Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Yes--it's been a very busy Time for Lady Jurisprudence.  ALBERTO is schtill having difficulty answering questions from a former Filly prosecutor...Chief Roberts took a spill and had a seizure, which may or may not be an Affidavit of epilepsy. Lotsa people have been served with all sorts of indictments & citations, high and low.  And the hits just keep on comin'. Must be the Summer of law. The grim reaper hasn't been on Vacation, either.  He's collected up TAMMY FAYE, TOM SNYDER [ i used to schtay up late to watch his show when i was an Embryo] and INGMAR BERGMAN. Plus+ a whole lotta other good folx, renowned & unrenowned. He don't frighten me.  But i surely hate him for taking some souls violentlyThe Turtle is wending his way west=wise for werk. Wit wanderlust. Good=speed intrepid one! He schtayed just long enuf to participate in TONI's birfdé bash this past Saterday [i could not attend 'cos i was on the YARD with my hares & sparrows]. HAPPY HAPPY, Toni! belated... Mean=while~where did JULY go?! It was just here. ~anAffableSlac~Tuesday, July 31st, Seventh of epoch.

Friday, July 27, 2007


Friday, July 27th, and7...what an absolutely horrible week for Schports figgers, lawyers, young female celebrities & other animals.  The epic tragedies are so massif, convoluted and bizarre that i cannot write about them.  So~i'll write about something else! There i was, setting in my Parish boof, monitoring the coming and going of my customers, when i felt tiny feet on my left shouldre. i reached inside my polo=shirt and brusht against a bug. It made a shreiking noise...You have never seen a person throw off a tunic so quickly! Turned it inside out and a big beetle hit the deck. She was about two inches (2") long with even longer antennae. For a schplit=second i thot of the BUDDHA afore i schtompt her with my foot.  {i have the very sensitif skin and am quite Averse to having miniscule creatures crawl upon me; Hescha! i can hardly stand the laundry tag} i only hope i'll be forgiven some=day for extinguishing this exoskeletal life=form...  That's^ a Bug report.  The Turtle is gathering his belongings & preparing to head west=wise.  NEVADA is calling. An engineer without a Project is like a Wide Knight without filosofy.  OR sumpin' like dat^.  The black beauty is sure to carry him far & well...Twas=ever=Thus.

No, really--the beetle shreiked. ~slac~

Monday, July 23, 2007


Sunday, July 22nd...correction!  DOW & JONES were real names, like PASS & STOW. mea culpa  The bird report: Yesterday, on the Yard i saw a yellow finch.  No camera yet. The gallavanters: Turtle went to some kind of hippy festival yesterday, while CAT took in the Broadway show, Gray Gardens. [it's about two eccentric BOUVIER women who live in a hovel.]  Any=way~G bless 'em for travelling in opposite direxions; my wanderlust is currently in remission. {i walk the good}  The all-cowardly report: two (2) items schtruck me from the Martial News...On more than one occasion, radical male Islamists have tried to schlip through security dragnets by donning burqas or chadors, with heels yet! These characters should try being a Moselem woman for real one time. Might change their incendiary minds. Also, the chief of media for the terrawrists in IRAQ is either an actor OR imaginary. i don't think ordinary Baghdad citizens were fooled. Although~ it had some of our people pondering... "he's dead! he's captured! he's just betend!"  These^ are the lengths they'll go to.  Monday, July 23rd, and7...More gallavanting: i neglected to mention that the Colonel and his bride are in the old country--namely, IRELAND. Lots of my relatifs have been to the UK, but i haven't gone yet on account i'm afraid they'll crown me a native son or somesuch in one of their nations. [if i could prove to be WELSH they might even put me in a spy movie..."the name's mac~slacbac, mac"] Travel!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Wednesday, July 18th, Seventh year of the new Epoch.  So~i was reading the classifieds, like i always do and i found this really interesting item under Personal Services: Lawyer Needed for Large misallocated Estate worth over $1 Billion. Just up my alley!  Well, there's not an Esquire after my lengthy nomenclature...but, Hey, i've worked on two estates already sans misallocation & there's only a difference of five or more decimal places. [Plus+, i'd like to see how badly the previous 'officer of the court' screwed things up.] Speaking of misapproriation, as i was walking back to the Apt, i noticed a group of four (4) bicyclists Riding [toting] five (5) two=wheelers. Shortly after they zoomed past me, a car over=took them, nearly ran them all down & recovered the singularly riderless Conveyance.  Frontier Justice! Every=body involved moved almost as fast as those two (2) creatures i saw last April who robbed one of Dad's banks. {at times like these, i turn into a Statue} Maybe it'll be in tomorro's paper, maybe it won't. Business News? The WALL STREET JOURNAL is in play [and shouldn't be].  RUPERT MURDOCH is the foxy suitor, so to schpeak. *Editorial*: as such things go...it schtrikes me funny. Hasn't Mister Murdoch overtaken more than enuf media outlets? With questionable results? Never Mind~perhaps he won't change this newspaper all that much. Good on 'im! The DOW JONES [not a real person] only swang a thousand points this week...totally unrelated.  Of gourse, i'm not following such machinations closely; i've got my own financial Empire to look after. OR something similiar^ ~slac4now~

