Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Tuesday, December 9th, °8...

it felt weird yesterdé, not to go

into werk. But i made myself Aptly

useful, drying sheets & clothes,

running the dish=warshing machine

and schteaming snap=beans to have

with the last of my chili and penne.

OH! And putting out my garbage and

recycables in a responsible manner.

A very good Mondé all=too.

Saterdé, Father XMAS rode up to the

municiple building on his laddertruck

while a gentle schnay fell upon the

cold, dark Parish. {i can't remembre

it ever schnowing this good for him

in Years past; it was magical} Joy!

Now~as for this economy...i am not

overly concerned of it ['tho it has

been made grandly Horrible] acause

i can sense to see a corner=turn.

My own hours will increase toward

the inauguration & into the year.

Othre blessings shall come to those

who hold tight and pay or save with

actual money. It's a new model.

Over=more~you're hearing this from

me, the slac who is Nothing and has

Nothing; yet i am blesst with warmth

and Comfort in all my Endeavours?!

{be an economer, not an economist}

more amorro~$la¢~

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


It took us all week to fill up

the roll=offs...sometimes in

twinkling darkness. ~11.29.4~

Tuèsdé, December 2nd, °°8...

Apparently, according to the Haulers,

i wasn't supposed to collect yard=waste

yesterdé. They absconded with four (4)

of my roll=offs! {their contract is under

negotiation} it'll shake out soon.

Aday~i filled in the puxxle, ran the dish

machine & rode three (3) buses around

the town. At the credit union, i flasht

my licence; the telleress was surprised

it had the hovel address. Then, i rode

to the Library to trade my cee=dees.

{my hard=drive is filling up with funky

albums} As i trundled home=wise on

Cedar Avenue, a cute brunette caught

me boppin' & singin' to a STEVIE WONDER

tune on my ishpod; she askt how i was.

i told her i was fine, then pointed to my

bud=ears. i've probly seen her Afore...

i have put up a chili that needs garlic,

onion and celery; i must remembre to

wipe the deliciousness off my pitiable

goatee. These^ are a werk=in=Progress.


Friday, November 21, 2008



>posted as JAJA to the Web, with a bus=pass>

on Slacktown^ not slack back mack...>

Thursday...i rippt my share of cee=dees randomly

Fridé~COUSIN MARK's birfdé, epochal 8

TITLE: esoteric eclecticism, a schtock not Traded

MOOD: optimistik & gratefull, none=with=standing

MUSIK: disco, r&b, othre random Hits & jazz

WIDEO: haus repeats for the cheese=cake & banter

JOKE: a sheep and a border collie went gamboling

thru a field of Poppies in Afghanistan. They muncht

on some of the plants AND it went like this:

...baa...bark...COMA. [talibani ate 'em both]

ANAGRAM: see abof^

SOOP: noodles added, and bettre than tea=made

WEATHRE: cold but sunny, wear suede gloves & bootz

FLORA: trees bare, grass yet green

FAUNA: i schnuck up on a Hawk which flew from the bushes

Aside one of the out=of=werk Gasoline staxions!

TEXT: some=one, some=where sent me LATIN Commentary to

the effect of: "Lorem ipsum vim utroque mandamus

intellegebat, ut eam omittam ancillae, per et euis

solita veritus." Altho i am cat=lick & have only a

Glancing knowledge of such inscripteræ [i served as an

Acolyte at summer=camp during the Folk=song masses],

i'll need a Translator to suss the ken of that^

Compliment. Twas Ever Thus. Mitzvah & Mirabile...

Meanwhile~the Turtle/engineer/restless Itinerant has

moved NorthWise in the Silver Mountain state from one

project to the prospect of anothre. My brothre moves

faster and bettre than me from Point to Point, yet WE

are ne'er much Separated by genetyx NOR schpace=time.

{his children are my children, three blox away}

i am wandering & meandering in thot & Effort of

these ninth month Possibilities! [the Romans gave us

Novembre from the Nine; the Cherch of CONSTANTINE and

othres put it back in line.] TURKEY! i would not so

casually terminate the flesh of such a grand berd on

account of it was wild on the original Pilgrimage.


Monday, November 10, 2008


Sunday, November 07, 2004

Who will console me?

Who will deliver me from this brief

darkness AND patch my wounds?

Who shall set a bright sun in the

high place above [the cities]?

How many Names must we invoke

during this time of trial? Answer me,

oh indifferent Sky!

Mondé, November 10th, 2008°8...

it's dark and sometimes cold on the

Parish Yard around closing. Good

for the night vision & the layering!

Of all=the=else~i am once again

behind myself. {the migraxn to--

here--had something to do with it}

i hope & pray that my good friends

'from' Glow=land will schtumble onto

this^ page and reconnect with me

by all means efficacious. i spect

there will be much RECONNECTING

across the new neighbourhood &

that's a good thing. Feel Free...

my elderly Glow & my infant Glow

are schtill and ever "open format".

[it's a rare thing for slac to delete

well=placed Comments.]


Thursday, November 6, 2008


Thursday, November Sixth, °°8...the New Epoch

For Simplicity's sake, i'm gonna Compose this one in Ariel

'tho i doubt it won't get gefutzled & befuddling on the Page.

{i'll probly need a coupla Sundés to up=fix my Templates}

i encourage all my Glowers to send me the linx to their new

Pages, via Comments, e=mail et cetera...VERITAS!

Meanwhile~there was a record out=turn for the most recent Elexion; i applaud You all. WE now have a Pacific Islander as President=Elect! G Bless him & Preserve him Acause there's alotta werk ahead. [secret: i woulda Voted for the John McCain who ran at the turn of the Epoch, but he made too many Right turns 'twixt then & now.] i predict Great things for SARAH HEATH...she is A SHARP NAIL. Also~from now on, when i want to change the subject of Dinner Conversation, i'll be interjecting with a hearty,"Hey! How 'bout them fleegle Phillies?!" Amorro~slac~

Tuesday, November 4, 2008



1) The colour of schtates will Morph.

2) two (2) Filadelfia teams will go all the

way...owing to the Weathre.

3) One Party rule will fall out of favour

within Days OR weeks OR months; i had a

Dreme the Conservatifs would re=group.

4) Results will be argued by Attorneys.

5) certain Glows will have been Lost.

Meanwhile, here in the key=stone,

my election message is unchanged.

My name is slac and i was thinking of endorsing this

message, until i realised it was half=way a load of crud.

Never mind~Commentors can Advise me That they voted,

just don't tell me how... electoralSmooches^^

Tuèsdé, November Fourth, °°8...the Voter afore me was

a Viet Nam Veteran; some=how i forgot to thank him for

his Service to the republic. Yet, then again, i also neglected

to acknowledge the civic=minded Citizens who voted after

me! {Truth: it makes me glad when the polls and the buses

are equally well Attended} Amorro~the results... ~slac~

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Friday, October 31st, o8...Hallowed Eve:

i moved the Glow, after a fashion. {the

font formats are a bit screwy, but i believe

i Preserved all the text} Pressure!

Schports: there i was, trying to watch

HEROES and fiddling line=on...when i

decided to take a glance at the big game.

Here and i thot that, maybe, i would see

the Filadelfia Athletyx wrap up the Series;

gosh, was i ever mistaken. For the first

Time in History, the octobre classic was

called [in the 6th] on account of pelting

cold rain. {i don't follo the beis=ball too

closely on account of i hesitate to effect

the outcome} Later, that same week, i

did get to see the Win...in about as much

time as i like to devote to such matters.

The pre=game show was also quite

interesting, what with one of the nominees

of the Presidential contest purchasing air

time for an infomercial?! Strange dés...

More Polytryx: the Governor robocalled me

yesterdé becos Senator BIDEN [Joe the

Senator] was coming to the college; this

morning, BILLY BLAINE automatically foned

my machine about a contest lower on the

ticket. i did not go to the college to see

the Senator for the simple reason that i

had seen BILLY at that same venue quite

Awhile back when his^ lovely bride was

schtill in the running. Tuesdé cain't come

soon enuf for me--even iffen i haf to wait

in a long line just to flip a coin! VOTE!

The saving of the Glow proved to be a

welcome Distraction; AWOL might could

oughta considre changing evything up more

oftener, just to keep their last remaining

customers on Defence. {i applaud them}

Regardless=of=much~it'll take me anothre

fortnight to get the old Glow & the new Glow

synchronised. Patience! WE gain an hour

somewise after the 'passage of the Saints'.


