Friday, September 30, 2005


Monday, September 26, 2005...

Of the fambly news, i am caught the up.

mirabile dictu! Groper & Jay=Jay are

sharing an apartment! It must truly be

a new Century and Epoch for sure. I can

scarcely remembre them sharing anything

as striplings! Meanwhile, Capsizer & Annie

Bananie are within swearing distance of

each other to the Left of the Beltway.

Don't scare the many horses on the Farms

in=between with weekly visits! NEIGH...

Cat & the Engineer are back from their

tertiary honey=moon to Maizy's cozy

cottage [altho~They had good sense to Rent

their own.] It's difficult to reconnect Romantic

Wise with four (4) cats under=foot. MEOW...

{It is the Advancement of Anniversaries and

Attainments thru this Generation^} For my

Part, i am evolved some=where between a

vole [4 furtifness] and an elefant [4 memory].

Picture one of those Albino japanese monkeys

clambering over Schnowy outcrops of rock to

soak in a Schteaming hot=spring. If only i had a

noise to go with that image. SSS?AAAH?!


MOOD: connected

TITLE: Nary a Drip...

WEATHRE: bright & sunny, again

THOT: "I was moving so fast, i mailed a late

birfday card before i even paid for it."

FUNCTION: trustee/fixer/launderer

SOOP: adding the onions & tomatoes...

The Legacy for my Nephew is on its way. And

none too soon from what i hear from Kay. The

green=ghost required attention from Tim;

for repairing a line leak quickly, i am indebted

to him. I recycled seven hard=covre books at

the City place...with only like six hundred (600)

more, i am scant on my pace. I warshed them

old crochèted cloths; my ham hock & beans

are producing much froth. Schtill~all the VERSE

aside, i have to takethree (3) bags of crud to

the Yard, Amorro. Such a good life to have!

Connected @ all the interstices resolute...

^Tuesday, 27 September, 2005^

Wednesday, 28 September, 2005...So, i

schtepped outta the slack shack to mind

the Yard and i lean in the windo to tune from

Terry Gross to my good friend Phil who hosts

a little radidio show called WALLEY MUSIC

SCENE...and Holy Crud! He's playing my mini

CD=R on his Program! [ i sent it to him last

week.] At last i can tell people i've been played

on the air=waves in a country othre than

Norway! Namely, college radidio in my own

corner of the werld. I coulda plotzed. And here

i thot this ding=dang dell wasn't gonna be

good for anything...shows to go ya. {For those

Glowers who may have a copy of my music,

it was the instrumental titled "Sedina's Back"}

Never Mind~Phil always plays the good stuff

on his show & for many years now. XLV

every Wednesday. Musical Appreciata 4 sure!

- - -theBroad=Cast-slac- - -

Saturday, September 24, 2005


Strange Day...09/23/2005>

On my way to werk with Monica,

i was diverted by an accident outside

the Liberry. Turns out, it was our

cleaning Trainee who was T=boned

at that intersection. Holy Crud! Her

Jeep was totalled but she came to

werk any=way. She [Cathy] must

have been suffering shock while

she cleaned the Offices...G bless

her, i hope she has some Peace

over the week=end. It was only the

second day and she seems a good

fit for the job. Such things to have

happen on sunny Autumnal days!

{i drife like a cautious old man during

skool afternoons...Exactly becos there

is so much sheet going on.}

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Of the Yester=day @ the Market,

i carried home coffee and chocolate

powder, soop beans & a ham hock.

That's right---it is Time again for me

to Concoct a blood=rich ham and bean

Broth in the style of my absent Pater.

IT will be a simmered & stable Comfort

to the Suffering masses and Attending

angels who require such a Bone Balm.

[i apologise 2 my vegetarian Friends for

the complicit porcine Sacrifice which is

Required 2 complete this endeavour.]

