Friday, August 29, 2008


Thursday, August 28th, and8...Say what One will~them CLINTONs can sho' nuf speechify. Chilly Cee, Hilly R & Billy Bee are entertaining to hear. Pity the soundtrack of the Convention is so derivatif. Tonight: Arena Barack...

Thank you very much. I was a quiet anniversary nothing to top the [#] beach bash. Much love to you. ~Maisy~

The Turtle is Winging east=wise at faer schpeed. Friday, August 29th, °8...The Lizard has just left CAMP MAISY for othre Eastern destinations; Maisy & her beau are cruising à la CANADA...{it's a good week to leaf the country, even 'tho They must always be on OR near the Water; i am surprised that Liz didn't go to DENVER}Todé~i shook hands with a clown. Yesterdé, i withdrew some cash uptown behind a man who had a semi=automatic pistol on his belt. While i walkt, i met a man from Palmerton who had werkt for the Walley Rail=Road [back in the dé]. He was wearing tap shoes. (?) Such it was...

There were eighty thousand (80,000) peoples at the Investment Centre to hear ALBERT GORE and STEVIE WONDER. {i reclined Afore the Senator from ILLINOIS schpoke in front of the greek columns} Aday~the Senator from ARIZONA chose a Governess from ALASKA to be his veep.  But~i also have the US OPEN to gander at, when i can! Less Shakespearean, for sure. The PHILS and the EAGLES are doing fine upon the Day & Age.

My metatarsal is Healing nicely, altho i might schtill lose the Nail & forever be able to tell the Weathre from a twinge in my Rightful foot?!Regardless=of=much, i'm caught up on my scans and my e=mails & my archival musik Loading.  {there are othre things a comPuter are good fer, yet i haven't quite figgered out what They is}  NB: the next Convention is in SAINT PAUL...he was an evangelist & an epistler [some=one who writes Lettres for a Living] after his Conversion.  But it's not like G & J are paying their Good Mind to what PolyTryxters are saying upon the Road! 

These=all^ are just Observatæ...~mindful*slac~




Tuesday, August 26, 2008


i'm a ramblin' guy...Tuesdé, August 26th, =8...i totally forgot to celebrate MYDONNA's fiftieth ten (10) days ago. Over=more, it wondrously pondres me that i don't own even a measure of her werk! [no vinyl, no magnetic tape, Nothing] i wish her the best of the next half=century and Pray for her continued success. And the same goes for MICHAEL JACKSON when he clicks half=wise on the 29th; i own two (2) of his signature recordings on black plastic. Off the Wall, he's a Thriller...Hey~SESAME STREET is only turning Forty.

Hurricane Report: FAY was terribly impressif even 'tho she only Proved to be first category. i am sorry she took eleven lives in four landfalls...but she is bringing much needed rain currently to the drought schtricken Mid=South. Now~it's Time to board up for GUSTAV; he could be much werse.

BEIJING! BARACK & BIDEN! i watcht most of the speeches from DENVER last night, when i didn't have to catch up on repeats of Earl. So many people talkt about AMERICA, yet i don't remembre hearing any=body mention the Constitution.  [they^ had to put it in the film about Senator OBAMA on account of he studied 'constitional law']  i'll follo the rest of it here until MINNEAPOLIS and thereafter, keeping my Hopes in check that any of the Participants will orate substantively.

Where in the name of JAMIE-LYNN SIGLER was i?  OH! Yeah~i shtubbed my right middle metatarsal early on Saterdé morning, against the bed=post.  It pained me much and turned quite purple, but a Person who walx twenty (20) miles a week can't afford to baby a bruised toe. Even the doctors don't schplint minor foot injuries any=more on account of they knit and heal with Gravity and natural pressure! But i have iced it a few times and the edema has abated. Happy Feet!

BACH! BRUBECK! BEACH BOYS! in Avance of the Turtle's next breeze=thru, i've added more musik to my drive=hard. {i didn't know i liked jazz so much!} Happy LABOUR dé, as it comes...~slac~

Friday, August 22, 2008


Thursday, August 21st, °°8...Yesterdé was the Anniversary of TODD's parents [pop and step=mom, the subterfuge which brang Cat's mom to her own birfdé Party]. Congratz!

