Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Celebrity Editorial? like i pay attention...i am so disappointed with one of the famous LINDSAYs; i just want to schpank her...and not in a good way. When i was twenty (20) years old [not very long ago], i did not have a mercedes=benz to go cruising over curbs in the wee hours of the morning. And isn't the National Drinking Age twenty=one? Who served this person? Who didn't call her a taxi when it was clear she was trasht? Why do the left=coast constables considre her escapade simply a MISDEMEANOUR when she was also found with a 'usable amount of Cocaine'? For that matter^, what constitutes an unusable amount of same??  UNCLE Walt [Disney] must be twirling his atoms.

i was gonna say sumpin' about the cat=fight on the VIEW, but i thot bettre of it considering i don't watch & more=over, i don't care. Just anothre conflagration that passes for entertainment...

Local News and Editorial: the two (2) Presidents CLINTON visited the coal=country for a Baptism. Which is a good thing for the baby acause it might get preserved in the long run! Like my Parents used to tell me,"You can pick your friends but You can't pick your relatifs." Blessings on 'em^  Yet more Local wisdom: «Where there's a Will, there's a Way; where there are two (2) wills, the feds are gonna confiscate your hard=drive.»  A lawyer oughta know better--Just saying.

Tuesday, May 29th, and7...Appreciata to my sister KAY for sending the Syd Romb of my wedding fotoes all the way from GERMANY! They will be currently publisht as soon as i figger out how to up=back my storage=personal AND deal with my new shoebox of images. Such fun~Amembre when all one had to do was drife into the FOTOMAT®? *old=skool*


Friday, May 25, 2007


Thersday, or thereabouts...i just remembered that i'm land=lockt!  All the 'kids' who had that early party on the beach have lived their whole lives on or near the Water. Most were born with sand between their toes!  Small wondre they believe the ocean to be a cathedral. No worries...yet me and my KENTUCKY cousins get to see more horses, generally.  It's a trade=off. Somewhat drier.

Fridé: My summer paradox...«Why does a man who doesn't own a Yard have to use an electrik mower and a whack=weeder?» Pondre dat^

Speaking of my youngers--HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY! More than a handful of them are schtill serving in the military. And we've been very lucky not to lose any=one; which makes it all the more important to honour the ones who gave full service.  {i was nearly drummed out of the boy scouts...i regularly commend the Veterans i meet & know} It's more than a schtart to your Vacation--it's the dear price of Freedom! Salute.  ~slac~

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


May 22nd, 2007...the bird report...

On my way to the drugstore [where i got carded], i saw a most unusual creature.  It looked like a plover, kind of, with two black rings around its neck. One of the used car salesmen informed me that she was a killdeer and that she was dancing to keep me away from her nestlings. Which is pretty much how all the girls keep me away from their chi'dren. Anyway~it's the first bird of that species i've seen and i'm an observant birder!

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2'n'7...i don't know what the Turtle did to=day, but he had to get up at four (4) o'clock antemeridian to do it. The up=shot of it was that i rode alone with my bus=driver on the retourn; she said she would be my 'chauffeur'.   And such a bootiful dé for collecting yard waste!  Hmm...is it chaufferess OR chauferrette?  Some=one should schpell me on the bird as well... --theRiderlySlac--

Monday, May 21, 2007


severely edited imp:

"maisy" [8:30]: post this one!

thereyago^ May 20th, 2and7...

it was a gorgeous day on the Parish yard.  With well=behaved regulars and evything.  Each day should go so smooth & pleasant.  My ham soop is all up; i had two bols of it for breakfast. And i had a nice chat with caretaker BILL of the cherch where i wait for the people=mover. A very good day.

Friday, May 18, 2007


Friday, 18 May, New Epoch & Seven... «iffen ya cain't bring slacbac to the Karaoke, i reckon we'll just bring the Karaoke to slac.»  --source unknown   And, that's pretty much how it happened. With college girls yet.  i schtayed just long enuf to hear the Turtle sing two (2) songs and to meet his crooning crew. Delightful people, both vocally and personally. And seeing that the local bowling alley is within hollering distance of my porch, i was obliged to check it out. Nice night.

