Monday, December 3, 2007


Monday, December Third, and-Seven...i don't know if my dear departed Jewish second mother will forgif me, but i am putting up a ham=hock soop for Hannukah.  {more importanly, will yhwh forgif me?}  Less=the=never, i will celebrate the Days and Nights of Light in the company of my tribe.  Which pretty much includes evybody^

As the werk at the Parish Yard concluded & the bishop of Smyrna rode coldly on his bucket=truck, my good friend PETER came to celebrate And fetcht me home=wise. He didn't bring his wife nor his dog, but i have met almost Pete's entire fambly. It is a mere Holyday Blessing to share friendship with the people you serve on a customary basis.

Now~the wind has come to blow off the remaindre of the leaves & i saw a hawk percht high upon a utility's gonna be a Brisk wintre in the Walley, but nay so much a Schnowy one. {it's what i believe of the portents i've seen}Brightness! on your Season! but do not light candles unnecessarily.  OR othre dangerous fires for that matter^


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