Wednesday, September 26, 2007


This, could also occur...

Novembre Fifth, 2and8: KEYES and PAUL handily defeat OBAMA and BIDEN.  First black US President vows to unify the country.  BARACK congratulates 'brother' on historic win.  Administration promises new brand of Libertarian Conservatism. Trial of bin Laden planned in UZBEKISTAN.

Reset: current times...RATHER to take on REDSTONE.  This^ is gonna be interesting.  i'm rooting for DAN 'cos i love him like a news anchor.  More on this as it develops.

Wednesday, September 26th, 2and7...i'm back in the swing of things. OR some semblance of that. Which also means i'm three (3) days behind the rest of the werld!  Oh, well~i'll think of something better to post amorro after i make my chicken gravy. ~autumnalSlac~

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Thursday, September 20th, andSeven...notæ post nuptialæ: The homeless ones in San Diego are as numerous as the palm trees.  i had forgotten about that in my sixteen (16) year absence from the Left Coast. By the same token, at least they have good weathre for it.

Appreciata to the five (5) Cabbies who took such good care of me and mine.  Lamar, Ali, the one who carted us to the cherch, second Ali and Mike.  Not a TRAVIS BICKEL among them.  I'm not forgetting Matt who drove us to the Recepxn, but he's a nephew so we didn't pay him! Someday.

Cousine MAIZY is quite excited to be 'in a fambly way'. She is not alone as we hear cousine Shannon is also in bloom in her native state. Process!  [baby SHAUNA is visiting grandma SUE downstairs from me...she's a delightful child] Suffer the litluns<

Manners...yes, it's the bread plate which goes on the upper right in Service. i only know this acause i scanned the EMILY POST book once [for the turtle wedding].  And yes, Colonel, there is such a thing as a salad knife. Of gourse, i switched hands quite a bit on the poultry dish; i can never decide if i am European or American! Best of all, when i came off the dance floor for my schpot of wedding cake, i pickt up the cake fork and wiped it on my upper sleeve while asking CeCe,"is it clean?" To which she promptly replied,"It is now!"  A big Appreciata to serving girls DAWN and ALICIA--they treated us Barbarians quite nicely!  {only one glass was broken during hôrs d'oeuvres...that is a sign of Future good Fortune. Really}

Cat Thanks Boo. Nice chatting/typing with you.

~slac amorro, sweet one

Cat Bye

~slac luv

Cat smooch

Who's gonna send me fotoes? Amembre~i have a natural tendency not to Publish the embarrassing ones.  over=the=lag=jet~slac~

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Tuesday, September 18th, And7...  

Correxn: JUSTINE HENIN won the ladies' final

Memorial: BRETT SOMERS was a funny lady

What a week=end it was! Just acause the engineer moves to NEVADA doesn't mean it can become the centre of the universe. Considre this: STEVE FOSSETT is schtill missing...BRIT pulled off a very bad ASHLEE impression at the MTV awards AND Orenthal went bat=guano crasy on a former friend who is selling schports memorabilia. Let's just say it was an interesting coupla days in & around SIN CITY. Thank G i was only flying over that great state...

Friday, i took a two=prop puddle jumper to Filthydelfia in the dark of the Walley. Then i flew non=schtop to LINDBERGH field [speaking of disgraced or missing Aviators!] i coulda woulda shoulda hookt up with the engineer and Kay, but i took a TAXI instead. Good thing too Acause i got to hug CHUCK & KATHY, JIM & SHARON in the lobby. Marianne [the gorgeous desk=wench] told me i couldn't check into my room yet, so i took my first lunch @ the Quizno's®. As soon as i got back to the SOFIA, i was checking in with KAY & HARRY and the engineer. {he and i shared a room, again}  Second lunch was a tuna=san @ the ST. TROPEZ.  We [a whole bunch of us] ate dinner @ LA FIESTA.  It was apostlic--i had chimichanga & cerveza

Early Saterday, i met cousin MAISY on the lanai...i was schmoking & she needed coffee. Three (3) of us took a TAXI to the cherch [maisy, me and the engineer]. The stained glass circle over the altar depicted the Last Supper with only eight (8) of the Disciples. Turtle told me it was the Reader's Digest® condensed version. OH! the ceremony was Stellar. CHELLY was the vision of Beauty & GROPER lookt good in his dress uniform. They passed under the bower of swords outside...

