Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Tuesday, September 18th, And7...  

Correxn: JUSTINE HENIN won the ladies' final

Memorial: BRETT SOMERS was a funny lady

What a week=end it was! Just acause the engineer moves to NEVADA doesn't mean it can become the centre of the universe. Considre this: STEVE FOSSETT is schtill missing...BRIT pulled off a very bad ASHLEE impression at the MTV awards AND Orenthal went bat=guano crasy on a former friend who is selling schports memorabilia. Let's just say it was an interesting coupla days in & around SIN CITY. Thank G i was only flying over that great state...

Friday, i took a two=prop puddle jumper to Filthydelfia in the dark of the Walley. Then i flew non=schtop to LINDBERGH field [speaking of disgraced or missing Aviators!] i coulda woulda shoulda hookt up with the engineer and Kay, but i took a TAXI instead. Good thing too Acause i got to hug CHUCK & KATHY, JIM & SHARON in the lobby. Marianne [the gorgeous desk=wench] told me i couldn't check into my room yet, so i took my first lunch @ the Quizno's®. As soon as i got back to the SOFIA, i was checking in with KAY & HARRY and the engineer. {he and i shared a room, again}  Second lunch was a tuna=san @ the ST. TROPEZ.  We [a whole bunch of us] ate dinner @ LA FIESTA.  It was apostlic--i had chimichanga & cerveza

Early Saterday, i met cousin MAISY on the lanai...i was schmoking & she needed coffee. Three (3) of us took a TAXI to the cherch [maisy, me and the engineer]. The stained glass circle over the altar depicted the Last Supper with only eight (8) of the Disciples. Turtle told me it was the Reader's Digest® condensed version. OH! the ceremony was Stellar. CHELLY was the vision of Beauty & GROPER lookt good in his dress uniform. They passed under the bower of swords outside...

Partay! MATT & ANNIE=BANANIE [my delicate flounder] were kind enuf to give us a lift to the Recepxn @ the Ulysses S. Grant Hotel. What a fantastic place to hold such a wild party! i sat at table one (1) with ROSE & the colonel, Aunt THERESE, CeCe [Celia] & PAT, Aunt EVA and Uncle DANIEL, Aunt RoseMary & Uncle TERRY.  i knew i was in the *MAC* section on account of all the beef that was consumed; i had chicken.  Naturally, i drank two (2) fingres of chardonnay with my meal. There were four (4) champagne Toasts...Best Man Jay=Jay & the Father of the Bride were espexially good/sentimental. The Maid of Honour actually wept during her speech.

Dancing? i shagged so much on that parquet floor, i thot my knees were gonna crack. The dafters of Cousin KEVIN could scarcely believe an old man could move so well. {so they said} DAN was good enuf to take a foto of the fierce five afore some of us retourned to the othre hotel.  The young ones partied for who knows how much longer?! i was glad to be invited & delighted that sister Kay provided the sponsorship [she's one of my favourite seesters]. The engineer made every event, near as i can tell. He's good like dat...

"On a Sunday morning side=walk..." i'm wishing Lord that i didn't haf to catch anothre TAXI to the aerport, but thereyago & thus=it=is. i flew from the land of palm trees to CHARLOTTE/DOUGLAS and ate yet anothre hogie from Quizno's® with Coca-Cola®. {at these prices, i shouldn't advertise}  Losing the sun i had so recently gained, the DORNEY ferris=wheel lookt positifly daxxling to me. Or, as HANE used to say,"I love to travel, but it sure feels Good to get back Home." i shared a TAXI minivan to the WAWA® with a couple who live near Dad's cherch. [i needed^ milk for my mocha] And just about then, at my apartment, i collapst.

ZZZZZ  How was your week=end? ~slac~


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