Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Sunday, May 28, And 6...

I'm rooting for Danica to take the checkered

flag, but i'd be just as happy if one of the

Andretti boys pulled out in front. I also feel

terrible for Barbaro shattering the leg in the

second appearance; why do We breed fine

animals for brief entertainment? That is, i

hope the horse comes to a good Middle on

account of i know what it's like to Run in

Circles & only come to a cloth bag full of

Oats @ the end. Analogy! Life & schports are

comprised of such things. OR so i hear...


I pray that your soldiers are Home for the

Celebraxn...but if they aren't, I heartedly

wish for their next best return. BUT~if

you have laid them Down from the sacrifice

they made, I console you from the depths

of my being. You will see them again one

day in Perfect Brightness, Love & Peace.

~remindable-slac, who paces & places~

Tuesday, May 30, 2006...So much for my

belated schports report^. Life is so much

more interesting Now=a=days, even if one

doesn't have the Luxury of Time to GLOW

about it. Twas it not Ever Thus?

Saturday, May 20, 2006


Post=Primary Posit...

Twenty-Two Thousand Republicans fail to

endorse Rick Santorum as their Senator. Or so

the headline stated in a Newspaper i didn't buy.

Such things also happen in year=off Elexions.

In a one-party system, it is called a VOTE of

NO CONFIDENCE. id est---the selected voter

admires the Slate but will not fully endorse this

one Representatif. It happens more often than

you might imagine; it even happens in the

general election! The up=shot of this particular

result is that Slick Rick will have to werk harder

in the Keystone than his millions dollar war-chest.

And that's a good thing, considering the message

that was just sent to the Local party Pirates.

Without revealing how my Vote figgered into

this anomaly, if at all...There is a profoundly

meaningful place in Democracy still for the

VOTE of NO CONFIDENCE. It keeps the

entrenchants on their toes. AND it slightly opens

the door in many Elexions for 3rd, 4th & 5th

party Candidates! Registre NOW as a Green,

Reform, Socialist, Independent or Whatever---

then use your selection as a Yea or Nay for the

persons who actually represent Your point of view.

Plus+, you can change affiliations within the year

or between Election Cycles! Early & Often^

Happy Armed Forces Day to all the brave young

men and women currently serving Inside and

Outside this country. I fervently wish for a day

when you won't have to carry rifles & rations

to any Border, anywhere. Alas--that day is still

far off. Thanks for Serving; remember the Fallen.

And speaking of taxes--i just received the last of

my small refunds. I won't be able to deposit the

Dimes until Monday & the gubment has been

using the interest for G knows what! Isn't it about

time WE called for a CONSTITUTIONAL

CONVENTION to repeal the amendment which

institutionalised war=time schpending? We'd be

far less Apt as a nation to jump into these wild

foreign Adventures if the PEOPLE spent their

Own money AND the Politicians had to come

asking for it. I'm just spit=balling, of gourse,

between my own measured actions...


Thursday, May 18, 2006


Thursday, May 18, 2006...SWEEP!

I'm not following the endeavours of

BARRY BONDS, but i can ascertain that

the Pennsy Legislature had that feeling

of being Brushed Back pre=season! And

altho turn=out disappointed me---i want

to congratulate the VOTERS who did send

a strong message to the Capital. OH! i

especially enjoyed the screen=touch

machine; it was fun & easy. Now, there's

no excuse not to JOIN the PARTY. It's

as simple as going to the ATM. [where

they keep your othre money.]

Random Notes:

>it's difficult but not impossible to find

a good ristorante after 9:30 PM on Tuesday,

espexially while entertaining EUROPEANS.

>there are some pieces of furniture that

even the CHARITIES won't put on the truck

for their beknighted clients. Kindling!

>what's up with the New Cars that think for

themselves? Is it the intention of DETROIT

for already schtupid drivers to become even

more lazy behind the Wheel? Give me a

roll=down window, a key=to=open Trunk &

lights that i can operate my own self.

>Eavesdropping is a bad thing. It's bad for

Dictatorships & it's bad for Democracies.

Heck--listening in on conversations which

don't concern you is an INHERENT EVIL no

matter where or when it is practised. I think

it also breaks that Commandment against

bearing [holding] false Witness! MYOB.

>or something much like that^ it's just a

Page & openly formatted for Comment.

Avoid the advertiseurs^^ ~slac~

Saturday, May 13, 2006


~diemus matriarchus MMVI~

If you're a Mother, and almost 50%

of you are...Amembre that you are

adored unto even the seventh (7th)

Generation. Which reminds me:

i'll haf to make Time in my busy Day

to brush off the mown grass from

Hane's rosy=stoned brow. It's been

awhile & She was always asking me

to tell her where i was headed. It

comforts me to know that all my

girls & all my Sisters ask that same

self thing of their little ones!

OH! And don't forget 2 VOTE this

Tuesday; even little old ladies with

walkers & oxygen tanks do that^

much for this DEMOCRACY.


Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Title: The Gorgeous Day, all=to

*[Deep Re=Posit...May, And6]>

Humility is my strong suit and i

Love to brag about it.

Eloquence, in me, is secondary and

accidental. OR maybe it's a gift.

Altho' this Glow has brot out some

of my simpler talents...

{Nature of the Beast?}

Regardless, i encourage all my gal

pals to dry they eyes & pull up they

schtockings~~there is so much

Glowing to do in this Merry Merry

month. Ask any=body.


