Sunday, November 30, 2003


Title: Lizard watches Eagles win.  OR the Traditional break=fast Chicken.

    The Masterful niece from Boston is a better traveller than me, for sure.  She finagled rides to and from the local maisons des grand=meres around her 28th birf=day---oops, no! Lizard is much younger than that! [they are only numbers on a faulty calendar.]  Cousin Dan B. droppt her off & cousin David D. pickt her up.  Hane barely had time to meet either of them! [see subject]

  good for me i don't chauffer the beauties around like that any=more.

    The namesake niece had to have her doughnuts from a national chain---and her grand matriarch insisted on hoagies for Lunch.  Blade was a sleepy hostage.  so, i ask you, what did i cook the bogo chicken for?  {A: so i could make a very Excellent gravy for my tomorro Grits.}  i cook, therefor i am.  Engineer~Jim will explain it to me @ length...from Arkansas.  Beware the sub=text---Slack

Saturday, November 29, 2003

Young & pretty Lizards

Title: blog of dog in fog...etc.

   NO! My mood is not chillin', but it was Chilly @ the shack!  Warm now--i'll be alright.

    Boo=Boo the hound loves me, especially for walking her at 2 AM Friday.  Too bad she's the wrong species.  And the one gecko was friendly enuf---see subject line.  Altho there is a certain human Lizard out there just as pretty as Zelda who is popping in to visit tomorro.  You=all might be able to dope it out from the pix i include @ top^.  I am just so over these cutesy entries.

   {Cynicism without Whimsy?  i ask you...}  Hillary eating her turkey in Afghanistan?  Random thots from a Random guy.  I feel so blessed not to boil a turkey carcass this year for soup.  But i do have to go shopping 4 grox this week...lots of good bogos [buy 1, get 1].  Hane has the TV on so LOUD! 

   Check me lata, love you all...

        the dog=sitting slack

Wednesday, November 26, 2003


Title:  "Turkeys?  We don't need no stinkin' Turkeys!"

    Bountiful Greetings from the Slack house=hold!  We have much to be grateful for on this Giving=Thanks occasion...  almost too much to mention[?]   Maisie will be entertaining Cat and the gang in her wonderful Northeast home & i will be watching Rocky & Blade's bassett=hound.

   At some point, i will cook us a stuffed chicken.  Rose will have a great feast on the Left Coast & they will be thankful the fires have subsided.  Jack & the boys will watch mucho foot=ball i am sure.  And Kay will celebrate quietly in Germany--'tho her love and gratitude will precede us in time.  Twas ever thus!  And for all the other relatives [many] who will gorge themselves this weekend:  WE are blessed all=together to share the day with you in spirit & in fact.  However you celebrate, Hane and my love will shower you as you pray over your meal.  Let us strive to live soon in a century when no=one goes hungry.    And likewise 2 all my readers & fans---have a safe and happy day.

        cinnamon smooches, me

Saturday, November 22, 2003

# 2000

Title:  "That's what i get for being such a busy guy..."

     Apparently, while i was over=loading 5 roll-offs in the pleasant November air, Someone became the two thousandth visitor to slack=werld!  Congratulations, whoever you are.  {it must be noted that 500 of those hits were myself writing or correcting the Glow--do i like the sound of my own voice?}  

    Many of my cuddies are wishing me happy holidays as the time comes for them & me to disappear for the remainder of 2003.  Altho', they were especially present all=together on this nice day!  We couldn't get another stick on.  But as i said earlier--they sure had a nice enough day for it.

    Fambly=wise: somebody send a link to this Glow to my good cousin Mark, who had his 44th birf=day yesterday.  I would do it but i have absolutely no info on my favourite Hawaiian cousin.  And that's also what i get for being such a newby: namely, all my relatifs have had pooters so long they just assume i have nearly as much contact knowledge as they.  Alas & Alack, i don't.  So if you are a long=lost fambly member with piles of data on your top=lap and you don't mind sharing it with a chronic~fresh e=mailer & alltogether Annoying super-uncle Wacky glow-author...Step up!  You could be #3000 & get a prize.  I wouldn't love you all any less [?]{!}.  Plus, of course, the prize.   Advise @ all costs for i am laughing myself silly...

       the inimitable  Slack

Wednesday, November 19, 2003


Title:  "maybe just one itty=bitty link, sir."

