Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Tuesday, November 27th, mm7... Yes, Flowre=Sun, the HAMFAM serves a full meal on Thanxgiving Thersday.  i know, acause me and the turtle went there this Year. [and may go again next year~no prep, no clean=up, scant over lefts!] With punkin pie yet...Saterday, i attended anothre high skool reunion. Downtown. Not a shot was fired all that night. Of a class which contains nearly three hundred (300)persons, about seventy=seven (77) showed up. And all of them have grown into their faces. Collectifly, we drank more than we ate---but the food we did consume was Xcellent! Be true to the skool, even if you've only been out of it a coupla Years.  Happy happy Joy joy to the lizard, the Day after amorro...she's just a kitten. ~cool&appreciatifSlac~

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Sunday, November 18th, 2oo7...

TITLE: Thank the dé if not the whole week

MOOD: blustery mit schnay yet

MUSIK: wait--i'm untangling my idposh ear=buds...and there's like four (4) media players on my 'Putre...maybe later i'll schpin some 45s on my fonograf.

WIDEO: between [my name is] EARL and er, i watched the democratik debate from LAS VEGAS. it was mildly entertaining. {now that MAURA TIERNEY is walking the picket line...it won't be long Afore America finds any such thing engrossing.} OH! and i saw HAYDEN PANETTIERE on a repeat of Malcolm in the Middle; it was schtartling to see her with glasses & frizzy haer.  id est, she was not playing a cheer=leader?!

TEXT: i hope the devil=dogs forgif me for schkipping over the USMC birf=dé on the Tenth; i was catching up on the elexion results. Tuesday, November 20...i am behind of much! And with the Holydays coming yet. Maisy just flew in from ROMA and presently is flying to see the CAPSIZER fambly. The TURTLE is also flying--from RENO to the Walley. [he misses his karaoke buddies] And i haven't even laid in pressed turkey. {these are the conditions which prevail}Maybe, just may=be, i will catch myself up over the Gratitude weekend...Appreciata! For all the schmall favours G grants us in loving=kindness ~slac~

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Armistice dé, two=thousand Seven...we celebrate the End of the War to 'End all Wars'. Which was a prelude to the Great War. {is there irony in nomenclature?} Which was folloed by a Cold War! it schtaggers the mere mind of a son of a Navy Veteran...i'm the unfortunate batard who somehow didn't even have to go to the POST OFFICE and sign up for selective service. Yet, i am grateful to live in a relatifly free Nation which is currently under its own 'limited' state of emergency.  Wire=Tap me not! Drown me not! My peace is partial...

Tuesday, November 13th, and7...BENAZIR BHUTTO is under house detainment again. {she is one of my all=time favourite political women} So much for going home.  Gen'l MUSHARAFF has promised to hold the elexions to schedule; cross fingres.  More bad news outta RED CHINA...there's gamma hydroxy butylate in those AquaDots. If i had a conspiratorial bent, i'd think something was up. As it is, i simply believe our favoured trade partners are just really, really Sloppy.  In othre international news: Why didn't some=one tell me that GISELE BUNDCHEN had a twin sister?! [GISELE is the super=model who wants her next endorsement contracts paid out in Euros] i suspect PATRICIA is easy on the eyes.

My corn=chowdre is not at all bad for the first Attempt.  My winter beard is coming in all right, considering how slow it always grows. The Turtle is thriving in NEVADA; Maisy is visiting the Pope, mayhaps. KAY and her partner are probly unpacking boxes on the Beltway, i mean in the Beltway. Life is efficacious; more as more occurs...  ~finallyTheLeavesareFalling~slac


Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Tuesday, November Sixth, election dé

i enjoy Voting for the County Coroner; he's a class=mate of mine, usually runs uncontested and knows where the bodies are buried. Truly {which speaks to the fact that there are way too many gangland murdres in this Principality} Quincy!

i enjoy Voting in municiple elections 'cos there are so many people running for small yet important offices. Plus+, i need to keep up my twenty year cover as an informed Super=Voter. Young yet.

GEORGE WASHINGTON~JOHN ADAMS...GEORGE WALKER~JOHN EDWARDS...notice the synchronicity. ya just cain't follo an empirical ranch=hand with a citified RUDOLF or a HILL&BILLY. The caucuses are not far off...Registre.

Recent Congressional idea which passed unanimously & anonymously: Move up the daylight time=change so the Voters get an extra Hour of schleep just afore the local Election; that way, *we* get to keep our politicle operatifs in Place for the primaries AND the general. zzzz  Table vote: 535 to Nuffin. Ask around.

Super=Secret: i did un=retain that big Judge who dissented on the Legality of the PAY=GRAB, then pocketed the Cash.  Actions schpeak louder than werds.

Now, excuse me while i finish creating my CORN=SOOP from Maíz Trillado...like democracy, it's an Experiment. ~slac~

~Cat~ 161z Hey Boo.

Slak> 161z hey babe

~Cat~ 161z What's happenin?