Monday, October 27, 2008


Procrastination? Honestly, officer, i've never before in my life ever paid for this! ~Count Slacula~

Sun=Dé, Octobre 26th, °°8...the following entry will be publisht nearly Simultaneously to Slack Back Mack--the log [which will go black on the thirty=first] AND Slacktown [which is some=where in the new Neighbourhood of blogger/blogspot].  Accept no substitutes! Powre to the GLOWERS!

i have had to re=set all my digital clox three (3)times this week AND it isn't even Day=light Saving Time yet?! The worst was this morning, after a transformer xploded around 9:30 AM. *boom*  The electric company had it fixt by 10:15. It threw my whole routine off. {Altho~my Sundé routine is the easiest of all seven} Teknology is a good thing unless it gets interrupted. Vero.

Resting Here is SlackBackMack--a little weird and out of Whack...Loved the blogs but called them Glows; Else=the=of Nobody knows...


Thursday, October 23, 2008


Sundé, October 19th, °8...OR twenty-two (22)

diurnals until this^ Page obliterates completely:

A comment has been posted to the Journal: something to think about

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Comment from: slac  "i've saved You, visited infrequently & almost Forgot you...but You have always schpread the good! well=fare on the othre side ~slac~"

Glad you found me! I had lost you. I am [name] on the other side. Here is a link: [link] I have gotten a newer version of "[page]" up yet but I will. Please visit me and leave me a link to your new place!! 

I wish you enough...Every time you are cruel, your own soul takes a hit.

*say it ain't so* compose entry here...

Thursday, October 23rd, °°8~i might could oughta be doing this whole 'glow=transfer' thing all Wrong.  But, who's gonna call and care any=way?  it's just a thing. {perhaps the Abandoning batards of the Beast could gif us anothre thirty dés to get it right. NAH!} it's been a blast...

try 2 visit me at blogger/blogspot "slacktown" iffen it ever comes up to Import & Export OR whatever...~slac~


Saturday, October 18, 2008


Tuesday, October 17th, And6...when the engineer breaks something, he asks,"Who werkt this up to the point of catastrofic failure?" So it was Today when i traded my red umbrella for a black umbrella. The red one had reached the Point of Catastrophe...And~schpeaking of inclemency, where has my old weathre=girl gone to? I like the brown=eyed blonde who has taken over, but i miss the young woman who saw me thru all the changes. I hope she hasn't left the Walley for good & all...[spurious ellipses!]

Thursday, October 16th, and8...History repeats it=self.  i broke that^ umbrella too, about three (3) weeks ago.  And~the new weathre=girl^ has left as well! Echoic.

Saturdé, Octobre 18th, °°8...Who knew the Yard would be so busy on such a cool, autumnal day? We overfilled the five (5) Dumpsters® and, altho i wanted to continue celebrating the 'Feast of Booths', i hardly found Time to set in my own Slack=shack! Come and go...Cuddie FRANK was kind enuf to ferry me home=wise.  Amorro~i might could oughta try to make a Transfer of these Glow=Pages to the next Venue. Anything is possible. [comment freely 'til the End] ~slac~

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Thot: "i like to read the Slack but the entry formats are sooo inconsistent." -overheard-

Sunday comes early round these parts... Shush! Kids! i'm still grading up my Time Signifiers~and i am like Totally out of Candy.



October 12th & Columbus dé OR there=abouts in Glowland, epoch`8:  i find it ironic that the Beast is cutting us all loose on All Hallow's Eve. WE are Saints, mayhaps, iffen WE move perfectly on Novembre First. Some of the 'great souls' have already loaded up to that big jernal Page in the Sky!  {i miss them terribly} WE shall stay togethre in confluence ever=where WE go. Twas Ever Thus. [i'm gonna hang until the bittre end, until My Page curls up & dies, on the Moment i get my final bump & shun from the beastly Powres.] Side=wise, anon.

Tuèsdé, Octobre 14th, °°8...out of tiny Acorns, mighty funky [and potentially fraudulent] oaks do grow. Attempting to register falsely is not as high a crime as actually Voting deviously...but it is a CRIME less=the=none.  {and VOTER SUPPRESSION is just as bad as bof} Register & Vote honestly.

On a parallel track~if a local trial lawyer cain't forge a fake will, who can? Colour me skeptic. ~slac~

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Crickets & Stink=bugs! [1o.13.o4:]  They took my Rockford Files off the Air last week and i can't get my head around it as i cook my salsa grits & fried eggs.  Friday, Octobre 10th, °°8...Quo Vadis?  And, more impordantly, where am i going?  {i've saved 88% of my hideous entries to the hard=drive, so i'm kinda relaxt about my AWOL Glow's imminent collapse}  No matter~it was only ever a thing...

Saturdé, Octobre 11th, °°8...i had my share of Independent Thinkers today on the Yard, including a grey squirl who was trappt in one of the Dumpsters® for who knows how long? It scooted outta there like a possesst rodent when i opened the door. [My Dad used to say, acause he had seen his share of fried squirls on the high=power lines & transformers,"You can always count on a squirl to be, well, squirrely."] Which is to say, there was great usage on the Yard because the dé was more vernal than autumnal. {i would call it an early Indian summer, but i hesitate to offend aboriginal americans} Where in the name of RACHEL MADDOW was i going with this? All the cuddies are asking when i close, but i assure them that i am preparing to werk Saterdés thru the wintre.  It's a new idea but i'm up for it! The details of which will move, with me, to the next and best "Glow=Location". Mean=Time~Happy Holydés! Ayear, we move compressedly from ROSH HASHANAH to YOM KIPPUR & right into SUKKOT around Columbus Day.  {i'm genetically Hebraic; ask any=body}  And~whither i go, i'll schtill rarely, if ever, publish on Sun=Day. ~slac~


Monday, October 6, 2008


Who is not surprised that i did the puzzle perfekt? Never mind.

Bolton, Brown & bolsheviks, i am behind the National News!

Kindness will breed kindness as They & We hold strong [to] the Ideal.

[pick a point on the globe where the infrastructure is tattered.]

*entry* SunDé, Octobre Fith, °8: Two (2) very pretty girls askt me again today if i were registered to VOTE. I told them,"Yes~I have two (2) Cards, one for each Party.  { i love schtunning those who are also schtunning} Later, i noticed by plasma=screen that the Phils and the Eagles were both & each up!   A miraculous Millennium!

i'm letting my Beard grow in for the Election AND for my divorce from the Glow=Land pages...

Mondé~this morning, on the South fence of the Athletik fields, i saw a mother hawk and her hawkling.  {They^ like me, prefer to perch on a high=place and observe the werld}  Werk went well with Woolies; it has become chilly enuf for them. GARY brot me an italian hogie; it was delicious.  My VIRGINIA advocates contacted me last night by *voip* and offered me the many generous gifts; i shall repay them with equal Gracious Mercies within the Year! Friends & Fambly enclose me like a warm blanket; the birds of Nature are grand Attendants of my actions... ~slac~


Tuesday, September 30, 2008


All the youngest chi'dren hugged & kisst me fiercely; they also enjoyed calling after 'UNKABOOEY' [though to LIAM & TARYN i am technically First-Cousin UnkaBooey!] It was an especial delight to look after the little ones, even when they had their natural troublesome tantrums. HECK, some of the adults had their Moments too & i suffered them just as well! Ah--the stories WE will collectively tell about that week on MAISY's beach with all our Hearts co=joined... ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ~previously unpublisht material~of the Beach=Bash °6~

Tuesdé, September 30th, °8...i made chili for the Holydé. [which is neither kosher Nor muslim!?] i'll make up for it in a future life. And~here are the things which actually happened yester=day: i met an older man at the outbound bus=stop who rides a bicycle. It lookt retro but is modern.  He played his musique on a walkman® type machine. WE were joined by a regular passenger [a tall, black fellow] who askt me to buy an extra day=pass he purchased that morn.[there is not yet an underground economy in bus=passes]   i shared a bench on the bus with a blonde fine artiste going to the College BLADE just graduated from. Her ishpod was a model greater than mine. The bus=drifer was training on the Route, but she droppt me well off, acause i have taught the senior driver How close i need to jump to get to werk.

The ride 'home' is equally crowded if more dusky; the sun retreats more Northerly & apace. i saw ED & MARYANN again in their vanilla SUV, passing thru the old N'hood; i also confabbed briefly with JEFF on his porch. Something about how all the Rain on SunDay making it perfect to clean my APT. {i don't always jump off from werk in my former Environs; the Conveyance just happens to run along that fine schtreet} i encountered a dead pigeon on my upwise walk, black & white on the Cement and clearly devoid of any natural Avian essence. i don't believe in harbingers NOR omens and Always to prefer to see birds on the Wing, but i rather console my=self with the werds of YESHUA: «Not the smallest one of these Falls from the Sky that YOUR Guardian does not see; How more Precious are YOU than the little ones thus cared for?» {it informs my Regard}

Yet~i also found a Penny on the macadam of my Feet.  The TAO of the DOW did not so much plunge on the News from Washington...it only Happened that because the short sellers were Constrained, they turned into long Sellers!  {no=one in that^ werld should consign me an Index} Oy.