A scoche of NATIONAL News: WOLFOWITZ! GONZALES! ROVE? There are people stepping down OR being politely askt to schtep down in the current climate. One of the unmistakable marks of a declining Administration is the attrition of Loyalists hoping for Pardon...  [it's easier to seek forgiveness than to ask for permission] Never mind~there's lots more to come. Mistakes were made. *opinion*

Meanwhile, just off my rampart, a green sedan and an F150 had an unforunate meeting. The car had the worse of it, altho the pick=up came to rest on the grass behind the back=stop. The responders are checking it out presently...  the sedan was towed & the elderly couple in the Truck drove off under their natural Power.  Drive safely! ~thePerchableSlac~


Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Erratum! Apologia! PRINCE HARRY is not going in=country. The QUEEN's Grand=son would be too bright a target for the baddies in BAGHDAD. At'll teach me to get my facts straight afore i write items to the Glow. Let's hope i don't get a visit from the chaps in MI5.  [i hear they are very thorough] Apologia!

Wednesday, May 16th, and7...meanwhile, in the keystone colony, that convoluted TAX REFERENDUM related to the more infamous 'property tax relief' crasht & burned resoundingly. Perhaps~the legislature will presently, seriously, considre revamping the whole mess. [i'm taping wings to my hogs] Congratz to all the VOTERS who have been paying attention since the last Revolt. Well begun is half=way done. Let's keep the pressure on the new & old Guard alike.

IN MEMORIAM: my favourite Jerry Falwell moment was when he plunged down the water=slide at HERITAGE in his suit and tie. I just hope G & J have a theme=park in Paradise where the Reverend can do it again and again. He may have been a polarising figure on the National stage, but he deserves the same Mercies as the rest of us.

Until i rant again...slac

Monday, May 14, 2007


Monday, May 14th, and7...  The engineer had a bright idea yesterday. [one of many] He brang me the papre and offered to transport me to HANE's restarium. It was MOTHER's DAY, after all! The weeds are growing up good around her, so much that i joked,«You were a mess in life, and you're schtill a mess after it.»  Of gourse, we brusht off the stone and made small filial Blessings...good boys.

Then we walkt around the LAKE and i took pixtures with his new digicam.  {my new filosofy of fotografy is: Take snaps you'll never see, ask for pixtures no=one will send And preserve fotoes you can't identify.} Sculpture! Dux!

To=Day, we came 'home' to a field full of ball=base games; it is the grand irony of my Life. Perhaps, when i am old and decrepit~i, too, will insist on watching the American Game in living colour. 'At's a long way off...

Don't forget to VOTE tomorro! Every election is important. Just nagging^


Friday, May 11, 2007


Notes in Passing...Thursday, May 10th, And7  There was a horse=race which STREETWISE won.  But~the KENTUCKY contingent was with us at the Wedding Party! [Groper, Matt & Jay=Jay elected to wear Western schtraw hats.] Whither go the withers? There will be other races to be sure...

The QUEEN OF ENGLAND visited WASHINGTON, DC but i zoomed past her on the belt=way. Or nearly so--just anothre missed opportunity to rub with royals. Twice BETTY's grand=son is serving in IRAQ, and i wish him well; it's a fleegle mess Over There.

The POPE is visiting SOUTH AMERICA; that's a scoche farther South than me and the Turtle/Engineer care to go. Not saying we won't eventually get a benedictus from BENEDICTUS xvi...just not this Year. It schtartles me that We made it to KEY WEST & the HEMINGWAY abode!

