Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Yes--it's been a very busy Time for Lady Jurisprudence.  ALBERTO is schtill having difficulty answering questions from a former Filly prosecutor...Chief Roberts took a spill and had a seizure, which may or may not be an Affidavit of epilepsy. Lotsa people have been served with all sorts of indictments & citations, high and low.  And the hits just keep on comin'. Must be the Summer of law. The grim reaper hasn't been on Vacation, either.  He's collected up TAMMY FAYE, TOM SNYDER [ i used to schtay up late to watch his show when i was an Embryo] and INGMAR BERGMAN. Plus+ a whole lotta other good folx, renowned & unrenowned. He don't frighten me.  But i surely hate him for taking some souls violentlyThe Turtle is wending his way west=wise for werk. Wit wanderlust. Good=speed intrepid one! He schtayed just long enuf to participate in TONI's birfdé bash this past Saterday [i could not attend 'cos i was on the YARD with my hares & sparrows]. HAPPY HAPPY, Toni! belated... Mean=while~where did JULY go?! It was just here. ~anAffableSlac~Tuesday, July 31st, Seventh of epoch.

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