Politically: a young man askt me up=town todé if i was Registered [yes], "change of Address? change of PARTY?"  [no], "so You have a card?" [yes {actually two (2) cards}] "And who are you Voting for?" [i can't tell you That; secret ballot, y'know]...i'm glad there are such people as Actifly involved in the current Process! Amorro~who knows?

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Life is all open format to me, Truly. Currently.  Yet more random notaxions as prologue...Perhaps, *they* are repaving the local roads for the imminent retourn of the Turtle. That's just as good a theory as any. There is hand sanitizer in my shunky! [there's a shunky in the Path betwixt the slac=shack & the schtate road where i catch the in=bound; i rarely use it]  Now, where have i put my Higg's boson? i know i just set it down near here. There are a good many anagrams for the complete Name of the Alaskan Vice-presidential candidate; i believe i did Yesterdé's puxxle perfect. i also tried to remain Awake for that SHATNER show...i'm sure i'll catch it when it re=broadcasts six (6) weeks from now. The radio & the reels are my Trust werthy companions. Where in the name of POLLY PERRETTE did i put that G particle?!

TITLE: You can Never have too much Helium

TEMP: 70° indoors, kinda the same out=of=doors

MOOD: funky, with a side of Austerity; friendly

MUSIK: economyx on NPR & random IshPod tunes

NOISE: crickets and tree=frogs, in Autumn

OCCUPANCY: 75%...the girls moved out

PRESSURE: 109/62, 82 bpm in a Steady State

WIDEO: House re=run OR the Daily Show

SOOP: not currently, but i'm sussing one out

HAER: crasy wavy, thin & unmanageable

THOT: «i shoulda took up Accounting in high skool and college; if for no othre reason than to explain what these greedy preeks have been doing with natural money in the 'financial sector'.»

Text: Thersdé, Septembre 25th...it's a ponderance that i've gotten an absentee ballot in the mail; i live here, i vote here. Covering the bases...  The 'wild bunch' who play free=style on the athletik fields have switcht from random baseball to random football [with the oblong pigskin]. It means they have to gathre more Players. Twould be more interesting if they had to play Association ball=foot OR an English scrum. Into the twilight.  {when slac isn't writing about Schports, he neither writes about PolyTryx} Regardless~it's a Happy rememberingdé of the Colonel's nuptials! He chose a remarkable bride a few Years back.

More=and=betta astride the weekend, ~slac~

Monday, September 22, 2008


This, could also occur...[reposit of 9.21.7]

Novembre Fifth, 2and8: KEYES and PAUL handily defeat OBAMA and BIDEN. First black US President vows to unify the country.  {no points for gettin' it half=right}

Mondé, Septembre 22nd, °8...i am behind of so much, i hardly Know where to begin! My former neighbour, MARYANN, was stunned to see me walking so close to her haus after werk. She's driving a creme=coloured SUV now & she askt me a pointed question,"How's Life treating You?" But why would i burden such a grand girl with small troubles when my Blessings are so Great?! She was also amazed that i was 'hiking' thru Town.  i told her,"i come by it natural." She noted that WE were talking in a sunset which my Father woulda called to her Attention! Such things do accrue to me. Amorning, i had a similar Xperience with my supervisor as i pickt up my time=card. She came out of her office to confab with me about the coming 'winter schedule' at the Yard. [Rose, the receptionist & many customers had already avised me about this plan.] It only might have seemed to NANCY that i was reading her mind, but my present Vocation requires a certain level of Anticipation on my part... Of course, i told her i was up for the extra werk & that We could co=ordinate on the Particulars as they Arise. {i live to serve}

The roads and the Highwés of the County and the Schtate are being paved on my behalf! To think that i am only a Walking and bussing person to have such bidness bind my feet! These^ are not Megalomania; the tolls on eighty have fallen thru AND the pike=turn SCHEME might also tumble out.  {more Politryxians ought walk they parishes}  i might could rant about the Market moves, but it won't change much the Value of the tiny silver dimes that i hold for odrinary economic & Spiritual increases; my Treasure has always lain else=where. Comes & goes.

The bug Report: i killt a flying ant as it was crawling across my good foot last night; it ought to have Known that my BUDDHA nature does not allow for such podiatricle incursions! Regardless~i love the white and yellow butterflies that have been Flitting within my purvue this Season...NANCY [the teacher customer] informs me that We should be able to tell the Wintre=times through such signs. She^ has seen a CHRYSALIS. ~slac~

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


SundyDé, Septembre 14th, Epochal & Eight...«it was a hunnert years ago to=day, General TREXLER told the band to play...» Apologia to the remaining Beatles^ i wandered to the park on account of i wanted to join in this historicle Occasion. Plus+, i don't get to hear enuf brass instruments in my middling Life.  The MAYOR gave me a raspberry Popsicle®.  it was a hot enuf dé for it, all=togethre! 90°  {sometimes a Sun=Day aventure is as simple as a walk to the park} Trees and a Fountain.

And speaking of History...[o9.i6.o8]

25 years ago: beginning of the big bingo & all that went with it; 9/19~my elder bro appears briefly on the CBS evening news

20 years ago: running & calling bingo, makingrecordings in the cellar. 9/23~all=skool Reunion at my former Elementary skool

15 years ago: disemployed by the bingo

10 years ago: fetch peaches for & with the widowed Matriarch; adminstre the Trust

5 years ago: collecting autumnal yard=waste; reading the many Glows on Kay's com=pooter

3 years ago: mourning Hane in the hovel, cleaning the Parish offices with Monica

2 years ago: vow=renewal at Camp Maisy

Last Year: dancing at a wedding on the Coast

Yesterdé~which was Mondé and merry mild: Customer & good friend, GARY, snatcht me up from the Yard and drove me to his haus in the Parish. He has wanted to treat me to a home=made dinner at his Locale for a coupla seasons now. Acause~his significant othre, VICKY, is an Xcellent cook! {i've previously enjoyed Her meat=loaf & sauered pork} WE dined in the garden al fresco on marinated, grilled Chicken with fettucine carbonara & schteamed brox/cauli/carrots. Altho the clouds occluded the setting=sun, it was a fulfilling and delicious social meal all=to with XM radio floating upon the late summer Aer.  it is my grand luck to meet & know so many Gracious persons in my medially unAuspicious Days! And~i'll send out my Fortuitous favours outwise to the people in GALVESTON & those environs acause They need it more than i...

Amorro will bring a new dé, with new History for all=of=us to Progress into. ~gobox~slac~

Wednesday, September 26th, 2and7... i'm back in the swing of things. OR some semblance of that. Which also means i'm three (3) days behind the rest of the werld!  Oh, well~i'll think of something better to post amorro after i make my chicken gravy. ~autumnalSlac~

Thursday, September 11, 2008


9.9.8: i have been allowing the Turtle's fone machine to pick up way too many of my calls.{thot: it ain't good practise to miss the Bright rings just Acause there might also be dull and unfavourable Massages} Imagine if i owned one of those fone=cells mit Voix mail!? it^ could be as orphaned of Attenxion as so many othres...

9118: i have heard from a good many people [loved ones] thru the machine and used the fone well {as well} to make Connexions. Aday, i entertained the Lizard and enjoyed lunch with her at 'our' favourite diner; she had the tuna melt & i had the bacon cheese=burger. Then We meandered thru the market and into the old Neighbourhood to look at the hovel. Yes, they have a substantial canine protecting the southern perimetre. We climbed the schteep hill back to the Apt and read quietly to ourselves. CAT arrived in time, on time, with time to up=catch all the news with her Niece afore we=all continued in our collectif paths [wildly in all direxions], Lizard retourning northwise for a cousine's birfdé Party...me and CAT to recycle containers and clothing.  {these^ odrinary things are good to Accomplish in spite of othre matters and memories}

Latin: the tomb of our last bishop reads:  Domine Dilexi Decorem Domus Tuae from the twenty=fifth psalm. i take it^ to mean: Lord, Make me know your own ways...Teach me your own paths. [i expect i'll be corrected of this Acause i haven't memorised the songs of King DAVID in Hebrew, Greek nor Latin.] Teach me to schtudy fine sayings in Good company!

i might could oughta write more my=own=self on the week=end. Mebbe so, mebbe no~slac~

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Open Records! Legislatif Reform! Even a constitutional convention would be nice.  Let's keep they feet to the fire^ *rant*  Oh, never mind~it's just a thing. ~slac~   ^reposited from Septembre Fourth, °7^

Tuesday, September Second, °8...and i Expect no less from SARAH PALIN and the operatifs in Minnesota...this Election will turn on who does and does not get the Constitution of these United States.  [enuf of the Polytryx for now] GUSTAV was not KATRINA, but he did cause great suffering & death in his passage...i pray as always for the mitigation of pain.  More locally, presently & personally: the Turtle made a grand visit to the Walley, as brief as was, to attend the Graduaxn of BLADE from the Community College with an Associate's Degree in computre grafix. {i went as the Proud uncle} We love BLADE for doing this, becos he is a wonderfully talented Young man who can rise to his potential with scant effort. Did i already say i was a proud uncle?? His sister has the same Attributes--coulda been the breeding. Onward, Young ones!  {i'm schtill getting my skooling in so many venues; one Day, i may finally learn}~proEdukationle~slac~

Friday, August 29, 2008


Thursday, August 28th, and8...Say what One will~them CLINTONs can sho' nuf speechify. Chilly Cee, Hilly R & Billy Bee are entertaining to hear. Pity the soundtrack of the Convention is so derivatif. Tonight: Arena Barack...

