Sunday, December 30, 2007


G bless 'em and preserve them, wherever they are bound. They seal up the Age...  So~HNY Glowers! Onward & Outward...

Sunday, December 30th, end7...what is it about pakistani politix that causes such Horribleness?Which do the Cowardly AssAssins hate more--a woman who Loves her country OR democratic Freedom all=to?! And why did that dillweed have to murder my Beloved BENAZIR? Shame, shame.  On this Page & in the Walley, i am behind of much. it must be years'end. Shortly after i might Deck the Halls~i favour a clearing of the Decks. {or least=the=at, a cleansing of the old calendar in Favour of a bright new one} CAT and the kids were nice enuf to have me for supper on J's commeratif birf=dé---schtanding Beef, made=home masht potatoes, green beans almondine, purple cabeej & antipasto was more Goodness to consume than i deserve! Cake & coffee.  [i'm also werking on the Ham i glazed from KAY; it matches my eyes] OH! the Turtle and i also had a confluence with his class=mate, GENIE, at a local bookery on the Afternoon afore Christmass; that was Especial nice. [she and i have been Communicating via e=mail since the Departure of our piano mentressThe schnow is coming down again fluffily, and i must Fix my Soul toward grander coming things...TwasEverThus, santaSoliscicle&joyfullyJanuarian ~slac~

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


That wasn't much of a schtorm, hereabouts...more crusty and iffy than schnowy and miserable. But i'll showre my seasonal Blessings on those more Northwise than me. Sunday, December 16th, and7^ Tuesday, Decembre 18th, and7... Curtains & Care® packages! my sisters are pouring their Love upon me in card=board boxes. It's a good thing. {i was a infant when they were graders, so they've Always lookt after me} Aday, i saw four (4) gulls flying over the car dealership. i take it as a sign that EITHER i'm gonna take an ocean=cruise OR there ain't no orts in Jersey. Probly the latter^

mean=while, on the twenty=first of Decembre:

unkaboo yes?

neph#1 hmm?

neph#1 how are you sir?

unkaboo i am good sir

unkaboo and y'all--

neph#1 we are surviving

neph#1 children are and dad are tired

unkaboo glad of chidren--babaloo sent me^

neph#1 good

unkaboo are all=togethre?

neph#1 yes

unkaboo go, dine

neph#1 well

unkaboo merry xmas on all--ta

neph#1 and the same to you!

neph#1 signed off at [time]

^IMP edited for bounce & brevity^


Monday, December 10, 2007


Monday, December 10th, and7... Yesterdé, over breakfast at Our nearest favourite diner [Maisy had eggs over easy and i had eggs over Good], we discusst a Visit the Matriarch made to a crowded steakhaus that she [Hane] called a fire hazard..."just like the blank in NYC..."  My dear sister tried to fill in the blank with COTTON CLUB, then COPACABANA, but i fired off my last synapse of the actual name, momentarily... i said,"it was the COCOANUT GROVE, and if Hane had gone there that night~none of us would be here to Remembre it." {my Fambly is recklessly adept at avoiding Spectacular disastres!} Table=talk. Âvèc ouèves. 

[my French accents are rusty^] In any case, the CONNECTICUTIANS [?] were far too kind to visit me and mine on their way to a concurrent event in the Walley.  And, i might could get some drapery out of it.{"it's Curtains for you, unkabooey!"}Weathre permitting...shine=lovin'slac

Cat Hey.

*slak* hey babe;

Cat What's happening?

*slak* lizard called & turtle called ...

IMPs edited for content & to run in the time allotted^

Saturday, December 8, 2007


Saturday, December Eighth, New Epoch7..."I'll meet you anytime you want, in our Italian restaurant..." --billy joel, '75 MAISY treated five (5) of us to dinner last night in just such a venue. And BABALOO tippt the expecial good guitar=singer as we left. Then, we told crasy fambly schtories to each othre far into the night at my digs.  {is 10:30 post meridian far into the Night?}  Aday~my wonderful sister aided me on a long behind recycle run and chauffered me well past all of the old Schtomping grounds and hovels. WE do such things out of muscle memory, not over=wrought Sentimentality.  We had the casual late=lunch at anothre of our fine Walley fambly=owned cafés...  BABALOO took us to the Car=Warsh!  Such a good one to have around when he's only in the Walley for a campers' reunion...  He is patient with our conjoined insanity.  Amorro is casual/schleepy Sun=day ~slac

Monday, December 3, 2007


Monday, December Third, and-Seven...i don't know if my dear departed Jewish second mother will forgif me, but i am putting up a ham=hock soop for Hannukah.  {more importanly, will yhwh forgif me?}  Less=the=never, i will celebrate the Days and Nights of Light in the company of my tribe.  Which pretty much includes evybody^

As the werk at the Parish Yard concluded & the bishop of Smyrna rode coldly on his bucket=truck, my good friend PETER came to celebrate And fetcht me home=wise. He didn't bring his wife nor his dog, but i have met almost Pete's entire fambly. It is a mere Holyday Blessing to share friendship with the people you serve on a customary basis.

Now~the wind has come to blow off the remaindre of the leaves & i saw a hawk percht high upon a utility's gonna be a Brisk wintre in the Walley, but nay so much a Schnowy one. {it's what i believe of the portents i've seen}Brightness! on your Season! but do not light candles unnecessarily.  OR othre dangerous fires for that matter^



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