Aday is the thirty=seventh (37th) Memorial of MAISY & LOO's nuptials. Amazing! They should schtay togethre anothre 37 Years...[Jay & Jen share the very same wed=a=day]  Sister KAY celebrated her birfdé quietly & on the move, in the middle of Vacation; it's like her to sneak those moments in. Joy!

My=self, to=day~i mowed the Widow's lawn for money to buy coffee, eggs & chips...i went three (3) days without moka but no actual harm has come to my Constitution?!  The Apt building is fully occupied again, with a pair of lovely ladies diagonally down=stairs.  {i haven't met them bof, but the ground floor is eminently mo' interesting than the upper rooms} Friday, 22nd of August, of Eight...MOKA! MEDS! i travel on the out=bound J & the in=bound A to pick up my scrips and such. My pressure at the Grox=schtore was 125 systolic, 84 diastolic pulsing 84 BPM...the person Afore me had a pulse of forty=six?!  Now~that's relaxt. Hadda be the shopping. ~peripatetic slac~

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Sunday, August 19th, favourite feature of my i-Job is how i can turn the Power off in the middle of a song; my least favourite feature of the shuffle is the headset cord.  >sometimes a reposit is randomly Predictif> the TURTLE report: the Engineer is werking and living in ELVIS' second home, Las Vegas. Viva!  Weather Report: good jazz=fusion groop. {i now haf one of their cee=dees on my Drive}

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008...Yesterday was my Lucky dé. Not only did i find 12¢ on my wanders thru the Walley, but also my mail=box was fillt with incoming cheques! {This should happen more and more often as i aventure Positifly} Good things build on Good things...on SUN=DAY, we held a Grand party for Cat's Mother's birfdé... she was genuinely surprised on that Moment. Thirty (30) fambly members, friends & intimates came togethre Perfectly for the occasion, and We consumed fine Beverages [sodas] & victuals.

i have been folloing the National & Intranational Polytryx AS WELL as the Chinese Olympyx...there is much to celebrate for Good and much to ignore as bad & awful. Twas ever Thus. More will come to same as it is. But i hold in my memory the werx of ISAAC HAYES and JERRY WEXLER.{the musique of Life is forever hearable}

Soop Report: i need to buy a chicken carcass...~up=catching slac~

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Sunday, August 14, 2005...>reposit> "I am the Cat who walks Alone and All Places are the same to me..." ~Rudyard Kipling, the Just So Stories Maisie has many CATS and it pondres me how she finds the time to Schwim! Such profound mysteries in the middle of August! Happy happy Joy joy to Fidel Castro and my other Sister, Kay on their respectif birfdays (Fidel, 79 & Kay something over 50)  Which means, perhaps, that i can catch up [like evybody else] on what's happening in GLOW=LAND. I said,"perhaps." Zing.

Thursday, August 14th, °8...Aday, the focus is on breakaway Republyx within breakaway Republyx. VLADIMIR! Cut the Crud! The Soviet Union is supposed to be Democratik, too. [it's not about the oil and natural gas, is it?] Meanwhile, in anothre Communist country: an American swimmer is breaking Records like a man with a porpoise. Maybe the pool's tooo deep...perhaps MARK SPITZ shoulda shaved that moustache when he competed.  Regardless~these^ are the bettre geopoliticle Games. Not following closely, my=self.

The bunny is quite friendly where i werk;i think it has a hutch aneath my slac=shack.  ToDay~i wandered all the Way uptown to the Library to retourn six (6) music cee=dees and to check out the werk at the CourtHaus.  There are surveillance cameras on the main drag?! {odrinary citizens have nothing to Fear} i didn't hand over any cash to the regular denizens as i passed them, on Account of i haf about as much as them, all=to.  Poverty's a beach. WE are enjoined in the same vessel. i know things are bad Acause i walkt past my Neighbourhood dollar schtore and it's gone 'Out of Bidness'?! Anothre rain schtorm is rolling thru the Walley as G puts things right with a thunderous Voice...