Thank you very much. I was a quiet anniversary nothing to top the [#] beach bash. Much love to you. ~Maisy~

The Turtle is Winging east=wise at faer schpeed. Friday, August 29th, °8...The Lizard has just left CAMP MAISY for othre Eastern destinations; Maisy & her beau are cruising à la CANADA...{it's a good week to leaf the country, even 'tho They must always be on OR near the Water; i am surprised that Liz didn't go to DENVER}Todé~i shook hands with a clown. Yesterdé, i withdrew some cash uptown behind a man who had a semi=automatic pistol on his belt. While i walkt, i met a man from Palmerton who had werkt for the Walley Rail=Road [back in the dé]. He was wearing tap shoes. (?) Such it was...

There were eighty thousand (80,000) peoples at the Investment Centre to hear ALBERT GORE and STEVIE WONDER. {i reclined Afore the Senator from ILLINOIS schpoke in front of the greek columns} Aday~the Senator from ARIZONA chose a Governess from ALASKA to be his veep.  But~i also have the US OPEN to gander at, when i can! Less Shakespearean, for sure. The PHILS and the EAGLES are doing fine upon the Day & Age.

My metatarsal is Healing nicely, altho i might schtill lose the Nail & forever be able to tell the Weathre from a twinge in my Rightful foot?!Regardless=of=much, i'm caught up on my scans and my e=mails & my archival musik Loading.  {there are othre things a comPuter are good fer, yet i haven't quite figgered out what They is}  NB: the next Convention is in SAINT PAUL...he was an evangelist & an epistler [some=one who writes Lettres for a Living] after his Conversion.  But it's not like G & J are paying their Good Mind to what PolyTryxters are saying upon the Road! 

These=all^ are just Observatæ...~mindful*slac~




Tuesday, August 26, 2008


i'm a ramblin' guy...Tuesdé, August 26th, =8...i totally forgot to celebrate MYDONNA's fiftieth ten (10) days ago. Over=more, it wondrously pondres me that i don't own even a measure of her werk! [no vinyl, no magnetic tape, Nothing] i wish her the best of the next half=century and Pray for her continued success. And the same goes for MICHAEL JACKSON when he clicks half=wise on the 29th; i own two (2) of his signature recordings on black plastic. Off the Wall, he's a Thriller...Hey~SESAME STREET is only turning Forty.

Hurricane Report: FAY was terribly impressif even 'tho she only Proved to be first category. i am sorry she took eleven lives in four landfalls...but she is bringing much needed rain currently to the drought schtricken Mid=South. Now~it's Time to board up for GUSTAV; he could be much werse.

BEIJING! BARACK & BIDEN! i watcht most of the speeches from DENVER last night, when i didn't have to catch up on repeats of Earl. So many people talkt about AMERICA, yet i don't remembre hearing any=body mention the Constitution.  [they^ had to put it in the film about Senator OBAMA on account of he studied 'constitional law']  i'll follo the rest of it here until MINNEAPOLIS and thereafter, keeping my Hopes in check that any of the Participants will orate substantively.

Where in the name of JAMIE-LYNN SIGLER was i?  OH! Yeah~i shtubbed my right middle metatarsal early on Saterdé morning, against the bed=post.  It pained me much and turned quite purple, but a Person who walx twenty (20) miles a week can't afford to baby a bruised toe. Even the doctors don't schplint minor foot injuries any=more on account of they knit and heal with Gravity and natural pressure! But i have iced it a few times and the edema has abated. Happy Feet!

BACH! BRUBECK! BEACH BOYS! in Avance of the Turtle's next breeze=thru, i've added more musik to my drive=hard. {i didn't know i liked jazz so much!} Happy LABOUR dé, as it comes...~slac~

Friday, August 22, 2008


Thursday, August 21st, °°8...Yesterdé was the Anniversary of TODD's parents [pop and step=mom, the subterfuge which brang Cat's mom to her own birfdé Party]. Congratz!

Aday is the thirty=seventh (37th) Memorial of MAISY & LOO's nuptials. Amazing! They should schtay togethre anothre 37 Years...[Jay & Jen share the very same wed=a=day]  Sister KAY celebrated her birfdé quietly & on the move, in the middle of Vacation; it's like her to sneak those moments in. Joy!

My=self, to=day~i mowed the Widow's lawn for money to buy coffee, eggs & chips...i went three (3) days without moka but no actual harm has come to my Constitution?!  The Apt building is fully occupied again, with a pair of lovely ladies diagonally down=stairs.  {i haven't met them bof, but the ground floor is eminently mo' interesting than the upper rooms} Friday, 22nd of August, of Eight...MOKA! MEDS! i travel on the out=bound J & the in=bound A to pick up my scrips and such. My pressure at the Grox=schtore was 125 systolic, 84 diastolic pulsing 84 BPM...the person Afore me had a pulse of forty=six?!  Now~that's relaxt. Hadda be the shopping. ~peripatetic slac~

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Sunday, August 19th, and7...my favourite feature of my i-Job is how i can turn the Power off in the middle of a song; my least favourite feature of the shuffle is the headset cord.  >sometimes a reposit is randomly Predictif> the TURTLE report: the Engineer is werking and living in ELVIS' second home, Las Vegas. Viva!  Weather Report: good jazz=fusion groop. {i now haf one of their cee=dees on my Drive}

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008...Yesterday was my Lucky dé. Not only did i find 12¢ on my wanders thru the Walley, but also my mail=box was fillt with incoming cheques! {This should happen more and more often as i aventure Positifly} Good things build on Good things...on SUN=DAY, we held a Grand party for Cat's Mother's birfdé... she was genuinely surprised on that Moment. Thirty (30) fambly members, friends & intimates came togethre Perfectly for the occasion, and We consumed fine Beverages [sodas] & victuals.

i have been folloing the National & Intranational Polytryx AS WELL as the Chinese Olympyx...there is much to celebrate for Good and much to ignore as bad & awful. Twas ever Thus. More will come to same as it is. But i hold in my memory the werx of ISAAC HAYES and JERRY WEXLER.{the musique of Life is forever hearable}

Soop Report: i need to buy a chicken carcass...~up=catching slac~

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Sunday, August 14, 2005...>reposit> "I am the Cat who walks Alone and All Places are the same to me..." ~Rudyard Kipling, the Just So Stories Maisie has many CATS and it pondres me how she finds the time to Schwim! Such profound mysteries in the middle of August! Happy happy Joy joy to Fidel Castro and my other Sister, Kay on their respectif birfdays (Fidel, 79 & Kay something over 50)  Which means, perhaps, that i can catch up [like evybody else] on what's happening in GLOW=LAND. I said,"perhaps." Zing.

Thursday, August 14th, °8...Aday, the focus is on breakaway Republyx within breakaway Republyx. VLADIMIR! Cut the Crud! The Soviet Union is supposed to be Democratik, too. [it's not about the oil and natural gas, is it?] Meanwhile, in anothre Communist country: an American swimmer is breaking Records like a man with a porpoise. Maybe the pool's tooo deep...perhaps MARK SPITZ shoulda shaved that moustache when he competed.  Regardless~these^ are the bettre geopoliticle Games. Not following closely, my=self.

