Monday, October 31, 2005


Sunday, 30 October, 2005...

proviso & disclaimer---i said i

didn't post on Sundays, not that

i didn't write on Sundays. ipso

facto de graficus ad interwebus


(and Danced without a partner)

Thot: "this going to cherch for rites

and ceremonies is becoming a habit;

good thing i'm a true believer."

I'd like to say that the festivities went

off without a hitch...but one of the boy

cousins did require a stitch or two.

[he sliced a small nubile fingre.] The

thing itself was gorgeous all=to with

Uncle Father Joe blessing the Union of

Tara with her betrothed Joseph at the

RENOVATED cathedral. And all the

fambly participating perfectly. THEY

had a Piper at the close & the Bride

was schtunned! How do you keep that

a secret?! {"Oh, by the way, babe...

don't freak out if some dude in a plaid

skirt blowing a wailing bag appears at

the Recessional."} Yet, it's nae a Celtic

ritual wi'ae t'peeper squeails! OCH.

The reception was better yet, if it's

possible. A tight fit but a grand group.

I sat @ the last corner table with the

invited Neighbors and thoroughly

enjoyed my pork loin Moritz. But not

for Long! I came 2 Dance even if i was

a lone wolf at Halloween. The Slack is

known for his schteps and like Billy

Idol, he doesn't mind dancing by

his=self. And when i wasn't doing the

CONGA or the SLOOPY or the FUNKY

WHITE BOY on the parquets, i was

bustin' moves in place @ table 20.

Enuf of dat^ evybody knows i can

gracefully trip the fantastique. But by

nine o'clock or thereabouts, the green

ghost was envious & itching to return

to her manor. {Never leave a Lady

waiting who has loved you Long.}


Monday, October 31, 2005...And thus

back 2 werk after a wonderful week

end. [i visited the Parents of the Bride

last night; they seem to be recovering

from the Excitement. I shoulda stayed

in my hovel to let them un=wind.] My

replacement did an admirable job of

covering my spot...altho i was missed

by a couple of my regulars. And i'm

getting adjusted to that time change

thingy. Leftover CHOCOLATE!



Saturday, October 29, 2005


Thursday, October 27, 2005...

it is widely held that predictions

are difficult, expecially about the

future. [:YOGI BERRA] And don't

forget 2 check your Santayana.

Less=the=Never, on the rare

occasion that i reposit...Chekit

but don't elekit>

title: moon red

thot: "ya gotta love a system where

date=ups are nearly obsolete on the

day they're born And all the really cool

schtuff gets buried in the code."

music: Tom Petty, from cassette...

mood: mildly perturbed

Mechanism! The music project

proceeds apace, with obvious glitches

from Hane's boom=box. [circa 1980]

Hey, kids--don't try this at home.^

{i schtill believe magnetic tape is

gonna live=out this InterWeb...}

Would i could say the same about my

paintings...i'm on a minor sabbatical

from the artsy endeavours, but i will

try to posit a scary picture for the

Halloween. [50% promise] ART!

maybe~~Century City^^

ooops~the media player just

switched 2 the Beatles without my

encouragement; but it's a welcome

ghost. Yep, the 'putre functions as

an excellent personal juke=box.

[read deep my Halloween 2003]

WHICH is to say: Nothing has one to

do with anothre Unless YOU have

already bot the candy 4 the urchins

and have time 2 watch both the Werld

Series & the Lunar Eclipse. Advise me

of both as i schtumble along.

{here's the twist: Imagine the Sox pull

this thing off under the total darkness of

Diana---a sweep would be a fantastic

prediction of Mine, at this late date

And over=more, i would have to follow

the ball=base evermore.} SWAK!

My colours are bleeding! One line to

the next...On the coming Tuesday

Every=one will have to do something

special. Climb out of your complacent

bed & VOTE. [reiteratus: if you don't go

to the polls, you can't kvetch.]

AND there won't be anothre lunar eclipse

until *gasp* Hillary and Colin face off

against the Libertarians. Do not mark my

werds~i have a time=machine. Plus+,

i reside in a swing state but i don't

Swing. moon me over as i try to catch

up 2 the unlimited possibilities^

*with a cloudy nature i reside only upon

this page^ ...slac...

