Tuesday, August 31, 2004


title: Amalgamatus

music: Bruce Hornsby

mood: fair

thot: "man! these discs

are small compared to

vinyl and open reels."


Perhaps there are too many

'cats' in the werld. As in,

all the girls i know named

Cathy, Kathy, Catherine,

Katherine, Catharine...

etcetera. Even my special

bus=driver has that name!

[She pickt me up in the

yester pour=down & was

only slightly delayed by the

cloud=burst.] OR maybe,

there should be more of



Coverage! The Olympix were

all the good; now~yet anothre

political convention And the

U.S. OPEN. Guess which one

i'll be following the more of.

{there is a tendency in my

Nature 2 prefer watching young

Russian women serving Aces

than 2 hear long speeches by

the Bush fambly} Dial the dial,

there will be balloons all=to.

It is popularly believed that

this is the end of Summer...

Truth could not be more distant!

WE have many days of sun &

harvesting to attend to before

Septembre turns cool & wet.

It is as much as i have just

said. Fair & milder^


Tuesday, 31 August, 2004

Meanwhile & today, the West

end of town is full of police.

I know this becos there was

an incident outside the Grox

store this afternoon. Just as

i was toting my bags out the

door, even. Extreme subduxn

of a lift=shopper, i believe...

HE was in public distress of

probly being pepper-sprayed

And still had some gall in guts

to resist his captors.

{If OR When i am snatched in

such a position, i might, i hope

go limp as a clam} Bless my

prayers that the poor man

comes 2 a good middle.

For me, i proceeded off that

parking lot without gawking,

much. PLUS+ i am far too

busy keeping Hane in the red

juices. I tote, therefor, i go.


Where the Lisa Loring was

i? Hane is schleeping thru an

old movie; Blade has had his

Wisdom all pulled out. My

girlfriends are re=aligning

their line=on priorities in face

of Reality. Catch the catch,

we'll get there. My ride is

not so wild~OR, if it is,

well~it is @ least brief...


Sunday, August 29, 2004


Sunday after=noon with



Which leaves...


THAT~ this is possible:

Glowers meet

on a regular basis.


{Natural Estriving...}


To dream the dream:

Motion for motion's sake.


OH, Well. We will

get there. Eventually.


It [English] was

my especial milieu aside

from Recess.


AND other

things else of which i

can't ponder.


There^ you have,

a collexion of disjointed

thots. Potery, perhaps.


Sunflower droppt by

yesterday with a bunch

of discs & I was glad to

see her. [She left her

trademark sun=hat in

the van.] Check her Glow

for impressions of the

slack=shack... OR all her

good pictures! Dancer

is cracking the whip @

school on her especial

forensicateurs by now

after such a grand tour

of many Glowers. [she

barely misst one of them

in the foggy NorWest.]

I am jel that she also saw

Dylan & Willie in concert!

{i attended a Nelson fambly

concert in the 80s...and so

recommend it 2 anyone}

Floralilia is so busy with

life that her tiara has a glean

of summer tarnish~Never

Mind, her knights & squires

will heretofor & forthwith

polish it by hand unto its

deserved Glory! Nuggets!


"And me? Well, i went on

to become the most beloved

character in Western folklore."

~Jack Elam, Support Your

Local Sheriff

Sunday, August 29, 2004...



Friday, August 27, 2004


Title: bounce the bounce

Mood: peripatetic

Music: Billy Joel, the



Thought: "When i catch

on to this thing, i believe

I will abandon it entirely."


{i do not encourage nor

solicit my children to drive

or park like me---it might

lead to a bad middle.}


Which leaves us where?


"The world is large & filled

with especial individuals---

i know, I've met nearly less

than half of them."


Thot: "when all the Rivers

meet at the Ocean, are they

still not only a collection of



And thus it is possibly so.

It amazes me at this time &

in this Age, that so many

Glowers are bumping into

each othre on a regular basis.

[a macro=model of Quantum

Mechanix allows for this.]

More=over & less=the=never,

i take no personal credit for

such especial confluences.

Would that the werld could

operate always on this level.

WAIT! It does! Nations of

Olympians are still thus

meeting as are the forces of

political nature in cities all

over the globe...Often for

good & sometimes for very

bad consequences, results.