Speaking of which, i was the grand

progeny yesterday, cooking scrambled

Eggs with ketchup for my Mater

familiaris in the morning And helping

Hane with such matters which struck

her mind during the day. WE had a

fair number of well=wish calls from all

our blood-relatives. But Hane was not

exactly receiving at her best. [She was

sleepy & slightly 'under the Weathre']

AS take=carer, i gave equal points to

all the Visitories. Cat & the kids did

especially drop by with chocolates...

Yet the grand=mere was mostly unconscious

and sucking up the Oxygen. {I trust she

is saving her Energies for the upcoming

Wedding} never mind~~we are so much

ahead of our Plans, that we are nearly

Collectively standing behind ourselves.

OR something like that^


Meanwhile, my Monday @ werk was

gorgeous and fruitful even if i say so

myself. Bright sun, fair winds & the

filling of five roll=offs eventual...

And there is no more greater Purveyor

of yard=waste than Captain Wide, when

he eschews Humility on the cause of

its Becoming.


...It is now the Tuesday and as usual

it is with the much running around.

Oxygen! Bread! Gasoline!

The widow Mary's lawn to cut!

Incomplete exclamatory sentences!

Any=way, the weather is now

summerlike. 'Bout time. I'll be cool

if i keep remembering to slather on

the sunscreen. More on the 'morro

perhaps~~slac & humble too

[end of Re=Posit^ Read=the=Deep]


/previously un=publisht material:/

Final reposit of Same^ [5/8/6 or Nearly:]


Monday, January 03, 2005

0915: arise...moka, bagle

1015: shower, RM calls,"come quick."

11ish: nurses trying 2 insert pick=line

Doctor T discusses resuscitation.

RM helps me to make an

informed decision regarding a central

line, paddles or open heart massage.

Meanwhile, the pick=line doesn't take.

Nurse JM makes MOM

comfortable. WE watch EWTN,

Columbo...Bim is there as well.

1530: Green=ghost 2 [store] 4 coffee, grits

Home briefly. Walk back 2 Hospital

1740: Cat, Bim & i eat @ [diner]

Cat drops us at Hospital; MOM rests

Walk home about 1945.

Wash dishes, put out garbage.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

May 08, 2006...just when i need a

RUKEYSER or a GALBRAITH or even the

widow FARNSWORTH, they depart me on

their own terms. Well, there must be a

need in the Beyond for economists,

tele=visories & even golf Patriarchs...

It's not a plan i get 2 call into question!




Saturday, May 6, 2006


Happy Cinquo de Mayo! OR, as we call it in

the etados unitos, BueƱo Fifth of May! As the

great grand=child of European immigrants,

i surely admire the arduous efforts of people

afore me who shipped over and plowed thru

the Process of becoming American Citizens.

Even if the clerks @ Ellis did de=capitalise our

fourth (4th) initial. What a Country...

OF the current National trends, i try not to be

so much a Person of Interest when i travel But

more just an Interesting Person. Also, when i

am only Residing in this, my home country,

i am rarely considered a minute-man...more

often a Seventy=Five (75) minute Man. Go ahead,

ask my girls. They should oughta know.

Flowers on the Virgin! Is it MOTHERs' Day already

in these climes?? My seester Maisy is gonna have a

Time of it from Saterday 2 Sunday for Sure and All

the passages she, her=self, will pass through from the

Day of her own to the Next fair grand=child! Such a

busy girl to have florid wreaths laid upon the Brow

which unbelieves Yet was delivered to the werld on

that Seventh (7th) Day when SINS were suspended

to wreak a Perfect vessel. I am only surprised that

my nearest Advocate of that persuasion did not take

up the horticulture instead of the marine sciences.

Altho~to be fair, a woman=child who survives the

dousing in the Font reservedly, Ought be Allowed

to cultivate blooms & schwim where=ever she wants!

As else, it's already in the Name. *gurgle* Plant.

Locally: Come the Sixteenth (16th), iffen you Ain't

on a boat, you'd better well VOTE. The pay=jacker

pirates deserve to hear from the PEOPLE^


Monday, May 1, 2006


Furniture of the Disappeared...

Here's a bed=frame & a double bureau

and a cedar hope=chest, a blond bar &

book=case---moving as they did from

2035 and 229 to their honoured Places in

the Hovel which Hane & Mack left behind

for me to resolve and dissolve. The good

people of Good Shepherd gathered up

Them^ to their next Adventures in Thrift

Shop land...i pray their perfect service to

persons i have not met but who are probly

very much like me---scraping together a

Fair life in a harsh werld as Events un=fold.

BLESSINGS on mere objex which console

by having only Drawers & Shelves & hidden

memories! They also live by travelling well

from haus to haus with Usefulness. Truly.

As for the Books which have a had a much

longer life of Adventure, passing from old

hands to young hands, from boxes made of

wood to boxes made of card=board...My

antiquarian told me i could continue carting

them to the 'lending library' undre the bridge

OR let the Auctionists offer them for Pennies

on the Pound. {Amembre this when you are

your=self confronted with this Effort: FIND

and GATHER all the cruddy tomes together so

the book=man can see them all=ta=once!}

Early on, he made the prescient & precious

statement: "The books are Usually the Last

to go." mirabile dictu per diem! Twas ever

Thus. The mattresses go first. ~slac~


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