Thus^ i am only slightly cursed

of Prescience. Crud~there's anothre

werd i have to look up in the big

dictionary. *leaf*leaf*leaf*

Friday, October 28, 2005...i have entertained the

full contingent of TRICK or TREATERS. Eighty percent

(80%) of the pocket chocolates are Gone. That means

i bot the right amount. More than that, i had anothre

grand time participating in this devilish thrownback

festival. And from the mouths of Innocents, check out

these pearls of wisdom:

"I don't CARE how much Candy i get; i'm gonna have

FUN." "This house isn't scary at all." [parent:]"Here's

a very nice unscary looking man who we can Visit."

But my favourite was a little man who said THANK

YOU first & 'Trick or treat' after. I predict he'll run

for President some day. OR at least the State


Don't ferget 2 set yer clox back...

Me? i don't post on Sundays when

i have been DANCING so hard at the

Wedding of my neighbor. Veritas

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Prognostication? Honestly, officer,

i've never before in my life ever

paid for this! ~Nostraslacus~

2005-10-24...i suspect in a new Millennium that the

Red Sox can Win one year, and the White Sox could

Sweep the next. Signs of the Apochryphal...These

are not predictif! i follo not the beis=ball. SWAT!

Obfuscation? Please--i haven't even

consulted my Architect. Who is also

my seester... ~slackminsterFuller~

^ ^ ^ ^ coded=thread^ ^ ^ ^

title: leggings

mood: vivacious

thot: "i am still finding the occasional

plastic bag filled with white hair. It's

almost like she wanted to be cloned."

error: ...Mickey Rooney has directed

a film about Edmund Amorro in which

the Network (also a film by Trotsky)

disassembles the political Avarices of

Charlie McCarthy...or so i've heard.

Some=body vet my info. *gggrgh*

+ + + +korrekt+ + + +

Tuesday, October 25, 2005...

Rosa Parks just boarded that great

bus 2 infinity. She probly said,"Slide

over, I'll drive." Long=lived Beauty.

(imagine the passenger manifest!)

Wednesdayish~The candy is laid in

for the little ones; the Aer is dull and

Brisk. Must be Octobre. *wooo*

Also, we have 2 elect a new Mayor

in certain vicinities. Now, that's a

scary Preposition...


Saturday, October 22, 2005


Friday, 21 October, 2005...

TITLE: Floating Catherine

mood: slightly inspired

musica: various/my own

THOT: "i really can't wait until i

get a Girl grand=niece. Me and

the old man agreed on this point:

"More women in the werld is an

inevitably perfect proposition."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Lizard brot her mater down from

the Northern parish today...with

chili=dogs Yet! Such a party we

had, woofing down warm pups and

plotting the Redemption of the

werld. OOPS~that was the secret

part, wasn't it? Never mind--it was

a love fest all=to and i only schpoke

when it was my turn. After lunch,

R & i chekt out the cherch renovxns.

[thru the Rectory acause all the

other doors were lockt.] The altar

has a fantastic new crucifix deeply

centered and high; the aurific Virgin

(Mary the Mother of G) is now on the

Bishop/baptistry side left & a brand

new Sainte Catherine statue floats on

the right, abof the priest seats. It all

looks good 2 me on account of they

kept the side=wise murals...Cool

place 4 a neighbor's Wedding of the

next Saterday. J was happy to see me

in His suffering white granite Glory.

[it comforts me to think that]

Lizard came down especial to see

Hane's "apartment" @ the boneyard.

The matriarch must like the Place

becos she hasn't moved at all! Her

plot is half=grassed & her neighbors

are behaving themselves nicely.

Any=way: Uncle Charles found his

Rest in the warm fambly earth on

Wednesday [sooner than i expected]

and he can take up the heavenly werk

of greeting Asian earthquake victims

as well as any persons who succumb

to hurricane Wilma. Such hard things

to DO after one passes! Heck & High

Water, i hope 2 be a schtrong Angel

in 2050 when my sands run light...

