Saturday, January 29, 2005


Saturday, January 29, 2005



Mood: my mood is Archival

Weather: sunny, cold but

getting warmer by Celsius!

Thot: "Elections are good...

Imperfect but necessary."


It is just as possible to remember

the future as the past. Hane did

that in her own Way by departing on

the anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

Ya just can't get more pro=life than

to pass with catholic dignity around

such a time. Now, i'm not gonna put

myself in that box; lest one side or

the other comes down on me for

positing for or agin. I figger since I've

never had an abortion nor had to pay

for one, my luck is holding Toward the

eventual resolve of this item.

'Nuf said.


Space: yeah, we should go there over

and over. And now that i've seen the

pictures of Titan, or been there myself

on scant occasions...i recall the Challenger

disaster as a morning horrible. To lose

lives in the sky on perfect endeavour is a

bad yet inevitable step to progress. But,

all the astronauts we've known and lost

did not pass on in vain; theirs is a perfect

Orbit which we can only dream on.

And boldly continue...



There is no excuse for genocide, ever.

G deplores in us the capability we have to

kill each other against our human nature.

He has always hated it, under any name to

which He answers. And there is a book in

Heaven which records all the persons who

have engaged in such Depravity. They will

come to account, and Mercy shall depart

them! Never first, never again, never



Brightness comes in the early morning.

And we should strive to reflect the rays

of the sun. What alternatif is there?

If i am sentimental or True, then cast me

down for strength or Faith. It simply

adheres to me~plus+, I've had more than

a month 2 which i am entitled.

Ask anybody.


Thursday, January 27, 2005


Go around & Come around,

you won't see the same things



If i eat anothre hoagie, i might

turn into one. Just saying.


Apparently, the Eagles are going

to meet the New England Pats.

If Nature holds, the Birds will

prevail...Only becos the BOSOX

have ended their ball=base jinx

most recently. Perhaps, but then

i don't follo such things too close.


Message 2 George Walker Bush:

leave my sociable security alone.

And pull out the Marines from the

Harm you & the othre Neo=Cons

have put them in. At the nearest

opportunity, providing fair Elections.

I am not alone in this, considering all

the catafalques i've seen.


id est, it is still possible to change the

Werld by leaving well enuf alone.

No=one wants to die, and there is no

true ending in it anyway. So, drop your

pistols & your bombs And think of a

better, more perfect way to Resolve

the Differences. Just saying^


It came to me of a sudden last Sunday

as a Voice from the Matriarch. She

knockt @ my door and said,"Hey, boo."

It was a sweet cajole to Awaken to my

necessary business the rise of Day.

{i have heard my Father the same way

in simple Dremes} There=after, both

Fear & Trouble ceased to have a hold

on the Advocate. Such a voice, so

resolutely set 2 my Endeavours!


There are no Bones nor Breath in me

to fight against natural intention.

All of us will come to Sweet agreement.


i am surrounded by flowers and recently

remembered friends~it is enuf.

And Heaven hold me to the Voices i

obey. slac

Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Title: Enduratus


Mood: preoccupied

Weather: less than ideal

for drive=testing the Green

Ghost... schtuck!

Thot: "The trick to acting

well is to engage the Mind.

Forswear extraneous acts

until the thots are clear.

The true & correct Path will

make itself evident, if that

Mind is less cluttered than

the werld."


Wednesday, January 26...

OR~something like that...

My brother, the Engineer is

a blessing to me; i rely on

his sharp mind to tell me

things i have either forgotten

or not yet experienced as the

days come on. {i proddle

myself that this is his first

life without a Natural mother

as well} It is good, after so

long a time of being an

ADVOCATE, to have a person

who serves in same action.

Mutual trust! Of course,

that same affection adheres

to all my fambly who are

upholding me in my Times

of trial^^ Day by Day...


