Monday, August 29, 2005


"For it was Mary, Mary...

plain as any name could be"

--Yankee Doodle Dandy


Many are confused by the

Immaculate Conception and

the Virgin Birth. These are

not interchangeable! The

latter refers to the deific

circumstances under which

J, the Saviour was delivered

to a 'Maiden who had not

known Man.' The Greeks call

this parthenogenesis. Of which

there are many examples in

Nature. Spontaneous concept!


Immaculate Conception refers

to the condition of Mary's own

Rising in the werld; She was

birthed & bourne without the

Sins of Adam & Eve. Which

must have been troublesome to

her Hebrew parents. It was G

who made her the perfect vessel

for Emanuel, the Hope of their

Nation. (There is some argument

whether Jesus was also born

without sins...coming perfectly

from G OR sharing the faults of

the first Adam. Theologians are

vaguely distributed in many

directions.) I hope this jibes with

the Baltimore catechism.


Irregardless of that^, WHAT do

you call a naturally born 'Mary'?

May? Mare? Mairy, like a Faery?

Emm & Maired, we are Amazed?

Maisy, like a Daisy...Mazy Or

Mazie, like it puxxles us to speak

the Name?? Ma or Mom, as

matriarchal to our Fetid faults?

OR, better yet~MAY, like the month

which Wakens the Wintre werld!

Such fervent Flowres accrue to

such a maternal Nomenclature^

mmm~a natural taste of Mother.

- - - - - -enuf of that^- - - -

And what of Catharine, the

doctor of the Cherch? It is spelled

so many Ways! K or C? A or E?

Y or I? With or without silent E?

To say nothing of diminuition!

Kay, Kit, Cat, Katie, Cathy/Kathy,

Cath, 'Trinny, 'Rinnie...& so on.

Monday, August 29, 2005...

Susan, one of my customers,

is acutely Aware of my Actions.

She brot me a folder from

Rutgers about veggies available

for picking in New Jersey.

circa 1979! She is obviously also

doing a haus=cleaning. Such

things 2 have lying around for

many years! Anothre cuddie

told me a tale of a fambly that

went thru a Widow's dwelling

and found 3,000 dollars...some

of it under the mattress. They

would have patronised a rich

junk=man if they had left it

all to him. To sort & sift, i mean.

Fortunately, my folks either had

treasure in Heaven, or in the

Bank(s). More=over, they had

a natural tendency to give out

Valuable objects to those persons

who held an interest in them.

Which still holds true, i suppose.

Legacies! They are watchful but

not Wanting! OR some=such.

Now~can someone lend me a

Moog Synthesizer, so i can

compose a proper REQUIEM for

Bob? --justifiableSlac--

Friday, August 26, 2005


August 25, 2005...


The Matriarch was devoted to the Sacred

Heart of J--a darn good thing considering

her own heart was a bad performer her

entire Life. Age 10 (ten) on=ward...


The Patriarch was devoted to Engineering,

Management & Art--he sired three (3) sons

who augmented his passions, altho back=wise

and inside=to. His daughters moved in more

direct Lines completely! Good girls...


Cat was good enuf to bring her kids the othre

day, mostly 2 exhaust my supplies of diet

soda. And othre essential things...

ELLIPSES~~i must have more ELLIPSES!


Rocky visited the bone=yard all of her Own.

She had only slight perturbance of finding

Hane's b'ful schtone AND tried to call me from

that location for advisement. Alas~i was at

werk when she foned & she found her best

friend Any=way. WE teach our kids & grands

to travel Perfect unto their destinations.

'Twas Ever Thus! Adults are no less busy of

such Werks than their buried Ancestors.

Yet~Always, i mean, ALWAYS--write some

information on the bax of FOTOGRAFS!!

And more the Blessing that none of my

Nephews & Nieces drife like me...i set a

surely terrible Xample in my Grandmother's

green ghost. And, yet more=so=the=much,

i have never lost a Passenger excluding

Myself. [1986] The car, like its antecedents,

looks very good when it is sitting schtill.


