Tuesday, April 25, 2006


The riddle answered...

What does an expired amphibian read

@ the Top of its to=do list? *CROAK*


Anothre favourite Question...

«Do you werk here?» Altho it contains

only four (4) evenly emphasised werds,

i usually reply,"esso uomo." That is,

«i am the man.» It satisfies most people

when i say this...acause they are not

overly concerned whethre Essence

proceeds from Existenz OR vice versa.

What troubles my filosofy is when my

customers refer 2 me in the plural with

an up=follow query. Such as: «Are you guys

gonna be here Monday?» What is the

proper response? "esso d'uno uomo."?

OR, the more naturalistic,"If Monday comes,

We will be here." (you & me, all of us...?)

Hegel, Heidegger & Heisenberg! The

Monday is it=self already come! *QED*

^^^the Proof is Flawed^^^ ~fslac~

04/24/06: Satisfaction Piece?! What the

devil is that? Never Mind~it only means

that Uncle Jake is looking after me. [he

was a banker afore i was a banker.]

So i'm riding the W in=bound with two

girls in the back talking on cells. Then,

the driver pickt up her cell & schtarted

a conversation! What is it about these

portable fones & buses??! They must get

the fantastic reception 2 be so useful on

people=movers. {OR, maybe i'm just old

school...when i ride with others i try to

sit quietly & let them drive.} *Media!*

NB: i didn't forget earthday; i live it.

Saturday, April 22, 2006


Essential Gleanings:

Suggestion: clean up the hovel, and you won't

need a garage to sleep in.


Tell Hane and the girls that I appreciated

the watch=over.


Have a wonder=filled holiday, a long drawn

breath of spring air,

and Enjoy the unexpected delights - which are

sure to visit.

*smooches* GF#1

[edited^ from Flo's e=mail]


/previously un=publisht material:/

Sunday, January 02, 2005


0300: ga--watch a Monk episode

0440: back to bed

0915: rega--moka, hamchee bagle

1000: Three Stooges, start puxxle

1040: shave & zoom

1130: Hospital...MOM off the Vent since 9

writing many notes to RM, very alert

RM goes to Mass, MOM watches mass.

1150: Doc G cheks MOM

...MOM remains Intubated, but very

uncomfortable; she is slightly frustrated

with writing & "signing" but her mental

alertness is exceptional. Some pain.

1400: Bim spells us as RM and i go to

1410/1420~buy gas & hoagies

Toni & Todd arrive and visit for a

little while--a very good visit.

Doctor B [group] checks on

MOM. Gives a full report to me and

RM and Bim AND MOM^

{1300~back on 37% ventilaxn}

Minimal restraints...MOM gets tired

and naps watching EWTN but RM

continues 2 minister to the patient.

1600: Nurse T treats MOM very well

...gets acetaminophen for MOM.

3 of us swapping stories.

1720: i walk 2 [convenience store]

make this report~


April 20, 2006: And that^ seems like it happened

about a million years ago. By my reckoning.

I kid people that Hane now has the best hausing;

she has a two-room flat at the bone=yard which

the Bishop has to mow. As her secondary and the

glorified haus=boi, i find consolation that she is

enjoying the humour of it. {secret: i knew @ each

turn that i was Appointed to such matters...from

Trust to Estate, i am not heavily laden.} Now, if

only i could find as good a deal as i move Resolute

out=through the crasy Werld! Schtep upon schtep.

mixer~ hi

>MOVER> hey bud

mixer~ whaTS UP?

mixer~ OOPs

>MOVER> many things

mixer~ hit me with five of 'em

>MOVER> storage/moving/auction

>MOVER> junkman/charity/hunting

mixer~ hmmmm......

>MOVER> werk/bookseller

>MOVER> many things

mixer~ I'm impressed

>MOVER> it's the schpring!

mixer~ /smiley/

>MOVER> good chicken 4 Easter?

mixer~ yup yup

>MOVER> small crowd?

mixer~ 2

>MOVER> too small^

mixer~ just right

>MOVER> G bless---little Easter this year

mixer~ huh?

>MOVER> BIG Easter next year

mixer~ why?

>MOVER> cycle

mixer~ xplain please

>MOVER> small Xmas/large Xmas,

>MOVER> small Easter/large Easter

mixer~ ooooook

>MOVER> thanks 4 popping by

mixer~ ooook

>MOVER> chek my e=mail, then be busy yet again

mixer~ ok

>MOVER> kiss maisy

mixer~ ok

>MOVER> lata bud

[IMP edited 4 nomenclature ONLY^ >MOVER>=slack]

Apologia all=to! i am not allowed to do such

things without Assents, Apprisals and/or

Dis=Claimers. I am schtill so fresh on the

Inter=Web; it pondres me how i am not more

faulty OR faltering when i posit By & By.

Never Mind~there are schtill also the SCHMELLY

advertisements abof my Page...