And an appreciatif Smooch

and hugs to All my Readers

and Commentators who

have rung in with both Love

and Empathy...i wouldn't be

here without your kind

Attentions. Your cloudy

Knight is only so far behind

the InterWeb becos reality

impends & intrudes on his

natural inclination to catch

the Adipose as it arrives.

{that's^ only potery if one

reads it as such...ask Vince,

or Flo, the Kat or Mumsy,

Viv, Hans, Muse, Kayy AND

even the Girl=Jersey}

I am joined by Glowers in my

partial Solitude; a thousand

good Angels will alight here

on this page...which there

WE'd have and thus travel,

joined in Confluence,

Perfect only as we come to

it, remembered 4 all=time!



Tuesday, January 25, 2005


In Advance of all=else,

And proceeding as an Executioner

OR personal representatif of all

things both deliberate and well

considered by both Time and

Circumstance, i posit the following


teaser = good morning!

*Advocate = bon matin

teaser = cold enough there?

*Advocate = yes, very much so

teaser = here too!

*Advocate = but you're going to the islands

teaser = []

teaser = short trip

*Advocate = still...warm there

teaser = ahhh....yesss

*Advocate = the californians are winging west

teaser = good visit?

*Advocate = yes--entertained Ann much last night

teaser = hee hee

teaser = lots of beer again?

*Advocate = just a couple

teaser = she was a hurting puppy Saturday night

*Advocate = she looked good @ 530 this morning?!!

teaser = YOU saw her at that hour?????

*Advocate = sure---the three of them were trundling off

teaser = wow! must be time for a nap for you!!!

*Advocate = for a 10 o'clock flight

*Advocate = went back to bed and slept like a top

teaser = ahhhh

teaser = I talked to Engineer on interWeb

teaser = said he's coming over to Haus later

*Advocate = that's right

teaser = have fun!

*Advocate = thanks, will do!

teaser = ok---gotta go pack

*Advocate = lata

teaser= bye

teaser signed off

IMP edited for congruence^ Slac


i might be forgiven for doing all the right things

in the correct ordre, BUT i could also be scorned

and discarded 4 losing a single piece of Paper.

{which won't happen as long as i breathe}

There is not so much so in all the Werld that

we cannot attain Perfection by degrees^

Such & Then, i know my place.

My Deputy, the Engineer, is fully cognizant of

my Bright Intentions...And is a Grand Advisor

of the Path. PLUS+, He drives the good when

slush is all about! And attends my every

positif Action~~such a Brother all should have!

* *

And where is MUMSY?

it pondres me much when i need her most...

Twas only Recently Thus~~

the ADVOCATE who would be Slack.

OR some=thing like it^


Monday, January 24, 2005


Not a boy scout?

Well, then, how did he

come to have all the

aspects of one?


Weather: quite cold

Walking: schlippery

Travel: iffy

Eagles: winning

Mood: schtill


More the suffering of

those relatives who had

to travel north over the

past coupla days...right

into the after=effects of

Hane's Blizzard. Such a

magical & unforeseen

occurence! Flurries!


The companions~

Virginia Mayo

that soap=opera lady

Rosemary Woods

Johnny Carson

...well attended by

lesser knows as well.

But then, one day,

ALL of it will pass on.

ALL of it.


Meanwhile, the green

ghost is enjoying her

vacation in the cold

garage... bueƱo

Saturday, January 22, 2005




Mood: my mood is Snowy.

Music: organ, piano, Cat's

near=perfect voice


The things that went with

her: Rosary, Franciscan

by=laws, TAU cross, Infant

of Prague [from Prague]


My reading: Wisdom 3:1-6,9

"The souls of the just are in the

hand of God, and no torment

shall touch them..."


My points of eulogy:

If opposites attract, Hane & Dad

were a very, very, very attractive


To say my mother was Eccentric

would do an injustice to the word.

She always baked a cake for your

birth=day, didn't frost it and ate

half of it before you came to visit.

Hane and i were doing her medical

history for the doctor who fixed her

one eye that had cataracts, And she

paused at the Question,"Ever had

Seizures?" She told me to write,

"Only the induced kind."