{Natural Estriving...}

Point of a Point: WE offer

a new twist on simple

meetings~so many of us

are co=joined Advancely of

Purpose; and we tend to

throw off Pretense. Thus~

is it a new paradigm or

simply a progressif evolution?

{i am not so deep & heavy

in this regard...it's just

anothre ponderance to me}

Thursday, August 26, 2004^

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

To dreme the dreme:

Meanwhile & apparently,

we=all had so much fun

meeting each other that

Now...none of us can catch

our collectif adipose with

all hands. Pages! Pix!

Posts! It's like when your

answering machine has

twenty messages and you

have no Time to listen to

them all. Hmm~remember

when those fone machines

were analog, with tape

schpools & evything?

{i date myself there but

never had one. Somehow,

we survived.} Any=way,

i have already posited that

August is the oppressif

month of freneticism.

Movement for motion sake.

A veritable sheetstorm of a

month... OH, Well~we'll

get there. Eventual^

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Jay, G bless him, has a very

interesting assignment.

[parafrase:] "Select & expound

on your favourite elementary

skool subject--with linx & pix

of gourse." [end of parafrase]

Nobody is going to believe

this, but my dearest endeavour

in Catholic grade=school was:

(All gasp~) Spelling! It was

my especial milieu aside from

Recess. And, on more than

one occasion, i beat the best

three girls @ stand=up spelling

Bee. [this frustrated the Nuns

to no end---that a mere boy

could excel in the language

arts in the face of superior

feminine communicative

orderliness.] There=after i

became both slave & master

to the written, Read or

understood word. There was

also a Nun in high school who

couldn't believe i wanted to

take a typing & shorthand

course instead of collegebound

honours classes. I had an

inkling that pounding on a

keyboard was eventually going

to be the goto job in future.

Little did i know as a piano

playing Writer, or later in

college Actual---Math, Science

& yes, SPELLING would inter-

sect. (the top=desk computre)

Enuf of dat!^ i shoulda taken

a coupla shop=courses so

i could have fixt three of the

cars i've sacrificed 2 the

crusher. And instead of me

on the mark, you'd be Reading

the concommitant Remarks

of a motor=head. AND other

things. OR else of which i

cannot ponder^

Remember 2 add 2500 to my

hit=countre; i am widely Red

by fans of large, impetuous

Werds. PLUS+ i may posit

strings of text which no person

has far=thus encountered.

And, yes, we'll all catch up.


Friday, August 27, 2004^

Tuesday, August 24, 2004


Title: Rescue on Rescue

Mood: salvatory

Noise: philly news...

Thot: "As soon as i catch

on to this thing, i think

I'll abandon it entirely."


Cat & Rocky popped in on

us & found us...fairly

relaxt. They have so much

more going on in their lives

than us; altho, to be true,

the August malaise has

descended lightly on them.

PLUS+ They had to Rescue

Rocky's auto from a parking

problem akin to my trip to

werk on the rescue of my

classic sheet=mobile.

Mercies & Blessings! At

least, the weathre is good

for such Adventures!

{i do not encourage or

solicit my 'children' to drife

or park like me---it can only

lead to a bad middle.}


Which leaves us where?

AT the schtore? AT the

farmacy? Running around

like monkeys with 4 wheeled

Stereos? It pondres me much

and so. Forward we must

proceed becos anti=time has

not yet been discovered.

[i am werking on it.]


The werld is large & filled

with especial Individuals---

i know, i've met almost less

than half of them. And the

day is Young! {i posit myself

on the rather Aristotlean

assumption that We Ain't

seen nothing Yet.} Which

does not include periodic

Mechanical troubles.

[incomplete sentence]^^

Advise of the Advise &

Rescue the Rescue...


Tuesday, 24 August, 2004


Monday, August 23, 2004


Title: Bells? Balls? Soft=Ball?

Mood: attentif

Noise: beach ball=volley

Thot: "When you have too

much gas, often you are left


Yesterday, i was watching all

the Diving...this morning i saw

team handball. Apparently it

is like water=polo without all

the schwimming. Also, the

various American boat=men

have done well---from skiffs to

canoes. Not like i'm following

any of it real closely; but the

Olympix are a necessary break

from ordinary Sports programming.

[Celebrity BlackJack? Arena

football? NASCAR crashes?]

Just saying^

The cat=sitting job is over & i had

a grand time with the girls and

their clay shunkies. Still, like all

spoilt children~they prefer Mom &

Dad to the presence of a stranger.