Stray Thot: "it's Raining out=side, yet not within

my Soul." Sumpin like Dat... posited fresh from

the slackshack^



Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Sepulchre Saterday, 2006...Belated Condolences: Reverend Coffin was a classmate of my progenitor at preparatory school. Fighting for Peace takes the radicals early. Their peace is Perfect now. Yes, i saw the Pointer Sisters at the peak of their fame and popularity...i am truly sad their beautiful Voices have been diminished by one fourth. J musta needed a choir leader for His on=going Easter services...These^ children provide Miraculous countre-point on the Werld as it is!  As for the other un=named victims of Tornadoes or War or othre more gentle Takings: They are appointed to a general Purpose we cannot yet Apprehend. But, the G of our G wanted them joined in that Grander plan; they are serving the mysterious unfolding of all good things. AND that is just as it should be. RESURRECTION SOON! Monday, April 17, 2006...What a gorgeous Day to do either yard=werk OR taxes. Unless one is preoccupied with more Astounding matters! Yesterday~i had the most excellent dinner @ Cat's manour with the cats & the kids & Rocky's boy=friend & the most entertaining mutual friend of the Fambly, Jane. Blade helped with the fruit salad and probly the green salad; Cat cooked the wonderful Ham with green beans, potatoes au gratin, crescent rolls AND cheesy=meaty=ziti. [the Ziti is their recent addition to the tradition...and i liked it.] For afters, we Seven (7) partook of Jane's WALNUT brownies with ALMOND vanilla ice creme & chocolate syrup warshed down with actual decaf coffee. It's a good thing the Lord had already risen acause it was a fine indulgence all=to! And One (1) of the Best dinner parties i have most recently attended. {i go where i am invited and contribute most Fully...}  The left=coasters also had a schmall but Perfect Paschal repast from what i heard. The COLONEL and his BRIDE fed GROPER, CHELLY & JAY=JAY many middle-eastern delicacies centred around the flesh of Lamb. Which is in many ways, the more enduring tradition of celebrating the Rising of Our Good Shepherd---to eat fine food as He enjoyed it from the Stable to the Tomb in memory of that most gentle life & its certain Victory! Communion!Eucharist! Coming down to us from the manna which G provided for MOSES and his company...Blessings on You who celebrated the Day & Season: this werk of peace has just begun. Glory. ~pslac~

Thursday, April 13, 2006


April 11, 2006...Thomas Jefferson once opined,

and i para=frase,"It's a poorly intellectual Man who

reads a Newspapre everyday." Agreement!

So it was when i had finisht my Cleanliness and

the Engineer called after me,"It's the papre...they

want to send you two (2) extra Days at the same

Price you already purchase." Never mind that my

wonderful brother hardly wanted to answer the

land=line of the Hovel in the first place! I told him

to refuse the offre right=out---Saturday & Sunday

are too much already for this Executif. Plus+, We

are presently moving too fast for journalists to

catch Our traces. Anothre papre we don't require.

Altho~most of what they Publisht yesterday, i am

probly 4square against^ or better off not knowing.

CAT werks in a chinese puxxle of a rat=maze which

i visited after Lunch with Patutca & ourselves. I was

more than glad to meet & re=meet all of these

bright people; but i wish only i had worn one Pair of

some of my new shoes. It impresses the occasional

feminine persons to arrife on=site with Leathre

schteel-tips instead of those worn out suede Hikers

which i chose 4 adornment on this off=day...Well,

at least my hair was Warshed & my tunic Buttoned.

A good shave would probly endear me to my very

own Customers on the morro; that could Happen.

{i travel fast & fervently with Companions and come

to nearly Nothing; it's my VITALISM.} *BOOTS*

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Wednesday, April 12, 2006...anothre busy day in the

Parish Yard. After such a mild winter, i'm not surprised

that my regulars have beaucoups de yard waste. They

are all wishing me a happy schpring and wondering

if i'll be Open on Sepulchre Saterday. [i will.] OH! And

i enjoy signing up the Newbies & filling them in on the

finer Points of parish recycling. It's nice to be nice...

Antiquarians! Auctioneers! Rubbishers! He jumps on

his horse [or bus] and rides wildly off in all direxions!

With kindnesses 2 small animals & children yet.


Sunday, April 9, 2006


Pre=Posit, Avril, Two Thousand Six:

Saturday, January 01, 2005

/previously un=publisht material:/

6:14:10 PM...DIASPORA

0330: Colonel wakes up & so do i

0400: Bimmy takes Colonel to aerport

Nineish~wake up again...coffee, bagle,

apple, juice {pay three bills} shower...

1130: Green=ghost out 4 gasoline

NOON: Hospital~[Doctor] checks

on MOM with nurse John, RM & Maizy

WE all watch the Rose Parade^

Bim comes...Cat & Rocky come to visit;

MOM is very animated for Rocky.

