Monday, September 29, 2003

The big two Thousand

     We sure do live in the interesting times.  The California gubernatorial 'race', the Presidential field on the Dem side And the slippery slope of back=pedaling in the current Administration.  Don't get me wrong--i like Don and Condy and Colin...but their bosses at Justice and the Big house are swimming in cloudy waters.  And i think everyone inside the beltway should take a deep breath and look up the word 'Patriot' before they deconstruct the Constitution any much more.  But, that's just me...

     Meanwhile in the Real world: i once said [to myself in print] that,"I know more people that are Dead than i have met."  The original statement was facetious; but now that Greatness is truly behind us, the words have become slightly more prescient.  I noticed the trend a few years ago that famous people were obituating at a good rate.  Not an unexpected fenomenon [intentional misspelling] considering the wideness of reportage and the lowering of the grades of celebrity.  Well--there you go.

     Added thots: There are more people Alive now than there have Ever been!  It's mathematical progression...  I wouldn't be a very good natural filosofer if i did not call attention to that fact.  {every man's Death diminishes me--Dunne}   But as i live i wonder, where are the 900 internet fans who are going to send my hit=counter into the 2K Realm?  It's a small problem in the werld at large for sure...not ego=centered but i must toddle.        [thinking]        Shellac

Sunday, September 28, 2003

Will this Chicken Never Die??

Sunday, lazy Sunday.  Mia sorella bellissima is winging her way alla Italia!  Buona fortuna!  ...oh, Maisie, you're cute too--Sposzeba.  Y'all keep me informed.     Hey rocky! Thanks for dropping in...[commentbytypingalllowercasewithout

spacesandeveryonewillknowyouspecial!]  I crack myself up sometimes.  Is there a pill for that?  Lizard, sand=flea, jay=jay, jeffdaddy, and The Capsizer--send me your poor, your tired, your Scathing comments and e=mail!  How else would i know that i am 'special'?'s a "Journal"...i get it.  Hane switches to base=ball and I am full of home-made chicken soup.  I boiled and stripped that bird just like my old man would have--except without leaving Bones in the soup to suffer on the favourite son!  [i laugh] That chicken should be dead and gone by October--one of the advantages of having a Uranium stomach.  [rambling]  I'd give the recipe, but that would spoil my mysterious demeanour--at least regarding poultry.  I really have nothing else on such a lazy sunday; so off to the better Glows i go!       Ciao tutti!  il slacchistimo

Saturday, September 27, 2003

Chippery Chipmunks

A better day at the yard for sure...not super crasy like last Saturday.  The weather was iffy--misty drops with sun, big drops for minutes at a time, grey skies mixed in the same time with fluffy blueness.  The stink=bugs were out in force, looking for shelter.  And the spiders were laying for them. Yes, an alltogether pleasant Saturday without a thousand customers; just enough work for an iffy day and the occasional pretty girls.

     Of course, everyone remarked about how early i had come.  It's a holdover from taking the bus instead of the car.  But the car goes good when the pilot uses a light touch on the pedals.

     Meanwhile and strangely--i saw Robert Palmer fifteen years ago [at least] in concert, and George Plimpton quite accidentally in a limo five years ago.  May they rest in peace.  Yet it struck me odd that i had seen both celebs within 20 years--and they passed on about the same time.  For just a moment i thot,"What are the odds/chances of that happening?"  And then i applied cold logic: any one person could see or meet two perfect strangers in their life=time; those two people could live werlds apart and still just happen to expire on the same day.   NO conspiracy here.

     Someday soon, i'll make a list of the many famous people i have seen [at a distance] or met [close up]...from Richard Nixon to Jimmy Carter, from the Ramones to Wayne Newton.  It'd be a long list but ultimately of little account; i'm the most famous person I Know!  Haha!

     megalomania aside...A big slackerific shout=out for the better Glows than mine!  Real people, real lives and me just a local yard=jockey...  Maybe i'll add some Poetry next month--that's always a crowd-pleaser.