The bunny is quite friendly where i werk;i think it has a hutch aneath my slac=shack.  ToDay~i wandered all the Way uptown to the Library to retourn six (6) music cee=dees and to check out the werk at the CourtHaus.  There are surveillance cameras on the main drag?! {odrinary citizens have nothing to Fear} i didn't hand over any cash to the regular denizens as i passed them, on Account of i haf about as much as them, all=to.  Poverty's a beach. WE are enjoined in the same vessel. i know things are bad Acause i walkt past my Neighbourhood dollar schtore and it's gone 'Out of Bidness'?! Anothre rain schtorm is rolling thru the Walley as G puts things right with a thunderous Voice...

mercy-upon-mercy, nice2beNice~slac~


Saturday, August 9, 2008


National polytryx: the Nomination which will never end...HILLY, BILLY & CHILLY have decided to forge ahead all the way to the Convention in COLORADO. ^5.9.8^repost  POLITICLE QUOTE: «It has been an Honor to contest these Primaries with him.» [subtext: Hilly is holding her Delicates until the CONVENTION, acause she has a metric which blows off the Caucuses & all her people are telling her She can prevail in DENVER! DENVER!] ^6.6.8^repost  Friday, Eight=Eight=Eight...i have really got to learn not to throw gasoline upon a conflagration.  My summer endorsements can only include BOB BARR [for righties who think McCain is too squishy] and RALPH NADER [for lefties who believe 'change' can come from a Chicago pol]. My actual Vote is up for brags...

TITLE: Sometimes The Title is The Text

MOOD: Olympian by proxy; mildly muscular & keen

NOISE: STEVE MARTIN on my ish=pod??

SOOP: a scoche of ham=bean, yet, some frozen

WIDEO: A Shark Tale, currently...caught up on Monk

WEATHRE: Sunny and mild, low humidity, breezy, 80°

NATURE: a baby rabbit visited the boof today but didn't consume the carrot i tosst it. [so much for Bigs Bunny]  Also~i encountered a black kitten on my meandre home; it ran across a busy road, but came to no harm, Thank G.

THOT: «if i continue to borro music from the Liberry, my hard=drive should be full of tunes by Twenty-Ten»

MEMORIAM: G needs all kinds of people, for sure...BERNIE MAC and SOZHENITSYN are well=met.

~more and better Mondayish~slac~

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Saturday, August 06, 2005...reposit> Recycle! Toss that CRUD into the nearest Sibling container! {There's a box near=by with my Name on it; i 'spect it's only the first of Some.} When's LUNCH?!  Are we Swimming yet? end reposit<

Tuesdé, August Fifth, e8...Proclaim Liberty throughout the land and to all the inhabitants thereof. It was a lovely day to visit the credit union and to see the Progress of the girders rising afront of the 'new' court=haus. i also walkt thru the post office and rang the bell inside the Zionsville cherch. A "staycation"??  {i'm turning into my younger self~the one who could accomplish ten (10) grand things in a day} One of the girls at the fysicians' office called to tell me [again] that my blood is delicious. i gently reminded her that i already have the hard=copy. Last night, i got a free ride to my favourite corner of town. [the theatre district] The ham soop is fine.

While i was webbing during the SCOTTY episode of STNG, i learnt that the engineer has made it to Vegas. Holy Toledo~he made good time! {he some=times moves faster than me, iffen one could believe it} i tried to do a sudoku at werk yesterdé but failed at it miserably. Think i'll schtick to othre puxxles.

Sports: there is a Wisconsin ball=foot player trying to get back on the roster. His name rhymes with that unusual port city in France. But i'm just waiting for the women's aquatic programmes in Peking, CHINA. *Dive!

Pressure: 93/62 mmHg, 73 bpm T: 98.5°

Music: Strollin', on reel=tape...See You in September... ~summerable*slac~

Friday, August 1, 2008


Much will happen for Good to this, my Fambly, in the CAULDRON of anothre Year of Changes...

~theWild-Rider~slac~ ^reposit of August °7^

Friday, August First, °8...a very nice dé all=to.  The engineer had barely Retourned from the beach [camp Maisy] and othre Places afore he had to pack up black beauty and motor Yet again to anothre Assignment. {it is ever=good to have him around, even briefly} Happy Travails...

After he done went~i had my own Adventure at the Doctors' office. It was also all=the=good.  The blood i gave so Exorbitantly last week is normal for all markers. Nurse Susan [a pretty one] conducted an electrocardiograph which also Aced the scale; she also Complimented me on being less than HIRSUTE. "You're so lucky; you don't get the free waxing." As i climbed the hill near the old Hovel, i encountered my former Neighbour JEFF & his youngest dafter's blond puppy. We^ palavered for Moments.  He told me that the current occupants of the manse have a mastiff which barks too much after hours...aren't these the Dog=Days??  The hovel is much Improved, tho i rarely wandre down this far to see it. Bright sun=shine...

Hang tight~the Humidity is retourning AND i never Publish on the shabat. ~normalslac~

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Friday, July 27th, and7...There i was, sitting in my Parish boof, monitoring the coming and going of my customers, when i felt tiny feet on my left shouldre.  i reached inside my polo=shirt and brusht against an insect.  {i have the very sensitif skin and am quite Averse to having miniscule creatures crawl upon me; Hescha! i can hardly stand the laundry tag}  i only hope i'll be forgiven some=day for extinguishing this exoskeletal life=form...That's^ a Bug report. The Turtle is gathering his belongings & preparing to head west=wise.  NEVADA is calling. An engineer without a Project is like a Wide Knight without filosofy.  OR sumpin' like dat^. The black beauty is sure to carry him far & well...Twas=ever=Thus.  No, really--the beetle shreiked. ~slac~

^a parallel reposit^ History do re=peat.

Tuesday, July 29th, °8...Und schpeaking of yet more tiny animals i have come to know: i was sitting upon the granite schteps of the protestant cherch where i wait for the bus, when a small grey blur dasht across the seam of the riser and disappeared into the foliage to my right. [i barely had time to jump up onto my sheet=kicker boots, like a Cartoon!]  It was a CHERCHMAUS! Altho i am cat=like, it was swift and i saw it no more. [the baby robin had had the same luck in not being caught by my dextrous talons, days ago.]  i take it as a sign from G that my Fortunes are turning, that soon i will no longre suffer from the poverty of pocket which is spoken of in cliché.  «Poor as a cherch-maus»

There are greater, more terrible & wondrous things Happening in the werld, for sure, but i'll settle my=self this month to observe the myriad creatures as they scurry Fervently in the collectif Life. it's a Zen thing. AND~simmer my ham=bean soop in the pot that LIZ gave me. Presently*preservedly~slac~



Saturday, July 26, 2008


Saturday, July 26th, e8... A quick date=up, publisht as the bug and bird report: Wezné, a baby robin visited me at the boof, on account of its nest fell outta one of my pine trees during a rain=fall.  Acause there was also a fire=call on the Parish [an alarm intermittently goes off in the Publik Werks building] AND i do not carry fresh bugs nor worms in my Mandibles... i simply encouraged the fluffy nestling to hop off the asphalt until one of its parents came to rescue it. {i do such things for the simple Reason that my own wings ain't fully formed at this late=date} Aday, a wasp decided to impel itself undre the left shouldre of my black a=shirt in the boof, during a lull in the Action.  Needles=to=Say: it schtung or bit me AND i more or less killt it for its Impudence. This!^ i only do when what i thot was a gnat turns out to be a papre=schtealing flying ant! Perhaps i was rash to do it, BUT exoskeletal creatures out=numbre us by a Factor of 100 or more.  {bees will make a come=back} Regardless of much~i shall try to pay closer Attention to the small creatures which accrue & attend to me. 

~robin=rescuing Yet wasp=wasting slac~

NB: i don't publish on Sun=Day...

Monday, July 21, 2008


Sunday, July 20th, °8...hotta than Satan's silk scivvies. It's so dang hot, the sparrows are agape. But the engineer is comfortably ensconced upon a northern beach. {He visits his crasy seester when he gets tired of his crasy brudda} For my part, i'm Avoiding direct sun=light. But, hey, iffen i melt into a putrid puddle, so what? MARGARET HAMILTON didn't mind it much. Hydrate & hang loose...

Mondé...back on the bus. It wasn't as bad on the Yard as Saterdé becos there was a mild breeze and occasional cloud covre. Oh! And the bus sign on the free=way has been straightened out AND 'they' left a green plastic milk=carton for me to rest my haunches on. Good folloes good! {no=one can complain of the aer=conditioning on mass transit}

Internationally~the POPE is wrapping up his tour of AUSTRALIA. There is a [war] tribunal getting undre way at Gitmo; the werld court [?] has laid they hands on Radovan Karadzic [some=one do a Serbian spellcheck for me]. These^ last two (2) items are mostly good news for Justice/Jurisprudence...bin Laden's driver and bodyguard gets his 'day in court', so=to=speak, AND a genocidal fugitif has been taken offen the streets. Bettre things could eventually happen!  ~the globally optimisticle slac~

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


There was holydé congestion on the roads in DELAWARE, but we wriggled around it mostly. ^reposited from recent^ Tuesday, July 15th... the brothers have recovered from the Sojourn and have settled into Walley Wisitation mode.{There is so much to do, here, actual=presently}The engineer is fixing each and every doubtful thing and machine in his inimitable manner, including the faulty/fickle fuel=forcer on the black beauty. [she< reminds me of the green ghost on either of their best dés!?] The screendoor leading to my lanai is functioning Perfekt!

