Friday, November 21, 2008



>posted as JAJA to the Web, with a bus=pass>

on Slacktown^ not slack back mack...>

Thursday...i rippt my share of cee=dees randomly

Fridé~COUSIN MARK's birfdé, epochal 8

TITLE: esoteric eclecticism, a schtock not Traded

MOOD: optimistik & gratefull, none=with=standing

MUSIK: disco, r&b, othre random Hits & jazz

WIDEO: haus repeats for the cheese=cake & banter

JOKE: a sheep and a border collie went gamboling

thru a field of Poppies in Afghanistan. They muncht

on some of the plants AND it went like this:

...baa...bark...COMA. [talibani ate 'em both]

ANAGRAM: see abof^

SOOP: noodles added, and bettre than tea=made

WEATHRE: cold but sunny, wear suede gloves & bootz

FLORA: trees bare, grass yet green

FAUNA: i schnuck up on a Hawk which flew from the bushes

Aside one of the out=of=werk Gasoline staxions!

TEXT: some=one, some=where sent me LATIN Commentary to

the effect of: "Lorem ipsum vim utroque mandamus

intellegebat, ut eam omittam ancillae, per et euis

solita veritus." Altho i am cat=lick & have only a

Glancing knowledge of such inscripteræ [i served as an

Acolyte at summer=camp during the Folk=song masses],

i'll need a Translator to suss the ken of that^

Compliment. Twas Ever Thus. Mitzvah & Mirabile...

Meanwhile~the Turtle/engineer/restless Itinerant has

moved NorthWise in the Silver Mountain state from one

project to the prospect of anothre. My brothre moves

faster and bettre than me from Point to Point, yet WE

are ne'er much Separated by genetyx NOR schpace=time.

{his children are my children, three blox away}

i am wandering & meandering in thot & Effort of

these ninth month Possibilities! [the Romans gave us

Novembre from the Nine; the Cherch of CONSTANTINE and

othres put it back in line.] TURKEY! i would not so

casually terminate the flesh of such a grand berd on

account of it was wild on the original Pilgrimage.


Monday, November 10, 2008


Sunday, November 07, 2004

Who will console me?

Who will deliver me from this brief

darkness AND patch my wounds?

Who shall set a bright sun in the

high place above [the cities]?

How many Names must we invoke

during this time of trial? Answer me,

oh indifferent Sky!

Mondé, November 10th, 2008°8...

it's dark and sometimes cold on the

Parish Yard around closing. Good

for the night vision & the layering!

Of all=the=else~i am once again

behind myself. {the migraxn to--

here--had something to do with it}

i hope & pray that my good friends

'from' Glow=land will schtumble onto

this^ page and reconnect with me

by all means efficacious. i spect

there will be much RECONNECTING

across the new neighbourhood &

that's a good thing. Feel Free...

my elderly Glow & my infant Glow

are schtill and ever "open format".

[it's a rare thing for slac to delete

well=placed Comments.]


Thursday, November 6, 2008


Thursday, November Sixth, °°8...the New Epoch

For Simplicity's sake, i'm gonna Compose this one in Ariel

'tho i doubt it won't get gefutzled & befuddling on the Page.

{i'll probly need a coupla Sundés to up=fix my Templates}

i encourage all my Glowers to send me the linx to their new

Pages, via Comments, e=mail et cetera...VERITAS!

Meanwhile~there was a record out=turn for the most recent Elexion; i applaud You all. WE now have a Pacific Islander as President=Elect! G Bless him & Preserve him Acause there's alotta werk ahead. [secret: i woulda Voted for the John McCain who ran at the turn of the Epoch, but he made too many Right turns 'twixt then & now.] i predict Great things for SARAH HEATH...she is A SHARP NAIL. Also~from now on, when i want to change the subject of Dinner Conversation, i'll be interjecting with a hearty,"Hey! How 'bout them fleegle Phillies?!" Amorro~slac~

Tuesday, November 4, 2008



1) The colour of schtates will Morph.

2) two (2) Filadelfia teams will go all the

way...owing to the Weathre.

3) One Party rule will fall out of favour

within Days OR weeks OR months; i had a

Dreme the Conservatifs would re=group.

4) Results will be argued by Attorneys.

5) certain Glows will have been Lost.

Meanwhile, here in the key=stone,

my election message is unchanged.

My name is slac and i was thinking of endorsing this

message, until i realised it was half=way a load of crud.

Never mind~Commentors can Advise me That they voted,

just don't tell me how... electoralSmooches^^

Tuèsdé, November Fourth, °°8...the Voter afore me was

a Viet Nam Veteran; some=how i forgot to thank him for

his Service to the republic. Yet, then again, i also neglected

to acknowledge the civic=minded Citizens who voted after

me! {Truth: it makes me glad when the polls and the buses

are equally well Attended} Amorro~the results... ~slac~

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Friday, October 31st, o8...Hallowed Eve:

i moved the Glow, after a fashion. {the

font formats are a bit screwy, but i believe

i Preserved all the text} Pressure!

Schports: there i was, trying to watch

HEROES and fiddling line=on...when i

decided to take a glance at the big game.

Here and i thot that, maybe, i would see

the Filadelfia Athletyx wrap up the Series;

gosh, was i ever mistaken. For the first

Time in History, the octobre classic was

called [in the 6th] on account of pelting

cold rain. {i don't follo the beis=ball too

closely on account of i hesitate to effect

the outcome} Later, that same week, i

did get to see the about as much

time as i like to devote to such matters.

The pre=game show was also quite

interesting, what with one of the nominees

of the Presidential contest purchasing air

time for an infomercial?! Strange dés...

More Polytryx: the Governor robocalled me

yesterdé becos Senator BIDEN [Joe the

Senator] was coming to the college; this

morning, BILLY BLAINE automatically foned

my machine about a contest lower on the

ticket. i did not go to the college to see

the Senator for the simple reason that i

had seen BILLY at that same venue quite

Awhile back when his^ lovely bride was

schtill in the running. Tuesdé cain't come

soon enuf for me--even iffen i haf to wait

in a long line just to flip a coin! VOTE!

The saving of the Glow proved to be a

welcome Distraction; AWOL might could

oughta considre changing evything up more

oftener, just to keep their last remaining

customers on Defence. {i applaud them}

Regardless=of=much~it'll take me anothre

fortnight to get the old Glow & the new Glow

synchronised. Patience! WE gain an hour

somewise after the 'passage of the Saints'.



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