Yet~as i pay Attention to the days which

come, What better method to calm the

Soul than to cook for All & schmell that

well=directed Aroma! Heaven in a stock

pot...OR something like it.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

September 24, 2005...Conservation and

Conversation...To=day was the talking

day. I spoke with both my neighbors on

the way 2 werk and many of my regular

customers at the Yard. Carl talked about

cruises, Mike about selling his Honda.

All the girls said hello & almost all the

Parish police waved. Heck~i even palavered

with Our funeral directrix, early, at the

Market! Such a cool day to Converse and

make human contact. Pleasantries with

Deep subjects too...[incomplete sentences]

It made the busy day go good. Veritas.

Meanwhile & else, NPR devoted its time

to the coverage of Rita and the turnings

in TEXAS. There is such a thing as being

too prepared. Many, many people made

too many unnecessary Movements this

time around, and probly squandered a

fair amount of Resources all=to. I only

hope my far=flung relatifs down there

have Endured the fluxes well & easily.

[Watch out for the Maisy mileage!]

Of LOUISIANA and the othre Coastals,

WE must still Pray and act according...

becos they have but started their trips

upon a long Road. Rest well, O Windy

soldiers of the Season! G is holding all

of us fast 2 a fine result. Who authors the

Rain & Fire but that Grand designer?

[rhetorical yet no less true^]

It is the Sun=Day soop which i offer up.

- - -conversationalslac- - -

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Monday, September 19, 2005...

Glow on Web=Glowers! Brian the Love Train has

seen fit to nominate me as a virtuoso...And for

that i am grateful. Altho~i prefer to think of

myself as an impresario. Fortunately, i have a

big=ace dictionary Toward which i can attempt

to look up both them werds. It's a joke, son.

Mean=while, one of my favourite regular Glow

gals made guest editor recently. That would be

the JERSEY GIRL her=own=self. [She's on my

list of faves 2 the right...and, Yes, i should add to

my List.] Anyway---it could not have happened

to a better all=round Glower, if i do say so. And

the wonderful Irony of it all is I keep making their

lists in spite of my redounding austerity. That's

the impresario Part, i reckon. Id est, i sincerely

endorse a BOUNCE to her site/cite/sight becos she

has Fotoes & Links & Schtories & Evything. And

leave effusif comments well into Autumn...i'd like

nothing more than to see Her break 100 on a

singular entry! I kid, i love and i am too Widely

considered my=self to curry favour with my circle

of Friends. THEY smack me regular when & if i

show Any partiality^^ Appreciata!

LOCAL political RANT date=up: The keystone cabal is concatenating in ever more various directions--both parties are pretending (again) to be just as upset as their CONSTITUENTS. They have no idear how much. Even the personages who voted against the 'raise'/expenses/piracy are finding their cloddy feet in shunkified Water. The Governor would like to hold a "special session" on Property taxes. Yet, i suspect, that he should also put the Question of highway robbery at the Top of that self=same page. It won't get fixt by corruptible diversion any=more. [wrong me not get--i've shaken Hands with the Administrator, but there are only so many wrong turns one can take in so short a Term.] It's time, now, for the actual constituents to posit their displeasure with Harrisburg. Today, Novembre 05, 06, 07 & 2008 UNTIL the house is Cleaned...if it's good enuf 4 Afghanistan & Iraq, it's well the Moment for Us. ~end of rant~

- - -VOTE- - -register- - -clean~the~haus- - -slac- - -

Nationally, the boy HURRICANES are not making

much of a show. BUT~the girls are schtill in it

i can tell you. Even Donald Rumsfeld had to admit

that the American Typhoons are gumming up his

plans for military Transformation. OR werds to that

effect. What amazes me, is that after Killer KATRINA,

weathre=persons & news=folk are still going out

in the battering Winds and the surging Surfs...Are

they really that stupidly masochistic? STAY AWAY

from the High Water, already! Evybody, hunker in

the bunker--them girls are gonna knock some=body

on their adipose while they try to take the "During"

pixtures. Truly. {Faint respite: Zigfield is bound to

be a Boy...} Tuesday, September 20, 2005^


Saturday, September 17, 2005


September 15, 2005...

