Monday, April 28, 2008


«it must be May if we mean to Motor...» May=Day, two thousand and seven, new Epoch. Maisy: it's the name which begins with mu... 

^^ >watch the reposit> ^^

May Second, New Epoch...presently, and soon...  Sunday, April 27th, Eighth year Epochal...Aday, or possibly Fridé is/was my SWEDISH Aunt's birfdé. «older than a buttrefly, younger than a mountain» i am remorseful that i could not travel to her spexial Party...but it was anothre banner Saterdé for collecting Parish yard=waste. HAPPY HAPPY!

Alas~the Turtle was in TAMPA for a Wedding & sister MAISY and BabaLoo were on islands. WE shall have to oughta hold anothre Party for this delightful Aunt afore long. She more than deserves the loving Attention of these^ itinerants. Truth.  Cousine MAISY will celebrate her first Anniversary [with STEVE] on that Spanish holiday i can neither schpell nor pronounce. BUT i remembre the day it happened like it was just last year! CONGRATZ!Meanwhile~iffen i make it to Thersdé, i will make a joyful noise for those Four and a half (4½) schtill communist countries. «Call me when you have no Class» Just what the Determinedly dogged democrats ordered: a FOOD crisis distraction to go along with a FUEL crisis distraction. i knew i shouldn'ta bot one Pound (1lb) of white rice last week!?! i'll willingly take the credit and the blame for both and each, acause i take the mass transit and i feed only my=self. It a*Maizes me that starchy hybrid corn is feeding both guzzling Autoes & sick cattle. Sumpin must cut loose...

J once said, rather cryptically,"Those who have much will be Given more...and Those who have less will find what little they have, Taken away."

Monday, April 28th, was a rainy rainy dé on the Yard, with few customers. Nice break from the last few Saterdays tho! KAY called me from her condo last night; she & the barista represented us well at my Aunt's party, along with cousines ANNE and CAROLE. {my arts Professor from college also celebrated the self same age Achievement & i managed to miss that Party as well! mea culpa} Over=more, i misst filling in one (1) lettre of the NYT cross puxxle--it throws off my schtreak...mayhaps.

~slac'll Catch his=self up Eventual~


Thursday, April 24, 2008


NB: i don't forget earthday; i live it.

Meanwhile, the property tax relief is not at all coming this Year from the CASINOES, some of which are already open for business. So, where is the money going?? Just a query^  Fortunately, there is anothre primary election coming up on May 15th [and7]. It is municipal but even independents can VOTE on certain ballot questions. Remembre~change comes from having a purple fingre, not from the mouths of Politicos. Think, Act, Vote. [reposit]

Tuesday, April 22nd, the thirty=eighth Earthdé: «les toutes changez, les toutes la même chose» The more things change, the more they really remain the same. {my French is atrocious} Verdad.

Thursday, April was a talky day yesterdé on the bus lines. As i was walking to my pickup, an elderly woman waiting for the A chatted me up. Of course, i've seen her riding afore & probly schpoke with her too. {slac rarely talks to strangers; slac is more than schtrange enuf hisself} At the wait for the W, i conversed briefly with a pretty black girl who needed to know the Time. She ultimately decided not to ride. Also~i schpoke at length with a slightly disabled man who carries a cane AND a bicycle when he rides. [he walks well enuf for having been a passenger in a DUI accident seven years ago.]   Nice people one meets while using mass transit. Later, after werk on the in=bound W...a petite redhead was schtanding near the driver Regaling him & me with schtories of Patriarchal abuse and being cheated out of fifty thousand dollars ($50k) by her sister upon the demise of said Patriarch.   Having recently been an Executor & Trustee myself, i empathised with her experience. Not that i ever came close to her own troubles, thank G! Shows=to=go ya~even lovely creatures who werk with troubled kids can have deep & abiding personal Conflict... *sagas*   it's a NORDIC term for long Heroic aventures. Kinda like the democratic nominating Process of and8. Hint: the tide is not really turning. ~auralslac~

Monday, April 21, 2008


Sunday, April 20th, of8...PENNSY is purple.  Which is to say, keystoners will probly schplit the DEMO ticket right down the middle. One thing is for sure--we'll almost have a turn=out bigger than the Two Thousand & Four general vote.  {my Predictions, like polls, are notably innaccurate}  Just for fun~i will offer rare endorsements for young Voters. BUT do not let my conscience be yo' guide!

Since there are more new Democrats than new Republicans, i encourage write=in votes for the also-rans?! Ask your poll werker to assist you in pencilling in Dennis Kucinich, Joseph Biden or one of the other forgotten candidates. Remember to spell their names correctly on the ballot. Do not waste your write=in vote on spurious persons nor fictional characters! Put down a real Democrat of your choice. [Edward Rendell OR Robert Casey are also good choices.] Vote early and often.

Republican voters have it much easier. While John McCain is most certainly the perfect landslider in his Party, Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee are schtill on the ballot! Any Republican who has issues with the ARIZONA Senator can easily & conveniently express their opinion by choosing one of these.  As with the Democrats, any GOP person can also write in a living and actual conservative person.  [Warning!: Goldwater, Reagan, Nixon & Buckley have assuredly passed on. Even dead democrats in CHICAGO don't vote for deceased aldermen.]

If one is a newly registered Independent~Patience!  Novembre Fifth is not that far away. The third, fourth and fifth Party candidates have always had an impact on General Elections. Just keep VOTING. It's a good thing. Teddy Roosevelt thot so, when he progressed.