- - -visitedbybeauties~slac- - -

Saturday, 22 October, 2005...i am not

one to posit grand theories but i believe

MOTHER NATURE is exhibiting a strong

animosity for Tourists. And maybe, border

towns. She is destroying Hotels, Casinoes

and far=flung crossing places at an

extraordinary rate & with resounding fury.

The old gal is sure pisht about something.

And she's Hosing us down with all the

H20 she can cloud up & pour out. It's long

past time she took a Break of her own.


Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Tuesday, October 18, 2005...if it's Tuesday,

there must be a bug report. Or some=such.

I travelled well & fully to the Recycle yard which

is not my own Perfect yard. (He recycles best

who is ne'er limited by Geografy.) Three bags of

print=news, a BOX of coloured paper & a milk

crate of Hard boox~a skoche of Remaindering!

I took notice that the clothing/truk container

was well attended. And filling up fast. [My theory

is that the recently departed have no need of

excess Clothing, but the third werld does.] It

pondered me that i, myself, had not brot enuf

of the schpite of all the lepidoptera

which i have Clappt to mortuism Recently on a

schteady basis. Small annoying moths! They

should leave my Mansion all=togethre.


To say nothing of the arachnids which i swept

out of the seat=back of the green=ghost...It's

not like they're gonna find good hunting in the

couch of my car! THEY should also go elsewhere.


It was the laundromat which i had to Visit on

my especial off=day, to fully warsh those Fabriks

which i have neither Disconcerted nor Abandoned.

{i dress as well as my best Gifts & more=so...}

Sudden & of a surprise, i was caught sitting on a

metal chair by a bingo girl! Dianne called me

IRVING--to which i hardly Responded. Voit! It

seemed a fading Century since we last spoke.

Each of us both older & travelling on our Best

selected paths...Thus it Was and long well=met.

My patchy jeans a-spinning in the Warsh and me

on a mission 2 buy bogos at the Grox after Drying.

These are the especial days when such things

Happen. Truly, really~it never surprises me What

i can get up to before the Sun Sets...



Mood: broadly introspectif

Reading: the SUNDAY paper

Thot: "i kinda like it when the Sun begins slanting over my Yard toward the end of day in the Autumn; it points up the sidereal aspects of reality."  Wednesday, October 19, 2005...I'm getting those familiar questions again: "How late are you guys open?", "When do you guys close for the year?" And "Do you guys take [this crap]?" TO which i would love to respond,"Hey~it's only me here, a Naked singularity in clean jeans & winter woolies. {i am one & one is all} The yard waste & recycling Universe begins and ends within me, and there are no Others without." But~it wouldn't serve my good customers well to thus blow they minds!Plus+, i am not generally inclined toward egoistic delusionment. Ask any=body. Have i used up my Quota of quotation marks yet? I thot as much. §§§§§§§§§§§§

This Wednesday, there is a catafalque to view

and Attend; next Saturday, there will be Tara's

marriage ceremony. [my Neighbor's dafter^]

From point 2 point always the auspicious and

regular travels...with bugs yet. Wonderful!



Monday, October 17, 2005

CHARLES in Charge...

Alas--the fambly has lost anothre

Hero from the Northern estate.

Uncle Charles spent this past Saturday

at the big hospital in the Valley while

i was at werk. The doctors & nurses

in the Illustrious Care Unit wanted to

extend his 70th year on the planet,

but He was afflicted too much of

long=bourne sufferings. Of which i

could rarely remind myself of his

Complaining. Such a brave mensch,

with such lovely attenders from his

beautiful Cousins & concerns...He

shall encounter a multitude of

Ladies in Waiting. My mother was

always asking after him, with her

scant breath of daily thoughtfulness.

We, men who are Uncles, grand or

great, Form our=selves to be as Good

and attentif as Charles was. Always

entertaining the Children at the

best of our abilities. And never ever

trusting the werld @ large to Care for

our Charges as we do...Permanent

eyes & arms, even from Heaven.

