil?!}.

disregard that aside^

Then, on to the grocery store

for especial good bogos.

I saved like 44% on most of

our necessaries. Not only

am i a super=voter but also

a super=saver. With coupons

yet. Zoom, zoom~to the drug

store for Hane's patches.

At which place, a small crew

is finishing a re=tar job;

if they're smart, they won't

bother repainting the

parking lines. I mean,

doesn't Evybody just park

where they like anyway?

[post=modern rhetorical]

Conundrum! It is posited in

both kinds of Relativity that

people who approach the

speed of light [such as by

drifing a car] are ever slightly

younger than the rest of us.

WHICH means, To=day i

have recouped in the machine

a portion of the seconds i

lost last week walking here &

there, or riding the bus. hmm

Ergo & thus: Imagine how old

and Wise yet sprightly i could

become just by switching to

a scooter/bicycle. Don't dwell

on it~it'll make you crasy^


Where the Laurette Spang

was i? OH! Yeah~apparently

and according 2 NPR it was

the bloggers [re: Glowers] who

dismantled the Dan Rather

memo situation in time=real.

I wasn't following it but i am

relieved that some of us were

paying attention. Spoof me

Not! i have almanacs from

1999! And some thot this

InterWeb thingy wouldn't come

to a fair middle. Enuf on that.


This is my normal voice.

Yes, Ivan was an especially

bad storm allto; comparable to

Diane round these parts. OR

the schtorm of '38, if you're as

old as Hane. We pray for a

full recovery of property &

mourn the vital losses...

G bless all those, everywhere

Rising out of the Aftermath.


Nature---she can be a beach,

whom i try 2 run ahead of.

But then, i'm a wide cloud...


Saturday, September 18, 2004


Wet & Wet...

Disclaimer & Proviso:

do not venture into high

water! You may be swept

away. [i am very much like

a cat; i assiduosly avoid

all water & lick my paws.]

What a long=lasting and

persistent Rain...i hope

the Wedding party had

a minisculum of problems.

Things are far worse in

the Southeast. OR in

Middle Asia.


September 18, 2004

Of course, i went to werk

becos the drive is all rising

ground. More=over of many

things: i have customers

who werk harder in the rain

than on sunny days...i am

closer to the police and

public workers on an

inclement day than at any

other time in the Season.

[Sandy was nice enuf to

tell me about the extra

hoagies & chips in the break

room] PLUS+ what better

test for the Ignition Coil on

my tank=car than a ride

thru intermittent puddles?

{Yet, it amazes me that some

people drive their all=plastic

imported sedans through the

same watery crud} etc.


Do not imitate my feats!

The angels i consort with have

broad wings that protect my

near and extended fambly.

YOU will not be protected if

you aren't an intimate!

[ask Maisie, the Lizard, or

any=one who has walkt

across a Volcano with me.]


also, remember the filosofy

which posits,"if you think

the worst is over~you might

very well be wrong."

i reiterate: stay away from

the High Water^

the dry slac who avoids the

swimming but can do all

the strokes...

then, how did he add

that b'ful painting when

Kodiak is so balky?

a minor slac=miracle^

Advise of else~~dopplic

Friday, September 17, 2004


title: BRUNCH!

mood: overcast


we were five @ our favourite

restaurant. Both brothers,

both sisters-in-law. And me.

i took the green=ghost with

its new ignition coil. Tap,

crank, vrooom. i had the

club sandwich [we used to

call them Dagwoods.] and

fries, raspberry tea. It was

a fambly congruence.


Then i ran around in the car

like a chicken. Credit Union,

hardware store, recycle...

it's amazing what you can

accomplish when you're not

travelling by bus. Speaking

of which, it stuns me how many

urban riders own cell=fones.

I mean, for the price of their

wireless contract, they could

probly invest in a used car.

Communication trumps

Transportation, i suppose.


Crud! We lost another Ramone.

Are there more than three

chords in heaven? Mercy.


Was Dan Rather the victim of

a document spoof? More

importantly~should we care?

[i know i don't.]


betta lata...

Tuesday, September 14, 2004



Not in this venue.

Meanwhile, if i had the

time or inclination to fill

a time=capsule...

WELL, i'd just fill it with

all the crud which is extant

to the haus currently:

All the papers,

all the writing implements,

my stereo including vinyl

turntable & records,

Reel player with reels,

cassettes & player...

old furniture & primitif

fone equipment...dishes

and canned food to go with,

like an estate sale except

about a hundred years later.

