Thursday, February 26, 2004


Title:  Well, MY Taxes are done.

That's right--my taxes are done.  There are more taxes to do, of gourse, but my simple return is finished.

Any=way, i was walking thru the park system on my way home from the tax girl and as i went by the pond in the old neighborhood, i saw two ten-year-old boys AND a football.  The football was in the middle of the half=iced pond.  So one of the boys decided to walk out on the pond for it.  BAD IDEA!  My heart almost stopped when he got somewhere near the middle of the pond and the ice broke under him.  A person can quickly die under such conditions!  Fortunately, i was not the only witness to this [the pond is near an elementary school.]  Before very long there were 5 or six adults on the bank, using their cell=fones as the boy valiantly struggled to reach thicker ice. The next ten minutes passed like an hour.  Eventually, the boy got a leg up and crawled back to the bank...frantically unaware of the seriousness of his adventure.  A teenager was offering him a dry shirt just as the police wagon arrived.  The Fire=truck was NOT far behind.  I suspect that boy [and his friend] will never walk on another icy pond, football or no football.  Then i walked home.  Needless to say, i did not sleep well last night.  That boy is lucky to be alive~~it could very well have ended very badly!  So, everybody: If you ever lose anything to a half=frozen pond, GO HOME and wait for spring.  And if you ever see this happen, use your cell=fone immediately to call 911...and then think about making a horizontal ladder to the flailing victim, with full weight dispersal upon only the thickest ice.  I wasn't a boy scout, but i've read a few stories.  Suddenly, tax refunds and tuna fish don't seem all that important.  STAY OFF THE ICE!

Tuesday, February 24, 2004


Title:  Snow returns, as drixxly

Tuesday already?  And a fat one at that?  Here is my recipe for tuna salad [ostensibly for samiches during Lent]:

Two cans tuna, chunk=light in water, drained until thumbs are bruised.  One onion, finely choppt; 2 stalks crispy celery also finely choppt.  Three heaping tablespoons real Mayonaisse, no substitutions!  ½ teaspoon each of mustard [any kind] & horse=radish...coupla shakes of Mrs. Dash [garlic & herb is good].  Optional: ½ finely choppt baby pickle, 1 spanish olive finely choppt without Pimiento!  Chop & mash ingredients into a bowl until pulpy.  Blend until creamy, make & eat test samich [sandwich] on yucky white bread.  Refrigerate until Good Friday~decant excess water as required.  Eat filet mignon for three days after preparation.  If for any reason you must eat a tuna samich before Good Friday, slather white bread with additional Mayo & add one or two leaves of Romaine lettuce. Add tuna of gourse, salt & pepper lightly per samich.  Ignore pimiento rotting on side=board for three weeks.

There is a much quicker Maisie recipe which takes 5 minutes and does not include anything but tuna & mayo---it werks especially well after swimming on the beach.  And except for the fact that i will never corrupt salad=tuna with anything approaching real Eggs, that's pretty much it.  Buon appetito!

Politically [hmm] i will say only three things:  I am truly sorry that the President's dog has passed on.  Ralph Nader has a perfect right to run for any office he chooses [and he didn't cost Albert the 2000 election---too many factors to elucidate...].  Gay people should feel free to marry whomever they like; but some folx are still going to look at y'all cross=wise.  Not all, not most but some--and probly forever.  Oh Well.

  I prefer to stand at a respectful distance from such weighty matters.  And grind up a delicious Lenten tuna salad.


Sunday, February 22, 2004


Title:  Puzzle Perfect

I tried so hard not 2 be my own 3600th visitor.  And who was counting anyway?

I've been bouncing & pouncing over the Glows & i must admit that many people are excited about the new features---but i reserve myself like a ward=back journalist.  And so many of the great Writers are taking vacation anyway...but i send especial comments 2 my tight posse for hanging tough in the midst of GARGANTUAN changes.  [what the hell is the slackster talking about?]