Ah, Yes, that very underused Staccato script! Would that i could read it without Squinting. Something about the handwritteness that shchtrikes my Fancy. Secret~ it's only for the most meticulous of Authors who Amember what it's like to schpill Fountain-Pen Ink on white shirt pockets! Enuf of that^  - - -schmear/blot- - -Mode~cryptic

TITLE~the spider killer

Weathre~wanting to rain

Thot~the Insurgents are

desperate...and despicable.

Feeling~Sad 4 the werld...

Salutation~Arise O Angels!

Superific text~

It is a Sorrow, truly, that this New epoch is beset with cataclysm...And, by extension, all the natural creatures which dwell within it. Altho~it is not wholly unexpected nor surprising. {Every Age has witnessed upheavals} That old nuclear adage seems to be  holding steady...that the Living might envy the passed ones. Yet, as a person of Faith, i scarcely believe we have reached that Tipping Point! Heck no. Where in the name of Carla Gugino was i going with this? Amind me, dear Visitories, to schtay on topic. Focus! I do not ordinarily drown Arachnids in my kitchen sink. Buddha would not approve. Schtill, i have accidentally murdered more Spiders in recent days than normally Possible. Pradma, i Hope i don't come back as one in Twenty=One Fifty (2150)! Such a burden to revisit one's karma with Eight legs when the present double set comports me middling. {This^ is mildly false: my big feet serve well the walking, running, kicking & tapping more than many of my contempos.}Less=the=Never, i abhor extinguishing Children of the CRAB--they Hunt and eat all the othre useless bugs...

- - -randomised~slac- - -

Saturday, September 17, 2005...

Indeed, i rescued anothre puppy

today. A female shepherd husky mix with piercing blue eyes--such a honey. She liked me more than the policemen and didn't take to the Humane officer at all, at all. In fact, she escaped from him alltogethre! Yet, it ended well when i saw her going home with her owners in a mini=van much later. Nice way to break up the werk day.  Also, i avoided Squashing a squirl on my way home from the Parish; the green ghost swerved slightly toward the shoulder instead of into coming=on traffic. How do those critters run BETWEEN the wheels??? ~lata


Tuesday, September 13, 2005


desgates variegae...

[bits & peaces]

DATE: the day after the day

afore. 24 little hours...

One of my grand=nephews

turned three. Happy Joy.

One of my nephews turned

twenty-one. I have to send

him a check for Legacy. All

i need is an address.

One of my customers laid a

new radio on the Shack; it's a

little bettre than the current

solid=state modulator.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I took three (3) bags of yard

waste from the manor to werk

today. It's a late schtart of my

fallow pocket=garden, but it is

a good effort. More other people

have much less all=togethre!

The engineer is Back in Town,

looking after his fiefdom. He has

enuf of a Respite from his endeavours

to put the schnap into my steps.

Altho~he has never had Cause

afore 2 find my course untoward.

Historically, i have had inclines to

toss him into the Creek. We have

rarely been that contentious.

{id est, I would rather have him in

service to our purposes than to even

consider Apositional Alternatifs!}

Regardless of that^there is no

Sub=Text 4 One who is full of

spicecake & London Broil.

- - -pause- - -

Tuesday: my one time=card says

"Administration". It's fancy talk for

sweeping out the Prison cells and

the Parish offices. I'm a wizard

with a vacuum wand...but only

filling in until Monica finds yet

anothre deputy. Later, i took the

green=ghost grocery shopping.

It's funny to shop @ nine o'clock

in the evening. The grox store

is nearly deserted yet fully

functional---placid & navigable.

{i know what you're thinking:

How is it possible for a single

Wide Knight to run out of Eggs,

butter, lettuce, milk & broccoli

on a Tuesday?? It ponders me

much as well.} Plus+, i am

honing my Night Driving skills!

The green=ghost does all the

werk now that she's full of the

gas and oil. I just have to be keen

on Seeing those dark=suited

pedestrians. *YAWN* Amorro

the Yard, and ever on=ward.