     Apologies, jay, of the subject: the chipmunks were especially squeaky Today.  comment of all, i am the vitalistic=slackerbacker             end glow entry

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Elemental Synergy

    So I'm like, sitting behind this car at the gas station, and like this middle-aged lady fills up her Camry, y'know  And then she like drives off and i like, pull up to the pump y'know and like the store-girl like asks me, like,"did you pump gas already?"  And i'm like,"No, not yet.", y'know...and so like i follow her into the store and proceed like to like tell them that i was like just Waiting, y'know.             [change of tone] They were very busy and i just needed 10 dollars American of Petrol.  OH--and cigarets.  But i entered an alternate=reality.  The woman ahead of me had surely Inadvertently committed 'theft of service' And i was the perfect Witness.  I have a bad habit of noticing people who cause me ever=slight problems.  So--to the clerk who was operating that Register--i described the Car, the Woman And the License Plate.  The girls behind the desk were noticeably Amazed as i gave them a complete description.  The red-head commented,"We've never got so much information before."  I quietly added,"yeh, kinda remarkable."

     Which has nothing to do with Elemental Synergy.  I merely happened to Notice a lot of stuff; i hope the woman realised her mistake and came back to pay for the Gas.  Otherwise I might hear from the Polizia!!

   And then i got my fuel & cigarets and smoothly, greenly went to werk. [idiosyncratic Spelling]  Werk observable.  Chipmunk skittish; author done.  the slack=master Alternativo

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Very very brief date=up

It's large and it's brief!  Huzzah!  Green-ghost goes good to Laundromat...gotta go check the other GLOWS!  No--i'm not shouting on the 'net.  Comment early and often 'cos i won't post again until tomorro----probly not so large.  and after all,"Tommorow  is   anothre  day." [Scarlet O'hara]

    In the mean=time, Back at the Ranch, some Unrelated pix.               Slaquedero

Monday, September 22, 2003

And yet more crud...

Well, well.  It's not over yet.  I'm writing now before i peruse the other GLOWS; that way i won't get discouraged about my own lack of cleverness!

     So-----i got up and watched my Barnabas.  He's stuck [kind of] in 1840 and Julia's the big time-tripper.  Hane sat around doing puzzles and sucking up the O2.  Then i added some chicken to Saturday's salad, and some chicken Fat to my leftover grits.  And yes i ate a doughnut with my moka-coffee.  Shaved my face and got ready to go to work.  The green ghost, tap tap VROOM, took me to the mid-point convenience store...Where this big black dude was counting out a passel of ones for Raj [the Indian proprietor--not a stereotype at all].  Long story short: the large and tall customer was none other than Daryl Dawkins, late of the pro basketball and currently a coach of a smaller local semi-pro team.  I know----i know, i shoulda got an autograph like all my star-struck relatives.  But there's a good chance I'll run into him again...

      Meanwhile, I'm a bit of a minor celebrity myself for taking all that yard-waste on Saturday.  Public works had to tamp down my bins before the transport to the County facility; Jim [one of my bosses] was impressed.  And then, today, we filled them all yet again.  Only this time i got a small chance to eat my LUNCH!  The salad anyway...  [now i'm listening to my own music]  ONE would think there'd been a tropical storm or something!

     Enough about me!  Off to put out the Garbage and read the Pent=excellent Glows, then Comedy Central movie[High Fidelity] ...   comment if YOU dare, for i am the overly ambitious crud=collecting     slackman

Sunday, September 21, 2003

Utter Madness!

     This is one tired dumpster-monkey.  Everyone in the Township came to drop off stuff and i was so busy directing traffic that i didn't eat lunch--or even listen to the NPR[national public radio].  Trucks & trailers, regulars and stragglers They came...first to fill five roll-offs, then to uberfill them [2PM].  And they kept coming with more and more yard-waste until we Super-uberfilled the bins And you couldn't throw another stick or leaf on top of the mountain of brush and branches.

     The utter madness of all this yard work was caused this year by three factors:  One--it was a really good growing season, lotsa rain and no time to cut...  Two--more rain on weekends than ever, causing the yuppies to put off trimming week after week, altho some regulars did come in the rain...periodically.  And Three--Hurricane/tropical storm Isabel coming through two and a half weeks after Labor Day, thereby clipping and trimming all the Unfinished projects. [hey, if it weren't for Mother Nature, would we do outside work at all?]

     Every muscle in my body aches and every brain cell i had left was wasted on traffic logistics--still, there were no Accidents.  I shoulda had a camera to take a picture of my poor overloaded roll-offs... One cannot say that i stole my paycheck for this week, climbing all over those bins like a madman!

     Meanwhile, off-time, i enjoy reading all the AWOL Glows[blogs] and commenting on the amazing lives of the Authors...Lotsa lotsa Talent out there.  This webthing might catch on.          slack sunday

Friday, September 19, 2003

Billy dodges another Storm

There's not many people who go grocery shopping after a Hurricane.  I am one of them.     "The wind blew, and the crud flew And we couldn't see for a day or two"

     which is why i don't live on a boat!  Isabel was named after one of my Uncle's best brides---so i had little fear of it.  And in my own young life, i have weathered many Storms.  Amazingly Now, even the green ghost[a car] proceeds well in inclement weather.  How pitiful of a grown man[?] to posit and log about Weather!