{This is an ideal way to interact

with pets---One week in the Year.}

Again, since they know me, the

kitties were not much traumatised.

OH! Sometime Saterday, i ran

around like a nut on my way to

werk. And that included buying

$20 werth of gasoline for the

green=ghost. [see Thot abof^:

this antique auto actually prefers

to run on fumes.] Nevertheless,

she had run all the good for more

than a month. To=day was the

exception. She apparently

swallowed too much of ethyl for

the ride home. {i have only said

that^ sentence 4 or 5 times within

my real life.} Anyway, i tried and

tried 2 start her and she would have

none of it. I took the bus home and

was especially consoled by my

regular gal bus=driver. Tomorrow,

the Rescue! Tap~vroom

[one of the Parish detectifs was

impresst that my green beauty runs

at all...and was no help] PERHAPS:

the car is both jealous of conflux

AND cat=sitting?! Hmmm...

My garden is thick with Cucumbres.

They are almost killing the tomatoes!

And i only planted that one vine.

Mercy & Egregement, i totally missed

the Anniverersal Ball with all these

petty kerfuffles~~a slight amount of

extra petrol in your chariot and

things descend precipitously into the

lower rings of DANTE'S purgatory.

There you have~~if i rescue & remit

all possibles within my purvue,

then who will ameliorate my thus

engendered conditions & fates?


It's all Greek to me^^ fleur de wall

@ the Ball, the steadyfooted slac


Saturday, August 21, 2004


Oh! Mortal sin!

Today was not only

the greyest day at the

yard, but also those

Wedding Anniversaries

of Maisie & Lou, J&J

[parents of Wyatt].

Fambly forgif!

{August steals up like

a set of cats @ the

neighbors' haus...} OR,

as the goof observes:

"You are too busy with

your line=on GFs."

In lieu of lame excuses,

i offer a Kodiak of them^

{Anniversaries of all kinds

will eventually cut into

my life=real} YET,

apparently long marriages

are a good thing...and my

Fambly posits the many

good Examples.


Soon & For=ever^^

Friday, August 20, 2004


Thot: "there's not an Olympic

event in Confluencing?!"


Title: Hot Friday


Mood: summery


Music: Airco, Olympix


Friday, August 20, 2004

The soop is all. I've been

catching the Greek Games

in spits & spats while

watching cats. It seems

we're doing alright in

everything but skeet shoot

and badminton. Oh, well.


Of the conflux, Flo has the

best over=all rendering...

excellent really, considering

she was at the shore a scant

week ago. Yes, that is a real

babbling brook we sat on the

edge of---altho our babbling

almost drowned it out. Did

we say the time was too brief?

OR was it obvious? Still, it

was all the fun. [i can picture

Dancer just getting to the air

port and telling security,"Let

me on the plane! I'm a Glower."]

And to think~~only one of us

was werking 4 the FBI setting

up a complicated sting. Does

anyone know how to de=bug

a late model Chrysler?


Meanwhile, the Hot is back.

I pray the people in Florida

are getting the relief they need

after Charley...i know a little

about what it's like to live

without Power for a week.

{the Florida Glowers will

advise^} AND~without making

a political statement, some

Iraqis would rather have such a

hurricane than their current

circumstance. We can pray for

them as well: especially the

misguided persons who are

trying to destroy a good thing

[Democracy] just as it is taking

hold. Pray on Pray, then, it's

a Mitzvah.


Have i been concise & cogent?

My entries are not generally

noted for it. WAIT! We're

still having a Party! With or

without those ubiquitous

Alerts from our sponsors.

Seems like only the yester

when we began doing torches

and floats and...every=thing.

SO~without totally losing my

train of thot, i'm gonna bounce

to my faves & schniff the Wind.

And bask like a lazy tourguide

until...Sundayish slac


Tuesday, August 17, 2004


Title: well=met, part II


mood: cheery


Point of Explanation:

The HamFam is a diner in

these parts; HamFam is

short for Hamilton Family...

it isn't really named after the

Hamiltons. It's named after

the street it's on.


The day was hot & sunny but

comfortable. The parking was

tight because they're adding on

to the HamFam @ this moment.

Sunflowerkat was the first to

find me; Floralilia was not far

behind. Mumsy/Dancer was a

bit late because she decided to

get a better look at the town.

