Friday, January 30, 2004

Going Under=Ground

Title:  There's a game Sunday?

  Yes, the abof^ pictures are borroed...but from Relatifs!  The Slack does not own a single digital camera.  {Aren't all cameras digital?  Try taking a picture without Fingers.}  And there will be no end of trouble when i grab a SCANNER!  These are the jokes, folks.  And what about that guy using all the big werds in previous entries?  You'd think he was intelligible or Kollej~edgerkated; glad he don't e=mail or IMP myself.  Purty paintins tho. may ask, why is i goin' underground 4 the end=week?  Two reasons i reckon~~werk is over & there's a big=ass football game on Sunday. Plus all the alternatif videos set agin it.

  Second, i hear tell of a nasty pooter bug that promises 2 frig up my dell sumpin awful.  Best i should lie low at an undisclosed location while the smart peoples hunt down the Dick=Weed who writ up that dang thang.  A pox on his haus, whomever he be [unless he's a girl].   Wood that it weren't so.  i wish i had more funny junk...

   And no, you=all, i don't have no bets laid off against them ball=foot gladiatours; i jest pray that nobody gets killt outright.  And as they say in Japan sometimes: sighOHnahra              schlak 

Thursday, January 29, 2004


Title: 2 Paint the Path, perhaps

OK, gang, there is more than one path...  And i humbly submit that i, personally, own a small number of Answers.

That being said...would that it were not so... the Slack encourages every=one to explore their own werld presently and all=togethre.  Me, i like 2 paint & publish; but there is so much for me to learn about the "WEB".  And when i get there~~i'll be some=what different somehow.  Aye, there's the rub!  But my filosofy is inclusif enuf 2 embrace the Totality of line=on experience.  ['i like to watch' --BEING THERE, Peter Sellers] too long i take 2 arrife at a point...The car goes good on ice once dug out [again].  And there are many shunkies to clean!  shouts & blessings 2 all my Visitors/chekme but don't elekme... more funny & real pix tomorro as the crunchy slush subsides, maybe.  Icy=smooches, Slack

Wednesday, January 28, 2004


Title:  Many are cold but few are frozen...

What a beautiful day alltogether.  Just a lot of snow.  OK~only 3 inches, but it made me wonder if i had to go to werk.  So i called the office at 10:30 and my boss was ambiguous & unavailable.  Then i shovelled the walk, but not the Garage.  An hour later i called back and found out that i was expected.  {For awhile there I was much like Schroedinger's cat [Quantum Mechanics].}  And then i dug out the garage, fired up the green ghost, bot gas for same and made my especial appearance!  The boys at Public Werks were kind enuf to shovel out the SlackShack and i was really only a half hour late on a day I essentially could have skippt.  Four customers i had in 5.5 hours.  And as i often say,"You can't have my Job."  Expendable i may be, yet some=how Indespensible...there's that Quantum cat analogy again.  The advice, mean=while, that i give about DRIVING in this crud is: go slow, stay on the primaries AND always always turn slightly into the inevitable fish=tail. (Tail=fish?)

"There goes that Crasy Dodge again."  --The BLUES BROTHERS        [check out Scoops~~it's really really COLD where he's at...]   ta

Tuesday, January 27, 2004


Title: Where's my Verdana?

And now i am almost recovered of loading a single picture to the Glow... i can be so dopplic. Print at leisure~~it might melt your ice.  And if it doesn't, well, then you shouldn't count on My Pictures to aggrandise your peccadilloes. {spell=check}

NO! not so much my pictures [which are clear & memorable] as the programme which de=visualizes our Understanding of what an image should be... OR maybe my screen is too small 2 contain a singular Masterpiece! It's an Art thing. [and i still beg forgiveness of all the fotogs Whom i have borroed...]  This will especial puzzle me @ last.  But i will paint so much line=off that apologies will subside.  OR, maybe i'll just buy a scanner for my Plasma=screen. Yeah, right! The slack is over=come with Advisements regarding his technofobia!  Plant me well 4 my flower is all=together unfertilised.

Did i mention it was damnable cold here?         brrrr~slack


Monday, January 26, 2004


Title: This is the Path.

Moe Howard: "Why don't you watch what yer doin'?"  Shemp Howard: "Why don't you do what yer watchin'?"

