Thursday, May 28, 2009


Speaking of my youngers--HAPPY

MEMORIAL DAY! More than a

handful of them are schtill serving

in the military. And we've been very

lucky not to lose any=one; which

makes it all the more important to

honour the ones who gave full service.

{i was nearly drummed out of the

boy scouts...i regularly commend the

Veterans i meet & know} It's more

than a schtart to your Vacation--it's

the dear price of Freedom! Salute.



>instant messages>

baloo downloading?

~boo no-just navigating

baloo ok

baloo what's happening?

~boo publishing résumé

baloo sweet

baloo publishing where?

~boo local

baloo ok

baloo all else?

~boo oh, heck--evything is backwise

baloo like I understand that!

~boo [edited profanity]

baloo ahha...nothing new!

~boo yah-i werk HARD to come to less than nothing

baloo ahhhh

~boo it shouldn't happen to a fullsize person

baloo lol

~boo thereyago

baloo oh well time marches on

~boo while money scarcifies

baloo ?

~boo reach into pocket & rub two nickles for luck

baloo and glad to have them!

~boo off i go, to Reconsidre

baloo reconsider?

~boo remap the brain for just an hour...

baloo a nap!

~boo mayhaps, it has been long the Day

baloo did you work today?

~boo at [Place] seminar^

baloo good?

~boo it is also werk

baloo without a paycheck!

~boo what bettre else?

baloo lots

~boo *things are improving werldwise*

baloo if you say so

~boo i'm livin' it^^

~boo lata

baloo bye

^edited for Content^

baloo nice day here!

baloo just came in off the water

baloo two coasties are here with us

baloo and you?

~boo yes--a loverly day

baloo you go to a parade?

~boo just [name] Park...there are memorials there

baloo ahhh

~boo water that fine?

baloo smooth as a millpond

baloo but not warm at all yet

baloo 54 degrees

baloo but Maisy went in yesterday

~boo just toe=dippin'^

baloo full body immersion for Maisy

baloo and the cadets

~boo *baptismal*

baloo yah like that!

~boo it happens

baloo yup

baloo you doin ok?

~boo as good as much

baloo good

~boo gonna read e=mail,

baloo I'm gonna eat lunch

baloo see ya

^imp edited for nomenclature^

TITLE: To Resume the Resuming

MOOD: afflicted, assailed and insulted

But never indicted...

MUSIK: is it queuing up OR cueing up,

'cos i schtill play Vinyl records and

reel=to=reel magnetic Tapes?

WIDEO: there were 'war movies', but

i scarcely watcht any of them

ANAGRAM: farm grain tan moose

THOT: «There are no inappropriate Questions,

Only befuddling answers»

TEXT: Tuèsdé, May 26th,°9...i thoroughy made

up for the unpaid military Holyday by riding

no less than five (5) of the people=movers

Aday. {Places to see and People to be} The

one traverse was so crowded that the Drifer

had to schtand up outta his Chair to clear the

aisle after he crosst the great River! "Two

steps back, evybody! Two steps back." And on a

cool rainy day in May, with all the skoolkids

and the werk=seekers goin' hithre and Yon...

Brave intimacy, i wouldn't gif it up for a

shiny bicycle NOR an offthrown winning lotto

Ticket. {And i will come into both} The

employment centre was Throbbing with the mass

of US as well, newbies & middlers, Regulars &

thoroughly confused Adamants...each & evry One

Reaching for the next best Brass ring of

suretude. By fone, by web, by Mail, by Pouring

out the Spirit of OUR Journey into the vastness

of graced & gracefull possiblities. *mania*

The field report: Saterdé last, i saw a

woodpecker at the Parish & a lone bat on

my walk Home [they fly funny]. There are

plenty of brown bunnies all over & grey

squirls [ground pigeons] as well. Of the

othre berds~i have seen more egret/herons

than hawks, a mockering berd and one kind

of slate finch. Real pigeons currently

outnumbre the gulls. Sparrows, of course,

and Robins both living and desicant [only

two i fetcht outta the 'yard=waste'].

The chipmonks are keeping a low profile,

though i have seen a couple. No deer.

i've had to dispatch a small numbre of

yellow=jackets & maybe two (2) Bumblebees.

