Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Wednesday, July 27, 2005...

A Change in the Weathre--

Our friends, the Canadians,

have elected to send us a

small portion of their cool

breezes...merci beaucoups!

Not a moment too soon^


Meanwhile, i was all up in

the shuttle Discovery getting

off; i've said before that space

travel is both perilous and

necessary. Plus+, there's a

lot of detritus on the Werld

Space=Station that needs to

find its way into a Pennsy

land=fill. And your pilot is

none other than the pretty

and competent Eileen Collins.

[each of which are neither

mutually Xclusif^] *Space!*


Actual terranauts for their

part are schtill behaving

badly...And that's the shame

on them. Pay Attention!


Slac's 2008 political Quandary:

i'd like a woman to run for the

highest office in the Land.

Yet~i wouldn't count either

Laura Bush or Hillary Clinton

on my first ten fingres...altho

Both of them have more than

enuf ambition. And political

connection. [is being Married

to a Living President a good

qualification for running??]

Never mind~there is some

lead=time on this question.

{id est, more & better women

should consider making the

announcement to run}



How is it i keep forgetting that

my page is not a political

venue?! Accident of Nature.

[my commentators & visitors

tend 2 schtraighten me out.]

Amorro, i will paint or pote

becos it is what the DANCER

would wish me to do...

~slac~ 19:28:57

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Friday, July 22, 2005


Friday, July 22, 2005...

They are hoist by their own

petards in the Underground

and that's a good thing. I hope

the English continue to arrest

schtupid terrorists, wherever

they find these small criminals.


I'm gonna miss James Doohan

who made Scotch engineers a

respectable group of geniuses.

[and i come from a long line of

such artisans.] "There be whales

here!", he said in STAR TREK IV.

There be Angels where he is

now...and plenty of dilithium.


If it weren't for the Dew=Points

we'd be complaining of the

Wind=Chill. Emily & Franklin!

There's a lotta hotness here and

there. And it's killt more than a

few Americans, who for one

reason or another, could not

escape the Oppressifnes; i Pray

that G & J provide them now

the Cooler housing which they

lacked on this cruel plane.

{Of the few dying people i have

known, a good many of them

would ask espressly for ice...

as if to Slake the fevers of

coming Judgment & arrife

unthirsty in the final Vinyard}


OR~if you prefer a slightly more

Mid=Eastern view of paradise,

remember only to keep the

DECALOGUE to set up Rivers

of Milk & Honey...No lying, No

cheating, No stealing, No false

Witness Nor envy of Neighbors,

AND no unnatural killing of

your fellow Creatures for any

Reason what=so=ever. Would

that we could Hold such scant

Integrity! And live the Good.

- - -perhaps-one-day- - -

Yesterday, i got the milk for my

moka and i remembered to cut

the Widow's Lawn; it is Well

that i keep my own Promises &

that i dreme truly of my other

thousand obligations. WHICH

i shall also fulfill becos it is my

Aspect. Considerata^ slac

Monday, July 18, 2005


Sunday, July 17, 2005

mean=while, the previous night:

UnkaLou 7:47 Hi from Maisy, Engineer

and Lou

slac~ 7:47 hey dere all=to

UnkaLou 7:48 what?

slac~ 7:48 greetings & salivations

UnkaLou 7:48 ook

slac~ 7:48 reading your files is done

UnkaLou 7:49 what?

slac~ 7:49 well/ you & WildMan's emails

UnkaLou 7:49 ook

UnkaLou 7:50 I saw him yesterday

slac~ 7:50 i'll bounce off if you=all

would rather Talk by fone=real

UnkaLou 7:50 at Home Depot

UnkaLou 7:50 he was feeling better

slac~ 7:50 ...and...

UnkaLou 7:50 we will call in a few

slac~ 7:51 you got it!

UnkaLou 7:51 on speakerphone

slac~ 7:51 -then-

UnkaLou 7:51 digital, not analog

slac~ 7:51 my schpeaker is analog

UnkaLou 7:51 well, maybe analog for you

UnkaLou 7:51 hee hee

slac~ 7:51 hah!^^

UnkaLou 7:52 in a few....

UnkaLou 7:52 till then

slac~ 7:52 ta

*IMP Edited 4 nomenclature^

Yes, i can be a hard guy to get ahold

of some nights. AND i love those

Schpeaker=fones about as much as

my sister Kay does. Echoic!