UnkaLou [19 the Engineer says hi

slac> hey Engineer

UnkaLou he's watching TV

slac> of gourse

UnkaLou ok

slac> 1 good on ya

UnkaLou 1 8-)

slac> 1 got the check

UnkaLou 2 don't cash it tho

slac> 2 natch not!

UnkaLou 2 2 months

slac> 2 thy poverty precedes you

UnkaLou ha

UnkaLou gotta go

UnkaLou see ya

slac> lata

^IMP edited 4 nomenclature...

Friday, 26 August, 2005...OOPs! There's

anothre spurious IMP from a Friend^

It comes & it goes--often when i am trying

to date up my Page. Thereyago.


UnkaLou might be impresst that i followed

his Advice & added Memory to the ding dang

dell. Easily done, and now i scan historical

fotoes @ a blazing schpeed. Perhaps. Altho,

i am thinking of switching to postcards on

account of there are many less of them!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Never mind~i have always posited that a good

Engineer can take mechanical devices apart

and then put them back togethre again.

BUT an Excellent Engineer has the uncanny

ability to take a broken Machine, play with it

a=while, and Then--Fix it better than its

natural design EverMore! Not only have i seen

this happen but also i have caused such austere

miracles. It points up the artist in me. Maybe.


Regardless of all that~i am still behind the

Bounces on my Inter=Web...and i would rather

have more ellipses than declentions. Advise me

of the Advise & Comment freely>>>>





Monday, August 22, 2005


Saturday, August 20, 2005...

Lose a Puppy, find a Puppy...

A woman appeared on the Yard today

looking for a stray dog. I directed her

to the 'kennels'. Later, a beagle pup

ran up to me trying to elude the Parish

policeman. I think these were two

unrelated occurences. We'll see about

that maybe Monday. [Animals are

fascinated by me because i am devoid

of Fear and Guile; unfortunately for

them, i do not take them in, either.]

What's a dog in the large werld anyway?

Floppy ears & a Furious tail...


The newspaper people called me twice

yesterday. They want me to take the

Thursday thru Saturday for Free while

i pay only for Sunday. Thanks but no

thanks~i'm really enjoying being out of

the Loop. Plus+, i can read whatever

comes into werk when i feel like it.

Well, i didn't tell them all that; i just said

that i was a happy, singular, Sunday

subscriber. And that was Truth enuf

until they call again. Now, if i can just

figger out a way to Turn Off the Telefone

when i don't want That!


Meanwhile, as i was rifling thru the Old

Man's desk, i found Yet more buried

treasure. Namely, His baptismal certify,

his Wife's baptismal certify AND their

marriage Paper! Holy Crud, it amazes me

that schmart People who paid for a safety

deposit box in Town did not keep such

Ephemera in that place for the Cost!

They musta had more pressing things on

their middling minds. I have to forgif my

progenitors that much, considering all the

other Things they provided throughout our

co=joined fambly History. Busy people.

And the occasional stray puppy...

- - - - - -observata^- - - - - -

Title: Mowing the Mint

Mood: wacky, weed=wacky

Noise: Junebugs & Treefrogs

Thot: "It's a meditation to trim so many

things, growing so fast, so far and so

High; not unlike shredding Form lettres

by hand." [i am hard pressed to find

any grass in the bunch of it!]

Chicken Soop: pasta added

Sunday, August 21, 2005...

I did the Widow's Lawn expecially good.

But i get paid for that! Later, at the grox

schtore, i helped a brunette with an arm

full of yogurts. I said,"You need a basket to

carry all that...Here, i'll get you one." IF

she had managed to hold onto her items,

I would haf simply continued on, filling

my cart with bogos. It was the carton of

light milk which was her Un=doing. AND,

the delicatessen was crowded...else of which

i would not have noticed her at all. Just

anothre Sunday in slac=land. Puxxle!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The puppy is returned well and truly.

Nothing but dog=food in the cage...

Monday, 22 August, 2005>

My last customer was Amy, the Vet.

Coincidence? Anyway, i gave her

general directions to this Page. Hope

she finds it. As for me, my anniverseral

Project is to keep posting forgotten

fambly fotografs---mainly for the shock

value. Hey~if you can't embarrass your

natural relatives, what's the Point?

