Saturday, December 30, 2006


Saturday, December's not every Year i memorialise too soon. But i'm getting used to late departures such as those of the Godfather of Soul, the great Republican who fell into the shadow of Richard Nixon AND the Butcher of Baghdad. [his^ was the most precipitous of ends.]  G bless 'em and preserve them, wherever they are bound. They seal up the Age...  Meanwhile, the engineer and i are Tearing up the Town, again. {such brothers shouldn't be let loose as often as we get out} Actually, we are closing out the Affairs of And6 to the best of our natural abilities. Clearing the boards as it were for the coming Miracles of AndSeven.

So~HNY Glowers! Onward & Outward...


Friday, December 22, 2006


Thursday, December 21st, And6 C.E.>

Herod the Great was none so good; in fact, he was quite the treacherous Villain.  Herod the Lesser was nix besser, that Herod the Small was no good at all. Ya don't hear of many chi'dren nowadays named Herod.  Such is the price of despotic Infamy.

Joseph was descended of a King, but was himself a simple carpenter. Yet--Joseph was an established man who fell in love with Mary, a maiden Immaculately conceived...that is, the very young Mary was blesst by G to be as incorruptible as Eve before she partook of the forbidden fruit. These^ are well=establisht Mysteries. The names of these two Nazareans have travelled well thru the history of the werld. Thank goodness.

It was not an especially good Year in Judea, under the Roman occupation...but there were Angels of G And the Spirit of G on High moving throughout the land. One angel told Mary to submit to the Spirit; another advised Joseph not to set the perfect maiden aside.  And, as fate, history and the census of a certain C├Žsar would have it, the betrothed & expectant couple found themselves Rooming togethre in an out=building reserved for beasts of burden on the outskirts of Joseph's home=town.  (It could have been a haus of his own relatifs, but there was no place to keep all the persons who had come to Register with the Empire.)  More=over, and most Surprising--the entire story of events came to fulfill everything wrote from Genesis thru the Prophets. Amazing!

We recount this^ epic to children because YESHUA was a child. We put a star on the tree 'cos there was a star in the sky. We give a gift to those we love AND even to those we do not know Acause we have received a great gift from the Giver of all gifts. We light candles and lights because this one Light comes to us, altho we are sometimes schtill in darkness and misery. And~whosoever we are & whatsoever we Believe, it's a story of enduring Love.

Happy holy=day 2 all below


Monday, December 18, 2006


And othre beautiful things which i cannot yet fully's just a Thing. Glow on.

Sunday, December 17, 2006...One (1) of the wonderful things which i could not imagine has happened! BabyMae has retourned to Glow=Land after a well deserved vacance.  And she tells US that our best beloved, cyber=dancing MUMSY is schtill in this frail and faulty werld. Blessings on them both as they proceed forward; i, personally, am ecstatic of the News. Comfort & Joy!{many haiku will be written of This^}

Monday, December 18th...thank the Baby J for milk=crates! We, who are in transition, make the good use of them. CAT was kind to take me on a recycle run yesterday.  With finer weathre we could not have askt for. I even had a big black bag of coloured paper, which is unusual acause i hardly ever get junk=mail & circulars! BLADE was a good helper as well, altho not as dresst up as his Mother. {we suspect that there might be one more transfer run around the Holydays, on account of there always is} Lighten!  CAPSIZER sent a coupla fotoes of Emma^  woofing down some chocolate cake. I've placed one in the GALLERY abof^, along with an ancient snap of me eating same.  Some=times you get frosting, some=times you don't. C'est la vie. *snarfle*

Blessings on all! WE are each & everyone "Living Assistedly". ~elfenslac~

Babaloo hey

*slac* hey

Babaloo how's everything?

*slac* pretty good

Babaloo but not great huh?

*slac* fantastic--nice weathre

Babaloo short days are bad

Babaloo is today the shortest of the year?

*slac* not yet

Babaloo when?

*slac* 20th?

*slac* don't have the Almanac

Babaloo 21st just looked it up via [service]

*slac* thereyago

Babaloo damn today is short enough


*slac* but fair

*slac* could be much Colder!

Babaloo yes that would be worser

*slac* lovely little baby, recently

Babaloo yup yup

*slac*1 anothre [astrological sign]

Babaloo I guess...

Babaloo looked like a girl to me

*slac* all girl--Wyatt almost bit off his own hand

Babaloo hee hee

Babaloo ok we be off to get ojos examined

*slac* lata--send cousin Maisy all good info

Babaloo ok that confusded me....what do you mean?

