Saturday, June 12, 2010


The short answer is that Two dollars doesn't go as far as it

used to...and the politically complex answer is that we will,

as Americans, run out of both cash & "oil" in about thirty (30)

years. I'll be a nearly old man by then & much accustomed to

riding my bicycle everywhere. {i cheat~i have Visited the future}

Less=the=never, it's long past time for us to cogitate these

impending scenarios. Energy! My Pop knew it was finite when

he graduated college. Ever more the much=so today.

- - - -conservational~slac- - - -^reposited from 6-1o-and5^

Tuesday, June 9th, '9...the brothers are togethre yet again, and

ruining the Town both individually and as a pair. It was rude of

me to surprise him with my ongoing housing problems on the first

day back, but he has come to 'straighten out' such horrible

calamities...with me and others. ^reposited^

Prologue: Tuesday, Juno Eighth, 2o1o...When! i first came to

enter this current billetry, i knew Not that i would become a

rodent=killer & a bicycle mechanic. TATCWIP! Yet there is nothing

high nor low, true nor false which Impedes my Roomy avancement.

MIAMI said to me yester,"Boo, You're the only Person i have seen

who knows how to Live with People, like another human being." It

is the occasional maus visitation which keeps us caring. *squeak*

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

freestyle==on this blue Friday, June 11th, 2o1o, i've been on the

run Collecting up the money for the Concierge. [also a squeaker!]

The hotel is at full occupancy, with the addition of the tall and

lean HOOSIER turned HOOFTY [a white guy about my age who was born

in Indianapolis but grew up in the Walley]. He recruited me Yester

to haul up his box=schpring and mattress, which i was glad to do

AND he gave me a coupla bux for it. Then, he tuned my guitar...

a very fine fellow for the 'haunted' Room Four. There are worse

things than living in a virtual monastery?! {WE get along as WE

go along, rarely crossing each othre up} JERSEY is packing to leaf

for Florida this month, and i will surely miss him when he goes.

[is Florida the new centre of the Multiverse, acause the turtle

and i went there??] The dés are bonito living in the big city--

though we had two (2) schtinking hot days, folloed by two (2)

cloudy drenching days [my suede shoes are schtill drying out from

the Wèzné walk home.] i would suffer this greatness continually

in Paradise iffen it were permitted; wait! i'm already in Eden.

Life~it ain't difficult, it's just too darn long. ~bro=slac~


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