Meanstwhile, in the larger werld~money is Tight, Xpecially for the national banking industry [we cannot call it an out=bail] AND the legislateurs from PENNSY who found themselves in cuffs 'cos they believed Our cash belonged to them to do with whatever they pleased [we can call this^ bonusgate]. Corruption begets corruption...even in a Democratik administration; ask the Governor. id est, after the Lama leaves & after the amazing National Conventions leading to the general elect, Keystoners schtill must hold a CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION to clean haus, hoping it leads to a federal Constitutional Convention. {i am a small Person with small ideas} Thank G i ain't politicle. 

~an every=day slac~

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Toward the Transformation of All things.  Mood: breezy, not tornadic Sound: street noise Thot: "My garden is not as good as many others..."

Reposit! i don't even have a garden, currently. Thorsday, July 10th, and8...LHAMO THONDUP is coming! TENZIN GYATSO is coming! The DALAI LAMA is coming! {CAT is going to see him and i am jel.} JESSE HELMS did not have as good an Independence day as the rest of us. i pray he sleeps well. Truly.

HOLIDAY TRAFFIK, part three...Notes in closing. There was a pool at the first motel We stayed at, overnight, in Virginia Beach; we didn't schwim in it. "Enjoy the Joy of Others", read a cherch marquee near the dismal swamp. ALAN & LAURA, MAISY & BABALOO arrived nearly simultaneously at the motel in Carteret County. ALAN brot me a sombrero from Mexico which i didn't remembre asking him for. It's a little small for my skull, but it is less=the=none a prized possession that i will cherish ever On=ward. OH! When the Colonel first joined us in KATE's suite he noted the Presence of the Fierce Five and said,"Watch out for the lightning strikes." Later, he turned down an offer of cold wine [the Virginians, Kate & Harry, won't travel without vino] by saying,"Only ifya spell wine, B.E.E.R." i accommodated. At the DIVE dinner, i sketched a seating chart like i always do; Kate made sure i shared it with LAURA. {i also showed it to each table's senior membres, in case they wondered about my note=taking} Cousine SARAH challenged me to arm=wrassle at one of those pool parties. i lost first with my right arm & then with my left, but i won a right rematch.

Somehow~Rocky achieved an Xtra breakfast on the dé of the Party, even 'tho she schlept in. It's a mischievous Fortune which rarely visits the Lazy. The dee=jay at the cherch=hall played DANNY BOY by BING CROSBY, of course. Out of my range... The infants were delightful--cousine Maisy's LILAH and cousine Shannon's FINN. These^ precious ones will be hosting Parties such as this when i am Past caring about 'em. Eh~it's the natural cycle of things. {i wondre what, if any=thing, they will remembre they=selves about Independence Dé millennial8}The Lucius J. Kellam, Junior bridge-tunnel was clear andbright on the southbound & only a little hazy on the northbound. We (four) did schtop to admire the SEAGULL PIER and its riprap on the journey Home. Once again~othres will Amembre greater and bettre schtories of the traversement. Twas Ever Thus! ~the slightly less humidified, ~slac~

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


It is Possible to sleep four persons to a room with inflatable beds, but it is very much like bunking in a Japanese tea=haus. *zzzzz* ^reposited from yesterdé^

Wednesday, July 9th, `8...HOLIDAY TRAFFIK part two..There were beaucoups de pizzas at that final pool party. It was all the younger cousins who were schwimming into the dusk.  BABALOO observed a small frog inching its way toward the chlorinated pond; i prevented it from  entering that large body of water. OH! But the good Lord decided to send a lightning schtorm toward the party, curtailing the wild debauche! "Evybody outta the Poool," i shouted loudly as the parents were already corraling their charges.

KAY and her life=partner were kind enuf to let me flop on the bed vacated by ALAN and his date; it relieved some of the pressure on the engineer's hausing unit. Bright and early, agin, and with cold cheese pizza in our gullets, the four (4) macs piled into black beauty to sally NorthWise toward PENNSY. In Windsor, NC, the engineer permitted me to drife as good as i do, until he Piloted in reverse for the bridges & tunnels [3/2] of the CHESAPEAKE BAY. {i haf driven the CBBT afore but i acquired no tunnels on this^ traverse} We schtoppt for lunch at the TRAWLER restaurant & lounge and were served by the nicest Waiter i have ever met [JEFF]! He brewed fresh coffee just for me, it seemed...

i drofe again from VIRGINNY into MARYLAND until we gassed up in Salisbury, where anothre cloud=burst temporarily schlowed the Turtle. There was holydé congestion on the roads in DELAWARE, but we wriggled around it mostly. Short=story=Long~the itinerant Brothres droppt Rocky & Blade at their cat=filled abode, called MAISY [matriarch pro tem] to inform her of our Amazingly Successful retourn & promptly fell into a decompressif mode from 'the greatest birfdé party ever held.' Needles=to=say, we feltquite funky on Mondé AND it rained agin on me as i walkt from the bus onto the Parish.  {if i were a suspicious person, i might believe that G & J were Sending thundre=clouds and pour=downs to Accent my travels...i ain't}

Othres of the group shall haf more and bettre schtories & Remembrances to tell & embellish, but i'll be happy enuf to receive the wonderful Fotoes from any & all AS they feed my desk. Wherever there is dancing, slac will Participate.



Tuesday, July 8, 2008


- - - - - -repost- - - - -Ack! i sure was full of myself 365 days ago. On the [number] anniversary if i recall correctly. I've mellowed.[Monday, 11th of July, 2005]

Tuesdé, 8th of July, 2008...


MOOD: slightly out=worn

NOISE: cd/radio in black beauty

WEATHRE: Hot & schticky, 86°f

NOTE: [That torch i did is making the rounds, again. Happy Anniversary!]

THOT: "But it's not a contest."

TEXT: There We were, on the hottest dang day of the year, cruising on an eight=lane SuperHighwé in Delaware...i'm gonna skip that part and remembre instead the delightful lunch that Brittany served us at José's Border Café. We were four (4) south=bounders on the Thersday before INDEPENDENCE Day.  The engineer piloted and i navigated while Rocky & Blade entertained their selves in the backseat. Timely.

We departed VIRGINNY bright and early on the Fourth and made it to Carteret County afore noon. i was Determined to schwim in that motel pool; little did i suss that COUSIN MICHAEL would ferry us to the Silver Creek motel as well. *splush*  Later~27 hungry fambly membres swarmed over a country bar called The Dive [the Hard Times Café].  {cook had to be re=called}

It is Possible to sleep four persons to a room with inflatable beds, but it is very much like bunking in a Japanese tea=haus. *zzzzz*

In a CAROLINA cherch=hall, on the second hottest dé of the Year, a conglomerate of Daniel Henry's friends and relations fêted himself on the Remembrance of his Entrance.  {i will not say how young my Uncle is, but there was probly one guest there for every year of his life!} And we danced, fervently, after consuming barbecue & Fried chicken.  Also~there was a slide=show AND short emotional speeches for the birfdé boy that rarely bordered on tears. [i spoke for the Fierce Five]. Then~yet anothrepool partyMore amorro about the Sundé drive Home...  ~five colony slac~

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Travel well and fully on this 4th; freedom is an attentif process. Music is a mere Aspect. ~Honour~the~Liberty~slac ^reposited from And5^ WednèsDay, July secundo, anno8...Faer warning: the brothres mac are moving to plan & planning to move SouthWise in an efficient fashion, as is their wont. {WE have dancing to do in CAROLINA} there will be much to report in the coming dés...~busy=yet=pausable=slac~

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Remains to be Seen, a reposit: [edited>] There might could be a budget in these parts.  So, it's a month byond & late for the seventh time. All the new people We VOTE in may will shall possibly get it done for real next year. Place your bets. Casinoes!  BILLY BLAINE said something the othre day about his wife being,"the most qualified non=incumbent" in the Democratic field.  It begs the question of what one means by 'incumbency'. OR lame=duckness, even.

i sussed out finally the Cause of global warming. It's AL GORE, Junior. WE didn't have an inter=web afore he invented it AND we've never had a climate crisis until AL pointed it out to us in his movie! [edited]

SOOP: chili actually, for the Hot week=end


MOOD: my mood is Summerific, anticipable

PUXXLE: perfect [after four previous failures]

ANAGRAMs: teas=sate=seat=tase=east

MUSIK: Steppenwolf & such, on reel...