mercy-upon-mercy, nice2beNice~slac~


Saturday, August 9, 2008


National polytryx: the Nomination which will never end...HILLY, BILLY & CHILLY have decided to forge ahead all the way to the Convention in COLORADO. ^5.9.8^repost  POLITICLE QUOTE: «It has been an Honor to contest these Primaries with him.» [subtext: Hilly is holding her Delicates until the CONVENTION, acause she has a metric which blows off the Caucuses & all her people are telling her She can prevail in DENVER! DENVER!] ^6.6.8^repost  Friday, Eight=Eight=Eight...i have really got to learn not to throw gasoline upon a conflagration.  My summer endorsements can only include BOB BARR [for righties who think McCain is too squishy] and RALPH NADER [for lefties who believe 'change' can come from a Chicago pol]. My actual Vote is up for brags...

TITLE: Sometimes The Title is The Text

MOOD: Olympian by proxy; mildly muscular & keen

NOISE: STEVE MARTIN on my ish=pod??

SOOP: a scoche of ham=bean, yet, some frozen

WIDEO: A Shark Tale, currently...caught up on Monk

WEATHRE: Sunny and mild, low humidity, breezy, 80°

NATURE: a baby rabbit visited the boof today but didn't consume the carrot i tosst it. [so much for Bigs Bunny]  Also~i encountered a black kitten on my meandre home; it ran across a busy road, but came to no harm, Thank G.

THOT: «if i continue to borro music from the Liberry, my hard=drive should be full of tunes by Twenty-Ten»

MEMORIAM: G needs all kinds of people, for sure...BERNIE MAC and SOZHENITSYN are well=met.

~more and better Mondayish~slac~

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Saturday, August 06, 2005...reposit> Recycle! Toss that CRUD into the nearest Sibling container! {There's a box near=by with my Name on it; i 'spect it's only the first of Some.} When's LUNCH?!  Are we Swimming yet? end reposit<

Tuesdé, August Fifth, e8...Proclaim Liberty throughout the land and to all the inhabitants thereof. It was a lovely day to visit the credit union and to see the Progress of the girders rising afront of the 'new' court=haus. i also walkt thru the post office and rang the bell inside the Zionsville cherch. A "staycation"??  {i'm turning into my younger self~the one who could accomplish ten (10) grand things in a day} One of the girls at the fysicians' office called to tell me [again] that my blood is delicious. i gently reminded her that i already have the hard=copy. Last night, i got a free ride to my favourite corner of town. [the theatre district] The ham soop is fine.

While i was webbing during the SCOTTY episode of STNG, i learnt that the engineer has made it to Vegas. Holy Toledo~he made good time! {he some=times moves faster than me, iffen one could believe it} i tried to do a sudoku at werk yesterdé but failed at it miserably. Think i'll schtick to othre puxxles.

Sports: there is a Wisconsin ball=foot player trying to get back on the roster. His name rhymes with that unusual port city in France. But i'm just waiting for the women's aquatic programmes in Peking, CHINA. *Dive!

Pressure: 93/62 mmHg, 73 bpm T: 98.5°

Music: Strollin', on reel=tape...See You in September... ~summerable*slac~

Friday, August 1, 2008


Much will happen for Good to this, my Fambly, in the CAULDRON of anothre Year of Changes...

~theWild-Rider~slac~ ^reposit of August °7^

Friday, August First, °8...a very nice dé all=to.  The engineer had barely Retourned from the beach [camp Maisy] and othre Places afore he had to pack up black beauty and motor Yet again to anothre Assignment. {it is ever=good to have him around, even briefly} Happy Travails...

After he done went~i had my own Adventure at the Doctors' office. It was also all=the=good.  The blood i gave so Exorbitantly last week is normal for all markers. Nurse Susan [a pretty one] conducted an electrocardiograph which also Aced the scale; she also Complimented me on being less than HIRSUTE. "You're so lucky; you don't get the free waxing." As i climbed the hill near the old Hovel, i encountered my former Neighbour JEFF & his youngest dafter's blond puppy. We^ palavered for Moments.  He told me that the current occupants of the manse have a mastiff which barks too much after hours...aren't these the Dog=Days??  The hovel is much Improved, tho i rarely wandre down this far to see it. Bright sun=shine...

Hang tight~the Humidity is retourning AND i never Publish on the shabat. ~normalslac~


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