Sunday, December 30, 2007


G bless 'em and preserve them, wherever they are bound. They seal up the Age...  So~HNY Glowers! Onward & Outward...

Sunday, December 30th, end7...what is it about pakistani politix that causes such Horribleness?Which do the Cowardly AssAssins hate more--a woman who Loves her country OR democratic Freedom all=to?! And why did that dillweed have to murder my Beloved BENAZIR? Shame, shame.  On this Page & in the Walley, i am behind of much. it must be years'end. Shortly after i might Deck the Halls~i favour a clearing of the Decks. {or least=the=at, a cleansing of the old calendar in Favour of a bright new one} CAT and the kids were nice enuf to have me for supper on J's commeratif birf=dé---schtanding Beef, made=home masht potatoes, green beans almondine, purple cabeej & antipasto was more Goodness to consume than i deserve! Cake & coffee.  [i'm also werking on the Ham i glazed from KAY; it matches my eyes] OH! the Turtle and i also had a confluence with his class=mate, GENIE, at a local bookery on the Afternoon afore Christmass; that was Especial nice. [she and i have been Communicating via e=mail since the Departure of our piano mentressThe schnow is coming down again fluffily, and i must Fix my Soul toward grander coming things...TwasEverThus, santaSoliscicle&joyfullyJanuarian ~slac~


sunflowerkat321 said...

HYN to you too Slac.

Many smooches....Kat

slacbacmac said...

agreement> with busses!  ~author~


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