Some people claim that Hane wasn't

a very good house=keeper; i tell

them that my Dad didn't marry her

for her home skills.

She often called people up just to

tell them that she was writing them

a letter. Did Anybody Ever get one

of those letters?

[Finally] Two things that Hane

actually said~"These are the socks

your father wears when he's walking

around bare=foot." And,

"As soon as I get enough money,

I'm gonna find out how much it costs."


It was a cold & snowy day. Dan &

Eva & Janice drove me to the plot.

She was lowered by two very nice Hispanic and one

Bosnian. I was glad to meet them.


{i might have thot to jump into the

Earth myself, but there was a box

in the way} Resurrection!

Rapture! Me? I'll be shovelling the

snow in a little while...and Praying

for my many Helpers. ~slac

Thursday, January 20, 2005


The Whirlwind...

Thursday, January 20, 2005


I am unaccustomed to this level

of Activity.


But, apparently, my siblings are

not. At moments they seem to be

moving faster than the speed of

thought. Still, we are having a

good time of it.


Detritus! The Colonel and i made

two Recycle runs and barely dented

the 31 Year Dynasty of Crud.

The Engineer polished the upstairs

permanent Shunky to a fine sparkle.

Maisie's husband scrubbed the

kitchen to the quicks of his fingres.

Maisie swept and mopped like a

woman possessed. And still, four

of us [3 boys & Cat] managed to

meet with the Priest. Thus it



Irregardless of that~~i am well

attended...and Grateful of it.

Fambly! They show up at the

craziest times.


And yet, and yet. The cold bears

down and the schnow is coming.

Days to accomplish, nights to rest~

What else is there?


Tuesday, January 18, 2005


i am engulfed by helpers and

Angels, neighbors & bright Prospects.

Hane & Mac are holding me fast to

their collectif purpose!

One of my girl=friends posited me

to Good Sleep thus:

[no catfights, please]

Flower=Sun ~ Is there anything you need?

Advocate ~ only love

Flower=Sun ~ You have that!!!

Advocate ~ i am surrounded

Flower=Sun ~ that's good to hear

Flower=Sun ~ Is there a lot of family there

with you now?

Advocate ~ just enuf & many coming forthwith

Advocate ~ [i am an Orphan]

Flower=Sun ~ she is always with you

Flower=Sun ~ but I know the loss hurts deep

Advocate ~ morethesonow!

Flower=Sun ~ I loved the photograph you posted

Advocate ~ she was most b'ful on that day

Flower=Sun ~ yes she was

Flower=Sun ~ she seemed delighted

Flower=Sun ~ very happy

Advocate ~ for some=one who took so much Oxygen,

she carried it well

Flower=Sun ~ my dad was on Oxygen for

quite a while as well

Advocate ~ each breath is precious

Flower=Sun ~ yes it is

Flower=Sun ~ she had many

Advocate ~ and more than i could give

Flower=Sun ~ why do you say that?

Advocate ~ i was her advocate

Flower=Sun ~ she would want you to have no regrets

Advocate ~ she was no burden 2 the last!

Flower=Sun ~ I know that

Flower=Sun ~ it is apparent in what you write

Advocate ~ [saving imp] and i travel

the Road which is presented

Flower=Sun ~ there's little choice in that matter

Flower=Sun ~ you travel well

Advocate ~ and will travel much

Flower=Sun ~ there's still a lot of road ahead

Flower=Sun ~ I'm glad that my road has

crossed yours...and runs parallel at this point

Advocate ~ mercy & beauty, you are also

an especial angel

Flower=Sun ~ now I'm blushing...

Flower=Sun ~ []

Flower=Sun ~ you are a wonderful soul

Advocate ~ imagine~we are only brot in brief

moments to such a same end~

Flower=Sun ~ yes we are

Advocate ~ and each goes to his/her own fair Dignity!!