     My female Advocates have all chimed in on my last couple entries--i must have a soothing voice to the female spirit. {+ i am universally beloved. ~snicker~} Happy Musings & mumsy=whimsy are appreciated.  More of my fambly real should visit...hmm

    Stole my paycheck again today sittin' in the slack-shack with a steady rain...And Gary took pity on me and brot me a hamburger & fries from a national franchise which will not be McMentioned.  So---life is really good if i werk less for regular money & a client buys my lunch!! [once again, folks--you can't have my job!]  As for the news of the day about Jacko & possible gay marriages in MASS [en masse?], i don't think the stories are related.  Hane would hark back to the day when none of these reports ever saw the light of day! More blessings on her, i guess.  And i have nearly nothing to add as well. {phew--dodged the cannon=shot from the grassy knoll on that one}  Ok, so maybe now i try the link: [it did not werk---and i can't spend my life failing over & over]

  I'll get it eventually, without windows or.....hmmm

  I'm a writer not a Mouser!

Monday, November 17, 2003


Title: "there are no links on this page..."

     Ignore previous entry.  So i'm having this dream where i'm on=line and mousing around the Glows and VOILA!  I've won a prize on somebody else's web=page, or something...  And of course i don't deserve it because i'm only dreaming about it.

    But the worst part about this dream is not that i can't find my own Glow, or that i don't know why i got the prize...but that i am so retarded that i can't do anything at all in response to the dream.  That is, i have reverted to cave=man status like Bill Hurt in that strange movie about sensory-deprivation.  I can't talk or drive or cook or speak or do anything remotely intelligent.

   And then i wake up and go to werk and i am fully human again.  No, really, i got up and went to werk with normal functionality.

     What disturbs me is i have begun to type and mouse in my sleep, kind of like when i first learned American Sign Language---i would finger=spell and make signs in my dreams.  Do any of the other Glowers have this problem?  It wonders me oddly.  And you, dear visitor, might as well ignore this entry as well...      dew=dew=dew=dew

         twilightly surreal  mrfgpx

Sunday, November 16, 2003


Title:  what is real?

    That is the essential meta=fysical question as especially regards the fates of Raven & est, I am sure some=one perished in a horrible car=crash somewhere on the planet in the past week.  The problem is--should our condolences go out to real models or to fantastic archetypes created by hacker=goofs & itinerant pornograglowers[is that a new werd?]?  Never mind, the essential question goes unanswered, as all good posits.  I, myself, as a near=buddhist will not spend any more time on that subject... Trust & Verify--Comment early and often, epistemologists...        slack

Saturday, November 15, 2003


Title: a week of Windiness

Did everybody miss me?  I was busy editing code out of two IMPs for posterity.  Turns out simple IMPs are 75% machine=language!  Amazing.  Speaking of fones, the Cable guys were here on Thursday grading up our land=line...i think they were slightly stunned by our current wiring [two copper wires screwed to steel posts].  We seem to be entering the 20th Century--considering that until 1999 or so, we had one of those big black rotary desk=fones that they used to knock people unconscious on Columbo!  And we had to mail it back to Bell 'cos it was a Rental.  Myself, i walked everywhere Thursday in that killer, does that ever build character!

Friday--i continued to beat back the hypertext from my 2 IMPs, and other computer stuff.  We lost a beautiful Glower---[unverifiable]  and i just couldn't bear to make a flippy entry.  When cars can kill, I'm kinda glad my Dodge is tempermental.  {sentiment deleted}

Today: yes, the ghost took me to werk where we over=filled 5 bins with wind damage.  I had a little trouble directing traffic becos everybody went where they wanted to!  Must be close to the end of the season.  And here i am, dating up my Glow in a new Epoch...OH!  Thanx dancer for the IMP yesterday--and no, i forgot to save it. [more code not to back=space!! Ha!]   The slack is only so Retentif.           smooches

Wednesday, November 12, 2003



     what a day!  Or, rather, what a 24 hour period.  Rocky & i took the green ghost to her Doctor appt. last night and she stalled only once [the car].  More=over, the Doctor was not there.  But we had fun any=way bopping around the Web...she has much to teach me about this 'putre crud.  And she [the niece] did a good job of decimating my overage of a certain diet beverage.