    No apologies today.  We are far too growed up and filling our faces for that. And besides, who has the time or energy of Regrets?  There are babies to burp and cat=boxes to clean!   We'll get there, Raymond...[Rainman]   and seeing that i'm not listening to music---well, i will include some pictures with my Entry:

     vote me best or Read at risk, share always-------------slacbacmac

Thursday, September 18, 2003

Don't panic--just a Hurricane

     The world is not coming to an end... I've been in much larger weather on the Coast.  Which puts me in mind of the time I almost drowned in mud...  no, not really.

     Apologies: i sent back that Scottish/Irish story because it has no basis in historical fact.  So a big Mea Culpa to Rocky and her friends...

     Hey, Babs!  I beg forgiveness of interrupting your busy life with my Instant Message; but Hey, at least we're all talking again!  You could take me to the Reunion, if Jim and Cat won't accompany...hmmm

     MY fans at the top five GLOWS: pay no attention to the man behind the curtain--my input to your 'blogs' are Spurious at best.  And i haven't even learned how to 'attach' your Titles to my own 'favourite journal' Listing.  Mea Culpa.   Even john scalzi should slap me with a damp Noodle!

     Ignore previous comment.  Hey, lou!  What are you still doing here?  It's just a thing--you didn't expect Shakespeare just yet, did you? [rhetorical]  And you almost missed H-cane Bob altogether while i muddled through with your brightest son!

   And seeing as all that is in the past and nearly Regrettable...why am i still entering in this journal?  Hey!  Because it's foxtrot Fun!   Madness--it is contagious; just ask the Matriarch.

    Stay the course with Aunt 'Isabel'; there is many and much time to Revolt after the Week=end. [sorry Lou, had to use the equal sign!]

    Also, and furthermore---Rosemary, Danny & Ann might contact us after the 'averted' Disastre.   Grandma Hane was the original "Survivor".  Everybody: send stuff!   Especially during a Cyclone!

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

There has to be a Subject??

     Alright, already--I promise, John, to keep my entries case-sensitive and brief.   Also, and furthermore I swear to spell correctly hereafter.  What a conundrum!   It's just so obsequious and perpendicular.

     Also and moreover, I will try to be less conversational and more narrative; apparently noone wishes to read a Journal which takes shortcuts.

     I went to work and accomplished my provided tasks.  Then I came home and 'surfed the Web' on my  home computer.  Some of the Journals I perused were quite efficacious and illuminating.  Do I sound like a teacher of English yet?  Please ignore the previous comment because it was both cynical and uncalled for.

     We do inhabit a bizarre world, do we not?  Yes, again, I perceive the question to be rhetorical as well as nearly self-explanatory.  If I spent all my journalistic life composing in this fashion, I would go mad!  And in short order, I might add.

     The author of this particular entry does not wish to be obsequious or verbose, but there you go.  If we were to all write in this fashion, the 'fad' of Web journaling would die an unhappy death.    

     Forgive my untimely exit; I am communicating

with my favorite relative.

Tuesday, September 16, 2003


[i will not use ariel ten, repeat]

     Wow!  Just look at that last entry!  what was all that about?  [rhetorical]  Good thing i don't own a cell=fone.

     It's nice today but i stole my paycheck yesterday with all that rain. [weather comment]  Ok, OK--y'all should go to awol keywerd Journals and see all the wonderful GLOWS i lookt at.  I would 'link' them but i'm too busy trying to write my own entry---it's a reader/writer thing.  Damn these pop-ups...i still haf to upgrade and date-up the 'putre.  Oh, yeah, the subject: Hurricane Bob was really cool at the beach cottage.  Lizard and Jazzy jeff came up that weekend [1991] only to find the Electric out and Uncle Jimmy's mazda less than reliable [also electric].  We muddled thru with Malcolm's rotting bluefish and cooking other stuff on the gas was the inspiration for 'Survivor'!  Hah!  No, really, lizard was brave to read by candle=light and jeff got her to the bus=line on time. [we were all so young]  Uncle Lou was so jealous of our especial fone like lizard's rents.  But the eye was so QUIET!  Re-cooled beer is almost as tasty as coffe with real milk, after five days of deprivation.  [electricity is only a thing--but cousin wilbur was an angel to start the Mazda and dump my maggot=ridden bluefish.]  Coffee tastes better with real milk, thereafter.

