Saturday, December 8, 2007


Saturday, December Eighth, New Epoch7..."I'll meet you anytime you want, in our Italian restaurant..." --billy joel, '75 MAISY treated five (5) of us to dinner last night in just such a venue. And BABALOO tippt the expecial good guitar=singer as we left. Then, we told crasy fambly schtories to each othre far into the night at my digs.  {is 10:30 post meridian far into the Night?}  Aday~my wonderful sister aided me on a long behind recycle run and chauffered me well past all of the old Schtomping grounds and hovels. WE do such things out of muscle memory, not over=wrought Sentimentality.  We had the casual late=lunch at anothre of our fine Walley fambly=owned cafĂ©s...  BABALOO took us to the Car=Warsh!  Such a good one to have around when he's only in the Walley for a campers' reunion...  He is patient with our conjoined insanity.  Amorro is casual/schleepy Sun=day ~slac

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