[If you ever travel here, be

prepared to find roads that lead

nowhere & signs that don't mean

what they say. It's how we trap

visitors & turn them into long

time residents.] Lunch!

Flo had the stuffed pepper.

Kat & Mumsy each had the

broccoli & cheese omelet.

I had the chicken breast sand=

wich with fries. Dessert!

Mumsy had rice pudding;

Flo had tapioca. I had the

corn chowder~albeit as a

precursor, not dessert per se.

(Logic slip, that^)

Then, we droned on & on about

camp & kids & catholic school.

And about a hundred other

funny things. Some of which

will no doubt find their way into

print. The waitress & the busboy

were nice and efficient...

{Advertising copy: "No finer

diner then the dam hamfam,

ma'am!" OR maybe in iambic



I am suddenly reminded of the

Pink Floyd song that ends,"How

can you have any pudding if you

don't eat your meat?!" Is that

how it goes?


We walked around the lake...

more a duck=pond actually And

sat togethre on the banks of the

creek for fotografs. Sunflower

had the good camera & set up

the shots~she has the eye for it.

Beauty & beauty, i bet they're

good shots. Then we trundled

back to the searing green=ghost

for car=pix. That is, my car had

a good time @ the Confluence

as well~altho she was hotter

than hot 2 lean against. Don't

do thisat home! Shoot your

auto when it's cold & dark OR

shady & moving.


Enduring impressions:

>Mumsy is still a wild woman.

>Flo is off=the=hook funny.

>Sunflower is just as pretty

and perky as her Glow.

>I am a fairly good tourguide

once you find the place i try

to get you to.


Pictures! As they arrife!

Meetings! Fun & werthwhile!

Hyperbole! Anyone can do it.



Monday, August 16, 2004


title: Sunny skies


mood: Anticipatory


thot: "Dog days? Doldrums?

Not in these environs."


Yesterday, Sunday, i pulled

weeds for the widow. It was

nearly more fun than werking

on my own yard.

Later, Cat & the kids celebrated

Kay's b'day by bringing Apple pie

and Neopolitan Ice cream to the

Matriarch. OH~~and eggs...we

needed a few of them between

grox runs. We had much fun

watching the Gymnastics and

sussing out the difference

between the werds, "body fat"

and "bobby pins". Neither of

which would help you much on

the balance beam. Hmm...


Today: Monday, August 16, 2004

I did my typical good werk @

werk with scant contraband.

Rose, the receptionist, was in an

especially good mood. Come to

think of it---everybody in the

Town was bright & congenial.

[Hurricane Charley has had a

devastating effect in Florida...

Yet, this Region has been fairly

blesst with moderate niceness.]

Some=thing in the Aer^


The green=ghost is champing

at the bit. She wants to make a

good impression @ the next

impending Confluence. AND get

her foto publisht round=about

in all the best Glows. Fortunate

Me~~i just have 2 remember 2

wear a certain gifted Tee-shirt.

And, perhaps, keep evybody else

on tenterhooks until WE post of

this next best Meeting of the

Minds. {It'll be a walk in the park}


Reminded of Reminding:

Perhaps lightning can strike twice

in proximity. The Slack will advise.

Tomorro & tomorro...

Tap~VROOM^ and, of gourse,

Well=Met Smooches

Saturday, August 14, 2004


Title: between the Rock & the hard Place


Mood: Assignatory


Music: my own


TEXT: Jay provides a simple & EASY

test by any standard...He posits that we

can remember well the few journal entries

that Impacted our lives in this, our

Anniverseral time. YET, i disagree that

it is easy OR simple. Let me, therefor

drone on in bulletted form>>

the fire @ mary's glow

the demise of Journal Enquirer

the spoof @ Almedare

realising that all the Glows were especial in

their own write [reverting to asterisks]

* those first times i visited:

*Mumsy, Muse, DesertDawg, Flo...

*my own rages @ Aol 9...

*those PentaGlowers who have stopped by

here OR who just disappeared...And

*inadvertent lapses in really funny glows


SO~you see, i could go on right into the

Anniversal age of my Arrival on the

PentaGlows OR, disregard all of them for

a Moment when journaling changed my

Life~~it either hasn't happened or it is

Thus all around me. Confluence!

I have been influenced as a filosofer by

All of them^ i go on too long and the task

is more difficult than it appears.

'Twas ever Thus...

Saturday, August 14, 2004...