WIDEO: not reality/game=shows ever

TEXT: Thursday, June Twenty=Sixth...Roberto & Yolanda are moving to GEORGIA with their bird. They've only lived in this Gracious building for three (3) months, but i will miss them. {love thy neighbours~it's in a book somewhere} Yesterdé was busy again for a Wezné at the Parish and one of my cuddies was schtung by a yellowjacket.  [they build small nests on the roll-offs.]  Much averse as i am to harming Any of the natural creatures, i schprayed the small nest with chemicals and killed them. Forgif!

The cure for bee=stings is simple IF one is not Xtremely allergic in the first place...(1) Remove the stinger if it can be found (2) Apply ICE or a cold compress to the area to reduce any Swelling & (3) Refrain from scratching the bite as this only increases the histamine reaction. [slac is neither fysician nor boy=scout^] Hint: avoid biting insects!

The tatium striatus was playing Hide & Seek with me around the boof yesterdé as well.  Its cheeks were full of something~but i left it anothre carrot from my schnackbag. The ground=squirl is NOT a domesticable animal, but they are fun to observe in their environs.

Speaking of creatures, the Turtle is drifing from NEVADA to INDIANA in the black beauty.  And, after visiting the Lizard [who is also in transit], he will Retourn to the land of his birf.  {they say there are no migratory patterns in the movements of humankind}  Regardless of much, i'll be glad to have him around for the schtart of anothre windy summer! Brothers! Ya gotta love 'em iffen ya haven't killed them outright during childhood. And othre things.

~that reluctantly bee=killing slac~

Monday, June 23, 2008


Truth be told...i like wading in the shallow end of the collectif Pool. Floating lazily, not splashing the other children unduly...{It's a fine Day to posit the Schwim theme} ^reposited^

SunDé, June 22nd, `8...Cuddie GARY was aside his=self yesterdé on accounta the quarry he likes to visit has fallen into Private ownership. Officer EDWARD askt me about my bus=schtop on accounta the Young man retourning a lost purse at the grox=schtore may've lifted a camera and a fone=cell from it. [i personally believe the items mighta disappeared while the hand=bag was alone.] Fame! Notoriety!  They^ come at me unbiddenèd while i go about my odrinary bidness in the grasping view of surveillance machines! Co=werker CLEM was kind enuf to drop me in Town after anothre busy Saterdé. ROCKY called me later to make sure i made it Home...{such an Angelic niece all should have}

Of gourse~the chippy also made its Presence known. i left it a coupla veggies for its hollow cheeks. There is a new young couple in the lower Apt; i've met them bof by natural Accident. i prefer to have some noise undre my feet, rather than Quietude.  A very productif & remarkable first Summer weekend, i think. Many blessings...

Monday, June 23rd, oh=eight...what will we do without GEORGE CARLIN to point out our collectif Ridiculosity? i spose we'll manage.  The bus was not crowded todé but the AC was icy cool. At least on the inbound. The chippy saw me off in the woods for the outbound. [it ate the carrot i gave it but left the celery alone] My neighbours in unit #2 are Young & bright. Iffen the wind dies down and the rivers settle, i believe it's gonna be a good summer. Happy Joy, Turtle!   ~tannable slac~

Monday, June 16, 2008


Altho' i'm not given to following the punditry, i believe i shall miss TIM RUSSERT on account of he wasn't very Xtreme toward either side. G speed^  Yesterdé was flag day, but i was busy, busy at the Yard uberfilling the bins with storm damage and what=not. AND, making stern Correxions to the infrequent 'Independent Thinkers' who clog the lines with a sense of entitlement. {werk smart not hard, i often say} Schteamy saterdé.  i pledge Allegiance to my Flag, and the republic for which it stands~One Nation,indivisible, with Liberty & Justice for All.  Bueño Dìaz de Los Padres, evybody! Dads are wonderful to have around the House, Xpecially iffen they Paid for it. [the Haus]  My Pop continues to molecularly reassemble betwixt the STRAITS OF HORMUZ and the AMAZON DELTA...with scant atomic visits land=wise thru evaporation & condensation.  But i know Xactly where the old Salt's bride is Reclining...i'll see 'em bof in raptureThe stimulus money that King George sent me has long been schpent on odrinary things.  Three (3) gasoline Companies have mailed me pre=approved appliqués for credit cards...very nice for some=one who currently doesn't own a horse=less carriage! {slac lives to bus}  Monday, June 16th, and8...we did quite well again today filling the roll=offs. [Mondé is rarely this active] The chipmunk was waiting for me at the Office--the main one, not my boof.  The rain held off until i got Home to recycle my own schtuff. JASON was watching a ball=base game from his parapet and i'm not sure if the young ones got the game "all in". No matter, TIGER WOODS had a remarkable game of his own. Oh! PORTIA de ROSSI and MISTER SULU are getting married! [just not to each othre]  Cooler weathre Amorro...>slac<

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Where in the name of Sarah Drew was i? OH~Yeah...mind the Tenses. It was hotter than the hasps on the hinges of Hades. [The day was Sultry.]  [^reposited & edited>...]

Friday, June 10, 2005...Has anybody else noticed the gas=lines reminiscent of 1973?  People are waiting in two deep lengths to fill up their tanks in the Heat of the day. [That's bad 4 the ground-lying Ozone.]  Less=the=never, it's long past time for us to cogitate these impending scenarios. Energy!  My Pop knew it was finite when he graduated college. Ever more the much=so today.

Tuesdé, June Tenth, and8...on Saterdé, i saw two (2) carcasses on the Way home--one a Possum and t'othre a Deer. The flies were Feasting. {all Flesh fails} Yester, my Parish thermometre read 111°.  [it's mounted on my chain=link fence, in direct sunlight.] Needles to Say~i consumed plenty of ice water & Avoided old man SOL!  At least the bus=rides were Free.  OH! And Master chipmunk made several Appearances for fun...The Eastern oppression should end tonight. ~cool=as=cuke~slac~

Friday, June 6, 2008



MOOD: basely Optimystic, infrequently desperate

NOISE: the dish=warsher, a scirocco breeze

WIDEO: random cartoons & the French Open

PUXXLE: somebody tell WILL & LIZ GORSKI that i did the June 1st 'Spy Glass' puxxle perfect...

SOOP: potatoes and noodles haf been up=put

MEMORY: SYDNEY POLLACK, YVES SAINT LAURENT, ELLAS BATES [bo diddley], war & disastre casualties, RFK & MLK [forty years on], the boys on the Beach at NORMANDY [more than sixty years on]

POLITICLE QUOTE: «It has been an Honor contèsting these Primaries with him.» [subtext: Hilly is holding her Delicates until the CONVENXN, acause she has a metric which blows off the Caucuses & all her people are telling her She can prevail in DENVER! DENVER!]

TEXT: Unit #2 is in Play, again. The CHERRIES have just moved up the schtreet~an Avancement for them.  [ROSE gave me a bottle of cabernet Sauvignon and a box of Farina® from their cupboards as they left...there were three (3) ball=base Games going on.] Aday, Thersday, June Fith--the landlord showed the APT to an interested & interesting Couple as i wandered down to the market. We're gonna have a heat=wave...Friday, June Sixth, and8...i just figgered out why the skool=chi'dren is getting out early! Their academic year is nearly over. i hope they have a wise & wonder filled Summer season. Veritas ~briefly-slac~

Friday, May 30, 2008



MOOD: fastidious OR nearly so

NOISE: lawn=mowers & schtring Trimmers, berdsongs & rammy skool=chi'dren

WIDEO: the Daily Show has retourned & that's a good thing. Also PBS & Food Network variously

PUXXLE: i totally gefutzled the one from last Diaz de los Madres, missing up to thirteen (13) lettres in one corner. It happens.

SOOP: i've put up a CHICKEN one which schtill requires noodles and potatoes for fullness

MEMORY: the great ones are graduating onward too fast...Mrs. LOVING, ALBERT HOFFMAN, ROBERT RAUSCHENBERG, DICK MARTIN, HARVEY KORMAN.  «I want you to seduce & abandon the Sheriff of Rock Ridge. Can you do it?» Miss KAHN,«Is Bismawk a hewwing?» There is Comedy, Art, Science and Love in paradise for sure. And never any tears...

TEXT: Thursdé, May 29th, e8...werking back=wise from the Lawn i trimmed todé: PHIL the busdrifer took four (4) of us on quite the Aventure yesterdé on the inbound W.  He misst the ramp off the major Expressway and even managed to conduct us to a road with no outlet. First time i've ever ridden a city=bus in Reverse! Matter=the=not, PHIL was making good Time & fixt his minor mistake. PLUS+, We=all got to experience the D'Ville western bypass.  Tuesdé night, there was a rathre pleasant thundre schtorm which did not deter the ball=basers on the near field [not an organised game].  Ozone! CAT & the kidz invited me to their barbecue on Mondé, but i declined as i was about to mop my kitchenette floor.  {i do this^ when my calloused footsies beginto schtick to it much=too=much} Fine living...SunDay & SaterDay, i palavered from my parapet with my under=schtair Neighbours and the toddlers who came to visit them briefly. [ANDREUS & DIANA are delightful little ones, related to ROSE.]  It's nice to co=habit with pleasant People all=to. Truth.  i could go even more back=wise from there, but it might could cloud my strainèd brain. Aday, lata, i'll probly ketch up on my Schpelling via contest...

