Friday, May 30, 2008



MOOD: fastidious OR nearly so

NOISE: lawn=mowers & schtring Trimmers, berdsongs & rammy skool=chi'dren

WIDEO: the Daily Show has retourned & that's a good thing. Also PBS & Food Network variously

PUXXLE: i totally gefutzled the one from last Diaz de los Madres, missing up to thirteen (13) lettres in one corner. It happens.

SOOP: i've put up a CHICKEN one which schtill requires noodles and potatoes for fullness

MEMORY: the great ones are graduating onward too fast...Mrs. LOVING, ALBERT HOFFMAN, ROBERT RAUSCHENBERG, DICK MARTIN, HARVEY KORMAN.  «I want you to seduce & abandon the Sheriff of Rock Ridge. Can you do it?» Miss KAHN,«Is Bismawk a hewwing?» There is Comedy, Art, Science and Love in paradise for sure. And never any tears...

TEXT: Thursdé, May 29th, e8...werking back=wise from the Lawn i trimmed todé: PHIL the busdrifer took four (4) of us on quite the Aventure yesterdé on the inbound W.  He misst the ramp off the major Expressway and even managed to conduct us to a road with no outlet. First time i've ever ridden a city=bus in Reverse! Matter=the=not, PHIL was making good Time & fixt his minor mistake. PLUS+, We=all got to experience the D'Ville western bypass.  Tuesdé night, there was a rathre pleasant thundre schtorm which did not deter the ball=basers on the near field [not an organised game].  Ozone! CAT & the kidz invited me to their barbecue on Mondé, but i declined as i was about to mop my kitchenette floor.  {i do this^ when my calloused footsies beginto schtick to it much=too=much} Fine living...SunDay & SaterDay, i palavered from my parapet with my under=schtair Neighbours and the toddlers who came to visit them briefly. [ANDREUS & DIANA are delightful little ones, related to ROSE.]  It's nice to co=habit with pleasant People all=to. Truth.  i could go even more back=wise from there, but it might could cloud my strainèd brain. Aday, lata, i'll probly ketch up on my Schpelling via contest...

Comment early & often~~slac~~


Saturday, May 24, 2008


TITLE: Only good things can Happen

MOOD: effusif AND effulsif, mildly so

MUSIK: The television theme music?!

WIDEO: catching up on SOPRANOs, and trying to figger out where the coarse werds go

ANAGRAM: Rodham=Do harm

JOKE: «Two revolutionaries were preparing to assassinate a certain Dictator at a special parade in the Schtrong person's honour. As they waited with their sniper rifles and their bomb key devices, they noticed the dictator was still not anywhere to be seen in the parade. The one insurrectionist turned to the other and went,"Gosh, I sure hope nothing's happened to the Dictator."

THOT: «it must be a busy schpring for me, Acause i am behind of the glowing»

TEXT: Friday, May 23rd,'s up to MONTANA [Hannah] now. i am fully prepared to endorse HILARY [Duff] for the Democratik nominaxn. And, that's all i have to say about that. Hang in there.

The field report: a coupla days ago, i saw a baby opossum; aday, after werk, i schpotted a young rabbit. Alas, near Home, i also saw a slightly crippled squirl. i tried to give him two (2) carrots from my lunch=pail, but the poor critter seemed to be on its last legs. The cardinals, blue=jays and robins are ubiquitous...along with sparrows and blackbirds. Oh! the herons are flying as much as the hawks it seems & i hear tell of four (4) tiny falcons just hatched on Dad's old power building.  Xcept for the squirrel, Life is teeming Walley=wide. Smooch-a-veteran on the Holidé! ~slac~

Friday, May 16, 2008


Thursday, May 15th, and8...


Polytryx: 7% of West Virginians believe JOHN EDWARDS [the Senator] should be President of the United States. Oops!  He just endorsed BARACK OBAMA. But there are plenty more places [including Puerto Rico] left to express their opinions in the 'eternal nomination'. Also~there will be myriad independent choices come Novembre...RON PAUL, BOB BARR, MIKE GRAVEL, etcetera. {can it be hoped that the non=constitutional Conventions won't interfere too much with the CHINESE Olympyx?} Electoral Entertainment!