*slac* COUSIN MAISY is getting married in May...

GROPER in Septembre---they're asking for info^

Babaloo no request came this way for that

*slac* i'll pass it along...

Babaloo pass what along?

Babaloo our info?

*slac* you'll hear soon

*slac* it's just anothre event

Babaloo ok bye

*slac* ta

*IMP edited* [Astronomical addenda: SOLSTICE

translates as 'sun=gap' and occurs in both

winter & summer; EQUINOX translates as 'equal=night'

and is both Autumnal & Vernal.]

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Babaloo Ho Ho HO!!!

**slac** merry xmas!

Babaloo back to ya

**slac** happy hanukkah

Babaloo that too

Babaloo feliz navidad

Babaloo see you [date]

**slac** joyeux noel--looking forward to it^

Babaloo Do you remember the name of the

Irish Pub I ate at last year?

**slac** hesch no

Babaloo /smiley/

**slac** 5 oh wait---something irish

Babaloo 5 yup yup

**slac** 5 hannigan's/flannigans on [intersection]

Babaloo likely so...thanks

**slac** i could look it up old=style

Babaloo heading out now for dinner and bifocals

for your seester

**slac** and a hearing aid^^

Babaloo I'll tell her you said so

**slac** she won't hear it...

Babaloo hee hee see ya

Babaloo bye

**slac** lata

^IMPs edited for nomenclature & Time^


Thursday, December 14, 2006


Thursday, December 14th, And6...

in memoriam: we have put down a good many people, this Year...maybe too many.  From Ed Bradley to Billy Styron and the great numbre of departers from the wide field of music [jazz, blues, classical, opera], they are only asleep for a time. Those are the famous ones. We are consoled for the victims of Crime or War that they will never again see the horrors which demised them.  And we pray to learn something from the surprised ones who were overtaken by Nature and her accidents...not to trade safety & preparedness for rash action.  But for those who took the laws of Life into their own hands [terrorists, school killers, politicle despots], there will be a Reckoning after this brief darkness.

Especially now, as Light is coming once again into the werld of men. Truly.


i am nearly caught=the=up of all my e=mail.  Which means~i could stand to have more of the bettre as i also Try to read the Glows!  Then, again, i've always been a bump & run sort of Person. {sometimes~i check a Glow and am schtruck speech=less; it happens}  i'll make a resolution for And7 to make more and better commentary. That^ and to grow a full beard that ain't scratchy! Less=the=never, i suspect that this Year will be a really good one for GLOWERS. More content, more controversy And othre beautiful things which i cannot yet fully's just a Thing. Glow on.


Happy Holy=Days! Amorro will be brighter and closer to collectif incarnated redemption if WE but believe it. Be good.  ~adventalSlac~

Thursday, December 7, 2006


On or about Five (5) P.M. Cape=Time Monday, Decembre 4th, another infant girl came into the Werld...making maisy a quadruple grandmother. [It boggles me]  Wyatt has a sister! Twenty-two (22) inches high [altho not standing herself yet] and all of Eight (8) pounds, three (3) ounces, i will bet she is a byoooteeefull child. Expecially if she takes after her own mother...

Thursday, December 7th, And6--the 65th anniversary of the Attack on PEARL HARBOUR.  {the current WAR of Ideals was launched by a similiar sneak attack in September And1} In about eighteen (18) days, one third of the Globe will commemorate the birth of YESHUA, the promised Salvation of His nation. The rest of the werld will observe: A Festival of Lights, the end of Ramadan, Kwanzaa, and other Winter celebrations. But, take note: it's summer in AUSTRALIA! Or nearly so...

There=fore~the great Uncle slack Proclaims a fine holyday...Of birth above death, of Light against darkness, of Sense & Surety to dispel foolishness & doubt. It's not so much a politicle/religious statement as a Hope for humanity in a troubled & troubling Epoch.

Plus+, i want both my grand=nieces to see a more beautiful Garden than i squirmed into! Pass it On with Peace...

Tuesday, December 5, 2006


Monday, December 04, 2006...

Two (2) of Every=Thing, Free and Clear.

The europeans have come and gone.

They brot me many gifts, most notably a

real computre desk that i can Compose

upon like an up=right civilised Simian.

