Friday, May 18, 2007


Friday, 18 May, New Epoch & Seven... «iffen ya cain't bring slacbac to the Karaoke, i reckon we'll just bring the Karaoke to slac.»  --source unknown   And, that's pretty much how it happened. With college girls yet.  i schtayed just long enuf to hear the Turtle sing two (2) songs and to meet his crooning crew. Delightful people, both vocally and personally. And seeing that the local bowling alley is within hollering distance of my porch, i was obliged to check it out. Nice night.

A scoche of NATIONAL News: WOLFOWITZ! GONZALES! ROVE? There are people stepping down OR being politely askt to schtep down in the current climate. One of the unmistakable marks of a declining Administration is the attrition of Loyalists hoping for Pardon...  [it's easier to seek forgiveness than to ask for permission] Never mind~there's lots more to come. Mistakes were made. *opinion*

Meanwhile, just off my rampart, a green sedan and an F150 had an unforunate meeting. The car had the worse of it, altho the pick=up came to rest on the grass behind the back=stop. The responders are checking it out presently...  the sedan was towed & the elderly couple in the Truck drove off under their natural Power.  Drive safely! ~thePerchableSlac~


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