Spring is in the Air; well, almost the spring that passes for melting snow up here.  And the tuna controversy is almost over as well.  I still solicit deep comments until i publish my own recipe.

  Cat's Dad is coming along, needing prayers & help for his recovery.  Hane stretches her 50 foot line and manages to manage.  The kids & the grandkids and the great=grandies are progressing in full of their faces all=together.  Could this be a lazy Sunday, when i don't publish all their Wonderful pictures?!

[rhetorical, maniacal]  Mean=time, visit the Dancer and her pages~~she's a little funky under the February.  Such a favourite forensic/mentor i could not ask better after. [Beware of prepostions]

Extra joke: How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.  How do you eat a rhinoceros? Not until you finish that plate=full of elephant, young lady!

Tomorro there will be much more...  with comments of tuna no less!      slac

Friday, February 20, 2004

à la carte...

Title: taxes long, money short.

  OH! Best and greatest fans, ignore the previous entry at risk~~my brain was unexplainably blocked!  It came upon me like a dreme...

Plus+ my fone=connection is long & hinky, even in these proud and Beta days...Alexander Bell rarely helped deaf people and also made life miserable for the rest of us!  Good intentions.

The new fone=book's here, the new fone=book's here! ~Navin Johnson.  And so it is with the beta-jernals: i will reserve judgment for a few days, and my connections might stop sending me balky messages.

I am forthright the rebel 2 support such advancements; but it takes me awhile to comport & comfert with same.

Are there 25,000 werds within me?  And are my comments not brief & pithy enuf?!  Even some find them marriagable~and yet i hang on my prescient and poignant werds.  And forget to tell jokes about it all=together.  Yes, the tuna is still in the refrigerator.

Yet!?! The filosofy changes little, if @ all---do i find myself by writing, OR does my jernal define the Author?  More & mere werds might not make it more=so, n'est-çe-pas?  I will take it under advisement at last avec beaucoups de commentateurs...becos it pondres me so, And i am so all over this TAX thing.

I battle Amnesia daily~~slac

Thursday, February 19, 2004



Wednesday, February 18, 2004


Title:  the February Doldrums

I am not the big fan of musicals--so i'm barely listening to Brigadoon.  something about a Scotch town that appears every century or so...Hane seems to like it.  I prefer the Gilmore Girls & Keen Eddie of last night.  I have excellent taste in television shows~~when i'm not trying to date=up my Glow efficiently.  Would that the 'putre controls behaved as simply as a TV Remote!  'twill ne'er be Thus. [and more's the pity.]

Anyway, i was dreaming again last night that i was on=line, filling in commentary & forms or some such~~i awoke with a start {has any=one ever awoke with a satisfactory ending?}...and once again, my fingers were furious that the actual 'pooter was 2 floors down & inactif!  I hate that dreme all=together! More=over i had been tapping in dreamstate, on many of the greatest sites.   i'll get over it.

Strikes me funny, tho' that i do my best line=on interWebbing unconscious.  Nature of the Beast...  but there is the beast in my nature to conquer the problems/adventures as they occur.  [the thing is only laffably a façon]  And where were you when the revolution began?  oops~Amnesia...

Capsizer was 3500, Karyn was on a beautiful vacance, Flo had as much troubles with pix as me... Mumsy chex my français & i am off without potery or pix...          slack

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

this façade...

Title: maybe i paint too much

Along with everything else i do back=wise & extremely, the pictures are down today.  Mayhaps the fans are trading them too frequently~~cut it out!  They're only pixels on a hard drive.  [print, lather, rinse, repeat...]

And i wasn't going to make or break on sharing Art anyway.

The day is bright & cold enuf without such concatenations.

Here, briefly in equal time, an abridged pome by Astinerzo Rinunzo:

SUBLIMATIONS by Astinerzo Rinunzo

* abridged

Your love is a cavern that

my faith does not deserve;

I see in it the city-lights and

dancing people limiting reserves.