Cat & Roc go travelling.

1300: MOM gets rolled over

1415: Lou takes me, Bim, Maizy & RM

out to lunch at diner. I have the Veal Parmi.

1500: back to Hospital

1515: Maizy & Lou travel home=wise, teary.

1630: Colonel calls RM from Left Coast

{RM gets a passel of fone=cell calls}

1800: Green=ghost ATM $20, Home.

- - - end Re=Posit^^- - -

April 06, 2006...the Green=Ghost may

be gone but her Schpirit has transferred

into the Engineer's black beauty. ZOOM.

Between the transfer=station & the

uffizo de Posti, Bim handed me his fone

cell & a complicated WIRE and said,"Here!

See if you can figger this out!" It took me

all of Twenty (20) seconds to plug his

explicable Device into the available Current

for re=charging. {i do not Own a fone=cell,

but i do know how these fleegle Monsters

werk} Then, we tried on Shoes...

It is Much the Same with me and Dogs.


Title: the schlippery purse...

Feeling: damp from the Onion schnow

Media: mostly out=side sources...

Encouraged by: daffodils

Annoyed by: small moths

Sunday, April 9th, 2006...It was entirely

too dismal a day yester=day to werk out

of doors; yet i made the best effort in my

new sneakers. [which are NOT anti=wet]

Later, Bim & Cat ferried me to the hovel

AND liberated my way=ward wallet from the

bus dispatcher. {This^ was not Obliquely

intended; it was a sight=over. I would ne'er

consciously lose Maizy's present of And5}

Recovered of that, WE walkt 2 the RITZ for

afters & decaf; it is the least of dessert i

can offer to those who ne'er desert me!

To=Day, i missed exactly two (2) lettres in

the Puxxle, called after & Visited three (3)

available PROPERTIES, mowed the 'grass',

schwept the EMPTY garage And vacuumed

the SOLEMN second floor. As well as othre

shark=like mannerisms. Epochally Thus!

Biblical Obsveratum: afore J entered the

Holy City on a burro, He broke the departing

seder sun=down by proclaiming: "JERUSALEM!

How long i have wisht to gather You to me as

a mother-bird protects her Nestlings!" It was

His own city to speak of...with or without Palm

fronds and lingering Hosannas. Mirabile





Wednesday, April 5, 2006


«i am guilty of a great numbre

of sins, but putting ketchup into

a refrigerator isn't one of them»

~slac 2 Maizy, recently~

April 04, 2006...

Apparently, the gators did win

that tournament. The Engineer

took it as a sign WE should all move

to RM's beach=cottage. But he is

renowned 4 saying unusual things

out=the=loud. Such a helper!

Taxes?! i am nearly done with them

for this trial---yet it won't schtop me

from unelecting certain Pennsy

pay=jackers in the middle of May.

[they receive Pension bennies from

that fiasco even after Rescinding.]

Register/Vote/Ask your legislateurs

what they do with your money!

{i rant responsibly^} More=over,

i travel fast & well thru such Enduring

graceful Actions that i can't catch my

adipose with both hands 4 the lack

of trying... Comment freely: it is an

entirely Open Format. ~slac~

Saturday, April 1, 2006


Thursday, March 30, 2006...

The Engineer askt me,"When is the

Sabbath?" I told him that it is widely

believed 2 be EITHER Friday [Islam],

Saturday [Judaism], OR Sun=Day

[Xianity]. But i have no personal

knowledge of when deities rise or rest.

{i prefer to think that MY G is a constant

G...attending each Day as was perfectly

Created. It's a fair theory 2 Believe.}

Today being Thursday, though, i often

find myself getting CHERCHED=UP. It's

the day when i bible=study with my good

friend, JACQUES. No harm has come from

it thusfar & it also did not Impede the

Engineer's Progress with me. In fact, We

went to the cherch that Mack helped

build shortly there=after. It was the


Millie was happy to take the old man's

Box of werks related 2 Mary Baker. We

spoke well of all good things & Millie did

ask me if i'd kept one (1) copy of S&H...

I told her naturally that i did. What else

would i do with so many perfect boox?!

[recently, MAIZY posited that i might be

"unreligious"; i askt her simply,"Could i

do any of This Werk without Faith?"]

Thus^ endeth the Lesson on Thersday.

(CSM reporter Jill Carrol freed...)

Saturday, April First, 2006...Couldn't

get anothre schtick on @ the Parish Yard.

In spite of the Wind & a brief showre, we

over=filled all five (5) bins. Not a single

truk bumper was bruised. {i traffic the

good} Bushes are Blooming evywhere!

Is there schtill the round=ball going on?

I keep missing the games on account of

dispossesion. Anyway~GO Gators.

Don't forget 2 'schpring for=ward' for

Saving day=light; that Hour isn't really

lost if You only curtail the bad schleep.



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