The Capsizer is mostly correct. It is

about the random thots. And you can't

get more eclectic in that regard than to

bounce here. I'll talk about just about

any=thing, perhaps. Like: one of my

sisters is having a birthday tomorrow.

Which, by coincidence, she shares with

the recently sainted Julia Child. And my

sister cooks almost as good...that is, i

hope Kay lives to be 91 & makes me a

messy omelet the next time i see her.

[the down=side of Kay's especial day

is that Elvis Presley passed away that

same week when she lived in Memphis]

AS i have sometimes said in my inky

jernals: Big Changes naturally seem to

happen in August. Ask anybody.

Today was contraband day at the yard.

Some people just don't get the concept of

Recycling. They bring all the wrong schtuff

OR on the off=day i'm not here and the

gate gets left open...they bring garbage.

PEOPLE! People! It's a recycling centre,

not a dump. My first customer brought bags

of grass, which they were going to toss

plastic & all into my low roll=off. Seeing as

i had just arrived, i sternly said,"Empty the

Bags." Then, after i noticed what they were

discharging, i added,"You know the hauler

picks up grass in open containers..."

Mercy~the things 10% of the people will get

up to when they think nobody's looking.

{i am werth every sheckel the parish pays

me to regulate such things.} 'Nuf Dat^


Speaking of summer Olympics: i watch it

for the Swimming & the Diving~most often

the girls. SO, it surprised me when i heard

on NPR that the English team was being

admonished for wearing white lycra suits.

IN the werds of King George,"Bring it On!"

The original Olympians did evything in the

NUDE & they had to schwim in brackish

water. And after what happened at the

SUPERBOWL, who cares if the NBC cartel

has to pixelate a few British nips & camel

toes? ON ten variegated channels?

[the female long=jumpers & pole=vaulters

can be just as entertaining in their fashion.]

I'll drop the subject for now, because, like,

I'm not a sports fan largely.


Which brings me Accidental to the News

from New Jersey. EXCUSE me, if i do not

weep for the Governor. At last count, the

clouded gentleman Democratic exemplar

has...hmm---TWO wives, TWO dafters AND

a boyfriend that he picked and paid to spend

time in his, administration. We should all be

so lucky! Without getting into how Jersey

could be the next ground=battle for same-sex

Marriagitators~~wasn't it nice of Jim to

schedule his apparent resignation until after

the next election? Oh, crud & Never Mind~

it'll shake out in ways i cannot Today imagine.

PLUS+ i can't posit the litigation all=to^

more=over, i am not political

{base=fans: do not Incenderise on that^}

Every=thing else proceeds apace and in its

own Time...there are Confluences within

Confluences and the wide=slack werld will

posit 2 them Eventual. Torches, Up!

*Wildly Red, yet fiercely Unknown out=side

of certain circles~ opinionated slack


Thursday, August 12, 2004

i was having a conversation with myself the

othre day and there was a fierce argument

about what the capsizer likes and dislikes.

Pretty embarrassing for me because i was

shopping in the ware=hard store at the time.

OH! Wait~that was a dreme! OR maybe

something i remember from reading the

fenceman...darn this amnesia^


i was bouncing on the interweb when Hane

discovered that she was out of cheese---

And not just any cheese, but her like all

time always especial favourite Cheddar.

Curse my lack of foresight regarding the

acquisition of this particular item~Thank

the gods that the farmers' market is open

again tomorrow for the rectification of

such a blatant deficit. There's a Monty

Python sketch in there and poignant

commentary towards the presiding Ad-

ministration. For which i will only

remember the incumbency upon myself

to procure the cheese and leave the rest

for larger minds. More attentif persons?

Haben du duzzensouch? Ausenbotty?


Much good news: Toni & Todd are

recovered enuf to plan a party...the

Engineer is once again @ werk in the

Deep South. Near the Capsizer and his

fambly. Rocky had a little bump with a

pick=up truk~but for one so young i am

thankful, as an Uncle, that her first

accident was especially minor in its

Totality. [i have ruined more than a car

and a half in my brief drifing history.]

ALL the Grands of all them are breathing

well into future days/ OR, in anothre way

of saying: nothing notably bad appears on

the horizon for our grey=haired friends.

{Day by Day, the song goes} Apprise of

the Apprise becos 1 catastrophe can

throw evything out of whack^

Wait! This is the good news and i am

partly responsible for it.