Nobody said the capsule

couldn't be container sized.

[i cheat, of course, because

i own an operable time



Wait! That's also my

hurricane disaster plan!^


What in the name of Bitty

Schram is going on?

Don't answer that.


Nostalgia ain't what it used

to be...exempli gratia:

>my grade school is a

parking lot.

>the house of the doctor who

delivered me is also paved


>the bishop who confirmed

me is buried in my


>my dad attended prep=school

with a former President.

>the restaurant where we held

the matriarch's 70th birthday

party is a mini=mall.

>the restaurant where we had

Dad's funeral lunch is now a

gas station/convenience store.

>and other things...


Puppies & Kittens! Life is good.

In spite of periodical nostalgia.

{Who's the filosofer here?}


Regard the Present~it's where

we live. PLUS+, tomorrow has

to be slightly better than today.

[that^ is not an eminently provable

concept~but it is consoling.]

Adjunct counter=arguments are

always Welcome.


Monday, September 13, 2004



mood~FAIR & MILD



Monday, 13 September, 2004


Hey, bud, it's still summer.

That was quite a game between

Jennifer & Serena, but the

Russian girls prevailed.

Meanwhile, the Eagles won

against the Giants AND the

Phils are staging sort of a

comeback. Quel surprise!

Go local teams...

[end sports report]


The left=coasters are flying

thisaway for a wedding in

the state capital...someone

on my sister-in-law's side of

the fambly. They have a

lot of people in their ranks.

(Yet again, i probly won't

see any pictures until many

months later.) Gotta love

the love~some of us will be

able to breakfast somewhere

on Friday briefly. When

people are spread out as far

and wide as we are, ya just

gotta do the hit & run.

Hug the hard and fast as

they jump into rental=cars...

Wait! That's a lot like the

other confluences!



Hane finally got in touch

with her brother, and he

hasn't suffered much from

the sequential Hurricanes;

let's hope Ivan settles down

in the next 48 hours.

[my nephew, Alan, just had

a birthday but we haven't

sent him a card, yet. They

also live in Carolina.]

{missing Expository^}


Web=wise, the most of us

are nearly caught up to the

pages we read. AND getting

back into the Glow=Flow...

ask anybody who visits more

than 20 blogs a day.

{i fall short of that gladly~altho

it's not 4 lack of lurking!}

Comment! Comment, i'll get

there by & by^^


[Hane is watching an old

Law & Order---i fear it will

corrupt her.] Tomorrow, perhaps,

i will post real Content!

Hold your breath not especial



Saturday, September 11, 2004


[This page intentionally left blank]

Friday, September 10, 2004


Dancer croppt the picture for me.

John Kerry is in town, very near.

It's a minor miracle that i can publish

pictures at all...something is up.

OR maybe i'm just dopplic.

Wouldn't be the first time.

Thursday, September 9, 2004


wet shoes

and short hair

bent black umbrella

remembering but

one day...

the faulted step of

cumbersome age,

bright flashing eyes

of toddlers--

the sweaty finger

consoling a rifle on

a desert road, trying

not to envision razor

blades on ordinary

airplanes, Again.

all in my mind:

great & terrible futures

played out in dreams

of loving ghosts.

We are the day!

from coffee dawn to

exhausted moonlight

And all the merciful

troubles in between---

We are the day.

[would that we were

not sad skeletons nor

bright birds created

within this world by

someone] OH! fading

beauty, that we live

so long and learn

less than we should.

Dry shoes and

shaved face, the

protective shoot folds

at home...the gun

points down for only

a moment

A hope-filled second.

i pause only to

consider the good



Thursday, September 09,

2004~~that^ is potery.

OR just free=thinking.

We have got the Rains of

Frances now, grey &

ionic. The breath of G's

breath except for the

people who need help in

Florida & the islands...

Prayers especial 2 those

in need. Comment me

much & posit the good

while i breathe the

freshness of mild rain.

Schpill nary the shunkies,

we are nearly caught

the up.

poetslac OR the

breater of good



Tuesday, September 7, 2004



September 07, 2004

We will remember the

Labour day for all these


1. Hurricanes in Florida

2. Candidates visiting all

the ground=battle states

3. Terrorists werldwide

ratcheting up their bad

causes...killing children

4. Bill Clinton's operation

on a big fat heart

5. The end of reality TV

due to lack of interest

6. Censorship on the Web

7. Petty criminals being

caught everywhere by

ordinary Citizens

8. Glow/blogs lead to

fantastic f2f meetings

9. There is no Nine, just a

reshuffling of 1 thru 8


Read my Girls! They exceed

me especial^>

The Engineer & his fambly

droppt by last night, after

the last fling of the Fair...