What did Karl Rove know & when

did he know it? Frankly, i don't care;

i haven't liked the guy since he

managed to get Shrub into the Texas

Governorship. Can you say whisper

campaign? Never mind~i haven't

been reading the Papers anyway.


In China, they can't even visit my

Glow. Advise the Editors.


Break=fast: 2 eggs over medium,

4 chunks of country sausage, grits

with a touch of salsa, white toast

and moka. Somehow, i missed two

letters in the NYT crosswerd. It

makes me mad. In red ink yet.


So i travelled to the grox store and

saw a hawk as big as a Russell

Terrier sitting on a telefone pole

during a cloudburst. I was about

to walk into the store when i saw

a flash of lightning about a half

mile off come down parallel to the

bird's perch [id est, the vertical

telefone pole.] One tenth of a

second later, i heard the CRACK!

I threw my armswide to the sky

and pronounced,"Louie! Come get

me!" The hawk flew away and the

Old Man did not accept my offer.

Later it just rained big drops on

my recycle run. Veritas

- - - -not-a-Sunday-entry- - - -

Monday, July 18, 2005> Reset

most of my clox, it did. That

storm. Yet~there is no relief of

today from the Schtickiness!

Are WE used to it by now?


Do bicyclists need cell=fones?

While riding on the sidewalk...

Against traffik...Without helmets?

Granted, he was just checking

his cell; he wasn't calling anyone.

[HOW would that conversation

go? "Hey-Bud, i'm calling you from

my bike..."] And a white t=shirt

that looked like it might get caught

in the spokes... more like a shift

than a shirt. Ponderific^


Wisdom! i must post Wisdom!

HANE was always a good source

of logical remarks. Such as:

"I won't answer it unless i know

who it is." [the fone/the door]

"Don't get it if you can't find it."

[just before i would leave on a

grox run^] Better yet~as i was

perhaps dawdling on my Way

some=where, the Matriarch said,

"Leave before you hafta come back."

Such a superior brain which i have

inherited! Facile, risible & plain!

HER mother [the original Maisy]

also made grand statements in

her own dotage, which as may

often happen, are corollaries of

each other. To Wit:

"If I had known I was going to live

this long, I would have taken better

care of myself." AND, "If I had known

I was going to live this long, I

wouldn't have taken such good care

of myself." Perhaps Uncle Dan or

Aunt Rose Mary could enlighten me

on which Statement was actually

uttered by the woman in question.

{Altho~as an impartial Observer,

i honestly suspect that Maisy made

both observations, albeit on two

distinct occasions.} Smart gals...


[there's an ASSIGN in there^

someplace, but i'm not taking the

credit 4 it.] Amorro! ~slac~



Thursday, July 14, 2005



Wednesday, July 13, 2005>

Do i not pray constantly?

OR was not taught to do any

less? Even when there isn't

anything especial to pray for,

i am inclined to do it anyway.

WE are supplicating for Pam

who has been in Hospital AND

Billy Rehnquist, who just

checked in; i know they have

nurses as fine as any i have

met. [that's a large number.]

Not to mention everyone

overseas fighting this awful

WAR. Innocents & Seasoned

soldiers on all sides, How i wish

the wastefulness would End!

Are there not yet enuf Widows

in Asia & the Americas? OR

not enuf orphans in the werld

learning to trade Blood 4 Blood?

It pondres me horrible.

- - - - -pacem- - - - -

Thursday, July 14, 2005>

MOOD: fungible

MUSIC: singing the Hits @ the

Market [Car Wash/Disco Inferno]

WEATHRE: same old Humidity

TITLE: Perfect Acquisition


The lady in front of me at the

store was shopping in tandem

with an older lady. It was very

interesting to me that the grand

gal could not Complete her

order without white birch beer

in cans. The younger woman

went back to the soda aisle

twice before she got it right.

She apologised profusely to me

as if i was in a hurry to buy my

bogos. I consoled her that,

"I know what it's like." [Hane

used to send me back to the

market if i brot home one wrong

thing.] WHAT is the perfect

grox order? And who has

Attained it? Rhetorical!

- - -end of boring story- - -

Mean=while, as a man of

manors/manners OR reasonable

facsimile there=of...i find my

neighbors & the Media often

mispronouncing the Patois of

their Xcursions into Real

Estate [say~reeel ehStay't'.]

Your agent is a 'Reel-tor',

NOT a `Reel-i-tor Nor a

re`Al-tor. The operation on

your property is "reeel-teee",

NOT ray-Al-TEE and Never

ever reality. {This is why the

Bankers love us...we seem

to confuse both realty and

reality! Call it a haus instead}

Enuf about dat^

- - -end of diatribe- - -

Yet~far be it from me to

correct the werds of others.