     Isabel, the Hurricane, is named after my most wonderful connecticut won't be that bad.  But that's just me.  OH!  Remember, if a man ever gets pregnant, you're apt to see it first on the Weather Channel; becos that's where all the pregnant meteorologists hang.  Pass this forward, because it's true.

    Post and comment often...someday i'll be in the top five GLOWS.         theslack

Monday, September 15, 2003

Two Feet High and Rising

Once again: the bloggers of record have it all over wonders me how i could live so long and not be half as interesting as a teen-age girl or a divorced mother of One.  Yes the 'putre makes a nice Radio while one puts out the stinky garbage--where was I?

     It was so wet at the yard that nearly no-one showed up.  On days like this i catch up on my own sense of 'clipping'.  Santana said that those who do not learn from History are condemned to repeat it.  So why exactly do people still read newspapers?  They are filled with ancient mistakes and novel permutations of human Cruelty.  Did i just say my mood was 'silly'?

     Babies! Babies! Everywhere...i wish i had some of my own.  Jennifer must look especially Beautiful right now and we probly won't make the showre [hane is just learning how to clean her own Shunky] but We love the love which is passing thru the Generations.

     Mushroom pizza??  Hane should concentrate on larger issues...yet her Madness is finer and more funky than my own!  Kay pondered,"it looks like a bomb went off in here"  And that was after i got rid of Mac's brown collapsible chair!

     If there's a point here, it escapes me 'becos i learned from the Best.  It therefor makes me an alltogether incomplete child of their Union.  [some answers only reveal themselves after--well, after]   Kay should move as fast to the Continent as her stylish legs can carry Her...[when will you realise, Vienna waits for you?]

     Irregardless of previous--the Slack is still waiting for the internet pictures of Rocky's graduation and other pictures.  I'd be less impatient if i didn't own so many cameras.   But then there you go.  Hane is watching her Columbo repeat and i have to 'retire'.  Maybe tomorro there will be less rain.    one-hopes   El Slacko

Saturday, September 13, 2003

The Famous & the not so Famous

The text is finally Black for several reasons.  But mostly becos black is the colour of Mourning and many of us have much to mourn.  To Wit:

   One: The victims of Osama's fanaticism.

   Two: The victims of War, including our honored dead in Iraq & Afghanistan as well as Collateral victims there and elsewhere in the world--killing must END.

  Three: John Ritter--a comic/dramatic actor surprisingly cut in mid-stride.

   Four: Leni R., a great German Filmmaker, even if she unwittingly glorified the Regime of a Monster.

   Five:  Edwin Teller, a brilliant scientist who accidentally made a generation fearful of the Element Hydrogen.

   Six:  The Man in Black.  Johnny Cash.  He and Warren Zevon [plus countless others] are picking and grinning on the dark side IN A BRIGHT PLACE.  They are not in a Ring Of Fire...just singing about it to an angelic backing group.

   Seven:  the rest of us...ordinary people passing on or carrying Through.  How precious life alltogethre, from the simplest florid birth to the least dignified horrible end of days.  Weep in glory or Rend the garments of Injustice---we are the most fragile of God's creatures!  And why?  Becos we experience our fragility and helplessness so completely.  And so the angels often envy our esteemed estate.

     Arise you sleepers!  The sun will rise tomorro And you must soak up its present Glory.   For you nor i know the Day on which it will not Rise again...

    IN truth and Beauty, ever-loving   Slack

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Kate Jackson Speaks!!

     The kids at Collinwood, possessed as they be, are up to their old trix and therefor--Kate Jackson/Daphne Harridge can walk and talk like a real girl!   Secretly or not so much i admit i like Kate alot--she's an especial womanly archetype right up thru 'Sabrina'[charlie's angels] and Mrs. King [Scarecrow & Mrs. King]...and a serious dramatic actress as well.  Just anothre Kate who steals my heart...mmmmm

     Linda Kelsey was on Rockford but i made my breakfast and lunch instead of watching--those Rockford Files are timeless. [and often seen]

     And then to werk with the adequate ghost-car.  What a beautiful day to collect yard waste! [incomplete sentences]

