Friday, June 8, 2007


Thursday, June Seventh, only seems to be News. PARIS HILTON too pretty for county up=lock! CALIFORNIA constabulary to allow her to wear official anklet. [she's no MARTHA STEWART...] Meanwhile~JACK KEVORKIAN serves full eight years for assisted suicide. I'm not gonna say that DOCTOR DEATH is any less pretty than Ms. Hilton but he does tend to resemble his eponym. Alas!  i love them bof & wish them well, 'cos i was too good looking for Jail as well. Degrees of Celebrity...

JEWEL y YANNI nearly schtruck by Lightning during debatable response on electif contraceptif perspectif. MORMON & VIET VET back away from podia. The POPE could not have had much to do with this one, but i'm willing to suspend judgment until Judgment.  HILLARY & BARACK only wish They were such forces of Nature. [the late JOHNNY COCHRANE might have observed,"You just ain't electable if you are too easily electricable."]  Too many Candidates, too little Time.

CINDY SHEEHAN quits peace movement. This was a real person putting a real face on a Questionable series of Actions. In a nearly perfect werld, everyone would stand up against War...every time it is thot of.  As it is--i can only console her on her greatest Loss, her son, CASEY. We'll Pray that soon, many less sons and daughters will be lost; but remembre they are the heroes of this Age whom we owe a Great Debt.

WILD CHILD assassinates DOMESTICATED PORCINE.  Twelve Year old boy shoots ½ ton Wild Boar and claims record. Wait! That pig was a pet, says former Owner.  i heard it on the radio, then i caught the foto in the News.  There are too many absurd Questions. [twaseverthus]  Who purchases an animal only to torture it into the Hunt?  What father gives a pre=teen a rifle and points to such a creature as realistic game? What are the lessons of American Sportsmanship being taught here? One could go on and on...yet the answers might be more Disturbing than the Questions. Schtay tuned; this is America.

Friday, June Eighth...i just figgered out a good anagram for the Name of the current Schpelling champion, and it fits with the Judicial/Penal theme atop^  "no=one very DA" [there are others] ~slac~

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