It just don't come natural.

In English even.


Monday, July 11, 2005


Title: Tempis Fugit

NB: Anniverseral Repost....

Mood: Shy

~originally Posted 7/9/4>

Listening to: my inner Donna



Thot: "there is a profound

difference between Nobility &



Friday, 09 July, 2004 Already!?

I must begin again to give extra

precedence to my entries over

other Web-Bouncing. Difficult

tho it may be. Like the T=shirt

says,"It is all about me".


I am caught up, however, on my

'ku & my 'kat & my flo=nuggets~

OH! And the long & arduous life

of the never-shunned Kayy...

[and if you can't get to those

sites from here, you are even more

dopplic than myself] The only

thing i am not of total apprisal is

the multifluous ANNIVERSERAL

proliferati. OR, in english,

"Holy Crud! They sho is a mess of

Glowers posting they hearts out on

this here one=year thang!"

Pardon the vernacular invectif.


Meanwhile & else, Vince has been

kind enuf 2 send me much schtuff

over the e=mail, including firewerks

and a handwritten page of the late

Anthony Burgess. [he wrote


other things---in fact, he wrote five

novels in five years becos his doctor

told him he had a brain tumour and

had that much time to live. Turned

out the doctor was wrong.] The

Fence=Man is anothre story. Either

his entire haus is under construction

or He has truly begun writing the next

Great Novel. Perhaps both.

Less=the=Never, this papal chihuahua

misses the allegorical animals which

populate the mind of Hans. But we

love him still, even if that pizza eating

monster hangs around his Glow for

another month. Tell him i said 'so'.


Blighters' Rock? Not me---often i

write jernals so well & so long that i

just repeat myself over & over like

F. Scott Fitzgerald. Saving the good

schtuff so much for the next day that

i just repeat myself over & over like...

CRUD! Didn't i just say that?

I am just so glad i have Editors like

Flo & Mumsy & Kat & Kayy & Vince &

Hans & Muse & such that i just repeat

myself over and over like~~hmm

Must be Anniversaral déja-vu.

Still, {be still}, for a REAL PARTY just

hit my 'bonks 2 this entry' for long and

internecine Commentary [which nearly

always exceeds the TEXT]. *Sigh*

My burden, my yoke, my Cross~

Let the unrelenting belovedness begin>

that crasy Slack, our only Captain Wide

* ~Author~

- - - - - - - -end of repost^- - - - -

Ack! i sure was full of myself 365 days

ago. On the second anniversary if i

recall correctly. I've mellowed.

[maniacal lafter] And one of the Editors

has it right when he notes that Glows

can be dull. But then, no=one can

live a life full of unremitting Xcitement!

{i tried it when i was Younger; it wore

me out.} Regardless of that & apropos

of Nothing irrespectf~WHERE in the

name of Hurricane Cindy did that

other year go??? Whirlish time!


Sunday, July 10, 2005...

Friday, i actually saw a girl wearing a

tee=shirt that said,"It is all about me"

It was at the hard=ware store. [i'm

attempting a project regarding my

kitchen sink.] Saturday, we filled five

roll=offs to the brim; it was surely a

nice day for it. G's own werld of

breezy sunshine and mildness.

To=Day, i saw something unusual as

i was drifing beyond the sports gala.

A mother & daughter passed me

oncoming and i swear BOTH of them

were conversing on fone=cells! Pilot

and Navigator each talking with two

other people while toddling thru traffic.

Holy Crud~that's like four (4) persons

in that mini=van with None of them

really in control of the vehicle! My

green=ghost nearly wanted to clip

them on general principle. Good thing

i was tuned to the classical station.

Leave the portable radioes at home

next time...i've got laundry to do.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Monday, 11 July, 2005...

TITLE: Amembering

MOOD: Love, for in the that

Frances Langford is not among us.

NOISE: fan noise/Seinfeld ground=back

WEATHRE: Hot & breezy, not humid

NOTE: That torch i did is making the

rounds, again. Happy Anniversary!


Camp?! Of gourse i went to camp...

That's where we watched the Moon

Landing. [they no longer allow infants

to attend summer camp, over=night.]

Ten of the best weeks & three summers

i ever spent so small. Where do you

think i got my junior life=saving card?

OR that all=over case of Poison Ivy?

And one year i invited my best friend

from grade skool & he got pneumonia.

