Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Sunday, November 18th, 2oo7...

TITLE: Thank the dé if not the whole week

MOOD: blustery mit schnay yet

MUSIK: wait--i'm untangling my idposh ear=buds...and there's like four (4) media players on my 'Putre...maybe later i'll schpin some 45s on my fonograf.

WIDEO: between [my name is] EARL and er, i watched the democratik debate from LAS VEGAS. it was mildly entertaining. {now that MAURA TIERNEY is walking the picket line...it won't be long Afore America finds any such thing engrossing.} OH! and i saw HAYDEN PANETTIERE on a repeat of Malcolm in the Middle; it was schtartling to see her with glasses & frizzy haer.  id est, she was not playing a cheer=leader?!

TEXT: i hope the devil=dogs forgif me for schkipping over the USMC birf=dé on the Tenth; i was catching up on the elexion results. Tuesday, November 20...i am behind of much! And with the Holydays coming yet. Maisy just flew in from ROMA and presently is flying to see the CAPSIZER fambly. The TURTLE is also flying--from RENO to the Walley. [he misses his karaoke buddies] And i haven't even laid in pressed turkey. {these are the conditions which prevail}Maybe, just may=be, i will catch myself up over the Gratitude weekend...Appreciata! For all the schmall favours G grants us in loving=kindness ~slac~

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