- - -swingshiftslac- - -

Sunday, September 11, 2005


Friday, September 09, 2005...

TITLE: A cornucopia of conundra

MOOD: mildly cheerful yet concerned

WEATHRE: astoundingly faer

MUSIC: humming & whistling when i

werk in Administration--a vast catalog of

derifatif Pop & Classical tunes

NATIONAL NEWS: It's nothing near

Normal down on the Coast...But the

residents are not suffering as much as

when there were NO federal/state agencies

to ameliorate the Conditions which prevail.

Id est, the Humanitarian aid is approaching

a good middle, may=haps. LOCAL NEWS:

The PENNSY legislators [betwixt Sessions]

are running in place & pedaling backwise to

put cover on their most recent Failures of

leadership, resolutely. Reminds me of a badly

orchestrated CLOWN circus without any

scripted or coherent plot or action. You'd

think that persons who would dare to Raid

the Till under the guise of professionalism

would, at least, Begin to act like elected

statesmen & women. OH well~if one really

does get the Representation one "pays" for,

i'd rather get a simple Tax rebate from the

bunch of them. (You could carry this model

to the Top of the rusty chain...) SLUSH!

- - - - - -Novembre-is-soon- - - - - -

THE BUG REPORT: see abof^...there are

the many Crickets & Grass=Hoppers as well

as flagrant Moths. Must schtill be a good

Growing Season for our insect Adherents!

Fruit, Black & Green Flies are holding their

own against an apparent Decline in Roaches.

MOSQUITOES continue to suck. Obviously,

bacteria [not true bugs, really] have enjoyed

a Resurgence in the South=Land. Take care

as you travel, not to upset the fragile systems

of the more Northerly States & Venues.

Regard the Much & Act in perfect faith;

Strike not the Hand offered in friendship as

the Day progresses. We are Joined and Well

Met. All togethre in the same soggy boat.

~slac~ Saturday, September 10, 2005...

Trux & Trailers--we couldn't get anothre

schtick on! The Parish residents have taken

advantage of the good Weathre to Trim,

Trim, Trim. And they brot it all to=day.

Plus the occasionally misapplied items. But

such a byooteefull day to direct such traffic.

Opened early, stayed late. OH! And Susan

brang me a spice=cake. Yum. Such a nice

group of customers i have all=to. Truly.

Also~i aided some travellers in finding

their Way to their destinations. {i am the

Man of both Methods & Means} Sunday, i

will do the puxxle perfect and Rest lightly

toward the next week's well as PRAY

for good things to happen on the Coast. Will

that i would & Would that i do. ~Thus~

Bob Denver? HE was My 'little buddy' too.


Tuesday, September 6, 2005



This^: Is Werth re=positing...

Septembre 4th 2004>

when the werld folds in on

you, recognise it...

'cause you might not see that

crease again.


[filosofical state=ment]


SunFlowers propigate! Very

much like Septembre cukes

and lake=side confluences.

OR trailers & trux on the last

best day of the Parish Yard.

{I was a ride within a ride}

Do i not thus posit by foot and

feature to the blue blank

summer=sky? /point/

Of course~but the impending

Hurricane is far from us...

Nearly. [Hane is following the

disaster from the comfort of her

arm=chair.] Diversion!

09/04/2004^ Edited all=to...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sunday: Hane is talking back

to the meteorologists, some of

whom don't have enuf sense to

come in from the Hurricane.

The Matriarch is already up to

looking after [name]---even though

{name} still has a whole day

to go. /deleted/


Sometimes, the freakshow is

outside the Midway. Not that

i've noticed as i walk round the

Town... By Tuesday the whole

she=bang will be broken down.

Fair & cooler~Gypsies on the

road til anothre day. /deleted/

* Tommoro, there will be hot

dogs with [condiments] AND a

chance 2 reflect on werk without

actually werking. Which is a good

thing considering the conditions

that prevailed halfway through the

last Epoch. {Long Essay} Our

grands sure had the rough life,

short and brutish. /point/

Happy Labour Day and batten

down the hatches. Advise of else

as time passes~~~it is Quiet within

the Eye. cloudyslac

- - -end-of-reposit^- - -

Tuesday, September 06, 2005...