Natural & not so Natural distastres: i mistakenly believed the weathre's been bad in the Walley. Things are way worse elsewhere. In addition to the on=going crisis in MYANMAR, there has been horrific Devastation from an earthquake in the SICHUAN Province. Thousands have lost their lives...thousands more have lost their Homes. State=side, our own spexial cyclones continue to wreak havoc in the deep South along tornado alley And FLORIDA has experienced wild=fires.  Mother Nature can be cruel in a big wé.  {some blame Global warming, while othres call it 'climate change}   My Heart aches.

The epistler Paul had encouraging werds on these subjects^^ Faith, Hope and Love...of which, the greatest is Love.  ~theHope=Full,slac~

Friday, May 9, 2008


Life! Math! Ponderifics!  And perfect action.  ~thesonwhowouldbeSlac~ Happy Moms' Day. --5/8/5--

Oxygen! Bread! Gasoline!  The widow Mary's lawn to cut!  Incomplete exclamatory sentences!  --5/8/6--

Now: that was a party! And even tho' we were on a military site, we tore that place up! They'll not soon forget us on the peninsula. --5/7/7--

Thursday, May 8th, and8...present=day: Jeremiah Wright? Jeremiah Wrong.  Josef Fritzl? it is so depraved & sick that werds will not describe. Alas~there are also schtrange and tyrannical messianic demonic personages who reside also in this country. All^ of them will come to perfect judgment by G and his true son.

The Burmese people in MYANMAR have suffered too much greatly. Their overseers in power are Willing to receive humanitarian Aid, without the Humanitarians. This is a horror compunded upon a tragedy. {i pray for a natural change in Asiatic sensibilities}

National polytryx: the Nomination which will never end...HILLY, BILLY & CHILLY have decided to forge ahead all the way to the Convention in COLORADO. And it is not an alltogethre bad decision to do so, as far as i deem. These are only historic things which are happening within the Party! Over=more, Senator OBAMA continues to do well in all the self=same regards of the contest. There are more VOTERS participating in this continuous Event than i can remember. Dramatic! Who will prevail with supradelicates as Time and Tide churn and turn? Schtay tuned.

The haer Report: my wings are clippt to the Ears and my Mousy is shaved & gone. These^ tonsorial Acts i accomplish when i believe that Summer is impending. {One wouldn't know it from all the cold, dreariness which comes & goes within the Walley, presently} It makes it easier to apply the sunscreen.  When it ain't Raining... ~umbrelicleSlac~

Monday, May 5, 2008


Notes in Passing...Thursday, May 10th, And7 There was a horse=race which STREETWISE won.  But~the KENTUCKY contingent was with us at the Wedding Party! [Groper, Matt & Jay=Jay elected to wear Western schtraw hats.] Whither go the withers? There will be other races to be sure...

Sunday, May 4th,'s a HAPPY Anniversary and CINCO de MAYO for Maisy and Steve, but a bittre sweet running of the Roses.  Big Brown won but the placer, Eight Belles, had to be put down on account of breaking both front ankles. It surely is a sorrowful thing when a noble animal, born and bred to perform at optimum, is euthanised after doing its Best. G save the equine and plant in our hearts a fervent Desire NOT to run them so hard. Hope for Horses...

Monday, Cinco de Mayo, o8...There were also ponies on the Athletik field today. One of them was white.  The Parish yard was none too busy for a Mondé & my friend GARY brang me an italian hoagie just around Five.  i got off the inbound W in the old neighbourhood and lookt at the hovel.  There are ornamental flowres in the front yard & a long ladder going to the top terra cotta roof.  Neighbour JEFF was palavering with his back=alley neighbours as i engaged him in a short conversaxion about Life north of my preternatural environs.  {it is not strange for me to Travel thus, as i am connected to the Universe in its entirety} i have scored the latest NYT Sundé puxxle & yesterdé, i completed the March 23rd one 100% [perfekt].  i will schpeak to othre matters in the coming Days. ~slac~

NB: sister MAISY will have a Happy on Wezné... «old enuf to drink & VOTE, far too Young to collect the social security»



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