My heart=felt prayers go to the victims of Nature, tornado survivors, fighters of Fire in GEORGIA and CALIFORNIA, those flooded out or otherwise displaced by random occurences and deliberate Evils... {Note to a=holes who have shut down skools with delusions of copying ignoble tragedy: CUT THE CRAP!  People are trying to graduate. This class^ is gonna kick your ass.} G & J prefer goodness & kindness.  ~the up=catching slac~ Fridayish: the Turtle tells me that TODD was briefly in the hospital with stomach pain. The docs found some fluid around the ticker, yet not enuf to get alarmed about. Sympathy! He's been thru too much already in this epoch. We'll pray that he approaches 100% in the coming days. And TONI should do as good as well! Forgetting not that baby=girl of theirs...All should arise in fine fettle like fortified frog's haer. Evybody, Evywhere. HMD

Monday, May 7, 2007


Seester Maizy's birfday, and Seven (she wanted to schwim but didn't)  Now: that was a party! And even tho' we were on a military site, we tore that place up! They'll not soon forget us on the Cape Fear peninsula. As per recent Times, the travelling weathre was nicer than the Event weathre. Good thing 90% of the partying took place in=of=doors. Kinda. There were round tables set out for all of us wherever we went, but they were often simply rolled into schtorage on account of We like to move and dance when we get togethre...call it the week=end of the rolling tables. I hesitate to fathom the quantities of beer, wine & liquor which were consumed. [i can't count that High]Yet~except for a certain three A. M. beach foray & a reported wrestling=match (?), no permanent injuries were Admitted.  G & J like a good party too, sometimes.  The Turtle and i did schwim, at the STONY CREEK truk=schtop. Believe it 'cos it happened. {Apparently, BLADE forgot to bring his togs} The prenuptial barbecue was perfectly Attended, as was the brunch for the lay=a=beds. [insert your story here.]  The ceremony was conducted on the fifth floor of a commercial building in the bidness district--that is, the Vows were exchanged in a tony theatre just off the Open bar.  Which means the bar was open to the rain when it came, sporadically. We danced like religious fanatics regardless and had more Fun than 'bachelours on a road=trip'. True.  Fotoes? Sister KAY thrust a camera in my hand early on and i used it well. Dancing?  Aunt ROSE=MARY and i schtarted some of the mayhem with a funky rendition of MINNIE THE MOOCHER. One of my girl=cousins also prodded me to dance=the=slow to NORAH JONES. Let's just say our feet were almost as achy as our brains come SunDay morning.  Driving? Turtle did the bulk of it on the way down and from Venue to venue; i crosst all the borders on the way back to the Walley...NC/VA, VA/MD/PA. Without encouraging people to break the speed=limits, he and i barrel=assed from WILMINGTON to the WALLEY in twelve (12) hours. [one hour meal break.]   DO NOT follo our example! We have black beauty and a near=perfect driver exchange System.  BLADE was only mildly astonisht. Careful.

Blessings on the Couple from all of us! We are fambly now and aptly celebrated. Love and Beauty come naturally to us...


Wednesday, May 2, 2007


«it must be May if we mean to Motor...»  May=Day, two thousand and seven, new Epoch. Mary: it's the name which begins with mu...  A nomenclature that makes me want to hum, and to make a Yummy sound. The syllable satisfies.  Such beauties have carried the noise Forward!  My grand=Mothre, my seester matriarchal, my magnificent cousin who is eminently marriagable, AND the widow whose lawn i mow, meandering.  The lettre even ends my own natural Calling=Out!  mmm~that is enuf of mere momentum~mmm  ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^

May Second, New Epoch...presently, and soon, BLADE, the turtle and i shall travel South, again. On a happy occasion to be sure, the nuptials of our COUSIN MAISY---and it's gonna be a grand Party in the schtyle of my Mother's side of the Fambly. {we're building up to it...} There'll be more to tell after it happens. Motoring into the Mid=land. Hey~HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY. It'll take about that much Time to recovre of it. A Blessed Event, soon.   ~anticipatorialSlac~

Baba=Loo packed and ready to go?

Slak youbetcha

Baba=Loo any idea what the dress code is?

Slak cherch/theatre

Baba=Loo tie?

Slak what's a tie?

Baba=Loo noose

Slak ha! dress 4 nice

Baba=Loo ook

Slak and be ready to party [fambly] schtyle

Baba=Loo ahhh need a nap

Baba=Loo good thing we have a house to ourselves

Baba=Loo see you there

Baba=Loo drive carefully

Baba=Loo /smiley/

Slak we'll drag you to the good schtuff

Baba=Loo k

Slak yes-always the drive careful amorroish


Baba=Loo k bye

Slak ta

^IMP edited for Smileys... :)^


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