     This morning, hane forced me to send a birthday message 2 her sister---it slowed my progress getting 2 werk but i was glad to do it.  Happy Happy R=M! that's aunt rosemary 2 the fambly.

     And then the darn car would not start for love or money!  She hates the iffy weather.  That's me catching the bus to werk again and asking one of the police=dispatch gals to run for cigarets. {every=one insert anti-smoking message here}  Me and the bus=driver were alone on the run back into town, but she was pleasant and lovely all=together [the bus=driver, she].  Yet, it was quite dark and scared me not.  Hey! Maybe there is a little Shakespeare here, anon.

     Inevitably amused & a rock=solid uncle despite automobilic travails periodic---RECYCLE! BUS! LIVE! and smooch the fambly of humanity....

            a resourceful & reliable slack

Monday, November 10, 2003


title: how i did what i day in Novembre.

    Shouts 2 willy, the pumpkin story=man [moving stories], Rocky 4 building her own web=cite [not a misspell], my dear Muse just 4 hanging in/out & Cat 4 being the busiest momma in the werld!  She must get up @ dawn just to compile her schedule while engineer=Jim hangs out at the hotel breakfast bar in Arkansas.  [there's a rhyme there--i did promise some poetry.]  Regarding myself--i did pretty good werk today and the car behaved itself, especially after dark.  And, so, here i am @ home listening to cherch=bells & jeopardy--thinking of putting out my garbage and reclining on clean sheets...  Hey, gang, i can't be a funny cartoonist all the time!  + if you can't post to this page, you can always send me laudatory e=mail.  {it's one of those werds that only looks funny when you type it--laudatory/lavatory}  And i am there=for & completely, slacking the final Jeopardy........slac

Sunday, November 9, 2003

Full Moon Laundry

Title: 'my car likes the fumes'

Soooo...Germany is a land that has real tele=fones, maybe.  Kay has good neighbors i hear and that it's a small werld.  Naturally.  So, I'm drifing the green=ghost to the ATM and gassing her up with a yuppy food=coupon...vroom vroom and i do a Round trip of bread, bleach, decaf tea & cigs.  All good to the point where i stash her in the garage And make myself a tuna=sandwich while Hane watches an Audie Murphy movie.  Rocky reads me just before the Simpsons and we are IMPs...Where the cranberry werld was i---oh, yeah, that car seems to love running on no ethyl @ all.  What is up with that?  mean=while, my father was good enuf to instill me with the resourcefulness to roll my Sunday laundry on two wheels [cart] instead of four.  Plus i used his sea=bag, again.  Hane was worried about the dark but i Regarded it as an extension of my natural condition.  Tomorro the car will take me to werk, no worries--it just doesn't like a full belly.

         Vrooom-sputter-crank slack

Saturday, November 8, 2003


Now, that's more like it--nothing like a little frost=bite to concentrate the mind.  OK, it wasn't that bad...but i did manage to fill those roll=offs again.  Did anyone notice my mood was "chillin'"? It's a pun!  Altho i'm in=of=doors now and pretty toasty.  Warming myself by the lapping flames of my personal Glow.  {Ha Ha Ha phphbft Ha--a blog joke}  Let's see how fast i can run out of text.  I can save a lot i think by refusing to Indent or perhaps, someday, by having a point!  Yes, readers, you can dreme of it also.  Hey--it sure beats poking yourself in the eye with a sharp, hot, stain=less steel pointed stick. [i sense a pointed theme.]  Going to check out that lunar eclipse myself.  And learn to write in complete sentences. +without parenthetical expressions+  i put the chill in chillin' becos i am the inveterate slacker=backer from anothre planet [more incoherent babbling...] And i smooch your commentary directly & indirectly.     dark

Thursday, November 6, 2003

All About Who?

Thank god it's raining!