Slak> 1614 same old same old

~Cat~ 1614 Same here.

Slak> 1614 wearing the woolies

~Cat~ 1615 It is cold. Brrrr.

Slak> 1616 imagine amorro--i'll be a icicle iffen/when you pick me up^

Slak> 1616 *in the dark*

Slak> 1619 i know--taking a fone=call from a client or boy=friend^

~Cat~ 1620 I should be good tomorrow. I have an [appointment] in [place] from [time] Should be able to get to [parish] by [time] - in the dark!

~Cat~ 1620 No phone call. Checking my schedule.

Slak> 1620 Xcellent.

~Cat~ 1621 Yeah, way cool.

Slak> 1621 brrr* how's evybody?

~Cat~ 1622 Blade is sick. He has a sore throat and ear infection.

Started antibiotics today. He's been sleeping since we got home at noon.

~Cat~ 1622 Rocky is still working at [company].

Slak> 162z i'll pray his Perfect health & the grrl comes by it natural

~Cat~ 162z I'm juggling all my admirers.

Slak> 1624 *i've noticed* i should pay attention 2 my pages as=the=much

~Cat~ 1624 Most of the people are bizarre in one way or another.

Slak> 1624 secret i like to schtart from Zero

~Cat~ 1625 I see! /smiley/

Slak> 1625 retarded girls on the bus fall in Love with me!

~Cat~ 162g Nice for you!

~Cat~ 162g /smiley/

[edited porxn...]

Slak> 16zz ooops---how's by Kendra?

~Cat~ 16zz I just went to the...market with Toni, Kendra and Mom. Lots of fun!

Slak> 16z4 wow! i almost coulda been there iffen i didn't go Yesterday

Slak> 16z4 *samples 4 lunch

~Cat~ 16z5 True. We had a lot of samples. I bought some great hvarti cheese.

Slak> 16z5 delish, yummo as Rachel Ray says

~Cat~ 16zg She has a daytime talk show now.

Slak> 16z7 i'm growing my [Colonel] goatee...and we Will catch=the=up amorro

~Cat~ 16z7 ok

Slak> 16z8 simply schtroke the fevered brow of Blade until then

~Cat~ 16z8 I'll try.

Slak> 16z8 i loooves you all

~Cat~ 16z8 I won't do anything if he's asleep!

~Cat~ 16z9 Force fluids when he gets up.

Slak> 16z9 water mostly

~Cat~ 16z9 We luv you too.

~Cat~ 16z9 water is best

Slak> 1640 call me @ the 'office' if thangs change^

~Cat~ 1640 OK will do.

Slak> 1640 *smooch*, booey

~Cat~ 1641 ta

IMP edited for nomenclature & content^

Cat> Hey boo.

Cat> Talking to Maisy.

Slak~ my seester?

Cat> Yes.

Slak~ back from the Pope!

Cat> recently returned from Europe.

Cat> yes


Cat> She just signed off.

Slak~ xcellent~seeya amorro?

Cat> I should be ok. I have an [appointment] in [city] until [time].

Slak~ coool, well very 'cool'

Cat> Rocky works on [day] now from [time] to [time].

Cat> cold

Slak~ mit schnay!

Cat> Yes, I saw that white stuff today!!

Slak~ the [persons] were amazed

Slak~ *flurrific*

Cat> totally

Cat> I'm going to see the [name of band] tonight.

Cat> They're a band.

Slak~ great

Cat> ...over in [township].

Cat> I'll let you know tomorrow.

Slak~ no prob--only a few desperate days left!

Cat> True enough.

Slak~ then~fantastical up=rising of good things

Cat> I see.

Slak~ the buddha will help...

Cat> Really?

Slak~ could happen

Cat> maybe

Slak~ i taught/teach him evything he knows[?]

Cat> i see

Slak~ look bright 4 coldness

Cat> ok

Slak~ smooch my kids & i'll seeya Amorro^

Slak~ haf a good time @ concert

Cat> Ok. Ta

Slak~ ta

IMP edited for nomenclature^

goof hi

Slac~ hey

goof what's new?

Slac~ Xcept 4 Cali=fires?

goof ok

Slac~ sending rain from here to Left Coast

goof no needed here

Slac~ yeah--droughty

goof very

Slac~ smooch the Pope next week; i might miss him too

goof ring?

Slac~ yes--try not to let Maisy schteal the ring^

goof /smiley/

Slac~ i'll get to that fountain my=own=self...

goof oh?

Slac~ abso--with penny in pocket

goof playing the lottery?

Slac~ nah--we got sluts now

goof oh yeah

Slac~ 44 how's Cap=sizer and them?

goof 44 just fine

Slac~ 44 [girl] talx?

goof non-stop

Slac~ don't tease her--she's a beauty

goof /smiley/

Slac~ send me a post=card from the Vatican

goof maisy's job

Slac~ right

goof left

Slac~ in the middle

Slac~ chekmeAmorro...

goof ok

Slac~ ta




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