- - -theDocentslac- - -

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Dad was a philatelist...Not only that,

he was a schtamp=collector.


Hane was pious to a fault...Neatness

interfered with her saintliness. Yet,

somehow she managed to save only

the most Blessed items.


The cat was only friendly toward the

three (3) of us. And they say that

animals are dumb and without natural

discernment! >hisss<


If i had a dollar for every fotograf in

which i couldn't identify the persons,

i'd have, like, five=hundred & seventy

nine ($579) dollars. Legacy.

* *

The Past is prologue...

And VIRGINIA is the centre of the

Universe. At least currently.


Tuesday, 16 August, 2005^

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

MUSIC: Various/shuffle


WEATHRE: Sunny & Mild, Yeah!

THOT: "Where are the moths

coming from?? We got rid of half

the clothes!"

FILOSOFY: String Theory in B&W


The city boys painted the Yellow

corners today...i wondre if that will

keep strangers from parking in front

of the Garage. At least they didn't

complain about my fallow garden.

Yes, i have started yet anothre pot

of my chicken=soup. I admit i don't

schtrip a bird of meat as well as my

Old Man, but i'm getting there. And

i am more than adequate about the

sauteing of Onions & Celery.


Admisso! i am far behind my e=mail

and my pointless Glow comments...

the thot of the fat=cat Pennsy robber

barons taking or PRETENDING not to

take their "unvouchered expenses"

weighs profoundly on my risible Mind.

Visitories! Remind me to schtay on

this subject thru the next three (3)

election cycles--it was a Travesty of

a Sham of two casino greezed shams

of a travesty. BETTER yet, find out

what your representatif intends to do

with YOUR money! No taxation without

representation--of a better calibre than

we have now. And why doesn't the

keystone state insist on meritorious

Judge=Ships instead of Political ones?

Advise me ofthe Advise~i'd like to

keep the true statesmen in Office if

possible. Yet, who are they?

- - -endofcurrentpolrant- - -

Pretty good for some=one who hasn't

read a Daily for three months...and

i'm trying to keep up with the latest

InterWeb Anniverseral happenings as

well. GO! Visit those pages; this one

has morphed without fair Warning!

{He schpeaks in riddles^} Torch!

Never mind~i'll come around again

full circle (360º). Guaranteed.


August 17, 2005^^

Monday, August 15, 2005


Sunday, August 14, 2005...

Quote: "I am the Cat who walks Alone and

All Places are the same to me..."

~Rudyard Kipling, the Just So Stories


This'll be your cat entry for this month,

all other conditions none=with=standing...

Last week i had no cats to look after at all.

And it's been, like, five (5) years since i

had the horrible duty of Delivering

boogerag to the Vet. [She expired on the

way.] But~this week, i again had the distinct

honour of looking after my Neighbors'

four (4) felines. THEY are as much my

girls as any---Nutmeg, the eldest thin &

slightly dopplic kitty; Bijou, the dark black

Queen of her realm; Ginger, the partially

free to roam the ramparts neutered Matron

AND Amber, the multi=coloured Lover of

all strange things & circumstance. They

don't think much of me, EXCEPT i clean

their boxes & refill the food & water bowls.

It's their haus and i am just the hired help.

Or perhaps, an unwanted Interloper!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I have been enjoying my Neighbors' better

air=conditioning and their Superior cable

Television set=up. Plus+, when i go over

there to water the plants, i can briefly forget

that my MANOR is a mid=wise deconstructed

sheet-box. THEY have Newspapers & Mail

coming in evyday; i am trying to send more

out than comes in Until the point where i can

Disappear alltogethre. Their haus is a large

Inspiration to my Minimalist out=look.



Maisie has as many CATS as that^ it pondres

me much how she finds the time to Schwim!

Such profound mysteries in the middle of

August! Happy happy Joy joy to Fidel Castro

and my other Sister, Kay on their respectif

birfdays (Fidel, 79 & Kay something over 50)

- - - -VivianhasmybestTorch- - - - -

Monday, August 15, 2005...

And now, Kay has yet anothre reason to

Remember her birfday---the disengagement

from the Gaza Strip! I hear there are some

nice hauses there that are gonna go Wanting.