Polytryx aside~i am encouraged by all the schporty women who have most recently made their marks.  LEONA OCHOA has won four (4) golf Tournaments in a row! The TIGER hasn't done that. DANICA PATRICK finisht her first grand prix race in JAPAN and it brot her to tears. {i, myself, would weep iffen i had to drife around in circles for hours...then Pass the nearest person just Afore the chequered flag!} Yu-go grrls^

More othre things Amorro... ~slac~

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Sunday, Avril 17th, and5... [reposit:]  How could so many people have been doing yard=werk on the first day of fishing? Astounding.  At the end of my Saturday shift, ya couldna git anothre stick on.  Monday, Avril 17th, and6...[reposit:] What a gorgeous Day to do either yard=werk OR taxes. Aless one is preoccupied with more Astounding matters! Yesterday~i had the most excellent dinner @ Cat's manour with the cats & the kids & Rocky's boy=friend & the most entertaining mutual friend of the Fambly, Jane. Blade helped with the fruit salad and probly the green salad; Cat cooked the wonderful Ham with green beans, potatoes au gratin, crescent rolls AND cheesy=meaty=ziti. [the Ziti is their recent addition to the tradition...and i liked it.]  [One could read the reposit of is brief & sad]  Tuesday, April 15th, Entry: Bad News/Good News~in Xactly one (1) week, the Will of the bittre pennsyites may be revealed; there is little Time to thwart the polls & pundits. WE are up to it.  *

NATIONAL BAD NEWS: Is there a correlation between women's Wrestling and the horrible cheer=leadres' beat=down in FLORIDA? To describe the behaviour of those Teens as animalistic is an affront to animals. And what will become of the gentle flowers of Womanhood caught up in the perverse Polygamy of TEXAS? It makes me sad for the werld that American girls are yet Reduced to such horrors^^ Cut the Crud, America. 

NATIONAL GOOD NEWS: the lama has alighted on the West Coast; the pontiff is alighting on the Eastern edge.  {it's how us holyguys roll~We sometimes meet at the Golden Schpike} It is a fair Nation which embraces and welcomes Persons of PEACE from far=off lands while conducting a war against chaos & unkind Corruption.  «There is no compulsion in Religion» Overmore, it isn't a RECESSION unless you recede from it. ~po'slac~



Thursday, April 10, 2008


i enjoy signing up the Newbies & filling them in on the finer Points of parish recycling. It's nice to be nice...With kindnesses 2 small animals & children yet.

tuesdé, Avril Eigth, of Eight...i would state on the state of the state, but it is still so much in Play! The various Party hacks have once again rung in too soon. The PRIMARY is two (2) Tuesdés away. {polipoeticle^}

Thursdé, April 10th, o8...66° mit bright sun=shine What a perfect dé to walk around the Western frontier! From the farmers' market [free Samples] to the big drug=store, from the hard=ware schtore to a tony Spice botega~with admiring glances from all the pretty girls as i trod in my black suede skater shoes... {slac don't actually skate} Yes~the windoes are Open and the bed is changed over from the fresh and finely filtered Aer. My sinuses had a suspicion that this Day was coming; more=the=much after We overfilled yesterdé's roll=offs. The regular busman joshed me,"I don't know what you're having for breakfast, but it seems to have put more bounce into your jump." i told him that my feet had become Accustomed to my barracks boots. Step lightly and brightly in one's chosen foot=wear, i always say. OR~what old Mac said afore he went to schleep nearly ten (10) years ago: «Shut up, Grow up, Lighten up»

while i am missing & mourning the descarnations of ARTHUR C. CLARKE, RICHARD WIDMARK and CHARLTON HESTON, i am compassionately encouraged by the serenity of TENZIN GYATSO...He only desires Freedom for his native people in their native land. Isn't that^ also an Olympian ideal? Just saying/thinking. ~slac~

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Saturdé, March 29th, oo8...& there=after:  TITLE: BOUNCY BUZZY BIDNESS  TEMP: 40° cold and breexy but Sunny  MOOD: mildly frustrated yet coldly Hopefull  MUSIK: whistling to the ishpod when the othre media players ain't arguing amongst theyselves  NOISE: the fullness of the APT building, often  WIDEO: TANYA MEMME in the morning, Sell Haus  SOOP: does cabbage liqeur count as broth?  HAER: medium wavy; fiercely Razored the soul=patch a coupla dés ago. Clipping mousy

TEXT: Of a sudden, lots and lots of people are interested in my Opinion. First it was the radio rating service and yesterdé [Saterday] it was SHEILA from Quinnipiac. [«If the elexn were held To=day...»] Fortunately for them, i am a free and independent thinker who doesn't mind putting thots into werds. {i am more Reticent with close Associates & Familiars} *Opine!*

Wednesday, April Second, oo8...i have a near perfect excuse for not Publishing sooner. My fone=line went down on the nearest night i needed it?! i know, i know---i should have all sorts of satellite link=ups & wyreless Connexns at my discreet disposal by this late date...What can i say? i am an Extraordinarily late joiner!  i can fix it all, remotely, from the slack-shack.{Technology is a wonderful thing~until it fails}Meanwhile, i am well back at my chosen werk and being schlammed with all the yard debris that came down in the wintre winds; i prefer a busy yard=parish to a slow starting Season!

Much=as=more when i reconcile my Copper leads... *effablySlac*


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