Recycle i must & force out the dumps of

the Shunky. Hurricanes are coming around,

named of Bonnie Charley>>aren't they both

feminine names? It pondres me and i will

have 2 be advised of their travels---hunker

down for the duration. {it's rare that two

hurricanes strike in one week} Courage!



mood: advise of such^


Signation: "Operate on the Assumption that

revelation is Impossible; then, perhaps, you

may have Amazing dremes."

Wednesday, August 11, 2004


The oxygenator, she is whispre quiet.

It is almost unnerving. I am so used

to a window=rattling machine stuck

in the guest room. Wheezing and

heaving like the little old lady who

depends on the fresh air. One day i

will become accustomed to both, or

neither. {By which time, i'll probly

need my own super=quiet Robot}

The soop is as good as it gets and

it's only a week old. There are no

secrets to the Recipe; you buy one

of those plastic bags full of fifteen

different beans and follow the

directions. Especially the soaking

of the beans overnight and the

acquisition of a real ham hock.

The soop can be created pareve but

i don't remember doing it that way.

[since i have a good number of hot

peppers, my next project will be to

create some Big=ass, Bad=ass billy

chili...preferably with hot or sweet

sausage.] Meanwhile, the garden

has been good for providing items

to my werk=a=day salads. Now if

only i could get the hang of growing

my own Lettuce! Speaking of

obituaries (and who was?), i can

scarcely believe that we lost both

Red Adair & Fay Wray. It's a case

of barely remembering to mourn

because you may have already thot of

them as gone. Hane does this all the

time with Celebrities; she puts them

in the ground before their time on

account of she hasn't heard of them

doing anything Recently. And it's

more than a profoundly excitable

argument to prove to her that many

wonderful former stars still breathe.

Television [and old movies] don't

help the Matriarch much...Fred Rogers

still has his brilliant program; the

Frugal Gourmet does not. Julia Child

appears now & again, but Hane is

convinced that Dan Aykroyd killed her

by way of a nearly forgotten Saturday

Night Live sketch. {"Save The Liver!"}

I am not being morbid nor offering

special criticism of Public Television~

some people are truly passed on and

many others entertain in Branson or

Las Vegas. [WE old people should

either travel more OR visit the many

web=sites which publish mortuarial

Truth] Enuf of that! There are real

people risking their lives & sacred

honour in Middle Asia. There is a

genuine complacency which settles in

when some=one lives in the freest nation

on Earth. And there you have^

Let G protect this favoured Republic

with representatif Democracy....

Hope on Hope.


Thot: "it's only back=wise if you also

notice the TEXT is down=side up."


Noise: ball=base until Star Trek



Mood: i am editorialistic


TITLE: This & That

Tuesday, August 10, 2004


Title: the wild werld


Mood: astounded


Music: U2, Joshua Tree


Thot: "you are not so much

having a mid=life crisis, as a

mid=crisis life."



i just got an IMP from Kayy that

some=body is going ape=sheet

with a gun around the environs

where her daughter werks. And

like a protectif mother she wants

to drop everything and go help.

OF which i advised her to hang

tough & let the authorities do the

werk they are trained for. THEY

only call it an emergency when

you aren't directly involved...And

when the responders do what they

do best---Respond. God bless them

and we pray for a good result of

such crasiness.


CROSSES & NAILS! There are

multitudinous troubles and problems

on this Venue; minor and major,

short and long=term...YET, the best

of us travel thru them And arrife out

better on the brighter day. WE have

each other; that is also Anniverseral.

And if you relish bad news and

calamity...well, the newspaper still

comes everyday. With puzzles and

comics no less.


Where was i? OH, Yeah, blogs &

glows~relax, people. It's just a thing.

You can change the crasy werld with

it if you choose. {Look @ me: i am

wildly read.} OR, you can turn back

the Tide of Troubles with beauty,

simplicity and sublime Honesty.

Not 2 mention pretty pictures.

Humanity will not become less ugly

or Unpredictable becos of a Glow;

but, it is a schtart.


Twas ever Thus! Anothre confluence!

Merely days away~~at that junction or

juncture, WE will solve the wild ills

which confront us. IT is a mild and

brief concatenation for our partaking.

It is our luck & lucidity to have such

a meeting. I smell secondary and

especial Revolution~oh, Wait! That's

the Shunky. [Hane got a new & quieter

Oxygenator today.]


