Sunday, August 19, 2007


Sunday, August 19th, favourite feature of my i-Job is how i can turn the Power off in the middle of a song; my least favourite feature of the shuffle is the headset cord. i spend roughly half my listening Time untangling the darn thing! Thereyago & thus-it-is... Farm Report: Cukes! Fresh tomatoes! i no longer have my own garden, but my customers have been kind enuf to bring me some of their Bounty.  Also, some=one threw a perfectly good zucchini into one of the roll=offs...i didn't retrieve it.  Bug Report: flies & butterflies are abundant as well as an ugly green cicada-like Creature. Gnats are also ubiquitous this year [no-see-ums which fly into any orifice for no good reason at all].  the TURTLE report: the Engineer is werking and living in ELVIS' second home, Las Vegas. Viva!  What's that thing people say about missing a person terribly when they're gone YET wishing Desperately that they would leave after they've hung around for seventy (70) or eighty (80) days?  i laff, i kid, i Love^ The Turtle is an invaluable resource whenever he is close=ta=hand. Tanx^  Weather Report: good jazz=fusion groop. Who knew that Walleyites would be breaking out light jackets in the middle of August? Today is cool, drixxly and dreary [my othre lawyers]. Things are much more distressing in remote locales...i Pray for balance while i calibrate my Time=Machine. AL! HILLY! Schtop warming the Globe already once!  WE get the democratik/environmental thing^  Laundry Report: a load of darks, presently Drying.  Soop Report: Chicken! it's fully brothed now and i shall soon be sautéing Celery, white onion & Garlic for the next fase. {Yes, i bot two cloves of the bulb for just this Purpose--i'll go light on it tho} *simmer*  Forgifness! TURTLE and i some=how missed Cousine DOLLY's kick=adipose nuptials in Ol' KENTUCKY. Really~WE coulda woulda shoulda ought've made it and there is no excuse for us to to miss a Party...we'll haf to make it up to Her and BRY immediately, if not sooner. Young & Beautiful~i wish i was!^ ~slac~

NB: i'm publishing on a SUN=DAY acause i don't haf a puxxle in hand...Plus+, i misst two (2) lettres on the last one.


louf48 said...

Police were called to a day-care center where a
     three-year-old was resisting a rest.                                                        

slacbacmac said...

it was a clear case of kid, Napping  ~author~
Happy Anniversary babaloo...

louf48 said...

I'm confused.  Wait!  Maybe I'm not!

louf48 said...

All I ask is a chance to prove that money can't make me happy.

slacbacmac said...

The Wealth paradox>  those who haf too much are unsatisfied with Abundance;
those who haf too little are Amazed and Blesst when small favours come their
way.  Better to schtart Happy & build those riches which are Invisible!  ~author~


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