[portion deleted]


Flying as we will to houses on moons;

hurry and catch our faces fading soon.

Love will conquer all over time;

satisfied lovers possess happiness divined.

Monday, February 16, 2004

A Monday Pote...

DREAMING (Of Maiden Angels)

by billy forbes 1980

She and other people swim in the pool

while I seek out the man to murder

in front of everyone who laughed.


I work at the empty warehouse

standing in the green field

and walk up the road with a woman

after work's over or we quit.


We were windsurfing over sharks

and running from the fifty dollar restaurant

they chased us to rails by the river

but somehow we outwitted them.


A brunette artiste explained

her eastern colours to me and others

and by standing she reached

up to kiss me more than once

in fact about eight times.


But I don't know what they mean

a few of us just stood on line

waiting to get into the video theater

and we sat down with Italians

to watch a gas-economy movie.


It had only begun when

Ilfredor's voice called me to

arise and prepare to go

to a lecture by my advisor

about sculpture in the valley

like who done the power building facade

the maiden-angels in graveyards.

         And there you have it, the Monday Pote.  Paintings & craziness tomorro~i am on a Presidential vacation...

Saturday, February 14, 2004

love reflected

Title:  I'm only an Uncle...

SO~I'm cruising around the cyber=space catching up on all my galfriends [they are so many] And WHAM! it hits me like a proverbial brick=ton, my little annie~banannie is getting married in May!  That operatic angel is in my top list of nieces & i count on ten fingers...  And the Lizard is setting up her sister's bridal shower as i stumble thru my life...  Holy Crud!  I changed her dydies in Hawaii for good=ness sake! [Anne not Lizard, altho who remembers?]  Did i mention it was in Hawaii?  Why does life go so fast?

The plan is that we should all attend her special day & shower Them with blessings which we all provide.  Her brideliness presents me with no shortage of miraculous confluence...and i speak extemporaneously.  Her intended must be the luckiest man on earth [i effuse the attributes of Annie].  God bless us all 2 have such love reflected upon us, even in some troubled days.  Our blessings are Unbounded!  This is my little Annie~~oh, grateful days.  tomorro, i shall effuse less & fill in the Sunday puzzle.    slak=osculations

Thursday, February 12, 2004


Title: my funny valentine

HA!  Thot you were gonna get more flowers i bet!  No, gang, this time i went anatomical--hey, it's my first line=on Valentine.  That little heart just oozes with passion...

Yesterday, i made like 3 entries [and they were insightful especial boo=full] and i could not save a One.  This morning over coffeemocha i figgered out the problem.

That's right: dueling browsers.  Jay had warned of this & Scoops had similar frustrations of late.  So---this time, the two gals were fighting over me [and bouncing me all over my own Glow like a broken dim=witted boyfriend].  And altho i won't totally rule out that Aol geek=trolls were also spreading pixie dust over the pageland, i think i'm on top of the sitch 4 now.  What can i say?  I'm a one browsa man.

Never mind~smooches thru Saterday & off i go [slo=day]

    an incurable Roslactic...



Tuesday, February 10, 2004


Title:  We got it Good, sometimes...

   Shouts 1st Out 2 the gang--mumsy is my especial adviser & corrector & a Penta=Glower herself non pareil.  And the Fence~Man [see other glows] has a keen editorial sense...yes, i do most of my own pictures unless i steal them from Relatives.  Altho, if you send stuff i might be convinced Again 2 borro copiously [get thee behind me, Satan!  Scold & Scald me not.]

  Nevertheless, i am appreciatif of the 20 peeps who read me daily---So, Anyway, I'm like watching my Rockford Files [with Mariette Hartley, no less] and Hane wakes up, or stays up to shout,"You've got to help me find my Patches..."  That's nitro=glycerin 4 those of you that don't live with a heart patient.  She just about came down the stairs with her walker and her 50 feet of tubing when i found the patches under her regular sitting chair.  What a brefless commotion!  The troubles an eighty year old woman will get into without a definite System.