HalleluJah! I was getting weary of writing

entries on my Austere haunches or bent

legged as a filosofical pretzel. *Crackle*

KAY & the WILD=MAN also brang me a

mid=size schtereo system which resides

in the ante-room with my Big schtereo.

i have decided to stop counting how many

radio/media Players i own; it's good enuf to

know i can program them as Multiple alarm

clox! [turn=table doesn't play 78s...TEAC

will thread any size "magnetic tape=reel"]

My VHS tape=recorder is schtill boxt, 'tho

KAY also gifted me a CARLOS SANTANA

david. I am behind my own time, always.

"That slack...He ignores the adverts even more on

SUNDAY, if that's possible." ~heard=over on Web~

Tuesday, December Fi'th, And6...

MUSIC: Bruce Hornsby cds from Kat and

one of my mini=cds on my Sister's schtereo

MOOD: Light as a free lamp from the curb

PUXXLE: haven't seen it @ all this week

WEATHRE: it's cold, dang cold & breezy

NATIONAL NEWS: editorial~i refuse to follo

the declaraxns of potential And8 candidates.

It's way too fleecing early...Please be Quiet^

INTERNATIONAL NEWS: editorial~people

are schtill mixing=in where they ought NOT.

[you know who you are^] Take a deep

breath, fix the problems in your own Town

and leaf the door=next Nation well enuf alone.

SCHPORTS: Go Gators! And othre schtuff.

TEXT: Holy crud! I've run out of things to

Say! Never mind~it's just a gap=stop until

i catch=the=up with my fellow glowers and

surreptitious adherents. Onward...


Friday, December 1, 2006


Title: AERATION  Friday, Decembre First, And*6...  Music: blues/reggae/NPR + whatever's on my Prod  Mood: warily inclusif & hopelessly optimistic    Mumsy Alert Status: nominal                                 Menu: pressed Turkey with Grits & Gravy       Weather: wild & weird...not my doing, really       Wideo Secrets: i know why FRED WARD is schtalking MAURA TIERNEY on er; i also know why the Japanese teleporter on HEROES is having difficulties...but i won't ruin the surprises 4 every=one else. Tivo! 

Words of Wisdom: "The first step in getting out of a deep hole is to put down the shovel and Stop digging." Spurious IMP/edited:

babaloo> hi

Slack~ hey bud

babaloo> how's the new computer desk?

Slack~ not yet...

babaloo> [Europeans] still there?

Slack~ [Europeans] in VA---see on [Day]

babaloo> ahhh....thought they were gonna be there yesterday

Slack~ me too--i mixt up the days from their e=mail

babaloo> oooooooo

Slack~ schpoke to them last night

Slack~ welcome state=side

babaloo> you wondered where they were!

Slack~ a small mistake

babaloo> yup

babaloo> so what else is new?

Slack~ getting along...

babaloo> getting ready to snuggle in for the long winter...

lay in a supply of [sundries] and curl up under a blanket?

Slack~ not nearly---much to do this hibernation

babaloo> and what would that be?

Slack~ anything & evrything

babaloo> sounds good

babaloo> well, see ya!

Slack~ 9 smooch maisy, tata

Politicle Observatum: "i've heard Tom Ridge speak, but i've actually met Ed Rendell." ~slac

Local News: Padded Pennsy lame=duck Pensioners sign off on FREE, UNLIMITED drinks for incoming Casino gamblers. {this way^, when you bet & lose the fambly farm, you also won't notice that you Never, ever got any property tax relief} Thieves in DUNMORE make off with PENNDOT licence-making machines and Driver records. {could this^ be a partial solution to the Federal Immigration problem?Foto=Licences are a key component in Employment & Housing} sine die...

Content---reposited:  Michael Liedtke of the Associated Press wrote:  ...Search engine analyst Danny Sullivan said,"We don't need to be creating more content on the Internet. We just need to filter the existing content a little better."  Allison Linn (AP) wrote in her article of...Microsoft pushes new blogging program: ...According to a February report from the Pew Internet and American Life Project, only 2 percent of Americans have created blogs, while 11 percent have read those of others.

Up=the=shot: Encouragement!  Six million Americans are writing GLOWS [Grandeloquent Logs On the Web] AND thirty-three million lurkers, surfers & bouncers are reading the schtuff that we post. Sufferance.  Proviso: Amorro, mayhaps, i will publish the National and International News as well as the Science & Religious Reports...i am behind the much, and i do not Post on the SUNDAY.  Thereyago & thus=it=is. ~slack~


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