Tomorro i may learn 2 write in regular

English. BUT: until such a difficult

true prospect, i would bounce you to

my regulars. This is not a coded

message^ the hard=hoping slack


Sunday, August 8, 2004


Title: Revisited


Sunday, August 08, 2004


Mood: echoic


Thot: "you call that déja-vu?"


The weathre is delightful

for rip, rooting & ruining...

It's not so much a garden as

a tangle of unrelated plants.

AND insects of multiple variety.

Three large cucumbres!

Eighteen cherry tomatoes!

And the hot pepper plant

produces in the midst of wild

Ivies. The more i pull schtuff,

the more crud i find to get rid

of. Werking on it^

Startle me Especial: Hane

is watching all the base=ball.

She woke up in the middle of

my three stooges and pondered

whether she could watch the

EWTN Mass...of gourse Not,

I am rarely & barely awake with

so much soop in my belly to let

the Matriarch interrupt my

perfect doing of the Puxxle.

Time passes~the green=ghost

takes me around here & there.

AND then i rip around the

garden/tangle 2 make some bags

of yard crud for werk tomorro>

The pressure, she is off.

fasic reality alteration...

This ball=base goes on 4ever^

Mumsy is back from her

West=wise Adventure & IMPs

me about felines & filosofy.

Flo, the queen, is beginning

her vacance. {If this be

Sunday, imagine the bounces}

Anniversaries concatenate!

If *you* have read thus=far,

it would be apparent or simple

that this entry is parallel to

the last>> it's a Sunday

experiment. I am not editorial

by nature~just a brief Glower.

Tomorro, maybe more...

AND, perhaps, less derivatif!

{comment freely}

Friday, August 6, 2004

Title: regrouping


Friday, 06 August, 2004


Mood: relieved


Thot: "Now, i can relax a

little; or can i?"


The weathre is delightful

for rip, rooting & ruining

that patch of land i refer to

as my yard. Altho~the bees

and bugs and birds do not

appreciate me getting

schtarted so late. They give

me dirty looks as i tear apart

their eco=system with the

electric tools i have borroed.

{More=over, i can now walk

to my vegetable garden and

gather comestibles...}

Cool & delicious! I am

werking to beat the next

rain=storm. And creating

plenty of bags of greenery

which i can haul to werk.

[or put @ the curb]

Startle me Especial: We

have just lost Rick James.

I haven't even posted my

tribute 2 Eugene Roche.

Not to mention that great

French fotografer...

YES~the good die young.

Would that none of us were

travelling inexorably to the

same blinking fate!

The pressure, she is off.

IT also amazes & changes

me that i spent a week on

the PentaJernal Page

without being bumpt or

shunned! Of gourse, i kept

it clean & slightly readable.

Thereyago^ {i can relax now

and return 2 my true nature.}

Appreciata all Visitories!

I hear there's an Election

going on---it flips Nor grinds

me not. There are many days

between To=day & October.

Over=more, i have fellow

bloggeurs to entertain around

the middle of August.

The slac is not obtuse; he

writes only 2 the day.

AND werks like a macly mule.

[visit my busy=babes...]


Wednesday, August 4, 2004


Title: glowing twilight


My Mood is gracious.


Noise: Airco & Jeopardy


Thot: "i could Bounce myself

silly Visiting all my friends and

compatriots...but my fame is

fading and they already know

who i am."


With profound humility i pass

this torch to the next five especial

Penta=glowers. It marvelled me

how much my new Visitories enjoyed

the slack=werld; better yet, my

regular Readers forcefully encouraged

me to ride the beast, or ghost, or

spirit~~to improve by increments

Some=thing i was already doing!

AND such a good week & month to be

thus honoured, met & Begun^

[i had nearly forgot how nice it was

to read & write on the front page of

Awol~~i mean AOL.] Did i mention my

humility and Tertiary compliments to

the Editors? Fade the fade, it's a good



Confluences! Flags! Floats...and

party participation i can barely suss

out on this inter=web. And except for

Yesterday, i am somewhat behind on

the poetry; but i hear there's a really

good poster slowly making the rounds.

{I can tell it's the middle of the party

becos my special ladies are all the

busy covering & creating their date=ups}

Twas newly thus.

