Friday, May 25, 2007


Thersday, or thereabouts...i just remembered that i'm land=lockt!  All the 'kids' who had that early party on the beach have lived their whole lives on or near the Water. Most were born with sand between their toes!  Small wondre they believe the ocean to be a cathedral. No worries...yet me and my KENTUCKY cousins get to see more horses, generally.  It's a trade=off. Somewhat drier.

Frid√©: My summer paradox...«Why does a man who doesn't own a Yard have to use an electrik mower and a whack=weeder?» Pondre dat^

Speaking of my youngers--HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY! More than a handful of them are schtill serving in the military. And we've been very lucky not to lose any=one; which makes it all the more important to honour the ones who gave full service.  {i was nearly drummed out of the boy scouts...i regularly commend the Veterans i meet & know} It's more than a schtart to your Vacation--it's the dear price of Freedom! Salute.  ~slac~


deabvt said...

Guess who`s backslac ?

slacbacmac said...

Could it be my vampirific bud, Vince?>
you must be hale and hearty to scan this old page.
Keep me apprised of your aventures  ~Author~


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