Partay! MATT & ANNIE=BANANIE [my delicate flounder] were kind enuf to give us a lift to the Recepxn @ the Ulysses S. Grant Hotel. What a fantastic place to hold such a wild party! i sat at table one (1) with ROSE & the colonel, Aunt THERESE, CeCe [Celia] & PAT, Aunt EVA and Uncle DANIEL, Aunt RoseMary & Uncle TERRY.  i knew i was in the *MAC* section on account of all the beef that was consumed; i had chicken.  Naturally, i drank two (2) fingres of chardonnay with my meal. There were four (4) champagne Toasts...Best Man Jay=Jay & the Father of the Bride were espexially good/sentimental. The Maid of Honour actually wept during her speech.

Dancing? i shagged so much on that parquet floor, i thot my knees were gonna crack. The dafters of Cousin KEVIN could scarcely believe an old man could move so well. {so they said} DAN was good enuf to take a foto of the fierce five afore some of us retourned to the othre hotel.  The young ones partied for who knows how much longer?! i was glad to be invited & delighted that sister Kay provided the sponsorship [she's one of my favourite seesters]. The engineer made every event, near as i can tell. He's good like dat...

"On a Sunday morning side=walk..." i'm wishing Lord that i didn't haf to catch anothre TAXI to the aerport, but thereyago & thus=it=is. i flew from the land of palm trees to CHARLOTTE/DOUGLAS and ate yet anothre hogie from Quizno's® with Coca-Cola®. {at these prices, i shouldn't advertise}  Losing the sun i had so recently gained, the DORNEY ferris=wheel lookt positifly daxxling to me. Or, as HANE used to say,"I love to travel, but it sure feels Good to get back Home." i shared a TAXI minivan to the WAWA® with a couple who live near Dad's cherch. [i needed^ milk for my mocha] And just about then, at my apartment, i collapst.

ZZZZZ  How was your week=end? ~slac~


Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Tuesday, September 11th, and7...wasn't i just @ a shore=side Wedding?  Wait! That was the renewal Service.  Now i've got to attend a Western one.  {the sun rises & sets in totally different places, here to there; it's very confusing}  Yet~i fully expect some=one to Thrust anothre camera into my hand to record the Nuptials. It's 'cause i have the 'eye'.  And i will have to dance like an utter fool 'cause i have the 'feet'. Utility!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Tuesday, September Fourth, And 7...  Holy Crud! They shuttered the 19th Avenue postal sub=station?! And just when i was gonna send some=body a chapbook and cds.  It was the nicest little card shop where one could get schtamps and send large chex to far=off relatifs...a place to send Library of Congress applications for copyright of music and potery...a quiet room to acquire Register and Certify mail for posting to lawyers or such people. Gosh! i musta schpent eight hours or more there over the course of thirty odd years [secret: even my even Years are odd]. More ironically--there's supposed to be a Renaissance of bidness along that very corridor, in spite of the loss of two amazing restaurants. What epistlic sadness!

Schports report: naturally, i'm only paying attention to the ladies playing the hardcourt in FLUSHING MEADOWS. Some of them grunt while they play; some of them don't.  But a considerable number of the girls have unpronouncable last names...which is Okay acause they come from foreign Republix!  It might happen again that VENUS & SERENA face each othre in the top tier--it is the US Open. {as long as it distrax me from the end of BALLBASE and the schtart of BALLFOOT}

Pennsy politryx: Anyone? Well, there is at least one (1) judge who won't seek retention on account of 'defrauding an Insurance firm'.  WE just haf to keep our eyes on the Othres^  No guns for four (4) days? Where will the gangbangsters get their pistolas? For my part, i'm schtill seeking a Global moratorium on bullets & Xplosifs. Maybe next year... while i'm waiting for fast EDDIE to return the taxpayer cash he so graciously gave to the Furloughed werkers. [it shoulda come outta the pols' pay!] Undocumented aliens? How about that undocumented three hundred and sixty million dollars schpread over the four current caucuses? That's our money, too.  Open Records! Legislatif Reform! Even a constitutional convention would be nice.  Let's keep they feet to the fire^ *rant*

Oh, never mind~it's just a thing. ~slac~

Saturday, September 1, 2007


Saturday, September First, and7, the New Epoch...

CAT called me this morning as i was getting ready for werk and suggested i could drife her 'extra' car.  Naturally, i concurred with her infallible logic!  {the vehicle would get use, i'd get its use AND she wouldn't haf to fetch me...} Not to mention that the parking is bettre where i reside than around the big FAER. Plus+, it's good for my clutch=foot.  Smoother than greased owl=droppings^  More on the holiday, perhaps~it's about labour, amembre.

Cat hey

Slak* thanx!


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