Comment early & often~~slac~~


Saturday, May 24, 2008


TITLE: Only good things can Happen

MOOD: effusif AND effulsif, mildly so

MUSIK: The WHO...as television theme music?!

WIDEO: catching up on SOPRANOs, and trying to figger out where the coarse werds go

ANAGRAM: Rodham=Do harm

JOKE: «Two revolutionaries were preparing to assassinate a certain Dictator at a special parade in the Schtrong person's honour. As they waited with their sniper rifles and their bomb key devices, they noticed the dictator was still not anywhere to be seen in the parade. The one insurrectionist turned to the other and went,"Gosh, I sure hope nothing's happened to the Dictator."

THOT: «it must be a busy schpring for me, Acause i am behind of the glowing»

TEXT: Friday, May 23rd, oo8...it's up to MONTANA [Hannah] now. i am fully prepared to endorse HILARY [Duff] for the Democratik nominaxn. And, that's all i have to say about that. Hang in there.

The field report: a coupla days ago, i saw a baby opossum; aday, after werk, i schpotted a young rabbit. Alas, near Home, i also saw a slightly crippled squirl. i tried to give him two (2) carrots from my lunch=pail, but the poor critter seemed to be on its last legs. The cardinals, blue=jays and robins are ubiquitous...along with sparrows and blackbirds. Oh! the herons are flying as much as the hawks it seems & i hear tell of four (4) tiny falcons just hatched on Dad's old power building.  Xcept for the squirrel, Life is teeming Walley=wide. Smooch-a-veteran on the Holidé! ~slac~

Friday, May 16, 2008


Thursday, May 15th, and8...


Polytryx: 7% of West Virginians believe JOHN EDWARDS [the Senator] should be President of the United States. Oops!  He just endorsed BARACK OBAMA. But there are plenty more places [including Puerto Rico] left to express their opinions in the 'eternal nomination'. Also~there will be myriad independent choices come Novembre...RON PAUL, BOB BARR, MIKE GRAVEL, etcetera. {can it be hoped that the non=constitutional Conventions won't interfere too much with the CHINESE Olympyx?} Electoral Entertainment!

Natural & not so Natural distastres: i mistakenly believed the weathre's been bad in the Walley. Things are way worse elsewhere. In addition to the on=going crisis in MYANMAR, there has been horrific Devastation from an earthquake in the SICHUAN Province. Thousands have lost their lives...thousands more have lost their Homes. State=side, our own spexial cyclones continue to wreak havoc in the deep South along tornado alley And FLORIDA has experienced wild=fires.  Mother Nature can be cruel in a big wé.  {some blame Global warming, while othres call it 'climate change}   My Heart aches.

The epistler Paul had encouraging werds on these subjects^^ Faith, Hope and Love...of which, the greatest is Love.  ~theHope=Full,slac~

Friday, May 9, 2008


Life! Math! Ponderifics!  And perfect action.  ~thesonwhowouldbeSlac~ Happy Moms' Day. --5/8/5--

Oxygen! Bread! Gasoline!  The widow Mary's lawn to cut!  Incomplete exclamatory sentences!  --5/8/6--

Now: that was a party! And even tho' we were on a military site, we tore that place up! They'll not soon forget us on the peninsula. --5/7/7--

Thursday, May 8th, and8...present=day: Jeremiah Wright? Jeremiah Wrong.  Josef Fritzl? it is so depraved & sick that werds will not describe. Alas~there are also schtrange and tyrannical messianic demonic personages who reside also in this country. All^ of them will come to perfect judgment by G and his true son.

The Burmese people in MYANMAR have suffered too much greatly. Their overseers in power are Willing to receive humanitarian Aid, without the Humanitarians. This is a horror compunded upon a tragedy. {i pray for a natural change in Asiatic sensibilities}

National polytryx: the Nomination which will never end...HILLY, BILLY & CHILLY have decided to forge ahead all the way to the Convention in COLORADO. And it is not an alltogethre bad decision to do so, as far as i deem. These are only historic things which are happening within the Party! Over=more, Senator OBAMA continues to do well in all the self=same regards of the contest. There are more VOTERS participating in this continuous Event than i can remember. Dramatic! Who will prevail with supradelicates as Time and Tide churn and turn? Schtay tuned.

The haer Report: my wings are clippt to the Ears and my Mousy is shaved & gone. These^ tonsorial Acts i accomplish when i believe that Summer is impending. {One wouldn't know it from all the cold, dreariness which comes & goes within the Walley, presently} It makes it easier to apply the sunscreen.  When it ain't Raining... ~umbrelicleSlac~

Monday, May 5, 2008


Notes in Passing...Thursday, May 10th, And7 There was a horse=race which STREETWISE won.  But~the KENTUCKY contingent was with us at the Wedding Party! [Groper, Matt & Jay=Jay elected to wear Western schtraw hats.] Whither go the withers? There will be other races to be sure...

Sunday, May 4th, of8...it's a HAPPY Anniversary and CINCO de MAYO for Maisy and Steve, but a bittre sweet running of the Roses.  Big Brown won but the placer, Eight Belles, had to be put down on account of breaking both front ankles. It surely is a sorrowful thing when a noble animal, born and bred to perform at optimum, is euthanised after doing its Best. G save the equine and plant in our hearts a fervent Desire NOT to run them so hard. Hope for Horses...

Monday, Cinco de Mayo, o8...There were also ponies on the Athletik field today. One of them was white.  The Parish yard was none too busy for a Mondé & my friend GARY brang me an italian hoagie just around Five.  i got off the inbound W in the old neighbourhood and lookt at the hovel.  There are ornamental flowres in the front yard & a long ladder going to the top terra cotta roof.  Neighbour JEFF was palavering with his back=alley neighbours as i engaged him in a short conversaxion about Life north of my preternatural environs.  {it is not strange for me to Travel thus, as i am connected to the Universe in its entirety} i have scored the latest NYT Sundé puxxle & yesterdé, i completed the March 23rd one 100% [perfekt].  i will schpeak to othre matters in the coming Days. ~slac~

NB: sister MAISY will have a Happy on Wezné... «old enuf to drink & VOTE, far too Young to collect the social security»


Monday, April 28, 2008


«it must be May if we mean to Motor...» May=Day, two thousand and seven, new Epoch. Maisy: it's the name which begins with mu... 

^^ >watch the reposit> ^^

May Second, New Epoch...presently, and soon...  Sunday, April 27th, Eighth year Epochal...Aday, or possibly Fridé is/was my SWEDISH Aunt's birfdé. «older than a buttrefly, younger than a mountain» i am remorseful that i could not travel to her spexial Party...but it was anothre banner Saterdé for collecting Parish yard=waste. HAPPY HAPPY!

Alas~the Turtle was in TAMPA for a Wedding & sister MAISY and BabaLoo were on islands. WE shall have to oughta hold anothre Party for this delightful Aunt afore long. She more than deserves the loving Attention of these^ itinerants. Truth.  Cousine MAISY will celebrate her first Anniversary [with STEVE] on that Spanish holiday i can neither schpell nor pronounce. BUT i remembre the day it happened like it was just last year! CONGRATZ!Meanwhile~iffen i make it to Thersdé, i will make a joyful noise for those Four and a half (4½) schtill communist countries. «Call me when you have no Class» Just what the Determinedly dogged democrats ordered: a FOOD crisis distraction to go along with a FUEL crisis distraction. i knew i shouldn'ta bot one Pound (1lb) of white rice last week!?! i'll willingly take the credit and the blame for both and each, acause i take the mass transit and i feed only my=self. It a*Maizes me that starchy hybrid corn is feeding both guzzling Autoes & sick cattle. Sumpin must cut loose...

J once said, rather cryptically,"Those who have much will be Given more...and Those who have less will find what little they have, Taken away."

Monday, April 28th, of8...it was a rainy rainy dé on the Yard, with few customers. Nice break from the last few Saterdays tho! KAY called me from her condo last night; she & the barista represented us well at my Aunt's party, along with cousines ANNE and CAROLE. {my arts Professor from college also celebrated the self same age Achievement & i managed to miss that Party as well! mea culpa} Over=more, i misst filling in one (1) lettre of the NYT cross puxxle--it throws off my schtreak...mayhaps.

~slac'll Catch his=self up Eventual~



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