Is it true, or even probable that i have a large fan=base?  Nah~~there's just me, editing, About a dozen die=hards visiting and re=visiting, and various random and surreptitious curiositors {whoops~there's anothre new werd!}.  Never=the=less,  i wallow in moderate attention. Hey! It's just a thing.  Altho', some of my Gals think i'm gonna be the big schmelly one of these days, and i simply cannot dash their Fantasies!

I am the cultivator of this tiny garden and as such, i proceed gently, purposely and care=fully. [NOW, i'm boring myself! waaay pathetic...]  OR as i used 2 say in my bingo days, i am the shadow of the cloud of the mist on the side of the mountain with the shade of the oak in the forest with its leaves in the breeze of the valley on its fullness...etcetera.  And Hey, if that's not poetry~~it comes close.  Which, filosofically, is neither here nor there. Yet there is a path {see subject} which might lead YOU to the shadow of etcetera... It's a fortuitous occurence that i forget so many of the things i Reveal.  They fold in upon them=selves.  To garden^? To Paint^??  To drive upon the Glowing schlippy Path??^^

poetics? rhetoric? forensics?  The questions over=take the dreamy and dreamful,  slack



Saturday, January 24, 2004


Title:  Some=times it werks...

...more often it don't.  Well, gang the twin pit=bulls of Awol9.opisha & InterGates xplora are at it again on my ding-dang Dell!  Each of these pogroms has an essential fatal flaw which some=how permits them 2 nearly, virtually kill each other to death.  And personally, i hope they succeed.  [in favore, 9.0 sure is pretty~just not very useful 4 us up=dialers]  And my microsoft material is grand until Explorer gets into the act.  Never mind---i'll go to the root directory and tear out all their Guts!  or maybe not...

Mean=while and unrelated, the Glow goes well enuf {in 8} and many fellow Glowers are begging the slakster 2 join groups & chats & what=not.  The flattery falls on me especial (for currently i am well Visited and Regarded) but like Groucho Marx, i am hesitant 2 join the group which would consider me as a desirable member.  Id est, i already waste enuf time IMPing and e=mailing my closest line=on friends.  I crave the simplicity which only i can design & manage!  Call it a control issue.  Irregardless of that~~i'll get along and go along, learning, learning Until: do Amnesiacs have Epiphanies?           vvvttt**

Thursday, January 22, 2004


Title:  Broadening the Base

yes, yes~~you all get prizes as we cruise toward the big trey thou. [tre grande?]  And as is my Custom, i extend the colourful flowers 2 goofy interlopers with equanimity.

Apparently, i was supposed to werk on Monday...or so my boss told me Wednesday morning!  id est, they need me to placate the remaining residents who despise the new trash=pails.  And make exchanges 4 anothre week...

The resistance to change is palpable but manageable, and they're welcome 2 pay for my services.  So it goes.

Else=wise, the slack~site tends 2 be apolitical so i can't say more than enuf about Thomas Jefferson. And that is my last statement on Presidential favourites.  Let's rather concentrate on bringing back the Dark Shadows to cable!  OH, Yeah! And the humour, the lafter...the cure for 'pooter problems is: fill bath=tub with Dom Perignon, dunk head three times, raise head twice.

Correct me @ will, i have amnesia.     [slack=me?]

Tuesday, January 20, 2004


Title:  Firm of Foot

{Kirk: "Mr. Sulu, mar hopnot toedprose!"}  The winter is not so merely has to watch the Ice!  By foot & by wheel, it's a matter of avoiding the schlipping which may lead to falling on your tail=bone, or tail=pipe.  And bundling up so the ears don't fall off.  Better yet, avoid the doors=out alltogether! [simple wisdom]

Mean=while, the pooter is balky again so i guess i haf to clean it up...and stop saving IMPs.  TOO MUCH SCHTUFF!

Oh, well~~it's the journey, not the destination.  [ancient wisdom]  It pities me altho' that Donovan McNabb won't be in the Bowl=Super.  Not anothre Irishman could be better suited 2 perform amidst the Hype.  And i don't even follow the Game/violence.

Michael Caine: "How was I to know you were a Free-Mason?"

Sunday, January 18, 2004


title: Shovelling, whimsically...

Call me contrary~~i like the falling snow.  It makes one pensive & youth=ful.  We all have the day off tomorro any=way, thanx 2 the grand & Illustrious Doctor King.  Gone too soon, as many are.