In a way, i'm thankful my Parents did

not have to see the American Tsunami.

Their hearts were already too large

from the previous Epoch's terrible

happenings. {Dad would have been

expecially pisht off by what occured

on September 11th, 2001.}

Any=way~this week i cultivate an

Attitude of Gratitude...I have a bed &

bread & potable water, a little more

werk & money than i deserve to pay

attention to. AND! Fambly members

who, altho' scattered geografically,

are not scraping & scratching to

create fresh existence from nearly

Nothing. Fortunately, i also have

Angels which are aiding the Folks

who are currently thus for=bourne!

[Their Wings are large and ever

Welcoming] Each day that passes

will become Brighter than the days

presented aforehand...until the next

terrible thing occurs. Be ready!

Prepare yourself! The Werld belongs

to G & J--We are only Tenants on

that fair ground. ~slacAttentif~

Monday, September 5, 2005


Monday, September 05, 2005...


The TRAGEDY is too large for my

mind to encompass.


Yet, i am glad that the good Lord

has called Doctor Rehnquist

Home to adjudicate the Matters

before the Hosts of Heaven.


To=day, i pray that all souls

achieve Recovery...not of things,

but of familiar connections. For

there is no greater relief than to

know that your closest relatives

Endured the trial. A home is a

home & things are just things;

but Love and Life are eternally

connected through the Hope of

finding that the family is intact.

Would that all persons achieve

it! Yet~if it falls upon some that

individuals were lost alltogether,

Take comfort to know that G is

holding them Now in those

perfect hands. Truly^

Saturday, September 3, 2005


Friday, 02 September, 2005...

It is nigh Impossible to consider the

devastation which has Visited the Gulf.

On=going, interminable, unfathomable.

KATRINA, in her Cruelty, has opened a

third front on the War. We'll probably

remember this as the American Tsunami.

It is hoped that the Werld will come to

our Assistance, in our time of Need.

Which is already happening...


In spite of our Prides & prejudices, we

have now entered the human Century.

The salvation of lives shall become our

touch=stone as we press through.

Nationalism, Survivalism and other small

filosofies are departing our scant minds.

This is a single Planet with a single

PEOPLE. We are them & They are us.

Each & Every one of us requires rescue

at one time or another...And this is the

AGE of our Age when the Heroes and

Angels will put down the limited & limiting

devilments of our former Nature. Such a

bright day is Coming! I dreme of it often.

And rise in the morning, on G's own dawn,

believing it Perfectly possible...


Then~as now~i pray constantly for the

Children of suffering...These little ones will

Preserve all of us, in their Turn, and in spite

of our former Failings. With Truth & Unity...

It is to be hoped for Good and all.

- - -slac- - -

Saturday, September 03, 2005...

And this is the American diaspora. Some

have taken exception to calling displaced

Southerners "REFUGEES". News flash~

WE are all refugees in one form or another.

We either come from a long line of

displaced persons OR we continually move

around this great land like nomads. It is

a preternatural Condition of the Nation to

'be from some=place else." And to yearn

to travel somewhere better. Veritas

The essential difference in the current

situation is whether Movement is forced

or voluntary. Mostly, by necessity, it is

forced. Still~i pray the Majority of these

desperate Peoples find true Shelter from

the Storm...Today, tomorro & however

long they require it.


Thursday, September 1, 2005


Thursday, September 01, 2005...


It seems a cruel trick of Nature that the

weather up here is so beautiful, when so

many people in the Gulf are suffering

utter devastation. God bless them in

their travails; WE must now, again,

PRAY for their comfort and relief...And

ACT within our means to Aid them as

well. It is a Sacred duty. Also~as hard as

it is to Believe for them or us, some Good

will come of it at last.

Faith & Courage---slac


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