  And i am only the Advocate there=of...  Cat's Dad is a little werse off i'd say, just having had his ankle pinned and other stuff.  God bless him on this brief Vacation.

  All=right, i've said enuf and Optimism dictates that things could only get better.  The opposite is barely werth considering.  That is, keep them prayers & comments coming~~and the Slack will also look after you some=day.   Poetry?  maybe so, maybe no.  Off i go***

Monday, February 9, 2004

Another pome...

The Unreality of Truth

by Astinerzo Rinunzo 1979

I shine but do not burn

I guard the faithful preserve

the history flows behind

my hands clutching words.

Ionized plasma hotter than

the surface of the sun

between Zeus and Mars

lighted sons off to stars.

Wandering, traversing

growing alone yet nursing

a beer, a cigarette, a bomb

a page of news, cup of coffee.

There upon the windowsill

a bird and cat together

a glass of wine, a winding river

the snake sleeps, you smile.

I kiss you and wander off

the tree of Death has no fleur

only the green-black fruit

from whence upon devouring

Renders one ever unconscious

my spirit flies to meet you

And the bright gold flowers

bloom at your feet...

I fall, I sleep, I find you gone

I see you running off with Jason.


Apparently, i can only enter potery via the Werdpad...not the Note=pad.  What's the up with that?  Some of my best werk is relegated to notepad & can't find its own correct path to the glow=page.

Never mind, the slack is adaptable if nothing else.  And why am i wasting my time with long forgotten revolutionary poets like Astinerzo Rinunzo?  Yet another rhetorical question as i plough thru the rough...  At least i made the gonzo grocery run for Hane & myself. [77dollars werth of canned goods mostly.]  Take heart, hans & other beach bums~~i am still a nut.  And more=over, altho i do not know where the Verses come from---I am obliged to make the effort.

My hands are cold but not carpal yet and i would probly better be off painting than printing.          hmmm, i sense an epiphany coming on~~and if i don't dreme & paint especial by tomorro, i also sense that every=one of import will Comment @ length.

I am trying 2 save stuff & also be funny myself [except in the face...]  Ponderosity~~

Sunday, February 8, 2004


Patience Portal

by billy forbes '77

On the phone with whom

wonders i on the front porch, you

wave through your picture

window---wait a minute,

patience and another wave

glad to wait, signal

me in---we'll be seeing

each other soon.        Am i doing this right?

And i'm still wondering about that poet...  billy forbes must have been publisht somewheres.  Mean=while, i promised dremes of Muscalunges[?]  That is, how many times do you dream of cannibalistic cat=fish?  I did!  And then my hands were consumed of fire=ants off the half-remaining organ exposed catfish loser.  The ferric acid of said Ants was curtailed only by ice=water!  The bones of my knuckles were bloody yet pure.  Never mind, [i tell myself], it's just a dreme...

I wake 2 realise such things & they rarely happen.  But the 'pooter calls me to organise differential oppositional tasks---And then i collapse at last 2 dreme again?!  My way=ward=ness and Confusion know no ending.  But my hair was cut by an especial asian girl yesterday, and i will arrife @ myself soon with your help.  Oh, yeah~~the green=ghost still operates very well. If there be more dreams[sic] tomorro, i'd be the first to Know...perhaps.  And painting, i promise 4 i am

            In static Revery, an ant=ridden Slack                    smooches

Friday, February 6, 2004


There is a filosofy which embraces & consoles current Reality...

Id est, one should not expect a plethora of good news without a tincture of bad.  It is natural to wake up & hear of troubles.  So it is today that i put especial Blessings & Prayers on Cat's Dad~~he's taking a little Vacation @ the hospital with more than a few health problems, including a fractured ankle.  Yet, humans who make it as far as 80 years should not expect less than a slight inconvenience...Ask my Mom who likes 2 drag an oxygen tube all around this pitiable hovel.  Be that as it may and i will only encourage positif messages concerning those Angels who exceed our paltry days with Millennium=straddling years.  They are our protogenesis.

