Monday, October 30, 2006


Monday, 30 October, 2006...i meant to say five (5) games. CARDINALS. Happy Hallowe'en! There's no haus like a Haunted haus, expecially when there are cats and older people schtill living inside it. I happened to tune in to TCM the othre night as they were showing the 1975 documentary, GREY GARDENS. [it's a BROADWAY show now with Christine Ebersole.]  I was transfixt by what i saw. A Bouvier mansion fallen into disrepair with only two (2) tenants...elderly EDITH BEALE & her dafter, little EDIE.  A dozen cats & raccoons to feed as well! Genuinely Scary. {Hane's hovel was not quite that bad, altho WE did have the occasional bird/bat/squirl in "KAY's bed=room."} The upsetting thing was--these people had Money!  No matter~they have gone to better hauses in Heaven & the mansions are rehabitable. Eventual.  i really misst entertaining the costumed ones this year. HECK~i didn't even haf to buy candy at all! I'm sure my good neighbours took up the slac, so to speak.  Now, all WE haf to do on Novembre 7th is dis=elect the monsters in G'b'rment.  No goodies for bad pirates^^ lata

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

rutting & cunning

Tuesday, October 24th, and6...

What a wonderful month to be a romanist! [perhaps i left the bosom of the cathedral too soon.]  BENEDICT has made a couple bold moves of his own, from a turn that prohibits limbo to Allowing the Mass to be said ex vernacular, ad Latinum.  And, four (4) new saints for good measure.  MADONDA, meanwhile, has adopted an African orfan & that's a Xian thing to do. {i cannot judge her actions on account of i'm an orfan and She hasn't met me yet.} Even the Senate of the United States is favouring the cherch in strange ways. The priest who knew MARK FOLEY has come forth to correct the record: it was only nude scwhimming & naked massages. Not quite enuf to turn an acolyte into a salacious IMPer, for sure. [IMPs are instant message posts...] BOB CASEY and RICK SANTORUM are trying to out=pro=life each othre---"I love the fetus more than you." "DO Not!" "Do Tooo!"  (i kid^, i editorialise^, i take Liberty)  [NB: limbo was never a tenet of the cherch]  Too many hypothetical parentheticals^^

Your long=awaited beis=ball schports Prediction: a team from the MIDWEST will win the werld series in six (6) OR seven (7) games; it'll NOT be a schweep acause of all the advertising revenues to be had.  Amembre~You RED it here first...

~Cardinal Tigre=slac~

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Tuesday, October 17th, And6...when the engineer breaks something, he asks,"Who werkt this up to the point of catastrofic failure?" So it was Today when i traded my red umbrella for a black umbrella. The red one had reached the Point of Catastrophe...And~schpeaking of inclemency, where has my old weathre=girl gone to? I like the brown eyed blonde who has taken over, but i miss the young woman who saw me thru all the changes. I hope she hasn't left the Walley for good & all...[spurious ellipses!] i was watching boston legal last night [it sometimes happens] and i was amazed to see no less than four (4) STAR TREK actors on the program! Granted, TREK has been a long=lived franchise & the odds were in their favour that they would eventually be on the same show--but four at once. I'm surprised DAVID KELLEY didn't werk a space=joke into the script. Happenstance?

Other=wise & else--things are Good, what with the beard growing in scraggedly again And my latest home=made chicken soop almost gone. Keep those cards and lettres coming & don't mess with my habeus corpus... lata

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Tuesday, October 10th, And6...

a politicle reposit: it might spook the Party bosses if we succeed in terminating certain Toadies on this go-around. Vote often & early.  The anagram for Karl Rove is 'Lark Over'.  But, of course, he knows That. Puxxle! [condensed from entry 10/11/&5^]  Yesterday's post was unusual.  On account of, the feast of Columbus! [why doesn't AMERIGO VESPUCCI have a Day of his own? It pondres me.]  I live, near again, to the knights of the Genoan Explorer. I hope they don't ask me to join; i am already behind of my dues to agnus dei & the Templars!  Plus+, i have good friends in both the limbus infantium and the limbus patrum.  It's a mitzvah that i keep up with such remarkable Possibilities... To=Day, i helped a Lady across the Schtreet. Truly~it happened just so.  More & Much, it will occur Again.  ~slac~


Monday, October 9, 2006


Sunday, October 8th, and6...these are the dog=days of Octobre; that is, i have seen more canines in just a few days than my entire life.  But it always makes me thankful that someone else owns these pretty puppies & takes care of them. [one day i will own a Fish, perhaps]

And, speaking of hounds and mongrels...themid=term election is heating up. As always, there are some good dogs on the track AND there are some curs. I trust the respectif constituents of the various contests to make the right choices.  {i'm an optimist that way} The keystone is very much in play this Novembre...and the People have not forgotten recent legislatif debacles. There is much up=cleaning to still do. Register, VOTE!

(i suspect the sitting governor and the sitting junior senator would be flabbergasted to be turned out; yet i favour the electorate to adhere to a collectif conscience.) *WOOF~SNARL*

I was better put to use this morning Attending mass; a sister in the Pew afore me offered up a Prayer for the Amish, who have suffered too much recently. {They^ sometimes pray better for the peace of the Werld than we take notice of} Our affirmation rode swiftly to the Throne to reflect on their Plain & Forgiving community. Amen.

The books of All are clear on this: SUICIDE is the most grievous of sins. The thot & the act of it come directly from the Fallen Angel, Lucifer, who seeks @ all costs to undermine G's sovereignty. There is no salvation in it; there is no honour in self=imposed Martyrdom. It stains the universe.

Is there religion in realty? OR just the opposite?  After i took Lunch @ the kosher delicatessen...Corned Beef on Rye with Russian dressing and slaw served by my neighbour...i wandered through two Open Houses offered up for sale. [a boy can dreme]  Is there anothre way to celebrate the blessings of J & G than to consider their Mansions offered up in this Kingdom? {rhetorical^ the Lord wishes me not to be rich, but to be happy} Never mind~Saint JOSEPH is looking after all the Properties...

Monday, October 9th, and6...nothing is kosher in KOREA, altho their bomb was not that big. More to do, internationally, to re=unite the peninsula up to the current Age.  But, hey--GERMANY seems to be doing alright. Amorro, i'll catch up on more mundane matters...


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