{i will not jinx the foot=ball by commenting on it, heart+cross} Yet, as i depart, i am surprised that no=one has dated me up about Vito Scotti!  Never mind, there are more readers than researchers; 'twas ever thus.

Did i mention that i like the Snow?  Amnesia is such a cruel task=mistress.  OOPS! i am so missing the off~kick...

        the snowpackingslack

Saturday, January 17, 2004

Vito Scotti

Title: How do you spell Weiner=dog?

My music is so soothing...i just haf 2 remember 2 turn it on while i'm Glowing.  So many people out there don't have real record=players with which 2 listen 2 Thriller [or Electric Avenue].  Mean=while, the pizza controversy has passed only to be replaced by excitement over Canines.  id est, I mourn for Flora's late floor=scrubber & Admire the Shear 4 having so many.  And altho' dogs are said 2 have the Buddha~Nature, i can take 'em or leave 'em. [Dogs tend 2 conflict with my Own deliberate walking, i weep slightly]  As for the prise~structure regarding especially frequent feminine Visitors, you grrls are on your own!  Flowers, smooches, paintings & such i present freely; form a caucus [see Iowa & Iraq] and petition me with copious Requests.  Then, being a Schloppy Ape=man, i would presently Ignore them!

{i laff, burp, gurgle & clear my throat}  OH, Yeah! Vito Scotti is that accomplisht veteran character Actor who appeared in almost every Columbo episode [also, the Mad Scientist on 2 Gilligan's Isles].  Some=body should find out if he's doing OK, or just Immortal.  Mean=while, if you want 2 learn any=thing about Afghanistan, watch Sean Connery in The Man Who Would Be King tonight on TCM.

Vito isn't in that film...quel domage.         Lata

Friday, January 16, 2004


Title:  It's Really just a Thing.

Seems like only last week that i passed Mr. 2700.  That's a lot of lurkers! [read me & supersede me]  OR maybe i just corrected myself alot & trolled too often 4 Mumsyisms. Of which i can only add, you may already be a Winner!  Oh, and i highly recommend the Penta=Glows this week...they tickle my sense of Eclecticism.  {spellcheck that last sentence^}  The day at the yard was dismal, customer exchanging toter=wise But i managed to remain cozy in the slackshack with my woolies & my space heater.  Of gourse i dressed in layers...My old man taught me that much!  And i feel for Lizard & Maisie & the many others colder more Northernly of here. [northerly?]  Braveness, little ones 4 in a mere six month we shall all complain of opressif Heat!  Just like Lois Nettleton in that Twilight Zone episode.

("I like to read the Slack=man but he is like forever going on about the Weather.")  I'm going to miss Uta Hagen, who had a great FIT in The Boys From Brazil: 'Shotzee?!  You want to know the birthday of my dachshund?!  You are a crasy old man!'  Not many Glowers can put Lois & Uta in the same entry~~and as they say on Public Radio: I'll take my Answer off=the=air.

Thursday, January 15, 2004


TITLE: 2 Glow of Slow Snow~~bittre & Fluffy...

Of gourse, the abof^ artwerk is a repeater!  Only colder this time around [the shovelling], altho Truth be Told, it's not so frigid as it seems.  He said from the comfort of doors=in...

Apparently, i have peeled open a bruised bailiwick about morning pizza {cold versus warmed over}.  In my own defence of re=heating in a regular oven~~think of the slices as Italian Toast.  Cold is Ok if you're in a hurry, i guess, but one should never, ever reheat the Roman delicacy in a Micro=wave!  It is ruinous.  And altho this is the great filosofical question of the Age, I will avoid further Controversy by closing MY discussion of it.

{Yet thanks Flora & Monica 4 chiming in--and the Capsizer for saying some=thing about compost.}  OH! And karyn 4 hanging around & posting really, really deep Comments...i thot i was the only Glower who indulged in such a research-intensive Habit.  + it's a lot like time=travel!  Blessings on all who comment @ last & @ large...

Finally, Jean-Luc Picard was standing on the Bridge [with dyslexia] and announced,"RUBMEN EON, meet me in my DEARY MOOR!"  With apologies 2 Majel & the late brilliant Gene, i am now toddling 2 the Pentas in search of merely frozen Intelligence~~re=heated Slack

Tuesday, January 13, 2004


Title: the toter=exchanger takes a short break...