All that remains for me to do is prove that

I'm a natural Palestinian. Might happen...


Speaking of neighbors~i came home from

werk to=day & was delighted to find a pile of

snail mail inside my door. [since i cancelled

the news=paper, i am schtarved for light

reading.] Alas & Alack--it was too good to

be true; every missive was intended for the

fambly which shares the Twin. BUT i am not

complaining! I'd rather look at anyone else's

mail anyday than deal with what little

correspondence finds its Way to me. (The

grand Thundre=Schtorm last night almost

took me off the GRID alltogethre. ZAP!)

Which means, perhaps, that i can catch up

[like evybody else] on what's happening in

GLOW=LAND. I said,"perhaps." Zing.

- - -read me & exceed me- - -slac- - -

Friday, August 12, 2005


August 12, 2005...


Grox & Gasoline! It's Way

too Hot 2 Glow.


SO~i'll just post a coupla

pixtures of Angels to carry

Barbara Bel Geddes and

Judith Rossner to the cool

comfort of Eternity.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

As for the dipweeds who

are Shooting up the Down

Town trying to fill the drugs

market Vacuum...CUT THE

CRUD! Your blood money

is a curse on the Planet.

Go else=where & die.


Tuesday, August 9, 2005


Tuesday, August 09, 2005...

i am not quite old enuf to remember

Nagasaki but i am schmart enuf to

despise all kinds of bombs.


There is some good news: Eileen

Collins made a b'ful dead=stick

landing of the DISCOVERY in the

wee hours at Edwards Air=Base

AND the Russian submariners were

rescued alltogethre. Blessings!


Peter Jennings is now werking on

Elocution in the Canadian section

of paradise. Yet, if the Matriarch

runs into him, he could end up

sounding more Kennedy than

Canuck. [taking a bahth in the

Yahd while positing a new ideer]

Better they should werk on their

LATIN & aramaic. Just saying...


i made a bag of yard=waste to take

to the Parish today; alas, it isn't

any of My schtuff---it belongs to

the Widow whose lawn i mow twice

monthly. AND, while i was getting

the electric mower from her garage,

two lovely ladies in the Alley askt

me questions about the size of the

row=homes in the area. The fair

brunette played interrogatress while

the blonde twirled her keychain.

[i suspect the latter was an Agent

of estate réal; and funny i can speak

in that tongue, most recently taken

up for fun & profit.] Accost me

while i do a good turn! I have that

kind of face! Fiduciary Yard=Boy^

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Then, i bumped into my banker at

the convenient=gas=schtore. We

had most recently been tracking a

certain missing cheque by e=mail.

And, here we were schtanding in

line for Sodas...THINGS like this

happen to me often. I am never

stunned by Serendipity. Veritas.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Id est, i am well attended by all

kinds of womanly Supervisors.

INCLUDING the four (4) cats that

i shall entertain for the next few

days. From kids 2 kittens & wives 2

widows, i please my girls at every

turn. Twas Ever Thus. AND, it is

nice werk if you can get it!

[secret: Eileen Collins is a distant

cousine.] Beauties & MEOW~slac


N.B.: ALL my mothers are holding

Kat's Meg & Schulyer in fervent

Heavenly embrace. THEY smooch.

Saturday, August 6, 2005


Saturday, August 06, 2005...


There is much tragedy in the werld

this week. For which i can only add

my Sorrows of them. While my

sisters (4) were attending my care

and confidence, Sunflower heard

horrible news about one of hers.

AND, she lost a nephew as well in

the car crash. IT is too much for me

to bear and i hardly knew them.

I can only send my Angels after

the fambly of my fambly. Pray.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


It was the hottest dang day of the

Year and the Fierce Five came

togethre for serious business. Most

and Each of them doubly so. My

seesters were all weepy sniffling

NOT becos the job was sad and

arduous BUT becos we collectifly

were kicking up the talcum dust

of a Quarter Century. We moved

fast & hard thru as much as two

floors of Crud at fair schpeed.