G bless and take Charles--He is also

my Uncle. {your Dad's an old man

but your uncle is a best buddy.}


Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Monday, October 10, 2005... the Local news: PowerBall is over 200 million dollars ($200m). Holy Crud! One could schtart a small country for that amount.[and i have, but that's neither here nor in Slaclandia.] Annuity!  And speaking of gambling, i mean, Gaming...the county Executif who is up for re-election is now no longer in favour of slut machines for this Area. Good for her! I hope she gets back in office on that by itself; it might send a message to the higher ups that We, the people, would prefer real Tax reform, even if it hurts a little. Mean=while, the same=self VOTERS have a chance this year to send their own response to the Capitol of Pennsy about that unconstitutional raise=pay...Two justices [Nigro & Newman] are up for "retention". (That's a little like confidence voting in communist countries.) We won't know the ilk of the next two Judges until we collectively un=retain the persons who quietly signed on to the last & worst Pay raise bill. BUT~it might spook the Party bosses if we succeed in terminating certain Toadies on this go-around. Vote often & early.

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Yes---the Ham Soop is almost gone. Wouldn't be proper to have it lingering in the fridge on Yom Kippur. Pareve! OR even during Ramadan for that matter...

I am anxiously awaiting news from the CapSizer about his next arrival, my third nepoter. [id est, the Bright Noah will soon have a sibling.] Siblings are Good! Just ask my brothers & sisters! Pray for the good werld which they might Inherit. I do.

^ ^ ^11-Oct-05^ ^ ^

The anagram for Karl Rove is 'Lark Over'. But, of course, he knows That. Puxxle! Wednesday, 12 October, 2005...such it is and thus it was. Suddenly, it is more like autumn than it aut't'be. Seasonable. OH! And there's ball=base 2 follo! Hurrah!

* * *slammin'slac* * *

Saturday, October 8, 2005


Thanks, Tammy...that's quite

enuf rain for these parts.

Saturday, October 08, 2005...

What looks like a boat, moves

like a boat but doesn't like the

Wet? The green ghost. She

is spoilt that way---what with

having to rest in so many dry

garages these many years.

Pretty soon, i'm gonna stop

posting about weathre all=to;

there's a modicum of bad

prophecy in it. *float*

[N. B.: the name of the girl

who last cut my hair was...

Tammy. Whoooooo]

Is it my imagination or has the

entire original cast of er

disappeared? I think it would

make a really good new spooky

hour=long show about how

they attrited. WAIT! They could

come outta that bunkre on Lost!

i kid becos i love---and who has

time to Watch that much TV?

Irregardless of that, we should

Advance fully into the holy days.

There is much to accomplish

before the little costumed Ones

come begging for Candy. Truly.

- - -Octoberalshearedslac- - -

Wednesday, October 5, 2005


Bolton, Brown & bolsheviks,

i am behind the National News!

And i was so Awaiting that Call for

my Ascendence to the COURT...

Never Mind~Harriet should move

more freely thru the process. The

boys @ CIA didn't take kindly to

my early resignment. [secret]

Less=the=never, i am heartened

that Peter Pace has risen in the

Ranks. If you are gonna run a GOOD

War, you might as well have a

devil=dog in the Top spot. (i'm Not

being older Brother

probly took classes with him.)


Title: Bulbs, Boox & Boxes...

Mood/Music: i was singing Band on

the Run @ the schtore; hey, if they're

gonna play the track=sound of my life

while i'm shopping, i'm gonna Sing!

THOT: "Speaking of which, What does

Kentucky Fried Chicken have to do

with Sweet Home Alabama?"

Tuesday, Octobre Fourth, 2005...

I am behind of my e=mail and my Glow

perusals. But i have a really, really,

really GOOD excuse. Namely, i try to

go line=on when there is a minimal

chance of IMPterruption. NOT that i

mind talking to people by typing...some

of my best werk has appeared in

Instant Massages. It's the loss of focus

AND the re=direction of cranial activity

which fleegle my Purposes. Enough on

that subject Already.^ {and yes~i know

the differences among M-E-S-S-A-G-E,

M-A-S-S-A-G-E & M-E-S-S-U-A-G-E.}

When i "say" that i quit the CIA, i mean

the Culinary Institute of America,

of gourse. Don Adams and Simon

Wiesenthal would back me up on that

one, in spite of their Angelism.


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