Sine que Non!  The rain trickles down upon my Haus.  Which brings me to the good news!  The Glows are especial and fulfilling their purposes~~our little werld is bright & expanding all=together...This by itself will counter=act much negatif news.  Just check out the Dancer & you'll Understand...Did i mention that you have to wake up with that positif mental attitude?

[i dreme of better days which i myself Create~~]  With love 2 all the others i encourage

Simply: filosofically:  Slack...

Thursday, February 5, 2004

What? Thersday Again?


by billy forbes '77

cold pelt struck

home--moist rain-face

sadly pensive

young man at

the back of the bus

cry low and softly for

the woman that's a

child that's a flower

you can see---

cold rain-struck bus.


Hey gang!  There's a gosh=darn poem up there!  Would that it were well and truly so...Now if i could only figger out who this billy forbes character is.

    Anyway~~there's plenty 2 read and explore in the previous sets of commentary.  My visitors are especial gracious and forgiving [as i stumble thru the line=on Linking schtuff].  Snow melts, Hane watches Columbo, Cat's Dad is off one foot in the Hospital & we pray for him all=together.  And here am i, slackt bac and cultivating my fan=base...trying 2 eschew Verbosity @ all turns.  Would that i arrifed on the PentaGlows~~NAH! not myself.  [some of my music is all='rat']

Tuesday, February 3, 2004


Title:  the day was Icy~Dicey, schlippy=nippy...& rainy sans brainy.


There are so many Glowers who are funnier today, considering...  Scoops, Floralilia & all their ancillary sites.  I try 2 connect all=together  but i rarely maus the haus.  And over=more, the other Glowers have presently exceeded my minimalism & eclecticism... hmm~twas ever thus. That is 2 say, i can barely Bank & drive around in the cold [yet rising] mist of Eastern ponders me like a shadowy grundsau.


Tommorro is the other day you forgot about while you were dreaming this Morning.  I would think about it but the icy shades of a February night are blanketting the Slack with droppy/drippy icicles of especial indifference.  Funny & simple, i will become on day=the=next...  as much as my Grand-Nephews grow & Glow, particularly reflectif~~Granduncle Slack




Monday, February 2, 2004


Title:  Me & My Shadow...

Wow, that was some game, wasn't it?  Not that i watched much but...  i trail off

Meanwhile, we had the great visit from Maisie and Pop=Pop Lou.  A Happy happy birthday to Himself & Colonel Don Diego [my elder brother on the Left Coast].  Would that i had been born that deeply in the last Epoch!  Maybe, i'm only as old as i look.

Saturday night, 7 of us went to the local TGIF & had a grand festif dinner.  I believe that restaurant broke the fire=code that night.  And altho' i reserved way in advance under my given name, i took the table that was proffered under "Mary".  No reflexion on the parthenogenesis of individual parties~~let's just say there were many Virgins @ that table.  Hane blew it off all=together but she was the life of the party @ home.  Lou had a hard time keeping up, yet he is the most especial Instigator!  We forgif him that sometimes becos he can be Wise @ length.  And since i was full of free food, and carried fleetly on SUV wheels...  Did i mention it was a grand party?

Rocky would have the best understanding of what truly transpired.  Blade & the Sub=mariner were under the weather. [which is improving]

That catches me up almost entirely if memory serves~~adding only that i will miss Captain Kangaroo, Jack Paar & the Captain of the Pueblo.  It really wasn't his fault that the Koreans captured his vessel so well and so fully.  That cold war was a female dog all=to.  More=over, if you live in the next 7 states that haf 2 nominate a Democrat~~Vote! goshdarnit! we're Counting on yer input.

id est, go real Patriots, go

i am the quasipolitical  slack


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