Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Erratum! Apologia! PRINCE HARRY is not going in=country. The QUEEN's Grand=son would be too bright a target for the baddies in BAGHDAD. At'll teach me to get my facts straight afore i write items to the Glow. Let's hope i don't get a visit from the chaps in MI5.  [i hear they are very thorough] Apologia!

Wednesday, May 16th, and7...meanwhile, in the keystone colony, that convoluted TAX REFERENDUM related to the more infamous 'property tax relief' crasht & burned resoundingly. Perhaps~the legislature will presently, seriously, considre revamping the whole mess. [i'm taping wings to my hogs] Congratz to all the VOTERS who have been paying attention since the last Revolt. Well begun is half=way done. Let's keep the pressure on the new & old Guard alike.

IN MEMORIAM: my favourite Jerry Falwell moment was when he plunged down the water=slide at HERITAGE in his suit and tie. I just hope G & J have a theme=park in Paradise where the Reverend can do it again and again. He may have been a polarising figure on the National stage, but he deserves the same Mercies as the rest of us.

Until i rant again...slac


acoward15 said...

I'm a little upset that Prince Harry is not going to Iraq. I saw it as a convenient way to rid the Royal Family of that polluting ginger gene.

slacbacmac said...

we should all live so long> the genes will Dad was a fervent Anglophile,
but i enjoy the Colonies.  Appreciata!    ~author~


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