Monday, October 1, 2007


Gotta love the single Life! i go where i please and my Time is my own. There's a lightness to it, such as going to the grox schtore and buying: milk by the Quart, buttre in the two=schtick pack, sugar in the one=pound box.  i used to buy potatoes in five pound bags AND now i just count them out; one cooking/flavouring onion will last me a week or more. i have to freeze half a loaf of bread when i buy a whole loaf~it lasts that long!  Yes, there is much to recommend living part of one's Life alone.  OH! And the reason i am so friendly towards my neighbours' cats & dogs is: i don't have to take care of them [the pets, that is].  There's othre schtuff, too AND i'll think of them when i care to. Xcelsior!

Monday, October First...i got off the bus in the old neighborhood and glanced at the Progress on the hovel.  The new fambly is laying schtones in the back=yard.  It's down to the dirt & the retaining wall is Exposed with all its faults [acause the English Ivy is all gone].  One of the othre neighbours was dragging out his trash and said,"Come back for a Visit?"   i replied, in truth,"Just checking on the progress." Half a block away, i saw GLORIA coming Home in her mini=van.  She was  glad to see me and filled me in. [WAYNE & PAULA have also moved outta the 'hood] Then i meandered home.

What?! It's Octobre already?? ~slac~


acoward15 said...

The best thing about single life is control of the tv remote.

slacbacmac said...

my telly has a Remote?  Amazing!


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