Flower=Sun ~ all you say is touching

Advocate ~ i am glad that i found all of you,

when Hane was preparing to travel

Flower=Sun ~ well, I am here....if there's

anything I can possibly do, just let me know.

Flower=Sun ~ And I will plan to see you soon

Advocate ~ you are invited 2 the service

Flower=Sun ~ there was no attachement

....what are the particulars?

Advocate ~ i screwed that up--Friday, there will

be visiting @ funeral Home

Flower=Sun ~ time?

Advocate ~ from 7 PM to 830

Flower=Sun ~ is the service at that time?

Advocate ~ Saturday, a Mass of Xian Burial---11 AM

Flower=Sun ~ at what church?

Advocate ~ cherch

Flower=Sun ~ I will see what I can do....I don't know

what the family demands

Advocate ~ it's a Mitzvah~drop in if you may

Flower=Sun ~ I will certainly do my best

Flower=Sun ~ my spirit will be with you in any case

Advocate ~ and i love you for caring after me

in my slight but Poignant trial

Flower=Sun ~ I love you too.

Advocate ~ smooches, kat, i need a nap!

Flower=Sun ~ ok...I will see you later

Flower=Sun ~ rest well

Advocate ~ stay tuned~lata

Flower=Sun ~ bye bye

Advocate ~ ta

so much werk which finds me

cloaked in Beauty for the Trial.

I love you all in Spirit & in truth...

Appreciata/Adorata~the slac

Sunday, January 16, 2005


There's Room At The Cross...

i walked into the Solarium and met a

96 year old former piano teacher.

She played beautifully.


Sunday mornings can be peaceful,

when one is not dreaming of pureed

potato chips.


Andrea the nurse was my morning

Angel. She called me twice at least.

And i went over as fast as my feet

would carry.


Plus+, it's only a block away. And

i know the drill.


There's a Prayer that goes,"LORD,

protect me from my well=meaning

Relatives." I strongly suspect that the

Matriarch said that Prayer each and

every Time i showed up at her bedside.

On both good & bad days. Yet, she

never made a fierce complaint against

me directly---it would've grinded her

natural grace and bloodily pierced my

Fair attentif Aspect. We held each

other at arm's length, out of a certain

mutual respect. But Love was there.

Ask anyone.


Rose Mary called and said,"Well, now

I have to be the funny/crasy one."

And i replied."You are nearly half=way

there." The blood of Hane's blood

attended her well & fully.


The Days are come upon to tell Great

stories of the rheumatic girl from

Framingham! Whose five children are

no less miracles of the shared love of

Brilliant scientists best met @ MIT.

And everything natural which progressed

of their especial union. MAC is holding

her fast from here to the past...their

Love reunited on vapourous planes^


i would grieve that which i cannot

Celebrate~~but i dasn't sully that fine

Example of what they showed me...

That Love is All & there really isn't any

Death or Parting. Just a pause in

perfect meeting; today they are met to

reinforce the Message.


i am glad of the music of the Solarium.

i am glad of Angels who know how to

puree potato chips. And i am especial

Happy that grief is short & passing,

but Love and Forebearance are both

strong and long=lasting.


Remember, then, your own fair Mother

who taught you all the same exact

things. They Orphan us Not.


Wednesday, January 12, 2005




i could give you a list of helpers a

mile long, and then add another

mile. It reboundingly baffles my

simple nature.


Nursing is an active verb.


The Engineer was on the morning

Point run and i was on the admit

catch & clarify. Together, we pulled

a very good moving mission.

Well=coordinated if i do say so my

own self. The Matriarch pulled her

weight and met, again, even more

especial caring people...including her

room=mates~the sleepy Lyla, the

slightly confused Marietta And the

mischievous Charlotte. Grand gals in

a four=bang barracks^ Hane was a

bit sparkly this evening for Nurse Mabel.

That's encouraging to me as the day

comes on...the Brighter Day. And i have

the very high standards. Beauty!


