Saturday, October 6, 2007


"At the end of the day, it will depend upon conditions on the ground..."   If  i never hear these two (2) frases ever again, it'll be too fleegle soon.

SOCRATES said,"the Life which is unexamined is not worth living." My corollary states,"the Examined Life is not a great deal bettre!" Thereyago.

There's a sign on the link=chain fence of the athletik fields which goes:


it confounds me much! one can either chip und putt Without a bike riding puppy or let your poodle pedal as long as you don't have any irons.  less=the=never, mayhaps none of the abof?  i'm sure the skool district knows Xactly what it means. i fathom not...Perhaps as useful as an aer=freshener in a convertible... slac has seen dat.  Saturday, October Sixth, AndSeven...the weathre has been too nice, as evidenced by all the trux & trailers which inundated me at werk Today!  [some may think i haf COLUMBUS dé off, but i don't] CAT & BLADE were good enuf to give me a ride around the town; it was hoppin' for some reason. i am putting up my autumnal chicken=soop, but it feels too much like Summer to do so!? Amorro, i go aventuring... solemn Sun=Day  ~slac~

Septembre twenty=two

~Cat Hey, long time no see.

*slak* thanx

~Cat You're welcome.

~Cat 15 OK. Ta.

*slak* 15 luvya/tanx



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