Monday, November 30, 2009


Sunday, November 29th, °9...iffen it's a Sabbath, i just musta done

my Laundry. {it's a modern ponderance on which Day believers are

supposed to abandon werk} i was quite late for the LoveFeast on

Livingston; i totally misst the cherub choir. But i made it for the

special Advent meal--coffee-cake with chocolate milk Communion.

[i do know the houses in which to Receive bread and chalice wine.]

There was some=one else in my orbit who required both Toast and

cow=juice...the frontman of the hostelry, Roomy #1. He is recently

back from a sunny vacation and not yet caught back into the rhythm

of the city. Over=more, he did not escape the many troubles by going

abroad...his luggage stoppt in MIAMI but he continued on; the laptop

he acquired to replace his stolen one was also stolen! Some trip.

Thursday, the engineer catcht me up in his newish Chevy Cobalt for

a sojourn to ALEXANDRIA. It was the nearest perfect Thanksgiving

ever acause Kay and Harry prepared everything aforehand with nary

any discernible problems; the Turtle and i just had to behave as nice

Guests, something we nearly always do. A very pleasant short stay.

Friday, we connected with CAT and the kids...all three doing well in

our infrequent absences. ROCKY is werking worthily and BLADE

is drifing his own car! Would as much could be said of me after i get

my bicycle tire fixt?! There is happyness on evry new Horizon.

Of the werk i my=self enjoy, many othre good things can be said: i

have received my ten year/tenure certificate of Public Service along

with a thirty dollar ($30) gift card AND i shall continue to serve extra

cool dark hours through December 31st. {my favourite Customers are

schtill quite baffled that i am on hire 'Year=Round'} The two wintre

months i am shortened will provide from the Provider, alltogethre.

i could write a novel about the Misadventures which took place here

within the Haus while JONNY JUICE was residing on the third floor

with his retinue of boogalooes...but the HouseHolder put him out &

no=one has heard nor seen of JONNY yet or since. Bad kismet...

There are two (2) turky wings & three (3) hot peppers to boil into

broth while i celebrate the birthing Day of my niece who claims she

cannot cook; there was also a class reunion which neither CAT nor

the engineer made Appearance at. {i woulda been up for it}


Friday, November 6, 2009


Yesterday, a fool on fools' Errands.

Aday, a brusher of Leaves and twigs.

Amorro, a giver & receiver of Sweets.

The Hour is ne'er lost on me.

TITLE: Good Folloes Good

TEMP: around 54°, feeling Winterish

MOOD: bright for one so beset of Concern

PUXXLE: 100%...i cain't do Sudoku

PRESSURE: 115/77 pulsing 75

MUSIK: Night on Bald Mountain, 80's musik

NOISE: the Occasional very near siren

WIDEO: Daily Show, that World Series

GROX: all the essentials [bread, milk,

eggs, sugar, coffee, meats & cheeses] and

the occasional chips, dips and Cashews

HAER: usually covered by an acrylic cap

THOT: «People tend to ask me for direxions

because i seem to be a determinist; i have

not caught the shiftless shuffle nor the

languid lope of the completely Lost.»


Monday, Octobre 26th--JOHN the bus drifer

was quizzical,"No bikey?" i told him the

short version of how i flattened the rear

tire in Town.

Tuesday, Roomy #2 exclaimed, "Dang! I left

my coffee=cup at my baby mine's house!"

It's a very interesting locution and the

place where his young daughter lives when

she's not visiting with Daddy.

Wezne-cookt bacon for most~~rainy at werk

Thursday--called landlord of lights and he

flipped that breaker at 7 PM. Dan of the

Resource Centre gave me my 31 day buspass.

Friday--paid rent, recycled, gave out candy

*Roomy 4's friend had an ambulable episode*

Saterday--met JAZZ the J floater drifer...

Sunday, last--two masses and a parade

Tuesday, Novembre 3rd, °9...Todé, i visited

no less than three (3) polling stations. Schtill,

i only Voted one time. It woulda been nice to

have been able to send a message to the Governor

AND the Legislature about the most recent budget

debacle...alas, this election was only Municipal.

I am unsure of my ranking within the Community

of my hotel. Afact, i am at a loss to devise a

schema of the hierarchy. [Fraternal? Military?

Chivalric?] It'll come to me eventual.

Friday, November 6th, °9...Just finisht a load

of laundry. Schtrange how filthy a dish=towel can

get when five (5) men use it over and over. This

morning, we were seven (7) at matins [including

the woman who lives Independently on the first

floor of this hotel] AND ten (10) restocking the

methodicle Food Pantry. {less are needed to Pray

than to werk, yet both are Essential}

~factotable slac~


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