WE hear from JJ, the Navy Nephew,

that his contingent is doing large and

excellent things for the victims of the

Waters near the sub=continent.

Join the Navy~see the world~save some

Lives. Some would say that the American

Military don't accomplish good things in

this crasy werld...but i know different.

This fambly is about the Helping and the

Missions of Mercy. Even granpa MAC in

WW 1 must have done some=one some

Blessing in Old Europe. I'll have to wait a

fair number of years to hear it true^


TIME is a graceful companion all=together.

She waits on us like a winking, blinking,

laughing, emotif Mother. She makes our

sleeping restful & our simple actions

poignant... AND consults with G & J about

our abilities to Bear all things. A kiss in

darkness or in day=light ever offered up.

TIME is another grand lady^


Concluding thot: "You meet the nicest

people, when you have the Need of them."

Another mile of Names added on...

and potent smooches for all ~slack

Sunday, January 9, 2005


soft food & a regular room...


the docs & nurses wanna kick

Hane loose becos she is

coming around and refusing

to be treated like an invalid.

[or a pin cushion, or a consumer

of too much rat=poison.] And

Hey! If i had purple elbows &

a Yellow Purse, i would also

desire to make changes toward

the restful status quo. Yet,

she needs to make still more

and better fysical recovery.

Eighty years of poking & prodding

are quite enuf, thank you^


irregardless of that, Maisie came

down again to crack the whip

with both the patient & the care focus our hearts and

minds on the continuing werk.

Such sisters i have! Lizard was

also brung down from beantown

to sleep in the guest=room &

administer to her namesake.

It was nice [for me] to have yet

anothre companion for which i

could cook my famous scrambled

eggs. And we walk the good

together toward the hospital.

Elemental memory!


Such is the road i travel, not by

hard choosing but becos my feet

naturally fall in front of each

other... G bless & protect all

those who are caught unawares

without stumbling there=on.

The eyes are bright and the

tongue is slaked with pureed

zucchini...even after a large &

malevolent Wave.


Share only the necessary


Thursday, January 6, 2005


Title: Toleration...

Mood: mildly encouraged and

cautiously optimistic

Noise: oxygen passing freely

among friends, neighbors and

newly arrived relatives

Observation: "You can only become

so ill of health that the consulting

Doctors make a sincere effort to send

you somewhere else..."


I prayed the other night that i would

Hear the dulcet tones of my own fair

Matriarch again. Be careful of what

you wish. What i got for my long and

arduous forbearance, was a raspy,

toothless admonition to:

"Shut up!" And then she went back to

the breathing work which is only and

entirely hers to do. Such a crusty old

bird who won't let any=one state the

obvious. Thank Heaven Uncle Danny

[her lesser brother] is there to mitigate

my culpable austerity. Or something

like that. {secret: Danny & Rose Mary

are to Hane as the Engineer & Kay are

to me~the STOPS of our pitiable Hearts

who tell us to,"Cut the Crap! And Get

over Your=self!"}

Meanwhile...Hospital food is really Good,

if you don't have to take it through a

Tube. Ask floralilia if you dasn't believe

the experience i have had of such things.

Also~do not walk against the light when

your favourite JEHOVAH'S WITNESS is

saying Hello. Morning Serendipity^

~the old man who attends fully realised

opulent women---slac


Tuesday, January 4, 2005


Hane, the Matriarch, is expressing

her determination under trying conditions.

Like a spit=fire.  Rose Mary and i are

finding it hard to compete with her intellect!  Twas Ever Thus^

Meanwhile, if i have neglected my best

and favourite Glowers [Vince/Muse]...

It's only because i have about a million other things to currently pay attention to. OR~maybe just as many much the so as

TIME proceeds.  Hane would be proud of how Bill Clinton and George Herbert Walker Bush are joining her solicitude of the tsunami victims.  Perfection!  It ain't such a hard thing to Accomplish in times of Trouble.  Ask Shirley Chisolm who is currently Counseling all the Angels.