OF me, myself i add: The werk is

weathre=dependent, mild & mere;

the green=ghost is running well on gas

and good intentions. {She, like many

others, believes my brief fame is an

afrodesiac to natural conditions}

MY garden is a mess but i'm getting

to it~~my ham=hock soop is just

delicious altho less than Kosher.

I can feel my entry fading to the

light & language of coming days...

THEY [the next 5 Penta=Glowers]

will eclipse me @ length and @

large~~i will celebrate them and

Visit them tomorro>>


Take Heart! Glow bright! We have

come 2 a good middle. Imagine what

especial dremes & posits will arrife!

i smooch you all until the Confluence.

[OH, yeah~~and send me schtuff by

e=mail cos i'm dopplic.]

Read me & exceed me, post me &

Toast me, fave me but don't rave me,

chekme but don't elekme...and all

that^ the marginal slack

Tuesday, August 3, 2004


The soop is simmering,

the Glow is glimmering.

OUR Anniversary is well



The five are fading,

yet never jading.

THEIR posits are eternal



potery is a place i live...

i wander, bounce and

take & give;

Such brightness awes me

so---that i can barely GLOW.


Point your mouse,

within your house.

BE Amazed!

{i kid you no.}


The slack has spoken

with truth unbroken

OUR jernals are much

fun. Ask any=one^


sic transit gloria mundi

Visit evybody...

i have 2 post away~

until tomorro any=way

* slac

Monday, August 2, 2004


Theme: kindling the good fires


Mood: mesmerized


Idea: "it was that kind of day

from the very start---every

natural condition was slightly

bent toward Assistance."



My time is the short and my

message is brief. Yet, i would

not have it any othre way.

I took my morning constitutional

and met a bearded man who had

locked himself out of his house.

I directed him to the best &

nearest pay=fone... Wendy at the

gas=station was effusif & talkatif

with all the Customers, one of

which had spent the night in his

garage on account of a BAT in his

house! And he was a curious person

in spite of that. I dodged the cars

on the way home & told myself,

"To=day is going to be an interesting

day." Hane was the short on bread &

ice cream, and i swore on everything

merciful that i would provide her

mild needs as i travelled thru my

seemingly simple werk=day. Thus

begun, i took my reliable chariot to

the YARD. And, except for the fact

that my roll=off buddy arrived late

for collecting bins because of a

flat tire, my day was neither strange

nor unusual. {Regard, therefor, the

ordinary things on fact that they

pre=dispose better Adventures.}

I drove the green=ghost to the grox

store & nearly fulfilled my Mission,

when a fantastically beautiful

brunette asked me,"where do they

keep the gallons of spring=water in

this store?" Amazement! We were

both standing right there. I slid

off with commentary: "Now, all

i have to do is find the ice=cream."

Later, as i left the parking lot

roundly, i noticed that she had

needed the water to slake her

Volkswagen. TO what end?

I departed slowly & seeing that

she had found a better boy=scout

to attend her Predicament.

Then, i drove home, and here i am.

A vague filosofer caught up in the

Day which posited me... full of

bread & ice cream, pondering the

mysteries of the universe which

made me travel on such a distinct

course. {a dozen questions here.}

My soup will rise, my glow shall

pass out of the PentaPantheon,

the torches & fires i will put out!

And still not understand exactly

what it was that Occured this day!

Mirabile dictu.

Advise! Advise of thus it was...

i am perplext of it^


Sunday, August 1, 2004

Title: Incidentals


Mood: perspicacious


Noise: old movies


Idea: "i wouldn't choose to

be this admired; so many more

deserve the better bounce."



Everso much the so that the

car loves the Hot & Humid.

Especially if it's on a Laundry

run. And over=due.

[incomplete sentences^]

Do you know how many people

wash their clothes on Sunday?

At the laundromat? Lots.

Never mind~if i can clean a

moldy shunky, i can expressly

rinse out a few things. And

complete the NYTimes puzzle

over eggs & grits. Natural.


Shhh...the ham & bean soop

is just beginning. More=over,

my elexn 2 the PentaGlows has

improved my schpelling.

What's the up wit dat?

And i consider the resetting of

my 'counters' as a rebirth;

A new & better Dedication to

the ideals of Glowing. {i would

not be bumpt for only that?^}

Sunday, August 01, 2004

And there you have.

Better filosofy always folloes

the Sunday posit--or nearlyso.

Appreciata especial Visitories!

Werk invigorates me...


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