Gooood times...altho i shudder to

think what my parents got up to while

me and the Engineer were sleeping

on cots. Never mind~i am fully in

support of Camping all=to.


Also~i got my head mashed in during

a boxing match @ the commissary.

That^ esplains alot; but they no longer

allow children to spar, even with all

the protectif equipment. *Whew*

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Visitors may Comment on Camping,

the Anniversary of Glows OR the

occasional reposting of Entries...

i'm not Picky, i'm Slacky^ lata


Friday, July 8, 2005



I'm going to say very little about

the bombings in London; i don't

want to encourage these A=holes

to pull any more crud. We should

stop referring to them as Al Qaeda

and instead call them all cowardly.

Their tactics are the weakest form

of political bullying. And they don't

score any theological points either.

[Thou shalt not kill...and Better the

person should be tossed in the

River than corrupt Innocents.]

Besides, we've seen this kind of

unmitigated Hatred before~And

we Extinguished it at fair cost.

An ongoing process but a righteous

one. And our kindred in Britain have

endured much worse at the hands

of Fascists. (A coupla explosions in

the Tube? The English still remember

the blitz.) All Cowardly...cut the crap.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Of the National news, i am very much

behind. I am gonna miss Sandra Day

'cos she was the First woman sent

up to the big leagues; and she made

her share of precedent Consent &

Dissent. A lovely gal all=togethre.

Supreme smooches in retiring!

Somewhat national~Karol Wojtyla

is on the fast=track to sainthood.

Altho, as a practible catholic i don't

see how JP2 qualifies for the martyr

thing...I know he had a long tough

life & even took a bullet for Faith,

but the earlier, younger guys got

Crucified, decapitated Or burnt!

Suffer him=self to be sanctified but

Let the true martyrs remain true

martyrs. [All Cowardly adherents


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Local News: Speaking of Corruption

~the Pennsy legislature could not

pass the budget on Time, yet they

found scant fortitude to Advance

them=selves a 16% Pay Raise!

It's not like it's their actual Money.

The poor get more desperateand

the Hacks just get Bolder. *Zing*

No wonder they need cash coming

in from the slut/slot=machines!

The rest of us poor slobs are not

gonna schtand for it next Election

Day. [and if they are schmart enuf

they don't get re=elected, they just

Move to Washington.] Yet, the

smell of moral decay folloes dem.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Yes, children, it is a magnificent

and horrific werld...But as long as

i haf schtrength 2 serve, it will not

douse my Torch on the Inter=Web.

And other things...

Bounce the good bounce~slac


Monday, July 4, 2005


Monday, July 04, 2005...


Leave it to me to miss both

Will Smith [the Fresh Prince]

and Reginald Dwight on the

same week=end! Forgifness,

i was just in the big city. Plus+,

i did not attend the original

Live Aid. (Amember when MTV

broadcasted content? Music?)


Never mind~i have met my

share of the Players. And am in

total support of the concept of

eradicating poverty. Would that

attendance & presence were

enuf?! Regard the Road^^


Yet~these people are very much

like the founding fathers...

Pledging their Lives, their Fortunes

And their Sacred Honour to the

cause before them. THIS is the

werld the children inherited from

us; not always filled with sunblock

and bottled water. A fierce and

awesome place filled with danger

and Surprise. No kidding.


A child in New York was killed

for his i=pod. Figger that and

realise how long the Road.


Travel well and fully on this 4th;

freedom is an attentif process.

Music is a mere Aspect.


Friday, July 1, 2005


Friday, July 01, 2005...


Man, it's schtinking Hot round

these parts.


Cousin Kevin has a small acting

job in War of the Worlds. He

plays a Marine. Not a surprise

since he has served in the

sand=box of a real War.


Having just spent some time in

Philadelphia, i am aminded and

remembered of how hard that

Summer was for the Founding

Fathers. The season of treason.

THEY were taking an awful

chance, defying the homeland

for all the right reasons. {It was

the Age of Reason.} Empire &

hegemony is generally a very

bad idea. And in 1776, They were

the insurrection. Conundrum!


Can we come to a werld where

the "rockets' red glare" is only a

display of chinese powdre? And

the flags we fly are symbols only

of graceful living...not banners

of invasion and Sacrifice? Is there

such a place all=togethre?


Schtill~the fight FOR freedom is

eternal & ongoing; if not Here,

Where? If not Now, When?


G Bless us all on the Fourth of some it is only a Date.

To Others it is the onset of a

magnificent experiment.



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