What?! It's Tuesday already?  Man, this real life just so interferes with Glowing at long and at last.  Who else but the smackable slack eats chili=rice 4 breakfast & takes the day off because one is only slightly needed?  And the day off is never an un=busy day!  There is more 2 do, not less! 'Tis almost enuf to cripple a facile mind [filled as is with insignificata.]  Hey, Mumsy! If you're gonna re=heat that pizza, just remember 2 use the dry heat oven!  Hane reheated a slice yesterday in the microwave and she managed to burn it!  filosofically & engineerically [?] i thot it was IMPOSSIBLE.  Yet, if there is a way 2 get an improbable out=come, the Grand Matriarch will discover it.  Which surprises me not all that much. {do a grammer check}  The zen thing 2 do is 2 be entirely present when such unusual events occur~~any sidereal Action would tend to collapse in disastre.  My eyes & other senses are attenuated, merely, metafysically And my reptile=brain is constantly Defensif! {Yet, the pooter itself some=times makes me dopplic}  In any case, i get along as i go along~~and i shall become the paradigm of the especial Glower which i almost Am.  And smooch or smack those who follow, particularly.  I feel a conniption or Amnesia coming on    elekme &/or chekme, the mystical OR pragmatic endo=slak

Saturday, January 10, 2004


Title:  Cold Regrets

On such a bittre day, i must clear the boards.  Especially as regards my older entries that some=times included unattributed fotoes.  The good Uncle John {Scalzi} shamed me into it.  id est, i convict myself of the sin of borrowing fantastic pictures AND neglecting to link to the originators.  [i am not the best linker of Record but mea maxima culpa none=the=less]

  AS for the Glower/fotogs, they should examine my older entries dated 9/22 thru 10/19 and chastise me via e=mail @ their leisure and or out=rage.  Forgiveness, and i shall attribute more fully in future.  Bear in mind that i borrowed out of love 4 grand pictures, as a fellow Artist.

[accidentally like a Martyr] Mean=while it is as cold as a nun's navel here, and many are advised to stay in=of=doors.  It was the coldest damned day of the year and Hane, on her birf=day, concurs in this weather~wisdom.  {great=granma is pushing 80 the hard way but she is so full of pish & Vinegar...which Hane will pour on most of our Graves!} And there you have it.  Was this entry supposed to be apologetic or maudlin?  I don't remember...yet one must thank the Jay~Way 4 setting us all straight about the plagiarism thing. Glows 2 Flow~more & better lata, Attributed or better yet: Original!   chekme but don't elekme...  the penitent~slack

[all advise & comment]

Friday, January 9, 2004


Title:  many Mouse~clicks lata

Shouts 2 Muse & Agent 99 [and dozens of others who lurk and laff]  It wasn't so bad at werk to=day but sheet it was damnable cold enuf!  Oh, well, it is Winter after all & the oil=tank is full.  {Hypothermia is just another state of mind}

So, Any=way, i came home and thot 4 a moment that i would just jump on=line and check out the werld...but my putre had other ideas!  Like it didn't even want to sign me on as myself!  What's up with dat?  So i descended into All=is=well hell [they actually helped a little] and then more precipitously onto the cliffs of Dell~help.  So many forms of pages and fields 2 fill out...they must be Perturbed i didn't buy Any=thing.  Never mind, i am an equal oppurtunity Curmudgeon @ this point. Up=shot of all which, i finally arrived here in my own Glow [listening 2 my own music on Winders] only to Notice that the 'pooter is useful~~but HOW?? it is an essential question...and i am too tired & cold 2 answer it fully, just now.  [id est, the Slacker was just werkin' for the week=end as the Toter=Exchanger]  Therefor i leave this entry as an open invitation 4 any & all 2 comment upon similar frustrates...         sleepwell

Wednesday, January 7, 2004


title:  This bittre cold...

Some days you just feel like the CHICKEN who had his/her head cut off.  Not complaining tho becos my life is Grand all=together.  The werk of exchanging carrier=cans is calming down by degrees; And the salty language of a vituperatif Nature has almost certainly burned itself out.

More=over, i have discovered a new Talent~~Namely, writing with a Sharpie [brand=name] on a clip=board with totally gloved fingers.