{i have an obligation to keep schtinging,

flying Creatures away from the boof and

my Customers; would that it were not so}

All the canines i meet are well=bred, well

cared for AND always Happy to meet me!

Bijon frichés, Beagles & othre small ones

are yappily friendly dogs, for the most

part. Aday~i encountered a Wheaton Terrier

and its owner in GRESSER Park; originally

i believed it to be a miniature sheeping

dog, but the handler assured me that the

blood was refined for schlaying rodents on

Irish farms. So much for the bunnies!

~pup=friendly, non=owning slac~

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Tuesday, May 19th, +9...this might could

be the Last primary where i vote of a

certain party afore switching back to

anothre certain party. Yet, acause i haf

been playing in the majors, i can schtill

count my=self as a Super=Voter! [since '88

when i was Young and impressionable...]

I was #39 at my actual polling station, but

i had chances of the day to pass a numbre

of othres. Like the County Centre as i was

downtown & like the Lutheran cherch where

i hold partial membership. *There weren't

no lines at none of them; come on People,

it's not evyday we get to re=elect OR

un=elect a sitting MAYOR.* And on such a

bright dé chust after the mid=May frost?!

BLANCA at the Welfare Department was kind

to help me drop off my papre=werk toward

my case initiator; NOEMI was nice to sell

me some 2¢ schtamps at the post office.

{Would that i had anything good to mail to

anyone} Some=one on the soopline askt one

of the funtionaries about the Menu and he

replied,"Whatever it is, it'll be Warm and

Mushy...just watch out for the Piranhas!"

He was referring to the good people who

Come early to sort thru the offerings of


on the Xian Bread table. {YESHUA is

gratefull that the lambs still come for

the Multiplication of Loaves!} Bless the

bright dé. The library was Closed for the

elexion, and it might could be a Polling

station i Meditated briefly

in the Park where IGNATZ GRESSER schtands

his watch. There were children evywhere i

went, learning Life & Liberty & the Pursuit

of Happyness--for such as these^ i Vote in

this participatory Xperiment during the

receding epochal Depression. Future!


Thursday, May 7, 2009


TITLE: «Fruits of the Spirit»

WEATHRE: sun comes out, 80°

MOOD: Brightly poor & Poorly bright
MUSIK: country on a portable radio

owned by a soop kitchen Visitor...

NOISE: the conversations of connected

Life, in every place i visited

SOOP: boiling new chicken bones

THOT: «The only thing werse than kiting

a cheque is not having enuf to do it.»

TEXT: What?! it's May (5) already, with all

the concommitant flowry Necessitudes? i

barely & rarely got out of April alive...

HAPPY Cinco de Mayo--i myself was doing

the employment seminar at the Central

Career Centre in the drixxly afternoon.

Thursday, May 7th,+9...a National Day of

Prayer & Maisy's natural berfdé, Youngly.

Amorning, i droppt into the BUSINESS skool

and met MIKE. [he invited me to Admit, but

i was Xploratory] Accidently, around NOON,
i witnesst the beginnings of the Prayer
Service on 7th Avenue...a member of the
CLEAN TEAM gave me a brown bag filled with
Two apples and two oranges. {i have a look}
Lunch at the kitchen consisted of TUNA
sandwiches, green salad, slaw & dessert
with beverages. [the Angels always serve
milk, cold tea & coffee; i take one tea.]
As i finisht my cafeterium, i gave away
one each of my Fruit to a Companion, while
packing a banana and a browny in my bindle.
{There is grand Fellowship in these places,
and shared Mercies all=to; it hurts my
Heart that some children have to receive
their nourishment at these tables} The
sun of G & J continued to peek out as i
made my way to the Liberry. There, i checkt
my 'Growing' resources on the high=schpeed.
[the Page of the career centre And the two
Temp agencies i recently joined...] Then,
i multi=bussed Northwesterly with twists
toward the Corporate centre which hauses
anothre set of Temp agencies. {i tend to do
the FTFs acause i enjoy meeting people and
getting the Lay=of=the=Land} One primary
woman was more than kind to tell me,"WE
have more Clients than Assignments; call
back and keep trying." G Bless her!
It is also a fine thing that i am werking
from Having a situation as i try to acquire
additional Purposes, while so many
Persons are beginning Afresh!


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