And still it was brief & scant by

variegated over=views. Started

well, by my standards...Yet i am

easily impressed by needful

freneticism. Rip! Tear! Run to the

Recycle! Toss the mementos into

the nearest Sibling container!

{There's a box near=by with my

Name on it; i 'spect it's only the

first of Some.} When's LUNCH?!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Are we Swimming yet?


My nephew, Jay=Jay was on the

service of the tsunami when his

both Grand-Mothers departed this

veil of tearing...And in a very soft

merciful blessed Way, i consider it

a Mitzvah. Those girls had a plan

for him. Saving thousands to miss

a party of dozens~Lord, i wish i'd

pulled that Assign! Yesterday, when

he was Available, we took him to

both those bone=yards. I think the

ladies were impressed. And why

not? They loved their tall and quiet

humorous Hero more than they had

Voice to say. [it's still a Secret.]

But, Hey! The entire fambly loves a

navy man. Cool kid.


Maisy (my seester) called me this

morning as i was getting ready for

werk and asked me,"Can you go on

the internet for a minute?" To which

i simply replied,"No." *up=dial*

[she's probly in Connecticut by now

and can probly catch her own culots

before i see her again.] WERK!

THUS it is and so much...slac

Addendum~~i am sometimes interrupted

by spurious IMPs...this is One of those--

Assistor2Maisy t18 relieved?

Assistor2Maisy t18- house to yourself again!

*executeur~ such a haus!

Assistor2Maisy t19- :D

Assistor2Maisy t19- well, you survived!

*executeur~ nice visit all=to

*executeur~ i am rarely alone

Assistor2Maisy t22- ok

*executeur~ did Maisy get her info?

Assistor2Maisy t23- yup

*executeur~ and Kay got her schtuff

Assistor2Maisy t23- good

*executeur~ thanks 4 the assistance

Assistor2Maisy t24- ain't nothin

*executeur~ shux

Assistor2Maisy t24- :D

*executeur~ i'm gonna bounce off becos

i need a nap & Amorro i will do much more...

Assistor2Maisy t25- ok

*executeur~ appreciata again

Assistor2Maisy t26- :D

*executeur~ come any=time, talk lata

Assistor2Maisy t26- :D

*executeur~ smooch the Maisy

Assistor2Maisy t27- :D

*executeur~ ta

IMP edited 4 Time (t27) & Smileys^

Tuesday, August 2, 2005


Monday, August 01, 2005...


Observatum: "It doesn't seem

like a week since the last post;

but, then, it never does."


I am remembering ancient things

as if they happened a month ago...

Recent occurences like they

happened last Saterday...AND,

pressing concerns only with=in the

hours of my feverish day! It is the

overnight of Dremes which correct

the misalignment of History.


{No small wonder we cannot fix

our minds on impending Werk!}

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I have more Advocates than i can

count. Hane's brother's widow is

expecially one of those. Aunt Ann

seems as an austere reflection to

the bidness we empathically share.

Id est, we are simpatico on a

basic level. IF she had not called

me to=night on the fone, i woulda

felt obliged 2 call her within the

week; simple Spirits conjoined

upon the Wheel of Life. [Ann was

Amazed that Hane out=lived her

baby brother, and frankly, so was i;

G apparently doesn't play the

favourites.] Would that my other

remaining Advocates were as

bright & simple! Perfect wives &

widows are surely hard to come

by! And, like the matriarch used

to say,"I wouldn't point it out if

it weren't TRUE." *flash*

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Tuesday, August 02, 2005...

That is, i meant to say, I am

surely surrounded by sympathisers

and fellow=travellers. The West

Coasters have come for weddings

yet are also caught up in weeding.

Tearing out the rooted structures

to make way for the new Growth.

AND~the werk is Immense...

Nearly no=body lives in a haus for

twenty or thirty years without

leaving behind huge piles of crud.

Just an observation. *SHRED!*

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

There you go & thus it is. I bet

even King Fahd thot he had plenty

of time 2 get his affairs in ordre.

Turns out other=wise.


People aren't remembered by the

things they throw away, but by

the unnatural objects which they

hold onto...which, then, are

discarded by their progeny.

It's an archival thing. ~slac~


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