      At home, altho stung or bit by a yellow-jacket at my own garage door, i go forward to update the GLOW [that's Web-LOG, back'ards...] Oh there are those cherch bells again--who's gonna watch the Season Premiere of ENTERPRISE?  And even if you don't watch it, check out Wil Wheaton's blog [he was Wesley Crusher on STNG] or GLOW becos it's impressif!  Just ask glow-meister jscalzi [at his journal]. Meanwhile and else, life is good.   HEY, lurkers! Send your thots here and allround the 'Hometown'.   The Slack has a brief harness and his roll-offs know his voice.  Stellar greetings and salivations---          author

     {aerosmith: Slak this Way}

Tuesday, September 9, 2003

Makes a nice Radio, i guess

it took me awhile to get back to this entry because Cat instanted[message] Me about how desperately her childrens needed Haircuts.  I personally don't have the time, energy or Enough hair to pondre such Adventures.  Yet Cat is the alltogthre great rudder of our crasy dynasty!  She so good special rectifying influence of in-law-ness.  And she puts up with both of the remaining Engineers we so represent.

      Therefor, cudos maximas to CAT...even if she has no time to read this blog-thinger, and i hope the haircuts are clean [Shear tight, george, but sheaR nicely and i mean that].

     Trim the bacon, Loo, becos you've already won a coupon for same; and good luck on being the 10 thousandth hit!  It could happen...

    Nephs and niets: why no stinging and efficacious Commentary?  Oh, i forget some of you are Homeless or misdirected  and moreover otherwise occupied of correcting the Werld [a long and pointless joke].  NO! Seriously, stay beautiful and keep fighting for good like Maxwell Smart.

   I'll get the hand of this yet--i said hand.  Other visitors: be patient of the Content or dig Deeper---there is a lot of subtext! Run well and hard tomorro becos most of the current Ghosts are ticked off!

     Signifying off obliquely & obscurely, your confidante                el Slacko

Monday, September 8, 2003

He was Just an Excitable boy

Gone too soon---NPR featured the great Werewolf and just last week I saw the poignant VH1 special about the making of the WIND.  Warren's Best of Album was one of the first Compact Discs I bought.

Godspeed.              Meanwhile and in other news...Lizard materialised at the beach to Party with the Seesters.  She must have that new-fangled Transporter technology.  OH...i keep forgetting she lives in Beantown.

     What? I have to write in this journal everyday?  What a cruel trick!  Even and especially when nothing remarkable is going on?  Oh, well, i guess i'll just start making stuff up.  Wouldn't be the first time...  OOps one of my fans just slippt in and slowed my Entry.  Never mind.

    Maybe the Fish doesn't even have a werd for 'water'.  Hmmm

     I'm not jealous of the partyers; i have my own beach at werk.  It just happens to be entirely Macadam [brand name].  The cuddies are just now beginning to ask me when i have to leave [for the Season].  It happens to be Pearl Harbor Day this year...and I've even been to the Arizona memorial!  What a life I've led so far.  And tomorro i could turn into a butterfly dreaming of being a Fish.  There's a theme here but I'm going to cut it short...the Simpsons are in syndication in my musty Cellar.         Doh!

= = = = = = spurious = = = = = = = =

Thursday, September 4, 2003

brief update two

all=right, so i keep loading my

big pictures and AWOL doesn't like it for a simple journal.  So i have to learn to keep it small and simple.  OR attach the pix at the end...  pen and ink are definitely Simpler.     Never=mind          other blogs are much more interesting--go there!             fff slack

     Other=wise and else, hane is relaxt and the werld of us goes on...  Yet i dream often of

separate life apart [what else] from these electronikal concerns.    Read often, comment once And please advise how to make these 'progroms' less proprietary!


Wednesday, September 3, 2003

Slack is not Worthy!

Wow!!  I am really impresst with some of these other blogs!   It puts me in mind of restarting the skool of life, some=where around high school or college.   But then i'm not much for the Recriminations...  [laughter]

     Hey, what about me?  The car goes good now to a drizzly werkplace.  I appreciated having Monday off but it also didn't fill my pocket.

    Answer to question unposed: why does he write so big?  'Becos altho i don't say important things...i prefer that readers [and authors] not strain eyes unduly with that ubiquitous "Ariel 10".  OR as my brother once put it in a game of Dictionary,"I won't look at it unless it's there."

   Deeper still, my old=man once actually said,"make sure you know all that you Understand."  Wisdom does come rarely from Engineers who practise Christian Science!

   Now, if only i'd had a more different brother....hmmmm

  MY prescient question is: do Blogs represent a mere extension of 'drifty e=mail' OR some new kind of journalism with a filosofical bent?

     Answer often/sleep well



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