Life is Good~~you'd rather something else??         Advocatus=slack   *


Sunday, January 2, 2005


Mass is a good thing.


Hane has an up=day...

writing a blue streak on

her clip=board while

Rose Mary, Jim and i

minister to her. Not to

mention the nurses and

doctors who chart her

progress cumulatively.

She pulled four {4!} hours

on ambient oxygen/air.

Toni & Todd took time out

of their continuing miraculous

recoveries to visit---to me,

they look really, really Good.

Some=times long hard roads

kind of join each other.

Hane watched both the Mass

and the Rosary on EWTN.

{Rose Mary copped some Holy

Water from the cathedral real.}

Have i said recently that miracles

don't surprise me?


I would write about the

staggering tragedies in the South

Seas but to me they are simply

unfathomable. The mind &

soul are numb=struck by their

sheer magnitude. But i Pray no

less for them than for myself &

my fambly...the Trials are great

yet the Rewards of caring are

priceless in the sight of G^

In between dreams of Beauty

i felt a poignant emotion that:

"There are no lapsed Catholics."

{or any other religion, for that

matter} There is just the work

which impels us toward the

unity of Light. So~as long as

one is treading the correct Path,

there are no tripping points.

Mary Baker Eddy probably

agrees with me there. Join!

OH, Angels the songs of G's

fantabulous plan! It's a

mitzvah. The ruddy infant is

blessed and the yoke is mild.

OR~if you have a more Eastern

mind, remember to

Hear all & Say Nothing...

Bear all & Do Nothing...

Abandon all & Be Nothing.

{Also, pray as if every=thing

depended on Jehovah; Act as if

every=thing depended on You.}



Sunday, January 02, 2005^

Saturday, January 1, 2005


Happy New Year to us All.


The hospital, like the Werld is

quiet...Recovering from last night's

party. My brother, the lieutenant

Colonel [ret. USMC] flew back

early this morning to his native

beloved Left Coast. He's only a

cell=fone away. Maisie [my sister]

and her husband took me and the

Engineer [my baby brother] out to

Lunch. Hane's baby sister joined us

and the meal was memorable.

Hane's sister is a Nurse...and much

the more. She is my back=stop,

Agent, Deputy, surrogate mother

and about a million othre good

things i find hard to describe.

We are extremely and profoundly

happy that she came to counsel us.

Rose Mary is, simply, a Blessing.

And the best friend any struggling

Matriarch could have, blood or no

blood. If i loved her any=more i

would burst at the seams. And

she makes Hane est as

much of laughter as the Matriarch

is capable of expressing. Beauty.


Everyone asks after me...How i am.

Hell! I'm in a sheet=box of my own

construction! A Man who loves his

Fambly too long & too well might

come to a bad middle. Bullsheet.

The love of their concern and my

Action OR inaction burnish my

humane resolve. Over time i have

become fearless of a great many

things. But it is hard to discern becos

i hold the secrets i know close within

my fierce Nature. And i passel them

out in fair and appropriate Measures.

Mine is not the common coin of

stress/distress OR panic & worry.

I accomplish the necessary and

prove the great proceeding miracles

by calling on their eminent chance

and possibility. Faith! I can be a

stern survivor of much...but the trick

is to make it look effortless. Who

else needs such an advocate? I'll be

taking applications within the Year.

Well! Enough about me!

Hane is doing her thing Admirably.

Many of us would pray to proceed

as well under like conditions.

And there it is. A Mother's Love is

endless & Perfect---She teaches us

everything in turn and in time.

No wondre the Christ took time out

of His crucifixion to console the

mothers of Israel. And yet~that

Saving baby is not yet Anointed.


Rocky is Hane's favourite Grand.

And grand=nephew Noah spoke the

much at me last night by fone.

And those things which are not yet

Perfect are approaching that state

in their own sweet moment.

prospero nuevo anno...




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