AND the Matriarch made a

special point of calling all

her natural relatives during

the Visit. {this is not rude,

it is Essential} Must me not

to remember much--but

All of them were Alive &

well, yet mildly surprised of

Hane calling them sudden.

[the Matriarch would be

dangerous if she had an

e=mail account] Grace!


These are the conditions

which Prevail. Noah is two

years old & everyone else is

growing into their faces.

I am just a Cloud of the mist

of the Vapour which obscures

the Mountain...etcetera

Love 2 Love the werld ~slac

Sunday, September 5, 2004



when the werld folds in on

you, recognise it...

'cause you might not see that

crease again.


This was the day that proceeded

forward in spite of itself.


SunFlowers propigate! Very

much like Septembre cukes

and lake=side confluences.

OR trailers & trux on the last

best day of the Parish Yard.

{I was a ride within a ride}

Do i not thus posit by foot and

feature to the blue blank

summer=sky? [rhetorical]

Of course~but the impending

Hurricane is far from us...

Nearly. [Hane is following the

disaster from the comfort of her

arm=chair.] Diversion!


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sunday: Hane is talking back

to the meteorologists, some of

whom don't have enuf sense to

come in from the Hurricane.

The Matriarch is already up to

looking after Ivan---even though

Frances still has a whole day

to go. [query: was there a H?]


Sometimes, the freakshow is

outside the Midway. Not that

i've noticed as i walk round the

Town... By Tuesday the whole

she=bang will be broke down.

Fair & cooler~Gypsies on the

road til anothre day.

[was that potery?^]

* Tommoro, there will be hot

dogs with sauerkraut, brown

mustard & chili=sauce AND a

chance 2 reflect on werk without

actually werking. Which is a good

thing considering the conditions

that prevailed halfway through the

last Epoch. Slavery! Indenture!

Child workers & the 6 day week.

Schtanding on the produxn line as

long as your legs would hold...

OR breeding babies to till the soil

from dark 2 dark. Our grands

sure had the rough life, short and

brutish. Mercy that's over!

Happy Labour Day and batten

down the hatches. Advise of else

as time passes~~~it is Quiet within

the Eye. cloudyslac

Friday, September 3, 2004


title: Carnival

mood: freaky


Free speech? During

an Election year?

Never mind...


Last night, we were

thirteen @ dinner; it

was a combined party

of birthdays for Cat's

mom & dad. One of

them turns 80 tomorro.

I was one of the elected

fotografers. [a regular

electric camera, not one

of those overly complex

digital jobbers] We all

had a very nice time...

even tho Toni & Todd

could not make it.

{Todd was in agony after

some adjustments 2 his

metal implants; Toni had

to fetch him painkillers.}

Good food, good friends.


Friday, September 03, 2004

Today, i walkt thru the fair

and stopped to play piano

@ the keyboard joint inside

Ag Hall. Yep~despite my

lagging chops, i can still play

a fair set of 88s. [muscular

memory^] Weighted Action!

Effulvent Sales=men! Music!

Onward & outward past the

pigs & cows, i invested time

and money in a hair=cut.

{Two styles i have: long &

unruly, short & controlled}

The stylists were quite the

busy today---a combinaxn of

Friday afternoon and Back to

School clippings. Still, Erika

cut the good by me all=to.


National News~Hurricane

Frances [who some=how follos

Gaston?] is a big schtory.

Russian girls advance in the

US Open while Russian soldiers

try to liberate a school house in

Ossetian Beslan. These people

are not advancing any Cause

by threatening schoolchildren.

They should cut the crap or go

directly to Hell. Probly both.

{Do not all religions & politics

revere children?} Mr. Clinton

will have something 2 say about

it after his heart procedure.


Here in Glow=land, Dancer is

about 2 have an especial party

on Labour Day with nine cats,

one husband & two fellow

Glowers...on the lake~How cool

is that?! I have Monday off yet

i can't quite make it to that

grand confluence. Advise of

the Advise: the rest of us will

float cloud=like in haiku form

above the Yard & Dock^

Fair weathre for all sails, i am

only the Captain of this Page.

Who needs Cucumbers? I've

got eight or so...



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