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Random remaining political thots:  There finally is a budget in these parts.  So, it's a week late & late for the sixth time. All the new people we VOTE in might could possibly get it done for real next year. Place your bets.  BILLY BLAINE said something the othre day about his wife being,"the most qualified non=incumbent" in the Democratic field.  i believe that statement was too broadly made. Altho HILLY has never served in the office she seeks, she is an incumbent member of the Senate & and an incumbent First Lady.  It begs the question of what one means by 'incumbency'. OR lame=duckness, even.

i finally figgered out the cause of global warming. It's AL GORE, Junior. WE didn't have an inter=web afore he invented it AND we didn't really have a climate crisis until AL pointed it out to us in his movie! i'm all about the kidding on that^.  He has to take care of his way=ward son who somehow got a hybrid auto up to 100 mph on the highway.  The multiple concerts were mildly entertaining.

Tech News: Just in time for Christmas...you can purchase your next id=fone from MISTER JOBS for half=price iffen you can live without the touchable screen. Talk about your penalty for late Adopters! How are you going to esplain to your friends that,"Yeah~i have the it=fone...i just gave up the fingerable faceplate." *blush*

SOOP: chicken noodle [from wings & thighs]

TITLE: watch for the trick ending...

MOOD: happily expectant yet quietly doldrumic

MUSIK: BOZ SCAGGS, dirty low=down @ grox

WIDEO: NOVA ScienceNow [last night]

THOT: "Harry Potter's got to save the werld cause

the Pope's on vacation." or something similiar.

~slac~Wednesday, July 11th~

Monday, July 9, 2007



reposit as date=up...July And7...[bombing plot foiled; defendants claim a 'mock' demonstration...]  Their tactics are the weakest form of political bullying. And they don't score any theological points either.  [Hippocrates told them to First, do no harm. Terrorists cannot be doctors and vice versa.] The price of Freedom is eternal Vigilance.

Local News: Speaking of "politrix", ~the Pennsy legislature could not pass the budget on Time, yet thirty-two Representatifs have not returned their unvouchered expenses. And who suffers from these malfeasances? The ordinary tax=payers of this CommonWeal. [the casinoes are schtill operating; like we're ever gonna see that^ cabbeej. HA!]

Yep, it looks like we're gonna haf to keep defending our own Liberties at the ballot box. And~Americans are going to have to continue asking the Twenty candidates for the Highest Office in the land,"What, exactly, are You going to do about the real problems plaguing this country?"  Bounce the faer bounce~slac  *end of reposit/date=up*

^IMP edited^

Monday, July 2, 2007


Monday, July Second, And7...and there should be anothre CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION on the State and Federal level. Long past due.  Animals @ large, a continuing report: This morn as i was walking out the door, the schmall berds were making an awful racket. Which is because they were molesting a much bigger berd which settled on the power=pole across from the APT building. It was a Hawk. Now, i've seen crows going after a Hawk in their territory en masse, but these were sparrows or catbirds that were giving the big one a hard Time. Avian bravery! The Hawk didn't pay 'em no mind. {the intrepid hunter...}  One of the deer i've been seeing recently crosst the Avenue at werk into a corn=field as my friend [and customer], PETE was off=loading his Yardwaste.  PETE's wife and their little dog TRIXIE just missed the event because they were on walkies on the South end of the Parish. Never mind~i spect they'll get anothre chance to see this deer fambly; i've seen them thrice in ten (10) days! Bambi looks both ways... Naturally, i am a solitary witness to these fauna AND the new breed of insects in the Region. Hmm---maybe i should win a digi=cam or an id=fone so i can take fotoes of these creatures. [Audobon ate his models.] It's almost more interesting than human activity. Amorro [Tuesday, the Third], marks my independence day. It's the first Anniversary of the big move from HANE's Hovel to my current confines. And what a great Year it's been! i wouldn't trade a Moment of it for a winning lottery ticket [not quite true]. Over=more, no grand pianoes have yet fallen on this faer head. So, i'm gonna watch the Fire=werks from the Athletik fields on Wednesday and pray thereafter to my own fierce G that i continue to thrive on the parapet of my choice.  i know the meaning of Liberty; all those would=be terrawrists should taste it once and CUT THE CRUD!   ~thatWalkingconstitutionalist~slac


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