  I know it's not something a person Naturally or normally includes on their resume but it does keep the finger=nails from freezing in the full moon blistery bliss. {ooops~poetry unintended}  It's not the very coldness i mind so much as the dressing in multiple layers and the Inevitable wool-hat-hair!  At least the green=ghost goes good in the cold as i am running around from place 2 place.  Twas ever thus & i'll come back to this when I am more funny than freezing [hey! there's a Nude woman up there in the summer, i think], a Nippy*slack*Bippy     brrrrrr

Monday, January 5, 2004


Title:  The mystery is still alive.

"And what do you think of this Operation, gunny Hightower?"  "It's a cluster~f, sir."  Clint Eastwood, Heartbreak Ridge.

  And that pretty much describes the mood of all my cuddies in the Town as we try to sort out the bins from the new contractor.  We'll get thru it tho--just before i go back to my regular Job.  The goof thinks i have capitulated to the capitalistic dream.  WELL, if i had, wouldn't i have a lot more money 2 throw around for my grand=nephews? [Like i said--it'll werk itself is only one kind of Lubricant]

So~~~i had a visitor yesterday who couldn't figger out if i was young/old, feminine/masculine, hip/dork...And i take this as the most extreme Compliment as a jernalist[sic].  id est, my readers know who i am, and that i distinguish little among ages or between sexes {altho if you are going 2 have relations--make sure the other person has at least two eyes on either side of their Nose, and is fairly bright of brain.}  More & better i could tell you, if i saw you Dance...just Once.  Yet seeing that my mind goes in and out of natural sentience and i have lots more werk 2 do tomorro, simply regard me as a templata blanca upon which you can hang your smooches until i write further or Remember better...  ess, ell, ay, see, kay         [end]

Sunday, January 4, 2004


Title: they grow so fast, when you're not Looking.

What you don't know about the abof^ picture is that Maisie and her son's son are staring at a dog's butt in the next yard thru a chain=link fence. I used to be able 2 set up shots like that with an X-camera on 126 film! [and later tonight i will listen 2 oldies on my Reel-to-Reel.] So the contest is 2 find the dog=butt in the digital pic & send it to me cropped & painted[Windows style] by e=mail.  No prizes as yet becos i am dirt poor! {i know, some of you have already started painting...quit now! There ain't no prizes!} Kay is back in the cold Hinterland, altho wild Harry was good 2 check on me as i completed the Sunday puzzle [save 1 letter, damn].  Jim is busy writing the sequel trilogy 2 LOTR ala StarWars pre=1977 [it confuses me too but it keeps the Engineer busy.]  comments are always welcome as i toddle off 2 Paint my own version of Madonna, child & kaka=dooty dog~tail...still no prizes, slackus inimitabilus

Saturday, January 3, 2004

2600 & counting

Title: Tania takes a good picture of Her fambly...

You gotta love these people, especially as the new year begins---i know i do.  And my printer avec ink has done a good job as well of Rendering the pix for Great Grandma's enjoyment.  I'll get the hang of it as i go along~~cos i'm all over it, journalistically.  Love as well to Jen & Jeff & Wyatt in the New Year Inclusively--your pix are Next.  Hey! it's just a jernal about my Fambly after all...  extra smooches as i go back to werk & Read every=body [ok--i'll take Sunday off and finish the hard puzzle!]  good days, good year this And4    {slack}

Friday, January 2, 2004


Title:  Called Back To Werk.

One may ask out of curiosity what i did for New Year's.  Well, i made the green=ghost road~worthy by getting some tail=pipe & brake date=ups.  The mechanics love 2 werk on my old car 'cos it's all funny noises! Some of the problems they can fix with large rocks.  But it is a hard car to kill.

Nevertheless, i went to bed early and totally missed Guy Lombardo & all the others.  In fact, i slept like a babe!  Right thru any local noise and falderall.  I must be rapidly approaching middle=age. OH! The bank thing~~since And 1 i have been printing the year just like that on chex/deposits. mm/dd/  But like all revolutionary concepts, it hasn't caught on with Anyone but me.  Funny how the money always goes through!

Regardless of that, i went back to werk temporarily Today--exchanging large crud=buckets for medium crud=buckets.  The new garbage contractor [and yours truly] will be busy for a couple months as we grade=up my site real de travail.  It'll shake out & i don't mind the 'overtime'.  Plus they originally hired me for my especial resiliency.  And if you're not totally bored & asleep by now, WAKE UP ALREADY and start signifying your checks with mm/dd/And4!       20slack04


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