I tried & i tried 7 ways from Sunday 2 put a small pic in all about me and none of them gave me satisfaction!  Awol Glowers--do not try this at home!!  I might be new to this but it is Totally counter=intuitif.  Better i should stick to text entries & "I've Got Kodiak samples".  And this is just one current frustration of my werld. why does this crap haf to be so bloody pro=pisha=prietary?????

    That is--somebody tell me in truth how all this is supposed to make my life Simpler.   I don't think so.

    Pardon me for ranting but it's the same old bull we've been getting from the Phone companies, US Mail & Cable Tele=voidness.

     aaarrrrrrgh..........fff the status quo        slak

Wednesday, November 5, 2003

wet again...

title:  Yes, it is November.  Which is to say that the weather is beginning to match the season and i am slowly but surely starting to clean out the slack=shack.  Personally, i like rain & fog & mist and early onset Arthiritis...and wearing my woolies to werk.  No, really, I'm not kidding.  [dang! how do you spell rheumatism?!?]  Well---i haven't got much more tonight, so i think i'll check a few more Glows before Enterprise...

           ever=whimsical, a brief slack

Tuesday, November 4, 2003


title: If you didn't Vote, you can't kvetch!     Not only am i a super=uncle, but also a super=voter.  Altho i didn't get started early enuf...[was that Richard Nixon who gave 18 year-olds the right?!] I am dating myself if i told you i saw Nixon in person.  but hey, there you go.  I could have been a gergling baby.  And then i ran around town in the green ghost, buying coffee, milk, eggs & cigarets...washing the chocolately dirty robes of Hane @ my new favourite laundry=mat.  Y'know--just the stuff one does after being an upstanding Citizen.  In any case i make a difference just by living on the planet.  To someone, somewhere.  Did someone ask to look at pictures of FROGS?  Abof^they Are!

Monday, November 3, 2003

Goodbye, Blue Monday

Now i get it--it wasn't so much the extra characters as the extra spaces!  That's what i get for thinking like a cartoonist. ButThatWon'tCauseMeToRunEverything TogetherJustTOFitItAllIn.  Also, i wouldn't want any of my material 2 accidentally become a string-of-code for my favourite enemies.  Do i have enemies?  Or for that matter...[sub=text]     What a glorious day to werk outdoors--i even put on my sunscreen today!  Short=sleeves in November?!  It ponders me that i live so good.  Veb is a new fan so i gotta shout out to her and Rocky is probly poring over the stuff i sent her [smooch both & sundry].  No wonder i can't finish my second novel.  Mea Culpa...  mean=while shouldn't there be a character/werd counter on the initialised Glow?  And don't forget to vote tomorro 4 real, people: it will have consequences in And4!              ~gurgle~    Truth^

Saturday, November 1, 2003

Insanity--part trois

"lots of leftover candy"  {must  try  to  use  only  one  colour}  Man, that Casio drum set can sure keep time!

     Clearing the decks:  a couple of fellow Glowers have noted my entries are Humorous & Original. {must  e=mail  them}  And here i was going for the depressive & cliched!  Oh well--chacun a son gout. {Must    get    French    character    set}  Sacre bleu!  Et merci beaucoups..    Meanwhile, the Capsizer was good enuf to send a couple Halloween pix and i appreciate that.  Hmmm [dragon growl] maybe i'll buy me one of them dexa=pectoral giga=pull CAMERA thingies.  Then i'll really be able to dump some awful images onto 'hey you've got some fotoes, or something'

     {must  Not  Rant  Anti=technologically} [creaky door]  And now for the body of the text:

     Apparently, i spoke too soon about the yard=werk declining becos, YES--we overfilled the five roll=offs YET again! [door slams]  I personally blame the wonderful weather in my neck of the woods.  So many trux, so many trailers, so much Dumpster=climbing.  {must  use  less  spurious  equal-signs}  It will have to be somewhat different next year.

     If you don't know it by now--none of my special fonts and italics "link" to anything.  {perhaps  i  am  the  Missing  Link?}  Yet, in some small way my Glow is entertaining, n'est-ce-pas?  And so, fans & fambly, i toddle to other jernals as i am sometimes wont to do; there's a bonus for Commentators [and e=mailers] who count and chronicle all the misspellings and faux-pas within this pardicular entry, altho' i haven't yet decided what that bonus should be! 



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